Chapter 9

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I put the bags in the car and looked at the house one last time "Babe hurry we're going to be late!" Alright, I got in the car looking at her, You look pretty. She chuckled "Thank you babe" I sang along to the radio while driving to the airport "You know i'm really nerveus.." For what? "You know I haven't met your mom and sisters before.." Babe they'll love you and you and Presley are going to get along great, "How would you know?" You both like shopping and that kind of stuff and you remind me of her in a not-creepy way, She nodded, yeah I guess i'll be fine... "So when is Eric coming?" He said he had to take care of some stuff but he'll probably come in two days or something "Oh alright" We arrived at the airport, Goodbye L.A "Babe?" Yes? "Are you sure they'll like me?" I chuckled, Babe stop being so nerveus they will love you.."Ok.." She was nerveus I could tell she would ask me if they would like her every five minutes but I thought it was cute.. "Babe?" Babe they will love you.... "I wasn't going to ask that" Oh alright..what's up? "When we get there..will you go surfing with me?" Like today? "No not today just go with me" Alright babe but i'm not so good so i'll just watch you.. "Nooo i'll teach you" Alright... We talked about the usual stuff and my next tour coming up and everything I played with her bracelet a little and noticed she fell asleep I descided to catch up on some sleep myself..

I woke up, I looked at my watch we would arrive in a half hour I wanted to wake Bruno but I just let him sleep he was really tired.. I played some games on my phone and felt him move around "Babe.." Hey baby, I kissed his forhead "How long?" I think we're almost there.. "Alright.." He sat up and kissed me he started getting rougher, Bruno we're in a plain.. "Who cares" He started kissing my neck I could feel everybody stare at us but I didn't really care.. He took off his jacket and covered up my legs and stumock with it, Oh my god Bruno what the hell are you doing?! "Shht just be quiet..." My eyes widened this could not be happening.. He started kissing my neck again and I felt him trying to unzipp my pants "Try to be quiet" I pulled him closer trying to cover myself up as much as possible "Ma'am are you alright?" I jumped a little seeing the stewardess stand there looking at me like I was crazy and I could read the embaresment all over Bruno's face, Yeah i'm fine. "Oh alright we'll arive in about five minutes" Ok.. I smiled politely, she walked away. I couldn't even express how humiliating that was. "Your fault" You're the one not keeping your hands to yourself. "Your the one who can't be quiet!" Whatever, I said out the side of my mouth.. "You know when we get there it's going down" I looked at him in mock horror but he was dead serious. Oh so who made you the boss? "Baby I was already the boss you just didn't know it yet" Oh really? "Yes really" We'll see about that.. We both just stared at eachother and busted out laughing "Baby you know you want it" I just ignored him I knew he was going to win anyway so ignoring was the best option. We arrived, wow this was truely paradise it hit me how much I missed Hawaii "Babe my mom is already here i'm going to get the bags will you go find her?" Bruno I don't evevn know how she looks "Well if somebody starts yellign your name and runs to you and hugs you, you found her." Woah how does she even know how I look? "She asked for some pictures of us together" Alright.. I stood there in the middle of the airport looking around I don't even know for what cause I had no idea how she looked "ALENA!!!" Found her. I saw a women with long black hair running towards me, She hugged me wow she was so sweet, Hi.. "How are you sweety how was the flight are you tired where's Bruno?" I could tell she was really happy, Oh it was fine we slept int he plain and he went to get the bags "Oh alright wow you are even prettier in person" Auw thank you.. "You and the girls will get along perfectly they are really excited to see you"

