Chapter 9

16/12/2011 16:49

"Would you come to a party tonight, at my place?" "Actually, we could go clubbing homie …" Ari suggested "Shut up" Bruno snapped "I'm in" he smiled.

"I swear to God if you go dressed like this in front of my friends' boyfriend, I'm gonna kill ya" I said in a very serious tone. "Yeah homie, they're going to eat you, you REALLY look like a lobster" Phil added. Bruno rolled his eyes and asked the taxi driver to go to his hotel. While he went to his room to change his clothes with Ari and Phil, I went to a mini Walmart to buy some bottles. Ten minutes later, the guys were there, waiting for me. Phredley and Jamareo were present too. They asked me if they could come and I accepted with great pleasure. Peter sat next to me in the taxi and when I saw his clothing, I couldn't do anything but stop starring at him. White shirt, a blue American Apparel, very tight jean, a handkerchief in his back pocket and a Seattle green/blue cap. OH MY GOD. He was such in harmony "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked with a worried tone. "Er … For … Nothing. I love the way you wear your cap" I pretended. And this was even true. He curled his cap in a way I never saw someone do it before. I finally looked away to don't look suspicious but I crossed Jam's look and I understood it was too late when he whispered something at Phred's ear. Dammit.

"You can come inside" I invited them "You're not coming?" asked Peter "In two seconds. I just wanna warn the neighbors about the party. I found out that if you apologized to them, they will be very kind and as I know Al didn't do it … " He smiled to me in a way that I didn't know what what he was meaning and Phred finally pushed him in the flat.

"Don't worry Miss Denis, the walls are thick and we're gonna turn up the TV up" I thanked my neighbor Mrs Swift to be so sweet. I was about to go in my apartment when she called me back "By the way miss, have you met someone?" She asked with her grandma smile. "Erm, no I didn't … Why?" I said with a bewildered voice. "It's because you seem so … relaxed and lighthearted! Maybe mister Alexander proposed to you?" "Al proposing? Hahaha, that's very … unlikely" I said with a nervous laugh and Bruno's face just popped in my head "Oh … I'm sorry then … But you really look happy" I thanked her with a polite smile and ran inside the apartment and lied on the front door a while. Sweet baby Jesus. Did she really say I looked better now that Peter was here? Oh my God. Oh my God. What the hell was my PROBLEM? Al was awesome but my whole body and brain seemed to prefer Bruno.

"Here she goes! My baby!" Al yelled. I automatically stepped back for no reason. It was just that normally Al was shy and quiet. He didn't show his love byshouting it. He walked to me, took me in his arms and made us spin around. It wasn't my Al and to be honest, I was slightly scared. "Al, I think you drunk a bit too much" "NAHHHHHHHH" I shut up. Drunk people could be very nice but also very abrupt. And I didn't want to discover Al's scary side. "HEY PETER!" I quickly turned my head and sighed of release. "Alex, how are you doing man?" Bruno asked with his low reassuring voice. "I'm feeling good! Look at my girlfriend! Isn't she lovely?" Al clamped me so hard that it hurt me. "Yes she is" "Oh yeah, I'm so lucky" he groaned and kissed me. But it wasn't a good kiss. It was a forced, harsh kiss with no feeling in it. And I hated it. Bruno coughed and I pulled myself out from Alex's embrace, disgusted. My boyfriend frowned his eyes and I knew he was annoyed. Peter seemed to have feel it too because he totally changed the subject. "Hey mate, is that your guitar?" He showed an old acoustic guitar I found in the trash some time ago. I paid a shop to repair it. "Yeah. Constance gave it to me." Al said with a proud smile. "Well … It seems to be a very old guitar. Hum … I'm pretty sure it's a Gibson" "You know some stuff about guitars?" Al asked. "I think I'm not that bad ..." Bruno looked at me and we both smirked. "Well, come one, play some. I wanna hear you. I can play guitar too, I wanna hear you play" I looked at Alex, half-ashamed, half-amused. What was he trying to show? Al wasn't a bad player but compared to Bruno … let's say he was shit. "I don't think it's a good idea" I kindly suggested. Peter looked at me. He didn't know what to do neither. "Oh fuck Peter! You're not a girl, are you? You can play, so just do it!" Al half-shouted. Bruno and I blenched at the same time and I looked at him with a scary look saying Hurry up to fucking play man! Bruno grabbed the guitar and sat on the couch. "Plug it in the stereo" Al ordered. Peter obeyed and looked me in the eyes at the same time. The music in the apartment faded and all the people gathered around us. Phil looked at me, confused and I shrugged. "What do you wanna hear?" Bruno asked "What can you play" "I can play any ..." he started but I kicked him in his leg. "What about Billionaire? I love that song" Al proposed. How ironic my brain said. "Let's go" Bruno sighed and started playing. Of course, it sounded perfect. I saw Phil and Ari smile to each other and everyone started to clap their hands. "That's an awesome guitar!" Bruno said surprised. He looked at Phil and the latter seemed to carefully watch the black guitar I found some days ago. Bruno played a bit louder and I smiled. Come on, he was just amazing. Alex grumbled something and stopped him at the middle of the song: "Sing" I froze. Peter couldn't start singing. If he did, everyone would recognize him. Everyone would freak out, would take pictures of him and and … I shot a worried look at Peter who was eye communicating with Phred and Phil. He finally looked in my direction, opened his mouth, shut it and shrugged at me in a helpless way. No no no … Please don't sing, please don't sing. It seemed that my whole blood turned cold and Bruno started singing. I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad … His voice hypnotized me and all the rest of the people but I couldn't stop starring at Al. What was going to be his reaction? I swallowed, waited for thirty seconds (I counted) and he eventually turned his head toward me. He was first of all shocked, then he seemed to be thinking and finally he lifted up his head and looked at me in the eyes. And let me tell you he was furious. I really started to freak out when he walked in my direction. Thank God, the people around us gathered more and more to see Bruno and Al was blocked by them. I stepped back the more I could, still watching Al coming closer. BOOM. I bumped into someone (AGAIN I know). "I'm very sorry ..." I said to Jamareo "Hey, it's alright. Constance … why … why do you look terrified?" he said with an anxious tone. My eyes showed him what I was scared of when I looked at Al who was at only three meters away. "Constance" I heard my boyfriend roared. All the guys looked at me, a bit scared and they all decided to do something at the same time. Ari took my arm and we went as far away as we could – that means the kitchen – while Jam, Phred and Phil blocked Al's way. I only had the time to see Phil telling something to Al with a serious tone that I never head before.

