Chapter 9

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New York city? Seriously? How can I be in New York city? And how come he didn’t tell me that he’s taking me to New York City?


‘You’re kidding me right?’

‘No.I’m not.This is the surprise!’

I stared at him with my mouth shut. No words can describe how I felt that moment.

‘Babe, speak’

‘ kidnapped me to another city without me knowing about it and u think I’m gonna be okay with that?Like,seriously?’

‘If I tell u, u would give me a whole bunch of reasons not to go.So,i should make a move even if it’s going to be kidnapping which I’m not actually doing right now since I’ve already talked to granny about it and she gave me a green light and not to mention your days off from work’

I shook my head.Like,this guy does know what he wants  and man,he’s moving fast.Phil and Karen just sitting quietly at the front seats and not interfering our little discussion.

‘Granny is in this too?’

‘Who says she’s an angel?’

Sigh. Who says granny can be trusted? ‘So,what are we doing here exactly?’

‘You’ll see.Lightin up,babe.You never know what’s going to happen when you’re in New York!’


We arrived at the hotel and as we entered the lobby, I saw a bunch of faces there that I recognized.

‘So,she made it,huh?’

It was Daniella.She quickly came to me and gave a huge hug.There were ‘Hey Cat’, ‘Sup Cat’ , ‘How’s it going?’ , ‘Wow u made it!’ everywhere. It was nice to be around them even though I didn’t even know them well but they were very welcoming. Eric was there and so were Phred,Jamereo,also another band member Kenji and some big dude I didn’t catch what was his name. We grabbed dinner afterwards and we definitely needed a really huge table to actually fit 12 people.

‘So, who’s the girl,Kenji?’ Bruno asked Kenji.Beside him was an Asian looking girl with really long black hair and very petite.

‘Oh,this is the girl that I’ve been telling u guys about. Her name’s Lisa’

I chocked.

‘’ Kenji looked at me,frowning.

‘No...It’s just, the name reminds her of someone’ .Bruno explained, looking at me concerned. ‘You okay?’

‘No.I”m fine.Sorry.Didn’t mean it that way,Kenji,Lisa’

‘No, it’s cool’ Kenji gave me a friendly smile. Lisa just looked down and moved closer to him. She seems very shy.

 ‘So, tomorrow at Hard Rock. It’s gonna be massive’, Bruno started the conversation.

‘Man,it’s going to be sick!’ Phil said banging the table.

‘You guys are performing?’ I looked at Bruno.


‘We need to show Cat how we hooligans roll!’

‘Duh,that’s why she’s here???’ Bruno answered back.

I just sat there quietly enjoying my food trying to clear my mind a bit. I mean, I have to move on. I’m in New York City right now. I need to just live life a bit. What else could go wrong?

After we had dinner, we headed back to the hotel and went into our rooms. I tossed my bag to the ground and just lay on the bed. I’m so tired. It’s been a pretty long day for me. Bruno came and lay next to me. He moved me closer to his body and I could feel the comfort there. I looked at Bruno and he looked back at me. Just I can’t take my eyes of him.I bite my lips. His eyes, his hair, his smell, his lips ....everything about him makes me happy. We kissed and it was like my own brand of drug. I don’t want to let it go. It was perfect.


I woke up the next day and found Bruno was nowhere in sight. I was all alone in the big old empty room with my man nowhere next to me. I reached for my phone and as I was about to call him, his caller ID pops up on the screen. Right. About time.

‘Hello?’ My voice sounds terrible.

‘Morning beautiful’

‘Seriously?Morning beautiful?Where are u?’

‘Sorry. I’m with the guys.We’re rehearsing for the show tonight. I wanted to wake u up but I mean, u were so silently sleeping....’


‘Awww.....u’re cute when u’re mad’ He made his flirting voice.

‘I’m not cute and I’m not mad. I’m furious’


I rolled my eyes. ‘I hate u Bruno’

I put my phone down and rolled myself to the other side to reach for the remote.I clicked on MTV and Bruno’s Lazy song was on.Arghhh.He’s everywhere right now but not here with me.Sigh.I picked up my phone back and decided to call granny.


‘Hey granny’

‘Katy sweetie.How are u?’

‘Good.I’m good’

‘Nothing happen to u right?’

‘What do u mean by that???’

‘Nah..I’m just worried......’

‘I’m a big girl now,gran.I can take care of myself.Don’t worry’

‘Okay if u say so.Ohh...!Mrs Nelson came by last night.She wanted to see u but well.....

‘What did she want?’

‘She just found out about the break up’



‘Okay.Ermmm,did she ask anything about Bruno?’

