Chapter 95-98

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I quickly threw my attention back to Bruno who just stared at me, holding my mother’s bags in his hands. I swallowed before I looked back out the door, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Not even one of the conversations that we had in these past couple of years were positive and it all got even worst when he didn’t even show up to dad’s funeral. “Come on mama I’ll show you around.” I heard Bruno say as I stared at Juilo grabbing at his tan blazer as he walked up the driveway. I gave me a gentle smile as he got closer, making me calm down a lot. I stepped down from the doorway and he took me in his arms giving me a tight hug that lasted a bit longer then I thought it would. “I miss you.” he said with a sad smirk making me just stare at him for little while. I looked away before I could let my emotions get the best of me. “I know..” he said looking away as well. He put his hands on my shoulders, “I’m sorry..” I hated that word sorry more than any other. “That’s not going to fix anything Juilo..” I said feeling my tears get closer to falling. “Listen to me.” he said raising his voice a bit making me look him in the eyes. “I told you how I feel and nothing is going to change that but, because this is family.. I’ll act like I have some sense.” he said pointing me in the face. I moved out of the grip of his other hand, “Good.” I turned around and took a deep breath before I pushed the door all the way open and walked in. Luckily, Bruno was in another room. I felt like I was going to be spending quite a lot of my time making them avoid each other. 

For the next couple of hours our doorbell rang endlessly. The entire band plus the crew members and all of our other family and friends were finally here. I set the last dish on the table putting my hands on my hips proud of how good it looked. “It looks so good baby.” Bruno whispered in my ear as he put his arms around me. I immediately grabbed onto his hands biting my lip. “Bruno stop.” I giggled trying to move his hands but, he kept them firm. I giggled even more as he kept pressing his fingers into my side and leave gently kisses behind my ear. The next time that I opened my eyes Juilo was standing in the doorway. I stared at him and bit my jaw nervously, I had no idea what Bruno’s face was but, I just knew that it wasn’t a pretty one. “Can we eat now or what?” he said removing some of the awkwardness from the situation his voice sounding stressed. “In a bit..” I said as I started to peel Bruno’s hands from around me. He walked out of the room without saying a word and I turned to Bruno who looked angry. “Bruno..” I said before he cut me off. “I can’t take this anymore.” he said shrugging. “Please.. just bare with it just for today..” I pleaded putting my hands on his shoulders. “I’m telling you I’m trying so hard to be respectful and nice.. but, I won’t take it after so long.” he said backing up. “Okay..” I said dropping my arms to the side of me. He angrily pushed in a chair as he left out the back patio door. I let out a groan as I ran my hands across my face, I wished now that I never asked Juilo to come. I watched him have a seat in a lawn chair that over looked the entire city of LA.  I wanted to so badly go out there and talk to him but, there was no reason why I should dig myself into a argument right now. I just wanted to have a good time today.

I sat in the living room on the edge of the couch next to Bruno and Phred who we’re digging into their plates. I smiled a bit as I looked around to everyone either digging into their plates or laughing or watching the football game on TV. “Hey Bruno you remember when you said you were going to be a football player when we were little?” Eric called out over everything. Bruno looked up to him some food hanging from his mouth. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him before he wiped his face and laughed. “Na man that was you.. What did you tell me, I forgot.. I think you wanted to be a nurse?” he said elbowing Phred next to him. Him and Phred looked at each other and shared a little giggle and I looked right back to Eric waiting for his next line. “Real funny..” was all he could say as he stared at him. “Leave E-Panda alone before he gets all upset.” James said in a baby voice. Everyone started to laugh and I just smiled scanning over everyone in the room. For the first time in a really long time, I felt complete and a whole. I always felt amazing when I was with Bruno, but just with everyone family and friends, I felt incredible. “I remember having my big sister around.” Juilo suddenly said making everyone grow quiet. I stared at him and slowly started to frown. I could feel Bruno eyeing me. “And I remember having a understanding little brother.” “And I remember having a smart big sister.” I said frowning even more. The only sounds in the room now was the announcer of the football game on TV. “What is that supposed to mean?” I said raising my voice. “You know what the hell it means, don’t try to front in front of everyone now.” I felt my heartbeat speeding up as everyones eyes was on me. “Why can’t you just get over it?” Bruno said quietly. I slowly turned my head to him as he locked eyes with Juilo. “What?” he snapped back. “Get over it man..” Bruno said in the same tone adding a shrug with his shoulders. “You got some nerve..” he said scotting farther out in his chair. “What have I ever done to you huh? I’ve been nothing but good to your sister.” “Fuck you.” he said as soon as the last word left Bruno’s mouth. Before things could get any further I put my hand over Bruno’s mouth, “This is not the time or the place..” I said calmly. I scanned across all the faces of everyones and I was really glad that our moms and all the kids were out back.

