Chapter 9

08/02/2012 13:28

Watcha think about more Bruno's POV? In the beginning it's his then I switch to Caroline's... ENJOY!


I hear her walking out of the bedroom and I turn around. Wow the business woman from earlier totally was gone and now she looks like a cute surfer girl. Only her straightened hair and dark-painted eyes remained. "Wow you look great. I love these shorts! You look like a Hawaiian." I say with a big smile and stand up. "Only all this make-up... I don't think you need that. You know you might get wet... I mean... 'cause of the water... we'll be at the beach. It could get ruined..." Oh I so wanna get her wet!

She giggles. "Yeah you're right. Gimme another few minutes. I'll remove it." She says and goes into the bathroom. From there she yells. "By the way are you hungry? Should I make us some sandwiches or do we go somewhere to eat?"

'Make us sandwiches' oh boy I love this woman! "You can do if you want to. We got some time left..." I yell back. Alex said the next free ride will be around 5, I look at my watch, it's 2.50 now, so we have enough time to eat. I think to myself. I walk around a bit more in the living room. What immediately catches my eye is the wall behind the table which is full of pictures. All over it are small black or white frames hung up, it looks stunning. I step closer and look at every picture, well at least I try. They are so many, I estimate around 50 or 60. On many pictures are people, I guess friends and family of her and herself too. On some are only wonderful views of nature, either sunrises, beaches, flowers or mountain-views. I bet she loves to do things like hiking. I wanna go with her too and then fuck her on top of a mountain. I grin at myself. Then I notice that there are also a few frames which are empty. I guess they were filled with pics of her with this Tony! Fuck him for playing with her like that! 

"You wanna know which one is my favorite pic?" I hear her suddenly saying close behind me. I didn't even hear her coming. I turn my head and my body a bit around. She removed all her make up and looks beautiful, naturally. I love it that way. I so wanna see how her now straigthened hair would look like after sex. I could fuck her right about now! I shake my head a bit to lose this kind of thoughts. Man she's a woman not a piece of meat. Behave! "Yeah sure!" I answer her question. She skims over some pics and then takes one frame and gives it to me. It's one of the beach pictures or rather island which has a heart-like form. It looks amazing. So peaceful.

"You know I love the beach and the ocean. And this one is in my opinion the definition of the perfect beach. It's one small island in the Maldives. I always forget its name, it's too difficult in some old Sanskrit language, but anyways the cool thing about it is that it's one of the less islands there which are totally left in their natural shape, 'cause as you can see it's shaped like a heart. Many of the other islands are build up artificially or some more palm trees were grown or cutted down. But this one is all naturally and it's perfect... like paradise... and I..." She stops and shakes her head a bit.

"What?" I ask curious looking straight into her eyes.

"Nothing." I know she's lying.

"Com'on tell me."

"No it's too cheesy. You'll laugh at me."

"No I won't I promise! Tell me!"

"Okay... sometimes I dream of being there. Oh I would do anything just to be there maybe for 3 or 4 days only laying in the sand feelin' the sun and listenin' to the waves, swimming in the ocean, walking around... that would be so great."

"Then why you don't do it? I know the Maldives are expensive, but you have a good job. And if you only wanna go there for some days. You can save money for some months and then go."

She sighs a bit. "Yeah I could fly to the Maldives but I can't go to this island... Some filthy rich bastard bought it. It's not public anymore..."

"Oh... that sucks." I say trying to comfort her. "And you can't like... rent it?"

"Yeah you can, I guess that's why he actually bought it to make money... He built a small house on it. You can't see it, it's under the palm trees. And he lets it on a lease for I think 20,000 dollars a day... and that's only for the use of the island. If you wanna have any food or other items and for the whole transportation you have to pay at least more 10,000 'cause he of course only allows to get those things from his companies... It will forever stays a dream..." She sighs and takes a deep breath in and out. "But forget about dreaming, what kind of sandwich do you want?" She asks me and hangs the frame back on the wall.

