Chapter 95-97

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Chapter 95 

Marla held onto Rosie's hand on their way to the airport with her older nephew on the other side of her.

”Momma..why are they taking pictures of us?” Rosie asked her mother.

”Well…baby…” Marla paused looking at Bruno looking for help. ”They take pictures of special people and you are a special person.” Marla told her daughter.

”But, momma..they don’t take pictures of Zaccy. Britta and Simon…” she said talking about her cousins.

”Well, baby…you are just even more special than they are.” she said hugging her daughter tightly as they passed by the paparazzi so they couldn’t see her face. Shit. I wanna put a blanket over her head or give her a mask. Marla thought as they passed through the metal detectors. Bruno grabbed onto Rosie pulling her thorough the metal detector pulling out a pair of bright pink Ray Bans for her to put on.

”Mi amor..put these on.” Bruno said to his daughter.

”But daddy..if I’m special why don’t you want them to see my eyes?” Rosie asked him.

Bruno bent down looking into her eyes so free from the press and what they had written about them- recently they had noticed small stories about Bruno being with girls while on tour. While, not far from the truthi n the past- obviously- it couldn’t have been farther from the truth this time around. He just continued to cross his fingers hoping no one ever found out about Madison. ”’re so special that me and your mom want to keep you just for ourselves. So, that’s why you need to keep these on, okay?” he told her. She smiled at him nodding her head.


About six hours later the large group got off their plane walking through the airport in Hawaii. They were welcomed by hula dancers and leis. Marla and Bruno put their leis on Rosie who twisted them around her neck as they walked through the terminal. Marla held onto Rosie as they walked suddenly feeling Rosie’s hand let go and her start to run down the long hallway seeing her grandmother.

”Shit.” Bruno said under his breath. ”She’s gonna have to be a runner.” Bruno ran toward her daughter seeing her jump into his mother’s arms.

”Grandmaaaa…guess what?” Rosie asked her grandmother.

”What my love?”

”My mom is gonna have two babies! And I’m gonna have a br….”

”Woah..hi mom!” Bruno stopped his daughter from telling the small family secret.

”Well, I wonder where she got that from.” Bernie answered hugging them tightly.

”Well, it certainly wasn’t me.” Marla laughed as they walked to get their bags. Bruno was stopped a few times taking pictures with people in the airport as they walked to his mother’s car. Her family rented a car and would meet them at the house.

”So…this surprise. Are you all going to tell us about it? Are there like eight babies in there? Marla…you are huge.” Bernie laughed.

”Hey!” Marla laughed.

”But, baby…you’re pretty pregnant.” Bruno said kissing his wife’s cheek. ”No, you’re going to have to wait until tonight like everyone else, mom.” Bruno smiled.

”Grandma! I’m naming them Dora and Dexter!” Rosie exclaimed hearing their conversation. Marla and Bruno both smacked their faces in embarrassment.

”Rosie! That was our secret!” Marla said grabbing her daughter’s hands.

”But that’s what I named them.” Rosie answered.

”Oh, dear.” Marla sighed.

”It’s okay. It can stay in the car.” Bernie said trying to hold back her tears.

”Mom…don’t cry.” Bruno told her reaching over to touch his mother’s shoulder.

”It’s just…they’re the first twins…..” Bernie answered. ”Like….in the family…and now I have to go to the store to get another cake.”

”Cake?” Marla asked. ”But no shrimp.” she laughed.

”Seriously though, mom. She’ll rip your head off.” Bruno told his mother.

”I remember. There’s no fish…” she laughed as they got out of the car. Rosie ran to the backyard where the beach was toward the water before they had a chance to stop her.

”Rosalia!” Bruno exclaimed throwing a bag toward Marla trying to run down the stairs to the beach in flip flops. He saw Rosie running toward the water putting her feet in the water dropping her body toward the water laughing. She turned around smiling at her dad splashing in the water. ”What are you doing?” he asked her trying to decide if he was angry at her or just surprised by how fast she moved.

”Daddy….we’re on vacation. I’m playing.” she said throwing water at him.

”Oh….we are. You’re right.” he picked her up holding her tightly walking further in the water playing with her. After a few minutes he heard Marla and Lisa’s voices in the distance. He turned to see them staring at him and his daughter shaking their heads. Marla opened up a giant beach towel for her daughter to dry off in. Rosie ran to her mother hugging her around the waist throwing herself into the towel.