Bruno ripped my hand from off of his face and quickly got up going into the kitchen. I gave Juilo a dirty look as I got up following him. When I walked in he had his back to me, and he was not so quietly going threw the fridge. I rested my elbows into the island, “Bru.. I’m sorry..” “Not as sorry as I am.” he said gesturing with his hands as he closed the fridge and turned to me. “And that’s the last thing you need..” I said referring to the bottle of beer in his hand. “I need something, or I’m gonna drive myself insane dealing with your brother. I see now.. he’s gonna take me there and Diamond I swear I don’t wanna be there, I don’t like being that person.. My family is here, the guys, your mom.. I’m trying my best to not let him take me out of character but, he’s pushing it.” he said leaving me speechless. I looked down to the counter and started to run my fingers along the material. I watched him shrug out the corner of my eyes before he made his way past me to the patio doors. Before I could even think of something to say he was out them, closing them a little harder than needed. I watched him pull his cigarettes out and start to pace through the glass doors. I took my attention from him letting out a sigh. I ran my hands over my face for the second time today, not knowing what to do from here. I knew that I couldn’t continue to let things be like this because not only was this dangerous, but unhealthy for all three of us. I wished there was something that I could do, something that could change Juilo’s overall feelings towards Bruno. I knew Bruno too well, he was sitting out there right now taking everything to he heart, blaming himself repeatedly when not only was it not his fault, but he couldn’t do not one thing about it.

As I walked back out into the living room, everyones conversations got a lot quieter and Juilo was nowhere in sight. “Everything good?” Eric spoke out first as it got silent. I nodded, “Everythings fine.” I lied. “You know if Bruno did something I’ll—” I cut him off with a small grin, “No Eric, Bruno didn’t do anything..” “You promise?” he said pointing a finger at me. I gave him a reassuring smile, “I promise.” “Alright..” he said but, I could tell in his voice that he still really didn’t believe me. I smiled again before sitting down in the spot Bruno had been sitting before. I really didn’t care where Juilo had went but, I knew that he never ran away from anything, especially something like this. In a way I though that he was only being overprotective of me but, now that were grown adults and hes told me that, that wasn’t the case it was something else. Bruno has hurt me in the past, there is no doubt in that, but he had and never would physically hurt me. I felt like that was Juilo’s only problem, in his mind he would do something like that. I wanted him to take the time out to get to know Bruno, because it seems like all that he had ever heard about him were bad things. I sat back in the couch more, playing with my ring as I listened to the conversations around me go back to how they were. I pushed my head back into the couch looking up to the ceiling and mouthing a small prayer, asking God to make things right.

I said a couple of more words to myself before tossing my 2nd beer bottle into the trash can. I had an enough of a buzz to where I felt a little better about things. As soon as I heard the sound of my bottle hitting the bottom of the can, I heard Diamond call my name. I watched her walk into the kitchen through the doors and I opened it smiling at her. “You alright?” she asked looking me up and down as I wrapped my arms around her neck. “You were out there for awhile..” she said looking me in the eyes. “I’m fine babe.. you know I just needed to clear my mind..” “Did you clear your mind enough to play some cards?” she asked with a funny smirk. “I could play cards and beat all of you fools with a full mind.” I said out the side of my mouth making her laugh. She moved her hands farther down my back, and I knew she was just trying to get to my spot. I pulled her head close to me. “Don’t do that.. we got a lot of company tonight..” I whispered. She laughed, “I’m not doing anything..”  ”So who’s all stayin’ anyway?” I said trying to change the subject as we started to rock back and forth a bit. I could hear still a lot of people here and it was damn near 10 at night. “Pretty much everyone expect most of the guys..” she said sounding a bit annoyed with the thought of it. I laughed in her ear, “Don’t worry baby.. I’ll still give you what you want. And it’s only for a couple of days anyway..” “Believe it or not Bru.. I enjoy the company, especially from your family.” I smiled and kissed the side of her head, closing my eyes as my lips hit her skin.

As I opened them and brung my head up her mom stood in front of me, her eyesbrows furrowed. I slowly removed my grasped from around Diamond’s neck and it was pretty clear that she was upset about something. I fully let her go, never breaking eye contact wit her mom. “What?” she asked faintly before turning around. “You both..” she began pointing her finger firmly to the both of us, “Have a lot to explain, a whole lot.” What in the world did Juilo tell her was my first and almost only thought. I was hoping that whatever it was, that she didn’t fully believe it and she wanted to know if it was the truth. However, somewhere in my mind, I knew that it would be hard for her to believe me over her son no matter what the circumstance was. How am I gonna get myself out of this one…



