Chapter 91+92

10/01/2012 20:04

Chapter 91

“Let’s do it.” Phil said smiling. “But, you know we gotta get some work done first.” I said nodding to Phil. He stood up, “Right.. what you got for me?” he said walking towards me. I watched as Diamond got up and went and sat by Leiyah. “Well.. I.. recorded.. Grenade again..” I said trying to eavesdrop in on their conversation. Phil lightly slapped me on the back, “Hey man I’m right here.” I quickly looked to, “Sorry..” “Why are you trying to hear what they got to say?” I turned my back so that they couldn’t see my face, “I think Diamond is up to something..” “Man.. what is she going to do to you..” he said sarcastically. “I don’t know.. but, I know it’s something.” He pushed me a bit, “Stop being a bitch. Let’s get to work.” I laughed and went over to get started.

I let him hear my recording of Grenade from today and he said that he really liked it and that it was up to Ari. After we just played around with a couple of things and entertained the girls for awhile Ari showed up and we worked a bit more. Today was pretty fun in the studio and I felt really accomplished. He also approved of the recording and we made sure to save it. We did the last finishing touches on Grenade and told ourselves that this was the last time we would work on the album. We we’re all ready to bring it to life on stage. 9 P.M. rolled around and Ari left leaving us four again.

“So whose going to buy the drinks?” I said turning off the equipment for the day. “I’ll go.” Phil said grabbing his keys off the end table. “Alright.. you already know what I want.” I said going to sit on the couch next to Diamond. He nodded, “Yeah yeah. Leiyah you wanna come with me?” She looked up to him, “Of course.” “Alright Diamond you wanted anything special?” She shook her head and smiled, “Nope. I’ll drink whatever you can get.” I frowned at her, she never just drank anything. I was glad they we’re leaving now, because I wanted to know what she was up too. I put my arm around her, “So what you got planned?” I said as soon as I heard the door close.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I said holding in a laugh. He looked so concerned. “Come on babe, you don’t drink anything.” I shrugged, “Maybe I want to.. Live a little.” I said mocking him. He smirked, “Oh, so you wanna play games.” I shook my head, “I’m not playing games Bru.. you’re playing yourself.” He sighed, “Yeah whatever..” I grabbed his beanie off of his head and put it on. “Stop it.” he said laughing and running his fingers threw his hair. I was just honestly trying to get his mind of off what I was doing, he didn’t need to know.. yet.

We ended up play fighting for awhile like always. “Stop it… or I’m gonna torture you.” he said holding me down on the couch. I raised a eyebrow, “Torture me with what?” He laughed, “Use your imagination.” I looked away and then back to him, “Oh I get it..” He pulled my arms up above my head and dug his chin into my shoulder. “Oh my god, don’t do that!” I screamed. He knew I hated that. “Cancel you’re plans and I’ll stop.” he said holding my legs together between his thighs. “What? No!” I said trying to struggle out of his grasp. He stopped and looked me in the eyes, “No? Alright.” He continued digging his chin into my shoulder and I screamed like I was crazy. He laughed the entire time. “What the hell is going on in here?” Leiyah said walking in the room with a brown paper bag. I guess we didn’t hear the door open over our noise. Bruno looked up to her quickly, “Nothing.” I laughed at him, his face was priceless. He slowly got up off of me.

I sat up and rubbed my shoulder and turned to stick in my tongue out of him. He mouthed wait till’ later. Leiyah went into the kitchen and Phil came in the room. “You know… I honestly thought ya’ll was in here having sex with all that noise..” We both laughed, I guess we we’re pretty good at making a lot of noise when we did it. He shook his head and went into the kitchen. We both got up and went in with them. We all began making our drinks. I told myself that I wasn’t even going to get half way tipsy. I wanted to be perfectly fine for tonight’s events.