‘A lil bit but she avoids making eye contact with me when I mention about u and Bruno’



I can’t think about how she must have felt that time.I mean,our family’s pretty much really close.They’re like my second parents.And they’re just so sure about my relationship with Edward would go on to the next level.I feel bad for this.

‘Okay.Well gran,i’m going to take my shower.I’ll call u later.

‘Take care dear’

‘Yes.I’ll be home soon’

I got up from the bed and headed into the bathroom.It was so sickly cold this morning  even the hot shower couldn’t overtop that.After all my fingers finally turned numb,i got out from the bathroom.I walked to my suitcase that suddenly someone was at the door.I took a quick peek through the little hole on the door but saw no one.Okay,someone’s playing a prank.Bad timimg.I let it go and got back to get dressed and the knocked came again.This time was harder.I threw my clothes down and angrily opened the door.

‘Can u please stop that?!


Surprisingly it was Daniella.

‘Hey,don’t do that again. I thought it was some kind of pervert or something.Oh hey Karen, Lisa’

‘Well,sorry.Can we come in?’

Since I’m in a towel, I’m not going to stay at the door any longer. ‘Please. Come on in’

The three of them stepped into the room. ‘So, we’re going to head out just wandering around New York. Wanna come?’

‘Of-course!!!I’m so damn bored in here.Like,seriously u think I’m going to sit in this room all day. Who knows when Bruno will get back?’

‘Haha.She’s lonely.Well,welcome to the club,girl.About time u’re feeling like me here’ Karen said.

I just shook my head and got dressed.

‘So, what happen with u and Jamereo?Are u guys like, serious?’ Karen asked Daniella.

‘I dunno.We’re just hanging out and stuff. He’s nice’

‘Awwww....You guys are so cute together’

Daniella threw a pillow at Karen. ‘No, u and Phil are a perfect couple’

‘No no no. Cat here is the lucky one. To get the big man’ .She winked at me.

I just smiled. I don’t know what to say. Okay, I am happy with Bruno though our relationship’s still early, I’m happy about it. They looked at me. I looked at Lisa. From the beginning, I never got the chance to hear her voice.

‘So Lisa, how did u meet Kenji?’ Well, obviously I didn’t know Kenji and I just saw him last night but I’m trying to get to know them all.Yes.One by one. I’m learning.

‘Well, we’ve been friends since high school but we just started to go out like, a few weeks ago. I’ve always had a crush on him’. She looked down. Blushing.

‘You just told him about your feelings?’

‘How do u know?’ She looked at me.

‘Well, you seem like a shy person and well, I’ve been there before’

‘Ohhh....Want to spill?’

I guess it wasn’t that bad anymore. He’s history so there’s nothing I should worry about.

‘Let see, I fell in love with my bestfriend  and we just started to date then he left me, moved to another country, cheating behind my back and got back here last week but then I broke up with him’

‘Because of Bruno?’ Karen gave me a sly smile.

‘and she thought me and Bruno had like, this thing going on so she decided to get back with her ex. What’s his name again??’ Okay, now Daniella’s telling the story.


‘Ooooo...Edward....’ Karen making noises in the background.

I rolled my eyes.They’re crazy.

‘and so she went to Edward’s house and......????’ Daniella looking at me waiting for me to continue.

‘And he was having SEX with my bestfriend’

Lisa covered her mouth with her hand.

Karen just stunned. ‘What a bitch!’

‘I know, right?’ Daniella talked back.

‘So, that’s why I found u on the road. You just came from his house? That night?’

Sigh. I looked down. ‘Yeahhhh’

‘Are u okay? Lisa looked at me. She touched my hand and wiped the tear that just going down my face.

‘Yea yea yea. I’m okay. Thanks to Bruno. Or else, I just....I don’t know how I would survive this planet’

‘Well........’ Daniella got up. ‘Let’s go out now! No more tears of sadness okay. I promised Bruno to give you the best day of your life today. I mean, look at it as a party warm up coz u never know what’s in for tonight’

‘Oh.You talk too much. Come on, let’s go’ Karen took my hand and we headed to the streets of New York.


‘Omg!Look at that guy’ Daniella shook my hand.

‘Which one?’

‘The one with the blue shirt....He’s cute!’

‘Ohh......’ I looked at him.Dark hair guy.

‘I think he’s gay’ Karen butted in.

‘How do u know?’ Lisa asked.

‘I mean,look at him.Gorgeous hair,tight jeans and see that guy who’s standing next to him?’

We looked at the blue shirt guy and the dude standing next to him.Okay,the blue shirt guy’s surely hot. Very tall and metro sexual looking. All four of us just staring at them and the next thing we knew,they embraced.

‘Definitely gay!’I said to Daniella.