I couldn’t control my heart from beating out of my chest as I followed close behind Diamond outside to the back with Julio and their mother leading the way. This was a moment that I had been dreading for awhile. I just knew it was going to have to come sometime, but I hadn’t prepared myself at all. We all had a seat in different lawn chairs and I positioned mine so that it was facing the view. The city was lit up brightly and I found myself getting lost in it before their mother’s voice snapped me out of it. “Not only have you all lied to me, you’ve been lying for years on top of years. And you’ve let it get to a childish point when you all are well over old enough to deal with something like this.” I shook my head taking a glance back out to the city. “I’m telling you Momma, I’ve tried to work this thing out, but Diamond won’t even listen to me.” Juilo said getting close to her. “That’s a lie!” Diamond blurted out. I suddenly got an uneasy feeling in my stomach, I just didn’t want to be here right now. “Both of you STOP PLEASE!” she said her voice towering over everything.  She hung her head and kept her hands in the air. I watched her carefully, it would really hurt to see her cry. It got quiet and all you could hear was the faint sounds of the city, the water hitting the walls of the pool, and crickets. “Diamond.. just say what you have to say first.” Before Diamond spoke she gave Juilo a dirty look. She took a deep breath before she went back to almost three years ago. She described a phone call that her and Juilo had, had. I frowned as she explained the entire conversation, not even glancing over to me. The words that were said stabbed me right in the heart.

“Why?” I asked sadly interrupting her. She looked over to me barely looking me in the eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked in the same tone adding a shrug with my shoulders. She hung her head, “I didn’t want you to be upset Bru..” she said softly. I just stared at her wondering what made her think it was okay not to tell me something as huge as that was. “But, I was going to be upset anyway.” I said raising my voice. “Calm down.” Julio said quickly. I looked over to him frowning, “You stay out of this.” “You stay away from my sister.” he said back giving me a really dirty look. Before I could let myself say anything else I closed my eyes and intertwined my fingers together, holding in my anger. “Please continue Diamond.” he said as if he had won that little battle. She continued on with the story and after each sentence my hands got closer and closer to my face before I was fully covering it. I wished that I didn’t have problems with something that was so big in my life. There was just way too many things that I wasn’t aware of, for so long. “I don’t know what to say..” Mrs.Richardson said shaking her head. “I don’t know..” she said again. “Things were fine before they started dating Ma, now I can tell you that.. you never had to worry about any of this.” Juilo said not even looking my way. “I don’t know if you know, thats hes cheated on her, hes gotten her pregnant, hes drank so much that he sometimes doesn’t even remember what happened the day before.” he said counting out on his fingers. I couldn’t take it anymore. “And you’re going to let them get married, do you think shes ready to get MARRIED?” he said pointing to Diamond as if I wasn’t even sitting right next to her. 

“So you’re just going to let him say all of that?” I finally said looking over to her. She looked over to me and I could see the tears in her eyes before she looked away again. “Juilo please calm down..” their mother said putting a hand in front of him her tone the same as a little bit ago. “Man, you don’t know what I’ve been through, and what I’ve done. You don’t even know me!” I yelled letting everything I had built up come out. “I know enough, I know just enough to know that you don’t deserve my sister. She doesn’t deserve half the shit you do it her.” he said throwing his words right in my face. “You know what, I don’t fucking care anymore.” I said jumping up. “I wish you both could see how I felt, I just wish you could.” I screamed grabbing at my shirt. “I do see how you feel and it’s nothing I want for my sister.” he said standing up as well. I felt Diamond grab my arm but, I was far too upset to even pull away. “Where do you get your information huh? Because it’s bullshit!” I yelled pointing at him. “It’s facts not information, you should know that!” he shot back coming closer. I finally pulled my arm out of Diamond’s grasp, “You know what.” I said backing away. “You guys can have her..” I said sadly. “If that’s what you want.. is to take her away from me… then just do it.” I said fighting back my own tears. “Bruno..” Diamond said quietly. “No.. that’s what they want.. let them do it.” I said backing up even more. “Just let him go Diamond, you see how easily hes giving up.” Juilo said stopping her from getting up.  I turned around without even looking at them again and headed for the patio door. “Bruno please don’t walk away.. please.” Diamond pleaded as soon as I grabbed the doorknob. I stood there knowing that honestly walking away would be the best and worst decision that I could do. I hated making decisions, especially at a time like this. I felt all of their eyes burning right into me. I didn’t want to fight, or argue, I just wanted to love Diamond but apparently I couldn’t.