I was forced to stop for some fans but I didn't midn at all they were the reason I was where I am now and I would be forever greatfull I took the pictures and signed some things I finall got the bags and found my way to Alena and my mom it felt so good to see her I got closer untill she finally saw me "Bruno!" She ran towards me and hugged me, Mom I missed you.. "I missed you too Brunito" Where is the rest? "They were a little tired to get up but you'll see them at home" YOU MEAN TOO LAZY? Oh it's going down when I get home damn it. They both chuckled and we started walking towards the car I let the Hawaiian air just hit me I missed this place so much, I saw Alena looking around like she was going to faint I had no idea why she was so nerveus I grabbed her hand and smiled, Relax babe.. She nodded. We drove home I couldn't stop smiling "Presley, Tahiti, Jamie, Tiarah get up your brother is here!" I put my bags against the wall and went upstairs I opened the door to Presley's room and pulled the cover off "OH MY GOD BRUNO I HATE YOU!" I ran to Jamie's room and did the same. When I finished I went downstairs seeing Alena talk to my mom she seemed relaxed I knew she would be fine I sat down in front of the tv and heard footsteps come down the stairs, "PETER" Oh shit.. I looked up seeing them all look at me with this pissed off face, I chuckled.. You guys missed me? They all started smiling and walked towards me I gave them all a hug, They had gotten old.. You guys Alena's with me be nice. "Psshh i'm always nice" Presley said with this smirk on her face I shot her a look making her laugh "Babe?" I saw Alena walk towards me, Hey babe so this is Presley she's crazy so stay away "Fuck you Peter" I chuckled but continued, This is Tahiti she's pretty messed up. "PETER" "Babe stop playing" Alright, And this is Tiarah and Jamie. "Nice to meet you guys" "Ok how did you fall for our brother you're way too pretty.." Ok that's it Alena let's go. I pulled her outside and pushed her against the wall
Babe your mom can see us! "Oh come on i'm 25" I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me I could feel him suck a little, shit Bruno no.. "Too late" He had already done the damage, Damn it.. "let's go to bed" Oh my god is there a time that you're not horny? "No" I tried getting away but he put his hands on both sides of my face "Bruno leave her alone" I saw Presley come out of the door "Why don't you leave us alone?" "Alena do you want him to let you go?" Yes. "Oh my god babe I thought you loved me" I chuckled and he finally let me go he went inside pretending to be hurt "Don't mind him he'll forget in a hour." I chuckled, I know.. "So Alena hu? That's a Hawaiian name you from here?" Yeah I am.. "That's cool" She took a bite from her apple and looked at the ocean "You surf?" I used to.. "Alright get your bikini we're going to the beach!" Alright, I put on my bikini and took some towels I heard the door open and felt hands around my waist "Where are you going?" To the beach with your sisters.. "Why don't you just stay here?" I stood up biting my lip I wanted to go but he was kissing my neck and it felt so good.. "BRUNO LET HER GO JEEZ" Tahiti came in and pulled me away "Cockblock" "Fuck off" I shot Bruno a look and shook my head "Get her back in one piece please" "Yeah yeah" I got in the car, they all sang along to the radio they were really nice I felt relaxed we went to the beach and got in the water immediately wow I forgot how much I loved to surf.. It was getting late so we descided to head back home I knew Bruno was losing it by now.. "Alena you want to come with us tonight we're going out?" Oh I'll have to check with Bruno first.. "Oh come on ofcourse he'll say no he's that kind of guy that freaks out if a guy is even standing next to his girfriend" I chuckled, I guess.. We got to the house and Bruno walked towards me and pulled me close "Did they hurt you?" NO... He gave them all a look before pulling me upstairs "Let's go to bed" Oh my god.. Bru i'm going out with your sisters.. "Oh come ooon" Bruno we have plenty of time to do this at home.. He sighed but let me go he threw his hands up "Fine" I sighed I wish he would stop acting like a baby about this.... I opened the door to the bedroom, he was laying in the bed I sat behind him and kissed his neck "Stop it" I started biting his earl a little I knew he loved that he let out a little moan he turned around and kissed me he moved around making room for me to lay down next to him we kept kissing for a while but it didn't lead to anything