‘Wonder who’s boyfriend?Who’s girlfriend?’

‘He’s boyfriend for sure’

‘Eww.His girlfriend’s icky’

‘How do u know that he’s gay?’ Lisa looked at Karen.

‘My brother’s gay’ Karen said.



We decided to head back to the hotel after spending half of our day walking,talking,eating,stalking,singing,stumbling,dreaming,laughing,dancing around New York.We said our goodbyes and promised to meet up at the lobby tonight.I walked into my room and it was dark.I switch on the light and saw Bruno standing right behind me.

‘You’re back!’ We hugged.

‘I miss you’ he whispered into my ear.



‘Then I miss u too’

‘Why so unsure?’

‘I am not’ I looked at him pouting.

‘You know what?You should stop pouting’ He touched my lips.

‘Why’s that?’

‘Coz u know why’

He carried me to the bed and started kissing me. Everything about him definitely turns me on. He pushed me down and kissed all over my face and his hand just couldn’t get away from taking my clothes off.

I took Bruno’s hand off my ass and looked at him. ‘Baby, I’m not feeling like doing this right now’


‘I’m just....tired’

‘U sure?’


‘But I want to......’

‘Maybe tonight. If  I’m feeling like doing’

He looked disappointed. ‘So...what are we going to do now?’

‘Let’s just watch TV okay’


‘I know’ I sighed.

‘Hey hey...its okay.I understand.We can do other stuff other than having sex’

‘You hate me right?’

‘Why would I hate u?’

‘Coz I don’t want to do it’

‘I don’t hate you because of that.I don’t hate you at ALL’

‘Just.....I’m afraid that u might leave me one day and.......

‘I would never leave u,Cat.How did u even come up with that?’

‘Right.That’s what guys always said when they want something. ’I love u’, ‘You’re my world’ , ‘I’m not gonna leave you’ and many more just to have sex with someone.and the next day, they dumped you and u feel like trash’

‘And u think I’m that kind of person?’

‘I’m just afraid.That’s all’

‘Cat....I love you,okay.See?I said it. I can say this all day if u want me to.I really really love you and I promise that we’ll gonna be together till the world ends.I promise.’

‘It’s still too early to actually go to that stage,Bruno’I bite my lips.

‘You’re not sure about us?’

‘Of-course not!You’re the best thing that ever happened to me so far.The best.One second I feel like dying and not worth it but u saved me.It means a lot to me,Bruno’

‘I understand,babe’ He kissed my forehead.

‘See?It’s weird.Because of me not having sex with you,everything just kind of spill out’

‘I know,right?Look,next time if u have anything to say or not feeling ok with anything like,sex,just tell me okay?If u don’t want to,that’s cool with me.At least we already had our first time’

I blushed. ‘Yeah.Our first time.So....Can’t wait for tonight. Seriously, I’m kind of excited’


‘Yeah..I’m kind of naive and still a virgin about the whole party thing. Seriously, I was lifeless before’

‘I can totally picture that’


‘So, should I wear this black one or red?’

‘I go for red’

I wrinkled my nose ‘Nah..I’ll go with black’


‘Coz the red looks too stand out-ish’

‘Hahaha..Then u shouldn’t have ask me’

‘Just want to know your opinion. At least I know what’s your taste’

He bite his lips. ‘Ahh,.....You know what? I can’t wait for the moment when u ask me for sex. Like,i’m waiting. Seriously’

‘We’ll see.....’ I kissed him. ‘You look good’

‘I feel good’

After we got dressed and looking good ourselves,we headed down to the lobby.Everybody’s there except for Kenji and Lisa.

‘Hey.Wow.You look pretty’ Daniella compliments on my black glittery dress.

‘Thanks.You too’

‘where’s Kenji?’ Bruno asked.

‘Dunno.Probably still in room.We heard groaning and people crashing down the bed from their room just now.God know’s what they were doing’ Daniella just couldn’t stop gossiping.

Suddenly,Kenji and Lisa appeared both were holding hands smiling and grinning.

‘So......what took u guys so long?’ Phil tapped on his shoulder.

‘Nahh...We just slept in.The alarm clock just didn’t work out’

‘I see.....’ Everyone just gave them a sly smile and both of them just went red.

Finally,Eric spoke. ‘Can we just go now?’


We all arrived at Hard Rock Cafe and there it was overloaded with people. Everyone’s just seems to have a great time. Bruno and the bands were just getting ready to perform. Everyone was cheering and so excited. When Bruno got on the stage, everybody went nuts.

‘I want to dedicate this song to a special girl who’s here with me tonight. I want her to know that babe, you’re amazing just the way you are’

Everyone ooooo and ‘Omg! Who’s that girl?’

