Chapter 9

25/04/2011 15:54

"Alegria has a brain cancer?" Phil said, surprised by what Bruno has revealed.

"So that's why collapsed and her nose was bleeding.." Jamareo added

"Yes.. She told me that there's still a great chance that she'll survive if she would undergo a surgery. She didn't want to, but she just told me she'd think about it.." Bruno explained, holding Alegria's hands and stared at her face.

"I never knew.. I mean, it's not obvious that she has a brain cancer. She seems just so happy about everything and it was like she didn't have problems in life." Phil said, still in the state of shock.

"Yeah, she's a happy person.. Who would've thought that she was sick?" Phred said.

"When did you know about this?" Kenji asked.

"When we first met and we took her to the hotel. She had a bad head ache while we were talking, and that's how I found out about it." Bruno said.

"Wait, you said she didn't want to do a surgery. Why is that?" Eric asked Bruno, curious.

"She said that she'd die anyway, and it's just waste of time and money. The tumor might just grow back. She said that she didn't wanna lose her memory. So I tried to convince her and she just told me that she'd think about it." Bruno answered, worried.

"She should just do that surgery. Things would be a lot better after that. Yeah, she'd lose her memory, but she can just make new ones with you." Kenji told Bruno.

Bruno kept silent. He didn't know what to do. He was scared he'd lose her. But he was also scared of what would happen after the surgery. 'What if I wasn't there at the time she needed me the most? What if her brother's not at home and she collapsed again? What if.. What if she fell in love with another guy while I'm away from her?' Bruno thought as he gripped Alegria's hands even tighter.

"You know, we should call her brother and tell him what happened." Eric suggested.

"No, don't do that." Bruno said.

"What? Bruno, Calyx is her brother. He has every the right know about her sister." Eric explained.

"Eric, you don't understand. Alegria doesn't want his brother to worry about her. No.. She doesn't want anyone to worry about her. So please, everybody, don't tell Calyx about this." Bruno said.

"You know Bruno, I agree with Eric. Calyx is her only family. We have to tell him that Alegria collapsed." Phred said, clearly siding with Eric.

Bruno didn't say a thing, he didn't want to argue. There are lots of things going on inside his mind, and he doesn't want to add more by having an argument. He looked at Alegria's face and caressed her cheeks. Suddenly, he felt Alegria's hands move. "Alegria?

Alegria slowly opened here eyes and looked around. She was inside a room, lying on a bed and everybody is looking at her. "What happened?" Alegria asked Bruno as she sat down.

"You collapsed earlier.." Bruno answered.

"Oh.. I remember now.. I'm really sorry if I'm causing you guys too much trouble.." Alegria said as she looked at all of the boys.

"It's okay.. You know, you should rest some more." Jamareo said.

"No, I'm fine now. Wait, what time is it already? I have to--"

"Alegria, you should go and have a surgery." Eric said as he looked straight into Alegria's eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Alegria answered.

"Eric, don't do this." Bruno said as he turned around to look at Eric.

"No, bro. Let me talk." Eric answered Bruno.

"Wait, what are you guys talking about?" Alegria asked, confused of what was happening.

"Alegria, we already know everything. Bruno told us. You have a brain cancer, and you should do that surgery before it's too late. I don't want to see my brother hurting like this." Eric said. Everyone went silent.

Bruno put his head against his hands. He wanted to disappear at that very moment.

Alegria looked at her hands and stared at the ring. She started to cry. No one talked. No one dared to break the ice. Alegria then wipes her tears. "One hundred days. Just let me spend a hundred days more with him." Alegria said as she looked at Bruno. She held Bruno's face gently and smiled. Alegria hugged Bruno tightly for a few minutes, then she looked at him. Bruno didn't want to stare at her eyes.

"So.. You're gonna do it?" Kenji asked.

"Yes.." Alegria smiled.

"Alright, I guess everything's good now." Phredley said.

"Ahh.. I felt like I'm carrying something heavy on my back earlier. Everything feels lighter now." Jamareo happily said.

Bruno didn't say anything. He didn't want to say 'you shouldn't do this,' cause he knows she should. But he didn't want to pretend he was happy either, cause he knows by the time that the surgery is done, she would forget everything. She would forget him.

"Come on, cheer up. I said I'm gonna do it. Now, smile." Alegria said, holding Bruno's face while looking at his eyes.

Bruno can't resist her smile. "Alright.." He smiled.

"You guys don't have to control yourselves, you can kiss each other now. We wouldn't mind if you did." Phil jokingly said. Bruno and Alegria smiled at Phil.

"Wait, what time is it now?" Alegria asked.