She got up and put on her shirt I don't know when that came off.. I really wish you would just stay.. "Babe I just got here I want to get to know your sisters and stuff.." I sighed, alright.. "You sure you don't want to come?" Nah i'll be alright i'm going to hang out with my mom. "You're so sweet" She pecked me on the lips and left, I went to Presley's room, Pres please watch her.. "Bruno calm down she's old enough to take care of herself.." Pres please just keep an eye on her? "Alright.." Thanks, I hugged her and went downstairs I sat down next to my mom "Aren't you going out with your sisters?" Nah i'm cool.. "Ok, you know you have been together with her for five years...she's a women Bruno you know she's waiting" Mooomm... "Alright alright but i'm just saying she's expecting it don't let her get away" I know.. I looked up seeing them all come down the stairs wearing almost nothing. Woaaahh you are not going out like that. "Excuse me but I am a mother I can do whatever I want" I wasn't talking to you I was talking to her. I looked at Alena and she rolled her eyes "Bru i'll be fine" Babe... "Bruno drop it i'm wearing this dress." I sighed, whatever.. I sat down next to my mom, I was kinda mad she would never do what I asked her like it wouldn't be that hard to grab a jacket or something... She kissed my cheeck and left I watched them getint he car and go, I had a bad feeling.. "Bruno relax she's going to be ok" I guess, I watched a movie and talked with my mom it was getting late so I called Alena but she wouldn't pick up neither would Presley I went upstairs and got in bed I was tired and I wasn't planning on staying awake .. I fell asleep only to be awoken by my mom... "Bruno wake up.." Mom...I want to sleep.. "Bruno it's six in the morning and they are still not home i'm getting worried.." I sat up and rubbed my face, Damn it Alena... You know where they went? "I think your sister said something about that club you guys used to go when you were younger.." Oh..yeah I know. I got in the car and drove to the club I just wanted them to come home and not make a big deal out of it and I was pretty upset with Alena I went inside, damn how the hell am I going to find them? I looked around hearing a familiar laugh I saw Tiarah dancing I went over to her the second I looked into her eyes I knew she was drunk, Tiarah come on we're going home... She nodded and followed me I tok her tot he car and she got in, I was getting angrier every second I felt like I was a babysitter I found Tiara and took her tot he car too, You guys stay here till I get back "Fine..." I went inside seeing Alena and Presley dancing with some guys, That was the last drop. I walked over there and grabbed her arm, Let's go Alena, Presely come on.. "Hey dude let her go.." I shot the guy a look and he backed off, "Bruno baby you' here!" She kissed me but I wasn't in the mood at all I pulled back and shook my head, you're drunk.. She started laughing, "I am.." I took them both to the car and drove them home they were getting it tomorrow.. Mom helped me to get them in bed I slept ont he couch I knew Alena she would always be over me when she was drunk and I would always give in but I didn't want tot his time I was pretty upset with her. "Bruno wake up breakfast" I got up and ate I kept waiting for them to wake up so I could give them all one hell fo a lecture but instead I just watched tv I heard footsteps, Tiarah. "What time is it?" She sat down putting her head in her hands "My head is exploding" It's five. "Oh...How did we get home last night?" I came to the club saw my girlfriend dance with some dude and you were prett much gone I don't even think you knew your own name. "Oh shit.." I got up and went upstairs they got enough sleep. I woke them all up and went back to the couch they all sat down and started eating, she sat next to me and tryed to kiss me but I turned my head "Woah what's up with you?" What's up with me?! Alena I had to pick you guys up at six in the fucking morning and when I get there YOU were dancing with some guy after I told YOU, I pointed at Presley I was so mad right now, TO KEEP AN EYE ON HER. I'm tired of babysitting you Alena! I can't even trust you for one night?! You know what drinkign does to you but you do'nt even care about what the consequences "Bruno.." I felt my mom grab my arm and give me that it's-enough-look I put on my jacket and left I needed fresh air.