Her lips, her lips,I could kiss them all day if she'd let me,Her laugh, her laugh,She hates but I think it’s so sexy,She's so beautiful,And I tell her every day,Oh you know, you know, you know,Id never ask you to change,If perfect is what you're searching for,Then just stay the same,So don't even bother asking,If you look okay,You know I say,When I see your face,There's not a thing that I would change,Cause you're amazing,Just the way you are,And when you smile,The whole world stops and stares for awhile,Cause girl you're amazing Just the way you are....

I was literally blushing.Daniella was there with me putting her hand on my shoulder and it was nice.I totally feel like,we’re gonna be such good friends.

After they sang like,five songs,the crowds just couldn’t agreed when they decided to stop.At last,they sang runaway baby.Man,it was sick!

Well, let me think, let me think,Ah, what should I do?,So many eager young bunny's,That I'd like to pursue,Now even now they eating out,The palm of my hand,There's only one carrot,And they all gotta share it.........

Everyone cheered when Bruno finished the song with a 6x.


‘Thank you guys!Now,let’s party!!!’ Bruno shouted.


‘Hey,great show’ I went up to him after he got off the stage.

‘I know u like it’ He kissed me and then disappeared into the crowds.

‘Hey,where’s Bruno?’ Daniella just showed up from behind.

‘I dunno.He’s gone.Where’s your guy?’


‘Erghh..Well,let them have some fun’

‘Yeah.And we should too!’

We grabbed some drinks and just dancing with the girls. It was fun to be around them. Kind of reminds me of high school.

‘Where’s Lisa?’

‘Probably with Kenji’

‘Awww.....young lovers’ Daniella whined.

‘They’re cute,right?’

‘So, how long have u and Phil been together?’ I asked Karen.

‘Well, about a year now’

‘Wow. No wonder u guys look so close.Like,really close’

‘Yeah.I think he’s the perfect guy for me.No,I don’t think. I know so’ She was grinning.

‘Thinking about settling down?’

‘Well, not really. I mean, not yet’

‘Lucky you’

As we were laughing and talking, Phil came rushing to us.

‘Cat,you need to see this’

I frowned and followed him.Daniella and Karen followed too. There, sitting in the edge of the room sat Bruno, surrounding by some random girls and man, he was seriously drunk.He was not himself. Well, this is definitely another side of him that I haven’t seen yet. He was holding a drink and the girls just like, flirting with him. One of the girls even gave me this bitchy look.Oh man, seriously I want to smack that sicko bitch.


‘Yeah, it’s okay. Me and Eric’s gonna take him’

‘Yah?? it’s okay ?Like it’s an okay thing? I want him now. Like, seriously’

Bruno looked at us. And his eyes met mine. ‘Hey babe.Wanna join?Come on’ He showed me his drink.

I looked at Phil. ‘Seriously?’

‘He’s like that all the time’

‘Yeah right. I want him now. Phil.....

Phil called for Eric and they both took Bruno away from those girls. We leave the place and went straight to the hotel. Bruno was murmuring all the way back in the car. They help brought him to our room. Daniella and Karen were there too.

‘Go and rest, dude’ Eric put him on the bed.

‘Man, it’s still early. What the fucking hell are we doing here?’

I rolled my eyes. ‘It’s okay guys. I’ll take it from here’

‘You sure?’

‘Yeah. He probably be dead in a few minutes’

‘Be careful’

‘I’ve had my moments with drunken people before’

‘Bruno can be irritating when he’s drunk’

‘I guess everyone does’

‘Well Phil can get pretty violent when he’s drunk’

Phil gave Karen a look. ‘Okay Cat, just call us if u need anything’

‘Sure. Thanks guys’

I closed the door and looked at Bruno. He wasn’t sleeping I know but his eyes were close.



Sigh.I looked at him.He opened his eyes.


‘U okay?’

‘Hell yeah I’m okay. I want to party’

‘U can’t. You drink too much. You should get some sleep. You must be very tired’



‘Shut up. You talk way too much. It’s irritating’

‘Well, you definitely irritate me’

He faced to the other side and closed his eyes.

I got up. I have to leave this room. ‘Well, guess no sex for u today’ I headed to the door.

‘Whatever’ he said under those pillows.

I closed the door behind me and left the room, ‘Whatever’

I went to Daniella’s room and gave a knocked. No answered. Guess she’s not in there. I wanted to call her but I left my phone in the room. I thought about banging Phil and Karen’s room but I didn’t want to interrupt anything so I headed down to the lobby.There were a few people there so i was wondering what to do.I’m not feeling like going back to the room.Then,i saw someone.