"Hey, are you alright?" Ari asked, trying to catch my look while I sat on the table, shaking. I didn't answer anything. "D'you wanna drink something?" I nodded and he gave me a drink of Ginger Ale. What Al would have done if the guys haven't been here? Oh my god, I didn't even want to think about it … "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM? I'M NOT GONNA BEAT HER YOU STUPID IDIOTS!" Al approached in the kitchen and the guys didn't stop him. "I am not a bastard! Constance!" I looked at him, more scared than ever. "Baby. You thought I was going to hurt you?" I stayed quiet. "Love … You really thought that I could ever … touch one single hair of yours to hurt you?" I sobbed "No … I would never have … Can I touch you?" I nodded and he took me in his warm arms "You looked drunk and seemed so aggressive … So not Al …" I broke down. "I'll never drink like that again and I'll never hurt you. Never. I promise, I never did, I never will … I just wanted to understand why you didn't tell me Peter was Bruno …" I looked in his eyes and started to search in my brain WHY, indeed, I lied to Al. "I … I don't know" His muscles froze "You don't know?" "No …" His face decomposed and it smacked me in the face that I was really hurting him. "You don't know? That's your only answer?" I couldn't answer and he left.

I really felt miserable and Phil came next to me "We really thought he was gonna hurt you Constance, sorry about that" "He didn't go away because of you … But because of me." "Don't blame everything on you …" "SWEE BABY JESUS, I NEARLY DIED!" Peter entered in the kitchen. "I had to sign tons of autographs and stuff but it's alright … Dammit Constance, where did you find that guitar? It's perfection!" I looked him in the eyes and he stopped to cheer up at the second he saw my miserable face. "What happened?" he panicked and ran to me (and nearly ejecting Phil by the way). He tried to take my shoulders while Phil left the kitchen. "Don't touch me. Don't talk to me." "What the …" "ARE YOU MENTALLY DEFICIENT? I said don't talk to me! Don't approach me! I just disappointed my boyfriend and the look on this face … I'LL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF. I AM JUST A FUCKING SLUT." "I didn't do anything …" "YES YOU DID! YOU ARE HERETHIS IS ALL THE DIFFERENCE. YOU ARE NEXT TO ME, YOU SING TO ME, YOU SMILE TO ME AND WHAT I CANNOT STAND IS THAT I FREAKIN ENJOY IT" "We're not gonna blame ourselves if we like to be together …" "I hate myself. I just wanna hide somewhere and ..." and this is where Peter cut me by a kiss. The first thing I realized is that he was an excellent kisser. He gave a lot of passion and his lips were the softest I ever tasted in my life. His breath was warm and the way he was standing – he has his hands on the wall in a way I couldn't escape – was just … amazing. I wished I could have fought just a little but it was too much for a weak girl like me. I gave him back his kiss and tried to give all I had in my heart. He finally broke it but softly kept kissing me, first on the cheek, then on the ear and finally on the neck lower and lower until he reached my shoulder.

"I don't want you to leave" my voice broke. "What?" "Today's the last day we spend together. I don't … please, don't leave" "I don't want to let you neither." He locked his eyes in mine and I wanted to die. "Listen, tomorrow, meet me and the guys at the Madison Square Garden. We've got some stuff to do. I don't think I'm allowed to do it but … I'm Bruno Mars" He smirked when he said Bruno Mars and I smiled. "We gotta keep that a secret." I whispered. "Are you sure?" "Positive sir" He guffawed. Someone knocked at the door. It was Phil "Pimp, they wanna see you again" "I'm coming" Bruno said. He gently stroke his hand against my cheek. "Tomorrow at 8 in front of the MSG" " I'll be there" I promised. We got up, he grabbed my wrist and took me in front of the door. He opened it and at the same exact moment, he let my hand go.