I watched Diamond closely as I sipped on my dancing juice. She was up to something, because now she wasn’t even drinking a lot after she was excited to do it. I took it slow on drinking, she wasn’t going to catch me slipping. We all sat around talking and joking around for a couple of hours. I have to say that I really liked Leiyah and Phil together. He seemed genuinely happy around her, I was glad he knew how I felt now. We ended up having those deep conversations about relationships and I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn’t at all. I loved these people. After my second dancing juice I really wanted more but, I called it quits. “I’m taking another shot you want another drink Brunz?” I waved him off, “Na man I’m good.” He looked at me crazy, “Brunz is turning down a drink?! Aww shit, you sick?” We all laughed, “No.. I just wanna take it easy.” I said looking to Diamond. She gave me a confused look but, she knew exactly what I was talking about.

After 3 shots, I called it quits also. Bruno was so funny, he had no idea what I had planned but, he was so scared that he stopped drinking. He was so cute. When 11:30 P.M. rolled around everyone was ready to go home. Since, Leiyah and Phil we’re pretty drunk Bruno offered to drive them home. Leiyah said that she would bring Phil back to the studio tomorrow to get his car. Bruno cruised threw downtown quietly as we went to drop them off. I watched him closely, I knew he was really thinking about tonight. I smiled to myself and looked out the window, the stars we’re out and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to find that one special one.

We pulled up to Phil’s house and dropped the two off. I watched them as they flirted walking up the door. I really liked them as a couple, I guess everyone had they’re special someone. We pulled off and it got really silent in the car. It was time for me to start my plan. I grabbed his shoulder, “Damn.. Bru.. you’re really tensed up.. when was the last time I gave you a massage?” He quickly looked over to me, “I don’t know… it’s been awhile..” I laughed in my head, I knew how much he loved when I gave him massages. Last time I gave him one, he damn near jizzed his pants. “Oh..” I simply said. I loved playing games with him. He looked at me crazy, “Oh?” I just laughed.

I took a deep breath as we pulled up in the driveway. I was nervous as hell for some reason. Whenever she gave me massages I just.. couldn’t control myself…..

Chapter 92

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have been warned, but enjoy!

I got out the car and nervously rubbed my hands together. Diamond came over and put her around around my back as we walked to the door, “What’s wrong?” I shook my head and frowned, “Nothing..” I unlocked the door and went to straight to the bedroom. “I’ll be back.” Diamond said smiling going into the bathroom. I went and sat on the bed and pulled my shoes off. I rubbed down my thighs and breathed deeply. I was trying to calm myself down, but it didn’t worked. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. I was making my own self excited and she hadn’t even touched me yet.

“Hey Bru.” she said from the doorway. I quickly looked up to her and she had lingirie on. Very sexy lingrie. I swallowed hard as she walked to me slowly. She sat down next to me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I reached in to grab her thigh and she moved my arm away, “Nope.. no touching.” I frowned, “What?” She reached for my shirt and helped me pull it off. She smiled at me, “Massage time.” My heartbeat sped up by ten times.

I got up and went over to my dresser and got some lotion, I felt his eyes all over me. I had been waiting to do this for awhile. He nervously smiled and flipped over on the bed. I got on the back of his legs and put some of the lotion into my hands. I rubbed my hands together and went for his shoulders, working my fingers into every little muscle. I listened as his breathing increased. “This feel good babe?” I asked already knowing the answer. “Yes.” he said holding in a moan. I smiled to myself as I worked my way down his back, I wanted to spent the most time at the bottom that’s where he loved it the most. “Oh my god.” he whispered. I laughed. “What?” “I’m horny as fuck.” I laughed even harder, “You’ll be fine.” I finally got to the bottom and he let out a deep moan, it was like music to my ears. I slowly rubbed my fist into his lower back and he couldn’t keep still. “Diamond… please I’m ready now.” I shook my head, “No you’re not..” He put his head back into the bed. I moved my fingers deep into his back, making him get louder.

