Chapter 93+94

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Chapter 93

Marla dropped off her daughter at her mother’s house where she knew she was safe if she had any other seizures. Rosie was still very tired and was hard to get up that morning. She fell asleep on her grandmother’s couch the second she walked it.

”It was really bad. I just hope it’s a phase and the medicine helps her. I know it’s a lot and it might change her a little..but..” Marla looked at her daughter as they sat at the kitchen table.

”Honey, you had your medicine was changed so much that I can’t even count anymore. And you know that. She’ll get better. You did, your aunt did. It just sucks right now.”

”I know, mama. It just…it sucks.” she said touching her daughter’s long curly hair. ”And one of my worst fears came true when Bruno wasn’t here.” she told her mother.

”Honey…he’ll be home soon. I know he’s told you that you are strong and amazing and that you can do it. I just have to tell you that again….” she hugged her daughter.

”Mom…I’m pregnant again.” she told her mother.

”What?” Oh my gosh….” her mother answered shocked. ”When?” she asked.

”Well..I don’t know exactly. That’s why I’m going to the doctor today.” Marla told her mother as the door opened and her sister in law came in the house with their youngest child.

”Are you ready Marley?” Lisa asked setting their son down who ran toward the front of the house where Rosie was asleep.

”Yep…let’s get to the doctor…” Marla said standing up.

”Thank you for taking care of the babies today, mom.” Marla said kissing her mother on the cheek as they walked out the door.

”You’re welcome. I’ll call you if anything happens.” Sylvia answered hearing the door closed.


”So, last time you brought Jamie and the first time you brought your mom….now it’s my turn, huh?” Lisa laughed as they sat in the small room waiting for the blood test to come back.

”I might actually get my baby’s daddy to come the next time.” Marla laughed at her sister in law’s response.

”Yeah…because I think he would like that.” Lisa said rolling her eyes.

”He does hate doctors, doesn’t he?” Marla answered.

The door cracked open with her doctor holding the test results. ”Well…you’re about 16 weeks along, Mrs. Hernandez.” she answered. ”You wanna see?” she asked the girls. Marla nodded her head quickly. ”But we’ll only hear the heart beat this time…”

”I know..we have to wait a few more weeks.” Marla smiled watching the doctor get set up. The girls held their breath as the doctor put the picture up.

”There’s one….that one is pretty big….and then….Mrs. Hernandez….there’s the other one off to the side…see…?” the doctor pointed to a smaller heart beat.”

”Two?” Marla asked.

”You see how one is a bit smaller…I can’t be for certain…everything looks healthy…but they’re at two different stages of development…baby b…” she pointed to the smaller one ”is at 14 weeks while baby a is at 16 like I said before..”

”Shit, he’s good.” Lisa said under her breath.

”But they’re okay?” Marla asked worried.

”They’re perfect. I want to see you in two weeks and please don’t forget to call if there are any troubles.” the doctor said printing out the picture with the heartbeats.

”Woah…” Marla said as the girls walked out of the room setting her next appointment.

”Marla! Holy crap!” Lisa exclaimed as they got in the car.

”I knew there w as something different about it this time.” Marla answered Lisa hearing her phone start to ring making her smile. She picked it up responding to Bruno. ”Hi!” she said happily.

”How was the appointment, baby?” he asked her.

”You should be asking about babiessssss….” she emphasized the babies.

”What? What the heck?” he asked.

”She said it was suprefetation…”

”Supre what?” he asked confused.

”I didn’t know either, Brunz…it means they were conceived at different times.” she explained. ”One is two weeks younger…but they’re healthy. We go see them in two weeks.”

”Mar….wow…that’s crazy.” he answered shocked.

”I know. Like we couldn’t get any more dramatic.” she laughed.

”I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” he told her.

”I can’t either.” she smiled through the phone. ” I love you.”

”I love you too, Marley.”



I’m a badass. That’s all you need to know. I got you pregnant, not once, but twice within a month. That means that I could populate the whole world in one shot. Can you imagine that? 7 billion little Brunos? Shit that’d be awesome. But I know you wouldn’t want to share me. And I’d feel bad. Mar…we’re having two babies. Two…that’s amazing. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. I love you.




Chapter 94 

Marla held onto the tip of Bruno’s jacket as they walked into the doctor’s office in mid December. With his other hand he held onto Rosie’s hand. This isn’t that bad. He thought to himself smiling. I got my girls and they got me. He grabbed the door opening it for them. Marla pointed to the three chairs directing them to the waiting room while she signed in. Marla sat down next to Rosie who was in the middle chair leaning down to talk to her. ”Go look at the fish over there….what are their names?” Marla asked her.

”That’s silly, mom. They’re all named Nemo and Dorie. And the love each other and they’re gonna have babies too. ”

”Is that so?” Marla asked her in her therapist voice not even realizing she was using it.

”Yes mommy! And Dorie’s gets a fever too. And it gets big like yours…” she said standing up pointing to her mother’s stomach. Bruno lowered his head trying not to laugh at the two of them. Marla nudged him telling him to be quiet. ”What?” Rosie turned to ask him. ”Don’t laugh at me, daddy.” Rosie answered while Bruno kept his head low still laughing at the conversation.

”Bruno…stop.” Marla pushed him again.

”You’re just too cute, Rosie…come over here…” Bruno said holding his hands out for her.

”Mommmm….” Rosie whined.

”Tell her you’re sorry, Bruno. It hurt her feelings. Right?” Marla asked again seeing her daughter lower her head the same way he did making her almost start laughing. She’s so sensitive like him.