“Okay.” I said half to myself and half to them. I turned back around and carefully walked back to where I had stood before. “This is what I have to say, you guys can disagree or agree.. but this is how I feel.” I began looking to the ground. “You see her right here..” I said pointing to Diamond. “I love this woman so much. I would do anything for her, anything she asked or wanted me to do, I would do it.” I looked away from her and out to the distance so that I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes, and I’m going to keep making them. I’ve learned from the past, and I’m trying every single day to make up for the things I’ve done.”  ”We’ve not perfect as a couple..” I said gesturing back and forth to me and Diamond. “We’ve had fights, disagreements, we’ve broken up and even through all of my dumb shit she has still loved me.” I said looking down to my hands. “And I’ve loved her back everyday more and more for sometimes just that reason.” “I know this is your daughter..” I said making eye contact with Mrs.Richardson. “And I know this is your sister.” I said looking at Juilo as much as I didn’t want too. “But she is also the love of my life.” I said putting my hand on my chest. “There are no words, phrases, no lyrics that I could ever put together to show any of you, not even her herself how much I love her.” I took a second to breathe before I continued. “I’m not asking you to like me man..” I said looking back to Juilo and shaking my head. “But I’m asking you to please let me love her, that’s all I want.” I said pointing back to Diamond. He stared at me like I had just told him something that he didn’t understand. I glanced over to their mother who had a slight smile on her face but, still looked as if she was searching for the right words to say. “Bruno I’m sorry for all of this..” she finally said gesturing to all of us. “No mom, I’m sorry.” I said letting my arms fall. “I promise you both that I’ve changed for the better, for her.” I said looking at her. I walked backwards and sat down in the spot I had before.

It got silent again, but this time it was the kind of silent that I knew Diamond hated. “Bruno.” Juilo said at almost a whisper. It sounded weird to me because I had never heard him say my name unless he was yelling at me. “I’m sorry man..” he said shrugging. “Na man.. I’m sorry too. I wouldn’t wish anything like this on anyone’s family. And I sure as hell didn’t want you to feel like you do about me. So I’m willing to change all of this.” I finally said hoping he would agree as well. He looked up to the sky and held his glance for a couple of seconds before looking back to me. “Alright.” he said nodding. I got up and reached over and offered my hand for a handshake. He stared at my hand, hesitating before he slowly lifted his to do the same. We shared a firm handshake that made me want to smile but, I didn’t. “Well..” their mother started as I sat back down. “I really don’t want to hear anymore about this, so lets all do my heart a huge favor and forget about it.” she said fixing her blouse. “Yes ma’am.” I said confident that I would be able to move past this quickly. “I’m gonna get out of here.” Juilo said getting up his face still tensed. “I wish the best for the both of you..” he said glancing at both of us before he started for the door. I watched him, knowing that he was still upset. “I’ll be back..” Diamond said getting up and following him. I sat there playing with my rings as I heard the door close. “Bruno you are a good man.” she said making me look up to her.

“Now.. I didn’t know too much about all of this cheating stuff, I knew some but, not this much..” she said shaking her head. “But.. I know that Diamond loves you, and I know you love her just as much.. if not more.” she said making me smile a bit. “It’s really not any of mine or Juilo’s business to get in between you both.. but, for as long as I can remember Juilo has always been like that to Diamond, even when they we’re just kids.” I understood everything she was saying, considering how crazy I would go if anything was to happen to my sisters. “So just let time take its course.. he’ll come around.. now that you’ve said what you had to say.” she said with a smile. We both got up at the same time and I pulled her into a hug making her jump. “Thank you.” I whispered quietly closing my eyes. “No thank you Bruno.” she said back.

I walked to the patio door and glanced out it to Bruno and my mom sharing a hug. I brung my hand up to my face quickly wiping away a tear. Before I could really talk to Juilo, he left and told me that he would call me tomorrow morning. I could tell that he was still upset but, I knew that Bruno’s words had really got to him. I guess a lot of people had heard the argument going on outside and had cleared out because the only people here were Eric and Liam, and they were both fast asleep. I was guessing Bruno’s mom and the girls had went out as well giving us some space that I really appreciated. As they unlocked from their hug, I backed away from the door, quickly going to the sink to act like I hadn’t seen. They both came in lightly laughing and it made me smile. “I’ll see you both in the morning, I’m a tired momma!” I heard my mom say making me giggle. “Goodnight.” Bruno and I both said at the same time. I looked over to him and he gave me a look that he hadn’t in awhile, the one I couldn’t quite explain or read just what he was feeling. “You need some help?” he asked looking around the kitchen. “That would be great.” I said trying to hide my smile. We both cleaned up the kitchen, barely exchanging words expect for, “Can you get that for me?” or “Where does this go?” I knew that we both had a lot on our minds and sleep would do us both well.