I wanted to go after him but Bernie stopped me "Sweetie Bruno is the kind of man that needs his space if you give it to him he'll come back but if you don't you'll only push him away.." I nodded, I sat down on the couch and put my head in my hands I had no idea what happened last night but whatever it was I probably messed up and I nedded to stop he was right I didn't think about the consequences of my actions but I was going to from now.. "Alena he'll come around.." I know, I just hate making him upset.. "It's just Bruno he's angry but he'll forgive you he always does.." I nodded, "You want to go to the mall with us?" No i'm just going to wait for him.. "Ok" They all left, I guess I was home alone.. I watched tv and did the dishes I figured I would help Bernie I had nothing better to do anyway I heard the door open and Eric walked in "Hellooo??" In here! He put his bag down and hugged me "How are you doing?" I'm cool, how was your flight? "Alright so Bruno's out?" Jup.. "It's just how he is Alena.." He told you hu? "Yeah I called him before I got on the flight.." Oh.. "You guys got in a fight?" Well it was more like him yelling and me just standing there like a fool. "Alena you know he loves you.". I know.. The door opened and Bruno walked in he was just going upstairs but he noticed Eric he hugged him but ignored me completely "When did you get here?" "Half hour or something" Bru can we talk? "About?" I shot him a look, "Fine" We went upstairs he headed straight for the bed, he sat down and looked at me "Talk." I sighed, Bru I have no idea what happened last night but whatever did happen I know I messed up I'm sorry I should have listened to you I know I have to change... "Woah I never said you had to change Alena I love you just the way you are but I just wish you would think of me when you do stuff like that.." I know i'm sorry.. He nodded, alright.. "Alright?" He looked back up at me and shrugged, "I'm just tired of hearing that Alena" Well I have nothing more to say.. "We're leaving in two days my manager called" He got up and went back downstairs this didn't go like I wanted it to go and I hated that he said that to me like I had to do whatever he wanted but I understood.. I sat on the floor and started packing our stuff I threw my head back, I grabbed my phone and dialed Sofia's number "Hello?" Hi how are you? "Oh hey Alena i'm good girl how are you how's Hawaii?" It's fine.. "Uh-oh what happened?" I gotinto a fight with Bruno.. "Why?" I went out with his sisters we got so drunk we didn't go home till six in the morning and he had to come pick us up and he caught me dancing with another guy but I don't even remember I was drunk. "Oh shit..well did you apologize" Yeah but he said he's tired of apologizes.. "Oh shit girl there's only one thing you can do.." And that is? "Fuck the shit out of him" SOFIA.. I chuckled she had no shame.. "You know it's true!" I can't just jump on him while he's mad.. "Well I didn't tell you to jump on him.." So what do I do? "Just dress up look all sexy and seduce him." Are you sure? "Yes" Alright.. "Now go take a shower and get dressed" Alright.. "Bye girl" Bye. I hung up and headed for the shower this better work.. I dried off and put on a dress he bought for me I never had the guts to wear it but I needed to make him want me I curled my hair and put on my make-up I slipped on my heels and went downstairs "Ohhhhh shiiitt where are you going" I chuckled, Nowhere. "Oh I get it" You get what? "You're pulling off the I-fucked-up-so-now-you-fuck-me-trick." WHAT? "Oh come on he's mad the only way to make him forgive you is sex and you know it we all do it.." I chuckled, fine I admit it but it's nescesarry.. "I get it" I sat down on the couch and read a magazine he came out of the backyard and looked me up and down he kept stairng at me "Bruno pop your eyes back into your head" He shot Eric a look and sat on the couch he watched tv and occasionally looked at me he bit his lip and kept tapping his foot, He's horny.