”Rosalia…come here…you’ll always be my baby…” Bruno said grabbing her starting to tickle her.

”Okay, okay, okaaayyy…”her small giggle lit up the room making the receptionist laugh with them.

The doctor called them back into the room a few seconds later. Marla introduced her doctor, Doctor Cindy, to Rosie who was incredibly intrigued by everything in the room that was different from the neurologist. ”Momma…is that what the babies look like?” Rosie asked pointing to the poster. Marla walked to the poster picking up her daughter pointing to the 17 week picture.

”They look like that….” Marla responded. Bruno grabbed Rosie from her mother’s arms pointing to the very first picture.

”You were that little once….” Bruno told her.

”No way!” Rosie exclaimed.

”Yes way!” Bruno smiled at her turning to see the doctor walk in the room.

”Are you three ready to see these babies?” Dr. Cindy asked.

”We get to find out if they’re boys or girls, right?” Bruno asked.

”We’re gonna try our best…” the doctor said watching Marla get on the examining table. She rubbed the stuff on Marla’s stomach turning on the tv.

”Mommy….where are the babies?” Rosie asked sitting in her father’s lap.

”They’re right there, nena….” Marla said pointing to the screen.

”Rosalia…here’s on…” the doctor said pointing to one baby. ”And here’s the little one…” she said pointing to the bottom of the screen.

”Why aren’t they hugging each other, mama? If I had a baby with me I’d  hug them all the time.” Rosie honestly asked.

”Baby…it’s okay. I think they still love each other…” Marla answered watching the screen. She turned and smiled at Bruno who was watching intently the same way Rosie was.

”The little one…our baby b….” the doctor started pointing to the baby who was moving its hands. ”You see there, Rosalia…there’s the baby’s hand. And his foot…” Dr. Cindy said.

”His?” Marla and Bruno asked at the same time.

”His foot…” the doctor answered. ”Rosalia is going to have at least one brother.” the doctor told them.

”Wooooahhh…”Bruno gasped. ”And what about the other one?” Bruno asked.

”I think….once they move their hand….come on baby…” Dr. Cindy coached the baby along to move their hand. ”Yep…that’s a girl…the hand was in the way….” \

”Are you sure?” Marla asked as the baby’s hand moved more.

”Yep.” the doctor said. ”Rosalia…you get a baby brother and baby sister!” the doctor told them in an excited voice.

”Can I name them?” Rosie asked.

”It depends on what you want to name them.” Marla laughed. ”Because I don’t think Rosie one and Rosie 2 are not going to work.”

”Fine. But I’m going to make a list, momma.” Rosie told her mother sitting down on her father again.

”Okay, you three…here are a few pictures….” the doctor answered printing out the pictures. Bruno grabbed them from the doctor before Marla could see them.

”Hey!” Marla exclaimed.

”Okay, can have one.” Bruno laughed handing her the pile of pictures as they walked out of the office.


Marla went to work after the doctor’s appointment careful not tell anyone about the babies because she knew it would get back to his family within minutes and they wanted to wait until their trip to Hawaii to tell everyone at once.  Her side of the family had also planned to spend Christmas in Hawaii which was going to make things even more hectic than usual, but she knew that it was going to be a wonderful Christmas. They had told both sides of the family and they were all eagerly awaiting the sex of the babies which made not telling anyone even harder because as much as Marla gave Bruno crap for not being able to keep secrets, it was usually her that blew the secrets – like when they decided on a date for the wedding, or when he told her the release date for his second album, or started talking about his music that no one but she, Ari, Phil and Urbana were supposed to know about. She walked in the house smelling some type of food that almost made her throw up. She yelled through their large house, ”Bruno! What the hell is that? It smells horrible!”

”Babbbyyyy…” he whined carrying in a piece of cake. ”It was cake….but if you don’t want t I’ll eat it…” he said taking a bite.

”That is not a cake smell…did you cook that shrimp stuff that I can’t stand?” she asked him taking the cake from his hand starting to eat it. He looked down disappointed knowing he was caught.

”That was last time Mar…whyyyy does it still smell bad to you? I love that stuff.” he asked her.

”It’s like 7 months…hang in there Bruno…” she kissed him on the cheek walking back to the kitchen taking out food she had cooked the day before. Bruno followed her into the kitchen hugging her from behind kissing her neck as she finished chewing. She moaned quietly feeling his kiss against her. ”Oh goddddd. Don’t fucking do that.” she said pulling away.

”But babbbyyyy….this was the best time last timeeeee….” he walked back to her wrapping his arms around her.

”It was…but we didn’t have a four year old that insists on sleeping on our bed when she can’t sleep…” she told him.  He touched her hair looking at her sweetly.

”So does that mean we don’t ever get to have sex?” he asked her.

”I didn’t say that, Bru…” she answered him putting her food in the trash that she couldn’t finish. ”I’ll just have to bury my head in the pillow.” she raised her eyebrow at him walking into the bedroom dropping her sweater on the ground as he walked quickly behind her grabbing her kissing her neck making her let out the same moan she did earlier. ”Shit…we have to pack…we leave tomorrow night..” she said looking at the clothes on the floor.

”Shut Marla…” he told her moving her to face him as he started kissing her again.



Dear Marla,

Today we found out that there are two beautiful babies growing inside you. There’s a boy and there’s a girl.  Rosie asked if she could name the babies too. I’m scared to think of what she would want to name them because I think I have the perfect names already picked out. I’ll tell you on the way to Hawaii tomorrow. Don’t let me forget that. And don’t forget that you’re the most beautiful person in the world. I love you.