Eric looked at his wrist watch. "It's already 8:17.. You should take her home now, Bruno. Alegria needs some rest." Eric said.

"Thanks Eric." Alegria smiled as she got up.

Bruno and Alegria bid good bye and got outside the house. Bruno opened the car door for Alegria. Alegria smiled.

"What?" Bruno said, smiling back.

Alegria shook her head. "Nothing." She smiled and went inside the car. Bruno followed and started the car and drove it.

"Tonight has been totally great." Alegria said, smiling at Bruno.

Bruno smiled back. He said nothing, but it was enough to show Alegria how happy he is.

"You had so much time today to do all those stuff. Aren't you guys busy?" Alegria asked, curious.

"We took all took a day off to do this. I told the boys they don't have to, but they insisted." Bruno said, smiling.

"Wow.. Now I feel sorry for shouting at Phil and Eric earlier.." Alegria said. Bruno just laughed.

Alegria yawned. "Weird.. I already feel sleepy already."

"You should sleep while I drive. I'll just wake you up later." Bruno said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, you can sleep now."

"Well.. Okay then.. Night night." Alegria kissed Bruno's cheek and closed her eyes.

"Good night." Bruno smiled as he drove. He suddenly remembered Alegria saying she would have a surgery. He sighed. 'Would everything really be okay after the surgery?;

"What are you suddenly so sad about?" Alegria said.

Bruno got surprised and laughed. "I thought you were sleeping already? You go sleep now while I drive."

"Haha.. Okay, okay. Good night again." Alegria said as she closed her eyes and yawned.

"Good night." Bruno said, smiling.








Bruno stopped the car in front of Alegria's house and woke her up. "Alegria, we're here." Bruno said, gently tapping Alegria's arm.

Alegria woke up. "Oh.. Alright." She said as she rubbed her eyes and grabbed her bag.

Bruno opened the car door for her and she got out. Bruno went straight to the door and tried to open it. "It's locked." He said, looking at Alegria.

"Calyx is not here yet? Oh well.." Alegria said as she pulled the house keyes out of her bag and opened the door. They went inside.

"Calyx isn't here yet?" Bruno asked as he sat down on the couch.

"I guess.. Wait, do want something to drink? Coffee.. Orange juice.. Anything?" Alegria asked as she opened the refrigerator.

"I'll just have water." Bruno answered.

Alegria put the bowl of cookies on top of the cock tail table and handed the glass of water to Bruno. Bruno took it and drank.

"I thought you'd like something to eat, so I took the cookies out. I baked them yesterday." Alegria said, as she sat beside Bruno. She took one cookie and ate.

Bruno took one and tasted it. "I didn't know you knew how to bake." Bruno smiled as he ate.

"I'm allergic to many types of food, so I should at least learn how to cook something for myself." Alegria said. "I'm a master chef." Alegria winked at Bruno as she bit her cookie. Bruno laughed at Alegria. "What? You don't believe me? I'm telling you, I'm a good cook. I can cook lots of types of food." Alegria said, bragging.

Bruno chuckled. "I believe you alright. You know, these are the best cookies I have ever tasted." Bruno said, as he smiled and ate the whole cookie.

"Stop flattering me and just eat." Alegria chuckled. "Wait, when are you gonna start spending your one hundred days with me?"

"Hmm.. Would it be fine if we start tomorrow? We're gonna do some rehearsals. You can come with us." Bruno answered.

"Oh, okay. Tomorrow's good." Alegria said as she bit a cookie.

"I'll come pick you up at nine." Bruno said.

"Speaking of time... It's late already. Aren't you going to leave now?"

"I'm gonna stay here 'til your brother arrives. I wanna protect my girlfriend while her brother's away." Bruno smiled at Alegria.

Alegria's face turned red. "Stop it already."

"Stop what? Oh hey, you're face is red! Hahaha!" Bruno teased Alegria.

"You know, let's just watch something." Alergria turned the TV on, trying to change the topic.

"You know, your face easily gets red when I flatter you or when I'm near you." Bruno said as he grabbed Alegria's waist.

Alegria's heart beated faster and switched channels faster. "What should we watch? Ohh.. I can't choose.." Alegria said, still switching the channels.

Bruno chuckled and looked at Alegria. "You look cute when you're nervous." He stroked her hair and his lips got closer to Alegria's. Suddenly, someone opened the door and they both jumped off of the couch, two meters away from each other.

"I'm home.." Calyx said as he entered. He noticed Bruno was there. "Oh hey, Bruno, you're here." Calyx said, surprised.

"Uhh.. Yeah.. I just drove your sister home and waited for you to arrive.. So she would be safe... Yeah." Bruno answered.