I was reaching my breakingpoint she looked beyond hot.. I got up and went to the kitchen pouring myself one hell of a drink I went back trying to focus on the tv but who was I kidding I couldn't stop thinking about it. I noticed I was getting....excited. I covered myself up with a pillow she noticed, she came and sat next to me and smiled, damn that smile she put her hand on my thigh...lord be with me. she slowly moved her hand up I knew she had figured me out by now.. She leaned in and stopped inches from my ear "I know you want me baby" This was a completely diffrent Alena and I loved her. I just ignored it I was angry and I wasn't going to give in this easely, I cleared my throat and kept watching the tv she got closer, I felt her kiss my neck softly, I got up. I have to go. I walked to the backyard as fast as I could, I leaned against the wall and pulled out a sigaret I was going to quit one day that just just wasn't today.. "This shit is bad for you" Presleeeeyyy... She took it out of my and and threw it away, "Bruno you're about to lose it just give in." No she's not going to win.. "She already did" I sighed..damn. I went back inside she was sitting on the couch she bit her lip when she saw me I swear i'm going to have a heartattack if she looked at me like that again.. I took a deep breath, I can do this I'm not an animal I have self-control. I sat down next to her she went back at it immediately she slipped her hand into my shirt, She kissed my neck whispering things in my ear I never thought she'd even say.. But whatever she would do I wouldn't respond. Untill....she slipped her hand in my pants everybody was outside so nobody would see but I was till in a my mom's house..while everybody was home, Ok fuck this she's asking for it I got up and grabbed her wrist pulling her upstairs we were already making out before we got to the room I took off my shirt and closed the door with my foot I pushed her against the wall, Damn I wanted her bad.. "Bruno baby slow down.." I knew I was getting rough but I knew she was going to love it. I took off her dress leaving her in nothing but her underwear I unzipped my pants and didn't bother taking them off before entering her I slammed myself inside her hard and with every thrust I went deeper "Babe harder.." I lifted her legs and went faster she was screaming my name I think my family heard... I grabbed her by her waist and walked to the bed while I was still inside of her I dropped her on the bed and went at it again, "Oh. my. God." Babe turn around, "What?!" Just do it.. She turned around, We hadn't done this but I wanted to have her in every way, It was weird in the beginning but I picked up pretty fast I heald her against me and kissed her neck from behind she kept moaning my name and I loved it.. she grabbed my arms and dug her nails into them I ignored the pain this felt damn good, We continued for a while before stopping she kept humping around, Babe why are you walking like that? I chuckled "Cause I can't feel my fucking legs.." That means I did my job.. She waved me off and put on her dress We went outside together I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer, You havent seen nothing yet baby.. She smiled and continued walking downstairs we sat down at the bar he just kept staring at me, You want a picture it'll last longer. "No but it just amazes me that you still look beatiful after all of that.." I chuckled, Thank you baby "But you can't keep doing that everytime i'm mad" We'll see "I'm going to be mad a lot." Shut up! I chuckled and kissed him ofcourse he had to turn it into a full blown make out session.. "EWWW" I heard a childsvoice "Oh shit, Alena these are my nephews.." Oh.. We played with them all day and took them to the beach I loved seeing Bruno with children I just knew he was going to be a great father.. Tahiti went back home with the boys and all the girls went with her it was just me Bruno, Eric and his mom now we watched a movie together and descided to go to bed.. I lied down in the bed "Babe?" Yeah? "Will you put your arms around me?" Why are you cold? "Yeah" Auww baby, I put my arm around her I kissed her shoulder and soon after that I fell asleep..
I woke up it was still night and Bruno was asleep I felt horrible my stumock felt like it was being stabbed every fucking second.. I got up trying not to make too much noise I went downstairs and warmed up some milk I sat down at the bar this pain was getting too much I put my hand on my stumock, Oh god please stop.. I felt a hand on my shoulder "Babe what's wrong" He put his arm around me and wiped away the tears that were rolling down my cheek.. My stumock is hurting really bad.. "Let's sit on the couch, come on.." I put my head on his chest taking in his scent, "I'm calling a docter tomorrow" No please It's probably something I ate.. "You didn't eat anything Alnea" Ugh.. Just wait with calling a docter, I suddenly felt a need to throw up I ran to the bathroom and made it just in time I heard a knock on the door, Bruno please don't come in.. He came in anyway. He heald my hair back and sat there with me the whole time I finsished and brushed my teeth, I hugged him.. Thank you. "Anything for you babe" Where did I get so lucky? "You didn't I did" I kissed his cheek "Babe we're not five you can kiss me, like this. He kissed me hard, I just threw up! "So that wont stop me." Oh god.. I chukled and went to bed with him I felt a little better but I still wouldn't fall asleep "Baby what's wrong?" I can't sleep... "You want me to sing for you" I smiled, yes..
