Chapter 91

15/04/2012 12:01

“Mommmmm…..” Lucy whined a few weeks later walking in the house dripping wet from swimming. 

“Baby..where’s your towel?” Evie asked looking at the puddles of water. 

“I forgot it.” She answered. 

“And your hair is a mess. What are we going to do with you?” Evie asked her daughter getting up to get a towel from the back of the house wrapping her daughter in the towel. She rubbed her daughter dry sitting her down near the couch playing with her hair. “We’ll have to shampoo it later. But right now this should be okay,” Evie said pushing her daughter up. 

“Mom….Bruno said I could get it braided when we go to Hawaii….” She told her mother. 

“We’re not going to go to see anyone until Christmas, Luc..what are you talking about?” Evie asked. 

“Oh no.” Lucy said in a shocked tone. “I messed up again. Bruno is going to be mad at me.” 

“What, Lu-lu? He’s not going to be mad….” Evie said putting new clothes on her daughter. 

“No….he said I can’t keep secrets. He said I had to practice keeping secrets so he could show me how to play the drums….and I didn’t, mom. I told you we’re going to Hawaii….” Lucy said almost about to cry. 

“Lucy…why are you crying? He’s still going to teach you how to play the drums, silly.” She said hugging her daughter. “And I can keep a secret. So it’s okay that I know.” Evie reassured her daughter. “We’ll act surprised when he says we’re going. Let’s go practice our surprise faces….” She led her daughter into the brightly lit bathroom making faces in the mirror with her daughter like they did when she was a toddler. 

“Mom…you’re crazy. Why are we doing this?” she asked still sticking her tongue out. 

“Because I love hanging out with my little girl.” Evie answered hugging her as they heard the door open. 

“Where my girls at?” Bruno yelled throughout the house stopping by the door frame to see them in the bathroom. “Umm…what are you two doing?” 

“Nothing, Bru.” Evie said with little suspicion in her voice. “Come on Lucy. Let’s go play a game.” 

“Okay, mom.” Lucy laughed walking past Bruno. 


Lucy fell asleep after the three if them played some random video game the whole night. Bruno grabbed a notebook after they finished looking down at it writing something. “What are you writing, Bruno?” she asked him. 

“I’m not sure…” he said closing the notebook watching her grab a pile of books. “Baby…” he took the books from her hands placing them on top of his  notebook. “Stop studying. Your head is so full of lawyer stuff that nothing else can get in.” he smiled at her. 

“But that’s what needs to be in there….” She said reaching over him to get her books back. He grabbed her hands holding them while she looked up glaring at him. 

“Take a break, Eve. Come on. Just forget about it. Like…for a while. You still have two months before the test….”  She tried to hold in a smile starting to laugh. 

“Why you laughin’?” he asked her watching her let go of the books. 

“No reason.” She answered standing up to go take a shower. 

“Wait….” He whined. “I had a big huge speech prepared…because you never stop studying.” 

“You’re right. I need a break. A break on the beach or at the pool….at your mom’s house.” She told him waiting for him to catch on. 

“Damn.” He sighed. “I just need to stop talking to Lucy at all.” He said. “We leave on Saturday.” 

“Bruno….” She sat back down on the couch looking at him with a concerned look on her face. “You told her she had to practice keeping a secret before she could learn to play the drums…”

“Yeah?” he responded. 

“You know she’s sensitive. Maybe she’ll never be good at keeping secrets…putting something like that above her head really hurt her feelings. When she told me today she started to cry. She said you were going to be mad at her because she didn’t keep the secret. I had to tell her I wouldn’t tell you I knew….” Evie said. 

“I’m sorry….” He said in a defeated tone. “I’m still learning.” 

“I know, Bruno. And so am I. We make mistakes and we learn from them. She’s a sensitive soul. She may cover it up, but you know her almost as well as I do now and taking things away from her isn’t going to help.” Evie told him. 

“You’re right. I’ll try to do better.” He said with a sigh. 

“You don’t need to try, Bruno. You’re doing fine. You’re going to be…no….you are an amazing father. Don’t let what I said make you think any other way.” She told him placing her hands on his cheeks looking into his eyes. He looked right back at her not breaking the intense look they were giving each other. Apperantly, they were in the middle of a staring contest. 

“Blink, Eve.” He told her lifting his finger up touching her nose making her laugh. 

“Damnit.” She laughed standing up. 

“I love you!” he said loudly to her as she walked toward the bedroom. 

“Love you, too.” She said to him as she dropped her clothes to take a shower. 

“Oh, so we’re done studying?” he asked her following her wrapping his arms around her waist. 

“You said I needed a break.” She told him seductively.

“Dammmmnnn, Eve. And you say I’m horny.” He laughed following her into the bathroom. She turned around in just her underwear. 

“What? I’ve gotta get it while I can.” She told him leaning her warm almost naked body against him. 

“I’m not complaining.” He smiled returning the movement leaning in to kiss her. 

“If Lucy asks when we get up we were doing laundry…” she laughed dropping her bra on the floor.