”Momma…I just need to stay here to get warm. I’m not gonna get sick. No, no, no. She sang.” Marla let go of Rosie seeing Bruno walking toward her with a sly smile on his face.

”I swear to god, Peter Hernandez! If you get near me when you’re soaking wet and full of sand and salt…ahhhhhhh….” she started to scream as he wrapped his arms around her kissing her neck. Lisa grabbed Rosie’s hand walking her toward her children as Bruno held onto Marla.”Get off me made a point…” she said half joking. He loosened his grip smiling at her.

”Mar…I love you.” he leaned in with his wet hair falling in her face kissing her.


Chapter 96

Marla pulled away from his kiss seeing his pleading eyes. He totally wants to do it on the beach. She thought to herself. But my feet hurt really bad. And I’m tired.”Bruno….my feet hurt…” she looked down at her feet in bright yellow flip-flops that had exploded into giant’s feet because of the long flight. He followed her eyes trying not to laugh at her pain. She shoved him hard making him almost fall over. ”Don’t laugh! You did it to me!”

He regained his footing handing her the towel that was around him to her to dry her off. ”Let’s go inside. I’ll fix your feet.” he told her picking her up carefully making her laugh.

”Be careful, Bruno.” she told him laughing as he carried her up the stairs to his mother’s house. He grabbed the door walking into the house stopping in the back living room not seeing anyone in the house.

”Where is everyone?” he asked looking at her.

”I don’t know.” she responded hearing her daughter’s laugh in the front of the house. ”Oh…”she pointed to the front of the house as he continued to hold onto her walking to the front of the house. ”You can put me down now…”  

”Nope. The best way to fix your feet is to keep them up like this.” he told her seeing his daughter run to them wearing new dry clothes with messy brown hair flying all over.

”Is mom okay? She didn’t fall did she?” Rosie asked concerned.

”I’m fine honey.” she answered as Bruno put her down on the couch next to Lisa putting pillows near her feet.

”There…” Bruno told her triumphantly with a smile.

”Mar…your feet are huge. Did you move at all on the plane?” Lisa asked.

”You were with us…Rosie fell asleep on me. I didn’t move.” Marla answered. ‘

”Oh honey…I bet they hurt.” Lisa answered.

”They do.” Marla said sadly see Rosie run out into the room wearing her grandmother’s slippers.

”Look mama…I have feet like yours.” Rosie answered.

”Oh goodness…” everyone started laughing at her.

”What?” she asked confused by them turning around to see her father walking out in slippers himself.

”Check it out…now I have sympathy shoes.” he said pointing to the shoes making everyone laugh even more.

”Oh god…I’m laughing so hard it hurtsssss….” Marla gasped through the tears falling down her cheek from laughing.

”Don’t hurt yourself, Marla!” Bruno said running to her laying his head on her.

”Oh….oh….Bruno….” she moved her hand to his hair pushing his head to the side of her stomach. ”Rosie…come over here, mija….” Rosie waddled over in the slippers. Marla tok her daughter’s hand placing it near Bruno’s hand. ”Do you feel that Rosie?”

”What is that, momma?” she asked.

”It’s one of the babies…” Bruno answered seeing Rosie’s eyes widen. making him smile.

”It’s Dexter…” Rosie answered. ”But where’s Dora?” she asked.

”Marla moved her free hand forgetting that the rest of the family was there. ”There she is…she’s sleeping, Rosalia….”

”What? A boy and a girl?” Tiara exclaimed sitting across from them.

”Shoot.” Marla sighed in defeat seeing Bruno’s eyes light up.

”Well, come on..come and feel the babies…” Marla told everyone who suddenly started crowding around it. It’s not like these are the first babies ever in this family. Geez. She thought to herself as she felt hands all over her stomach.


Dear Marla,

Today we arrived in Hawaii. It’s so beautiful here. But, the most beautiful part of it is that I have you and Rosie and the other babies with me.  Today we felt them kick for the first time. Everyone felt them. It was so amazing. I remember the first time I felt Rosie kick. I had just come back from Europe and you were dancing in your apartment packing things and doing homework. I guess she really liked OneRepublic because she started kicking while we were singing The Good Life. Marla, she was right. This is a good life. I love you.



Chapter 97

Slightly dirty- you’ve been warned.

Bruno looked at the bedroom trying to decide where to put the note he finished writing in the middle of the night. He started humming as he put it on top of her suite case going back to the bed squeezing into the bed next to her. He kissed her on the cheek  wrapping his arms around her feeling her move.