"I'm fine with everything. I looooooove sandwiches." I say back. She nods smiling, turns around and walks into the kitchen. I take one more look on the picture she just showed to me. 30,000 bucks a day? That'll peanuts once I'm a star... I'm gonna take her there for a whole month at least. With that thought I turn around as well and follow her into the kitchen. There she already began to make sandwiches. I ask to help her but she refuses so I just lean on the wall and watch her. When she's finished we carry the plates and glasses to the living room and eat there. They taste delicious. What makes me want her even more. Where was this woman my whole life? She's pretty, intelligent, not bitchy, funny and she can cook! And I bet she's good in bed as well. So what is wrong with her? Perfect people don't exist! I wanna know her flaws now that I only saw her good sides... But it's too dull to just ask her, isn't it? I have to find it out!

"Why you're staring at me like that? Do I have something in my face?" She asks suddenly ripping me out of my thoughts.

"No, no. I was just... This sandwich is delicious." I say back smiling at her and bite off a huge piece.



Does he think I'm stupid? He was thinking about something! I wonder what it was? I bet sex or anything nasty... I just hope he doesn't think I'm totally a hopeless dreamer after this whole island thing. Tony always laughed at me, when I told him about it or other wishes I have. He never took me serious. 'Cause he never loved you! I think to myself. He only used you to get jobs that made him famous. He's not a superstar now but it would have been no problem for him to fulfill my desires. I sigh I really have to stop thinking about him when I'm with Bruno. I can't compare him with Tony. Otherwise Tony was the same kind of sweetheart like Bruno is, so caring and lovely at the beginning but with the years he became more and more the men he is now. A heartless selfish betrayer. Ok Caro now for real stop it! Focus on Bruno and even more on yourself. He's funny, cute and he planned something nice for you. So just enjoy it! I take the last bite of my sandwich. Bruno already finished and kept on watching me. Just when I wanted to stand up and put the plates away, Bruno jumps up, grabs our plates and goes to the kitchen. Wow I think. Okay?! Do I hear splashing water? Does he wash the plates? I walk fast to the kitchen as well. Oh my god he really washes the plates! I stand there shocked for a second and then smile big.

"You don't have to do that, Bruno!" I say.

"But I want! You made the sandwiches and I wash the plates. Equality... isn't that what you women always want?" He grins at me and takes the dish towel.

"Right!" Is only what I can response. "Thanks."

"No prob, sweety."

Sweety? He really likes to give me names like that. But it feels kinda good to be called like that. Do I fall for him? I don't know... I really like him and he tries so hard to show me that he wants to do me good. And although he looks so boyish he's still fuckable. Looking at him I just think. I want him! Now! Maybe I should really just do it! What can happen? That I have fun? That I enjoy it? Fuck that! I don't have anything to lose! I think to myself, go to him and take the towel and the plate he's drying out of his hands. Then I step closer and turn him a little bit so that his butt leans against the kitchen unit. Without any more hesitation I press my lips onto his and close my eyes. He immediately kisses me back and I can feel that we both waited long enough for this moment. He grabs my head with both his hands and kisses me hard but with so much passion that one chill after another runs down my spine. It doesn't take long that we both open our mouthes and I feel his tongue inside searching for mine. I also grab his head now and run one hand through his hair, those soft thick curls. I love them! Then he wraps his arms around me, pulls me close to him and turns me a little. My back now is close to the wall. He pushes me backwards and I can feel the cold wall on my upper back. Just like the first time he kissed me in the hallway of the office. I smile a bit against his lips at this thought. This time I won't slap him afterwards. No, not at all! He grabs my waiste and pulls my hips close towards him while I can't get my fingers out of his hair. It just feels so damn good. The kiss or rather those many many kisses get more and more ardent. We both want this and we both feel the desire for each other. He starts to caress my butt with both his hands and then suddenly grabs it hard and pulls me so close to him that I can feel something hard. Is this.... or only his phone or keys? It can't be! He can't be already as hard as THAT or can he? I ask myself a bit confused.

He backs away a bit and we open our eyes totally out of breath. "Wow." He says and starts to grin. "I like that."

"Me too." I response and grin back. "You're a very good kisser."

"Not only that." He says back and with that he takes my hand and drags me into the bedroom. He pushes me onto the bed.

"Do we even have time for that? I thought you wanna take me out?" I say leaning on my ellbows. 

He takes a quick look on his watch, slips out of his shoes and while he crawls on top of me he just says."We got 40 minutes. That'll be enough!"

"Okay." I just smile. For a second the thought What if he just wanna fuck you and drops you after that? runs through my mind. But then he starts kissing me again with so much passion that I forget all my worries and decide to just enjoy this very moment without thinking of any consequences...