We both got undressed in silence and by now it was really starting to bug me. “Diamond.. can we talk..” he said as I sat on the edge of the bed. I had a feeling he was going to do this tonight. “Sure Bruno..” I said shrugging and looking down to my hands. “Do you know that I love you?” he asked. “What?” I said turning to him, still looking down to his hands as well. “I love you.” he said again in the same tone. “I love you too..” I said skeptically. Without saying another word, he turned out his lamp and got underneath the covers turning around to my direction. I let out a sharp breath before I did the same. “Come here.” he whispered the way he always does late at night when were not close to each other. I scooted close to him and he pushed me into his body, holding me tight like I was going somewhere. He pushed his face into my neck and I wrapped my arms around him even tighter. We laid there for a couple of minutes and I felt myself slowly starting to drift off. “Diamond.” he said suddenly like he was out of breath, it kind of scared me a bit. “Yes Bruno?” I said looking down to his head full of hair. He made his grip tighter around me and I started to get confused. “Bruno… I’m not going anywhere..” I said figuring thats what he thought. “You promise?” he said his voice muffled by my neck. I closed my eyes, kind of surprised that, that was what he thought. “I promise..” I breathed out closing my eyes. “Diamond.. I’m serious.” he said his voice going stern. “I understand that..” I said softly. “No you don’t understand.” he said finally moving his face from my neck. I looked into his eyes and it was such a mixture of emotions that he had going, that I had to look away. “You don’t understand.” he said shaking me a bit in his arms. “What don’t I understand?” I whispered looking back at him but, not focusing in on his eyes. “Everything.. just everything.” he said his voice getting shaky. “What’s wrong?” I asked sadly. “I love you so much, that it hurts.” he  said holding me firmly again. I just stared at him, not understanding completely where he was going with this. “And what hurts the most about it is, I know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone and you could be gone just like that..” he said his voice becoming more shaky. I could tell me was going to cry, and I didn’t want that, not tonight. “Bruno.. I’m not going to leave.. okay.. I promise.” I said trying to cheer him up. “Some days.. I just want to stay in the bed with you all day, holding you because I don’t want anything to happen to you..” he said ignoring my comment. “Then why don’t you?” “Because I don’t want you to feel like I’m smothering you.. I don’t want to push you away.” “You won’t ever push me away Bru..” I said frowning. “You say that Diamond, but sometimes I even scare myself with the thought of how much you mean to me.” I swallowed not really knowing what to say back to something like that.

“Oh god.” he said pushing his face into mine. “I love you.” he said twice. I really couldn’t see that well in the darkness, but after a couple of seconds I could feel his tears on my face. “Bruno..” I said squeezing him but he continued to cry. This wasn’t the crying from him that I was used too, he wasn’t sad, or mad, or depressed. I didn’t know exactly what to say. I felt his lips hit my neck and before I knew it, they kept moving lower and lower. I closed my eyes and my breathing started to get heavier. “Just let me show you..” he whispered in between a kiss and him pushing himself on top of me. “I have too..” he said situating himself between my legs. “Now.”….



This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

I looked into his eyes that were lit up from the reflection of the moonlight from the window, before he let his self down on top of me. He turned his head slightly before going in and kissing me full on. I moved my hands to his chest, grabbing at the collar of his t-shirt. He started kissing me wildly all over my face as he grabbed the sides of my pajama bottoms. He moved his mouth away from my face, shifting his attention down below. He focused carefully, pulling them down as far as he could. I used the bed and pushed them off the rest of the way while he pulled his briefs down slowly. “Bru..” “Yeah babe?” he whispered back. “Please.. just go.” I said closing my eyes hoping he would move faster. He let himself down onto to me, squeezing my thighs and kissing on my jaw softly. He moved his hips forward and pressed himself against me making me bite my lip. He kept moving them in the smallest thrust, rubbing himself against me repeatedly. I moved my hands to his back, trying my best to just push him in, but he didn’t budge. He kept doing it, his steady breathing right in my ear making it worst for me to keep waiting. “Bruno.. please baby..” I whispered whipping my head to his ear. I felt him push his knees farther into the bed before he slowly but surely started to press himself inside me. I let out a moan as he got all the way in, arching my back a little. I took fists of his t-shirt in my hand as he kept taking himself in and out of me, driving me insane. He lifted his head up, pressing his hands into the bed on either side of my head. The reflection of the moonlight in the dark made everything from the small beads of sweat on his forehead, to his curls, to his eyes glow. He stared at me before he slightly bit his lip, pushing himself as far as he could go. Naturally I let out a moan that made a small smile come across his lips, but I was in no form to smile completely back. He stopped for a second moving up to his knees and pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it. He came back down, pulling my thigh up and over his back and I took the chance and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He went right in, finally going into his thrusts that I needed so bad. It only took a minute for my hands to be tangled in his hair. I moaned out his name even louder as he started to dig himself even deeper. He kissed me as much as he could, missing most of the time and leaving his mouth right on the edge of my lips, breathing heavily. I moved my other thigh up, hooking them together over his back, pushing him right into my spot. We both let out a moan at the same time, knowing just what happened. “I love you.” he moaned in between his thrusts onto my cheek. “I love you too Bruno.” I moaned back slightly biting at his ear.