“Baby please… I’m gonna fucking explode.” he begged. I stopped and got up, “Alright.. turn over.” He turned over with a pained look on his face, I looked down there and I could see all of him threw his pants. “Why are you doing this?” he said confused. “I’m not hurting you am I?” “No.. but..” I interrupted him, “Right so be quiet baby, I just wanna make YOU feel good.” He shrugged, “Alright fair enough.” He was so used to being in control that he didn’t even know how to handle this. He reached for the buttons of his jeans and I moved his hand, “I got it babe…” He took a deep breath and moved his hands to the bed. I slowly unbuttoned them and helped him pull them down. I looked up at him with my sexy face and he bit his lip. I looked back down him and he was standing straight up in his boxers. I got on the floor between his legs and he sat up a bit on the bed.

She slowly rubbed up both of my thighs with her hands. I was damn near ready to cum already and we hadn’t even done anything. I couldn’t keep my composure, “Oh my god!” I yelled. She looked up to me quickly, “What’s wrong?” “Please please please hurry I am dying!” I said honestly, I really felt like I was not going to make it. She laughed as she helped me pull my boxers down. She grabbed me and kissed on it softly. “Oh my fucking god.” I whispered to myself. I threw my head back, just waiting for her to start. She was teasing me so hard. She licked me up and down slowly and I felt like I was going to past out. I looked back to her and she looked up at me. “I need you to do it… right now.. please.” I said in a stern tone. She bit her lip as she took me in her mouth. I clenched my teeth together and watched her slowly as she stroked me with one hand.

I kept my eyes on his face while I sucked him slowly. He closed his eyes and bit his lip. I loved when I did this to him, his faces we’re such a turn on. After going at it for a couple minutes he started to moan. I took my time licking all around it making sure he felt everything I was doing. “Stop!” he yelled opening his eyes quickly. I stopped, “Why?” He nodded quickly, “Here it comes.” I laughed, “Alright scoot back up on the bed.” He looked at me with a confused look but, did as I told him. I slowly pulled my lingerie off giving him a show. I watched him as I did it and he bit his lip. I looked as his hand started to wonder towards himself. He moved it away quickly and slammed into the bed with it, “Baby please! Come on…” I slowly crawled onto the bed on top of him. He laid his head back and quickly grabbed my hips. I loved how edgar he was to get inside me. I reached down and slowly put him inside me. He threw his head back on the pillow and I rode him slowly.

He moaned my name and I loved the way he said it. I knew that me going slow would never get him there, but it would keep him at the point where it was felt so good that it was almost painful. I leaned down on top of him and went to his ear, “Feel good Bru?” “Yes baby it feels so good.” he moaned. I bit my lip and kissed his ear and slowly went down to his neck, making sure to move my hips as best I could. He grabbed my hips tighter and moved me down on him, making me go deeper. I sped up, but only a little bit. I wanted him to enjoy every second. “Baby please.. hurry.. get yours, it’s going again.” he whispered. “Don’t worry about me.. go ahead let go.” He let out a deep moan and grabbed my hips tighter, “Speed up!” I sped up and rode him in the exact speed that he loved. I leaned out and looked him in the eyes, he tried to smile but he was feeling so good that he ended up biting his lip. I rubbed my hands up his body until I got to his chest. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, “Here it comes..”

I went a little bit harder as he moaned my name as he came. I collapsed on top of him and his hands slid off of me. “Diamond…” I laughed, “What?” “You got hell to pay next time..” I laughed, “Oh Bru.” “Oh Bru my ass.” he said mocking me. I slowly got off of him and laid in the bed next to him. I reached down and pulled the blankets up on us this time. He kissed my forehead, “I do love you though.” I smirked, “I love you too.” I reached over onto the nightstand and turned the light out. We cuddled up together and I was proud of what I had just did. “Oh yeah.. I just put it on you.” I whispered. He laughed and I held him a little bit tighter……