”Damnit, Bru.” she said to him opening her eyes.

”What?” he asked her,

”I was just about to fall asleep and you got up all in my…in my whatever. It’s getting harder and harder to fall asleep.” she told him.

He looked at her sweetly touching her face. ”I’m sorry.” he told her as she shrugged her shoulders turning back around trying to get comfortable.

”You’re not gonna fall asleep that way, baby. You never do.” he told her as she stretched out again feeling the babies inside her kicking.

”Oh goooodddddd.” she whined turning around to look at him moving his hands to feel them again.

”They’re just excited it’s Christmas.” he told her moving his head down to feel her stomach.

”Bruno…you said you have names…what are they?” she wondered out loud moving her hands through his hair as he laid on her stomach.

”Oh yeah. Don’t laugh though. I was just thinking and I really like them….” he told her.

”Well hurry up and tell me! You can’t wait until they’re here to tell me because I have my own ideas!” she told him.

”Okay, okay…don’t laugh…and you can veto them if you want….” he said sitting up holding her hands kissing them. ”I like Esperanza and Angelo.”

”Hmmmm….” she put her hand on her chin rubbing it pretending to think hard about his suggestion. ”Well, I was kind of falling in love with Dexter and Dora.” she smiled at him.

”Oh Marrrlaaaa. Come on. That’s like when Liam said he wanted to name Tessa Phineas and Ferb.”

”Either would be great.” she laughed. ”But really…Bruno….” she took his hand moving it to her stomach. ”I like them. I think their beautiful.”

”Don’t lie, Marla. What were you thinking?” he asked her.

”Oh…umm…Pilar and Marco were the names I was thinking of.” she told him. ”But seriously. I adore the ones you picked. Like I want to name them right now.” she admitted.

”Really?” he was surprised because she vetod all the names he suggested when they were picking Rosie’s name.

”It was better than Tempeste Bledsoe or Tatiana Ali…” Marla laughed at him.

”Hey! Just be glad I didn’t suggest Kelly Kapowski!” he pushed her lightly.

”I liked Lisa Turtle until we found Rosalia.” she laughed at him as he buried his head in her hair that smelled like beach.

”But I think that Rosalia was perfect.” he said starting to kiss her neck. She started to moan as his hands moved to her hips moving her shirt starting to tickle her. She started to laugh as he took off her shirt running his fingers along her stomach stopping before reaching her belly button kind of freaking out. Shit. It’s been a long time since we’ve done this. She let out a heavy sigh as his fingers lingered. She moved her body closer to him as he pushed her shorts down her legs touching her thighs lightly making her moan even more. He leaned down toward her ear starting to whisper in her ear.

”Shhh…not too loud, baby.” he replied holding onto her waist sliding his body even closer to her touching her breasts slowly turning her on even more.

”Oh God…Brunnnnooo…I don’t know….oh my gooood.” she titled her head back onto his shoulder as she felt herself get wet.

”Oh Mar….god you’re so hot.” he told her in a low voice moving inside her from the side remembering it was what worked the last time she was pregnant. He laid his head in her hair thrusting just enough to make her moan even more. He moved his finger up to her mouth telling her to be quiet as he started to bite his own lips keeping himself from moaning her name. ”Oh my….” he let out moving his body away from her wrapping his arms around her tightly. ”I love you so much, Marla.”

”Bruno….I can’t get up…can you get my shirt that’s on the floor? I’m cold…I’ll love you forever and share the rest of my life with you…” she begged watching him from behind as he bent down naked picking up their clothes.

”Oh god. You’re objectifying me, Marla.” he covered himself with his arms making her laugh loudly. He walked toward her laying his head on her forehead smiling against her lips. ”Shut up.”

”Okay.” she laughed stretching out on the bed closing her eyes.

”Baby…I’m gonna have to rewrite your letter after that.” he told her as he got back in the bed with her.

”Just tell me what you would write. There’s no way I can forget what just happened.” she replied closing her eyes as his arms started to fall around her body.

”Well..I was going to say that you make the world stop spinning when I’m with you….that the world could be ending and I wouldn’t even know it because I get lost in you. I get lost in your everything. I get lost in your existence the second you open your eyes in the morning, Mar.”

”Oh my god, Bruno….” she started to sniff almost crying. ”It’s my hormones…my hormonessss…” she whinned wiping her eyes. ”You do need to write that down. It would be a good song. ”

”I’ll do it tomorrow…” he told her closing his eyes falling asleep next to her.