After some minutes I felt myself being taken by the pleasure, my moans getting louder as he went along. “Shh…” he managed to get out in a shaky breath. I bit my lip even harder, squeezing my eyes closed. Every time we had sex, I was always amazed at the way that he moved his hips and right now I have to say I was a bit overly amazed. He didn’t miss a move or a beat and it had me in clouds. I grabbed his arms as I felt myself hitting my peak, digging my nails into them as he started to take over my entire body. “I got it baby..” he whispered sweetly, moving his hands to my hips and holding me. I arched my back as it hit me, causing me to let out a pattern of moans right underneath his face. My legs instantly dropped down and I moved them back and forth trying to recover from it, he slowed down, kissing me softly helping as well. “Oh god Bruno..” I said moving my hands over my face. “I know.” he said keeping those same steady strokes. I felt the urge to be in control, but I knew that this was a time that he wouldn’t let me. He suddenly stopped and I peaked throw my hands seeing him move down and pull the covers over his head. “Oh no.” I whispered into my hands knowing just what he was going for. I felt his fingers on me first, playing around and rubbing against me. He kissed each side before he slid his tongue across me several times making me bite into the palm of my hand. He pushed my thighs over his shoulders pressing his tongue into me as far as he could get it. I slammed my hand into the bed, grabbing at the covers wildly. The more I moaned, the more little moans he let out onto me turning me on even more. He took his time of course, sucking on every little part of me down there he could getting me back to where I was just five minutes ago. He rested his hands on my thighs and spread me apart even more before pushing his tongue in and out gently and firmly. He knew my body so well and right as I hit my peak he went up, taking me in his mouth, sucking slightly. He rarely did this but, when he did it took me by so much surprise that I sometimes couldn’t even recover after I came.

Usually he would come up with a smile on his face, proud of what he had did, but tonight he came up his face still determined to give me as much pleasure as he could. He gave me a slight tap on my hip, the one he did when he wanted me to turn over. I did as he asked, pushing my knees into the bed. However, he gently pushed me down and I laid my head on the pillow seeing his arms push into the bed on either side of me.  He rested his thighs on the back of mine before he slowly started to go back in again. I closed my eyes out of pleasure and let out a sharp moan along with his groan. He went right into it, taking me to the top and scratching against all those right spots inside me. I turned my face, pressing it into the pillow, covering up most of my moans. The more this went along, the more I felt like it was just me and him somewhere alone. “Oh god baby..” he groaned making my stomach tingle even more than it already was. I don’t think he would ever understand what his moans and groans did for me. I sank my teeth into the pillow as he started to push up even farther, going a bit more wildly than he had been doing tonight. He let himself down on me again, grabbing me on my sides. He continued his thrusting and I pushed myself up more making the noises of our bodies hitting each other get louder. He planted kisses on my shoulder and after each passing minute his grip on my body started to get tighter. I felt myself being set up for the next one. “Bruno please don’t stop..” I moaned into the pillow my voice almost completely muffled. “I’m not.. I won’t.” he whispered back running his teeth across my back. “As long as you want it baby, I’ll give it to you.” he said in a lower tone then he did just a couple of seconds ago. I just about screamed into the pillow as he sped up right as I came. He held me firmly once again as I turned into almost nothing underneath him.

I went back into slow thrusts as I waited for her body to come back down from it’s high. When I felt like she was okay, I helped her turn over again realizing that we probably would enjoy it more if it ended this way. I situated myself in between her legs again letting myself completely down onto her. I quickly wiped my hand across my face, removing some of the sweat that was close to getting into my eyes. I reached down and guided myself in once again, feeling even closer to being done than I had. I watched her open her mouth wide and close her eyes as I went right into it, ready to hit another home-run if I could. I went to her lips, kissing her and tangling my tongue with hers before I felt her hands running down my back. I got lost in the moment, closing my eyes and just focusing on the sounds that we were making. I took one quick thrust, pushing myself deeper again, causing her to dig her nails into me. I let out a small groan from the mixture of pleasure and pain. Our bodies slid against each others smoothly, making it a lot hotter than I knew it was. “I love you so so much..” I whispered going down to her ear. I sunk my teeth into her neck gently making her squeeze everything harder. I started to build up tempo, moving my forehead to hers.”Shitt..” I groaned when I realized how close I was. She nodded making both our heads move together as she moaned my name just the way she knew that I loved to hear it. I pushed my lips to hers quickly kissing her so that I wouldn’t be too loud myself. I moaned into her mouth as I came, my body jerking like crazy, and the feeling in my stomach taking me for a ride.