Everyday I wake up next to an angel.. More beautiful that words could say they said it wouldn't work but what did they know? Cause that's the past and we're still her today.. Never in my dreams did I think that this would happen to me..
I let his voice fill my ears I loved his voice is was so beautiful I fell asleep right there in his arms.. I woke up feeling a little better but I stil felt that pain I slowly walked towards the bathroom and brushed my teeth I looked at my reflection I looked terrible.. Bruno came up from behind me and kissed my cheek "Goodmorning beautiful" Oh my god.. I put my head in my hands, He chuckled "What's wrong?" You're so fucking perfect... He laughed "You're crazy.." Like seriously dude you just woke up how the fuck can your hair look perfect? "Babe some people have it and some people don't... and I have it" He pointed at himself and smiled, Oh god.. We ate breakfast and started packing our stuff we were leaving in the morning damn I didn't want to go.. "How is your stumock feeling?" It still hurts.. "Auww baby i'm calling a docter.." Nooooo.... "I don't want to hear it" ugh.. He called the docter I didn't think it would be anything serious just Bruno overreacting.. "Ok so Alena i'm going to ask a couple of questions and run a few tests ok?" I nodded, Bruno was standing against the wall and smiled at me his smile really made me melt inside, "Ok so are you sexually active?" My eyes widened.. Uh, I cleared my throat.. yes.. "Alright, when was the last time," Ehh.. two days ago.. "Ok I think it's best if you take a pregnancy test.." WHAT? "It's just to be sure.. "But we were safe?!" I knew Bruno was freaking out.. "Well with using a condom you can never be a hundred procent sure it could have ripped while putting it on or when you have.... rougher, you know" I shot Bruno a this-is-your-fault look "I have some in my bag i'll give you one take it whenever you want and give me a call and let me know, ok?" Ok.. He gave me the test and left Bruno was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands I put my hand on his shoulder, babe? "Yes.." Are you mad? He looked up and frowned, "No baby i'm not mad" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap, "We'll get through this together alright?" I nodded and kissed him, he leaned back on the couch and grabbed me by my waist, I pulled back.. NO. This is what got us in this mess in the first place.. "Fine, I want to take a shower get off" No i'm comfortable.. "Fine" He lifted me up and walked to the bathroom, BRUNO LET GOO "You asked for it" I couldn't stop laughing, He turned on the shower, NO!!!!! He got under it while holding me... DAMN ITT.. He started kissing me eventhough I had clothes on and I was feeling like crap he made it all better.. He put me down and started taking off his clothes, Babe if you want you can go get dressed and relax I don't want you to catch a cold.. I nodded and kissed him before getting out I ran to out bedroom and changed I was cold as fuck. I looked at the pregnancy test, it's now or never.. I went to the bathroom and took it those two minutes seemed like the longest minutes of my life.. I looked at my watch, two minutes.. I wanted to look something was just stopping me what if it was positif me and Bruno werent ready for a baby.. I went to get Bruno we needed to find out together.. He was watching a movie and smiled when he saw me "Hey sexy" Hi, I took the test.. His face turned serious, "so?" I'm afraid to look.. "I'll come with you" We went to the bathroom it was lying on the sink and we were both just staring at it "You take it" Why don't you take it? "Cause you peed on it" I shot him a look, fine you big baby. I took the test..