"Oh.. I see.." Calyx said.

"Uhm.. So, Calyx, how was your date?" Alegria asked.

"It was fine, nothing much happened." Calyx said, clearly unhappy with his date.

"Ohh.." Alegria answered.

"You know guys, I better get going. It's late already." Bruno looked at Alegria.

"Okay then. Alegria, you go outside and watch if he safely leaves."

"Okay.." Alegria lead Bruno to the door and went outside with him. Alegria stood in front of her door as she watched Bruno went inside of the car. Alegria waved good bye and turned around.

"Alegria!" Bruno said as he got out of the car and ran towards Alegria.

"What? Did you forget something?" Alegria asked.

"Uhm.. Yeah. I did." Bruno said.

"What is it? I'll go get it for you." Alegria said.

Bruno looked around, then he looked at Alegria. "I forgot this." He kissed Alegria's lips and ran towards the car. "Tomorrow, 9 am." Bruno said as he got inside the car and started it.

Alegria smiled and waved good bye as Bruno drove the car and left. She went inside and ran straight to her room.

"You gonna sleep already?" Calyx asked Alegria, shouting.

"Yeah." Alegria answered. 'Good thing he didn't see us..' Alegria said to herself, smiling. She then decides to change her clothes into pajamas and grabs a pillow. 'Oh, I'm so happy!' Alegria giggled as she hugged her pillow tight. 'I gotta have some beauty rest. I don't wanna wake up late tomorrow.' Alegria thought as she smiled and closed her eyes.








*Ring Ring*

*Ring Ring*

*Ring Ring*

Alegria woke up by the sound of her phone. She picked it up and answered it without checking who called. "Hello?" She spoke, her voice was ruffled.

"It's me." Alegria recognized the voice and quickly got up and sat on her bed.

"Bruno?" Alegria looked at her alarm clock. "It's just past 3am. Why did you call? And where did you get my number?"

"I can't sleep.. So I called you. I asked your number from your brother. It's a good thing I figured out how to call you using my phone." Bruno said as he chuckled. "What're you doing before I called you?" Bruno asked.

"Sleeping, obviously." Alegria answered, a bit irritated because of Bruno.

"You were sleeping?" Bruno asked.

"Of course I am. What else should I be doing then?" Alegria asked.

"I thought you can't sleep too.." Bruno said, his voice sounded disappointed.

Alegria felt guilty for scolding Bruno. 'If you just weren't my boyfriend..Oh I am so going to kill you.' She said to herself. "So.. whaddya doin'?"

"Just here, lying on my bed.. How 'bout you?" Bruno asked.

"I'm sitting down on my bed." Alegria answered.

"Wait.." Bruno said and Alegria heard something. "Okay."

"What was that? What did you do?" Alegria asked, curious.

"I sat down too, so we would be in the same position." Bruno said.

Alegria smiled. "Wait, I'll go get my guitar."

"Okay." Bruno answered.

Alegria put her phone on top her bed and took her guitar. She turned the loudspeaker button on, and started speaking. "So, what do you want me to play?"

"You're gonna play your guitar? Why?" Bruno asked.

"You said you can't sleep, so I'll play something and sing it to make you sleep." Alegria said. She heard Bruno chuckle from the other line.

"Hmm.. Let's see.. Why don't you sing an Elvis song? Can't Help Falling in Love. You can sing that one." Bruno said.

"Okay, I'll play that for you." Alegria plucked the guitar strings and started singing.

"Wise men say only fools rush in.. But I cant help falling in love with you. Shall I stay? Would it be a sin, if I cant help falling in love with you... Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be." Alegria sang softly as she plucked the strings of her guitar.

Bruno sang with Alegria. "Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I cant help falling in love with you." Alegria finished the song with a strum of her guitar.

"You feelin' sleepy now?" Alegria asked Bruno.

"Yeah, kinda. Thanks for the song. You can sleep now." Bruno said.

"Really? I could sing a couple more songs if you want.." Alegria offered.

"Naaaww, I know you're tired already. Go get some rest. We still have a date tomorrow."  Bruno said.

"Well, I don't wanna look like a zombie tomorrow. I guess I'm gonna sleep now.. Good night." Alegria answered.

"Bye. Good night."

"Bye." Alegria hung up and cuddled to bed. After a few minutes, she heard her phone ring again. "Hello?"

"I love you." Bruno said. Alegria sensed sincerity in his voice.

"I love you too." Alegria answered, smiling.

"Bye, Alegria."

"Bye Bru Bru." Alegria said as she hung up and went back to sleep, smiling.