I let myself fall into to her letting out one final moan into the pillow beside her head. I closed my eyes as she gently ran her hands up and down my back, giving me more comfort. “Every time.. it gets better..” I said after a minute of silence. I finally pushed myself off of her taking my spot back in the bed next to her. I took her in my arms again, moving her hair out of her face. She smiled and intertwined our legs together. “Diamond..” I said closing my eyes as she brung her thumbs up to my face, rubbing my eyebrows gently. “Hmm..” she hummed back. “We’ve been together for a really long time..” She giggled, “I know that.” “No I’m just saying..” “I know you’re always just saying.” she said mocking me and running her finger around my nose. “You think they heard us?” I asked resting my hand lazily over her. “Probably.. but, I really didn’t care that much..” I laughed opening my eyes, “YOU, don’t care?” “Nope.” she said with a cute smirk. I laughed moving my head even closer to hers closing my eyes again, “Yeah we’ll see.” She kissed me, “We’ll see.” I fell asleep quickly, with a small smile on my face.

I stood at the edge of the bed watching Bruno toss and turn. As close as he was holding me this morning I managed to get out of the bed no problem. I knew it was only a matter of time before he woke up, if I stared at him long enough. I let out a sigh as another minute passed and he began to snore lightly again. I took the edge of the sheet and lightly stroked it against the bottom of his foot making him twitch and make a face. I put my hand over my mouth, holding in a laugh as he ran his hand over his face. I did it again and he started to frown before he slowly opened one eye looking down to me. “What are you doing?” he said in his raspy morning voice. I laughed, “Good afternoon, it’s almost 12.” He turned over bringing his feet under the sheet and his head into the pillow again, “12:30..” he groaned as he closed his eyes back tight. “No Bruno.. My mom is on her way back..” I whined. He ignored me and I waited a couple of seconds until I could tell he was starting to fall back asleep again. “Okay.. you asked for this.” I said under my breath, crawling onto the bed. I got on top of him, making him flip over to his back laughing. “Diamond come on..” he laughed his eyes still closed, his dimples making me smile even more. “Get up..” I said pulling at his ears.

“Okay..” he said opening one eye. “I’m up.” “I mean get up.” I said again raising my voice. “Alright..” he said making a sad face. “You want me up.. I’M UP!” he yelled before jumping up and wrapping his arms around me almost making me fall out the bed screaming. “Why would you do that?” I said punching him. “You wanted me up didn’t you..” he said biting his lip and holding me in place on his lap. “You want Bruno up.. so hes up..” he whispered moving the collar of my shirt and kissing me below my neck. “No…” I said holding in a laugh and pushing him away. “Alright..” he said smiling squeezing my hips. “Watch out.” I moved from his lap crawling back out of the bed. I turned to him and he just stared at me. I looked around confused, “Are you gonna get out of bed or?” “Are you gonna leave?” he said laughing the last word. “No.. because you’ll go back to sleep..” He moved the sheet from over him, shaking his head. “Don’t worry I’m UP now as you can see.” I rolled my eyes after taking a glance down there. “Alright bye hurry up and get dressed.” I said turning around and going for the door before he got any ideas. He laughed and I closed the door behind me walking back out into the living room. The new house was taking a little longer than I thought it would to get used too but, I was really starting to like it a lot more than the old one. “I’m guessing he’s woke now..” Ryan said glancing back to me before looking back at the TV. “Yeah he is..” I said exhaling and sitting back on the couch fixing my hair. I looked down to my engagement ring, turning it and turning it, the whole marriage thing becoming fresh again in my mind. I went back to our conversation last time about us being together for a long time. I wondered what was taking so long for us to get married now. He wasn’t on tour or working as much right now, so maybe now was a good time. I shook my head, trying to shake the though of pushing a wedding in that we had no time for. But, at the same time I began to think, what the hell is taking so long….



“Do you know how long its been since I’ve been here?” Bruno asked glancing back to me over his shoulder as he dug into his jeans for the keys. I stepped up onto the stoop of the studio looking up to the address above our heads, “Doesn’t really feel like that long.” He finally got the door unlocked and I followed him in. “I miss it.” he said softly as he set his bag down on the table in the foyer. He started humming some song as he flicked on light after light. I took my usual spot in the spinning chair in the middle of the room that had never moved from the last time I was here. I leaned back, kicking my shoes off realizing that we would probably be here a while considering that Bruno ‘missed’ being here. I spun around to find him getting settled into the couch across from me with a guitar. I leaned back and watched him upside down for awhile making him smirk as he continued to hum. I moved my hands to my stomach as he started to add strums along with his hums. He shifted into singing and I closed my eyes letting his voice take me wherever it wanted too. The last week had been tiring, a lot tiring than I thought it would be. Of course everyone stayed a couple of days past scheduled and I found myself partying just about every other night. It all left me worn out while Bruno who was used to it was just his peppy little self. December had made it’s way in and I knew that even if I didn’t really get much rest here at home in the next couple of weeks, I would defiantly get all that I needed in Hawaii. “Diamond…… Diamond..” I slowly opened one eye staring at an upside down Bruno. “Hmm?” He giggled, “If you were tired you could have just stayed home.. you know that right?” I sat up completely turning in my chair and rubbing my eyes. “No Bru.. I’m fine.. I really needed to get out of that house.” “Alright well.. Phil and Ari are gonna come threw soon so if you’re really tired I can take you home right now..” he said pointing to the door with his thumb. “I’m good.” I said smiling and crossing my arms across my chest. “Mhmm..” he said with a cute smirk, taking a quick strum across his guitar. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face and quickly found myself sleep once again.

I woke up to the sunset threw the blinds hitting me right in the eyes. I quickly moved my hand in front of me as I sat up on the couch in the empty studio room. I rubbed my eyes making things less blurry, I tried to remember how and when I got from the chair to the couch. However, after I heard Bruno’s voice coming from the other room, I gave up on figuring it out. I pushed myself up, walking across the room, spinning my chair on the way to the doorway. “No.. I told you.. she doesn’t know..” he said making me stop in my tracks. I frowned and moved aside, resting a shoulder on the door frame. “Yeah we’ll talk about all of that later. I can make it work. No, I don’t need you to come here right now. Listen. No listen, I have all of that taken care of sweetie, you just be there when I need you alright. Please, that’s all I ask.” The conversation went smoothly, way too smoothly. I frowned even more looking around the room, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. I let out a sharp breath, ‘Don’t jump to conclusions Diamond, just don’t’ I said in my mind. “BOO!” someone yelled pushing me, I damn near jumped out of my own skin turning to a cheesing Ari. He laughed grabbing at his stomach as I grabbed at my shirt. “What are you doing?” I asked out of breath.  ”No the question is.. what are YOU doing?” he said in the midst of his laughter. I turned my head to Bruno resting his hand on my shoulder, “What’s going on?” he asked concerned his fedora tipped way far back on his head. “Nothing..” I said shaking my head and taking a look down to the floor. I blinked a couple of times before walking away from between them. “All I did was scare her..” I heard Ari say innocently as I sat in my chair again. “We’ll be out of here shortly babe..” I heard Bruno say. I turned to them as they threw fake boxing punches at each other making me crack a small smile. Bruno ended it with a playful smack on Ari’s shoulder before moving over to a stack of papers on a stand next to the keyboard.

“I’m outty.” Ari said throwing up the peace sign and walking towards the door. I gave him a small wave and listened as the door closed a couple of seconds later. I turned my attention back to Bruno who studied the pieces of papers in front of him carefully. He reached up taking his hat off of his head and wildly running his hand threw his hair. “Hey babe..” he called out putting it back on. “Yeah?” “I got a question..” he said pushing both arms into the stand. “Alright..” I said nodding and looking right at him. “You wouldn’t happen to have made any plans this upcoming week have you?” I thought for a second before shaking my head and then speaking, “No..” He finally turned to me, “How do you feel about going to Hawaii a bit earlier?” he said before putting on a huge smile. I couldn’t help but smile along with him, “Well that sounds amazing.” He backed away from the stand and clapped, “Alright then, let’s get on home and book these flights.” “Okay.” I said with a half smile as I slid my feet into my shoes again. We got all packed up, turning everything back off, and making sure we locked up. The drive home was mostly quiet besides the radio blaring. I leaned out the window a bit, letting the wind whip threw my hair wildly. From time to time I could feel Bruno’s eyes digging into me but, I never turned around. His conversation from earlier had managed to pop back into my head and I hated that things like this happened when things were going good with us. But, I knew things never really could be ‘perfect’ all the time. “Bruno.” I said bringing my head back into the car. “Hmm?” he said tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. “I got a question..” I said looking down to my hands. “Okay.” he said turning down the volume on the stereo. I began playing with my engagement ring, “Have you ever thought about adopting kids?” I saw him quickly look over to me out the corner of my eye. “Uh.. I mean.. I don’t.. what?” he said breathing out the last word. I tried my best not to smile as I shrugged, “I mean that’s the next best thing you know..” “Do you think now is the best time to talk about that?” he asked making me look over to his confused and a little bit nervous face. “I guess not huh?” “I mean it’s not that I don’t—” “Bruno.. this was the wrong time..” I said cutting him off. “Diamond I..-” “Bruno.. just drop it.” I said shrugging and looking back out the window. “Alright..” he said sadly. I almost felt like kicking myself, I had no intentions on asking that now but it was only a cover up from what I really wanted to ask. I just didn’t want to hear any lies leave his lips, I didn’t want him to be sorry. I just didn’t want to be hurt anymore.

“Bruno..” I whispered in the darkness. He continued to snore lightly, his chest and breaths moving in unison together. I flipped over onto my back, looking up to the ceiling. Faint lights from the headlights of cars flashed across it every couple of minutes. I was dead awake at 3 A.M. unable to even close my eye to rest just for a couple of seconds. My mind was constantly racing from one thing to next and there were even moments when I was just thinking about nothing. I tried to push into my head that I was just excited to leave for Hawaii in some days. However, I didn’t have that excited tingle in my stomach like I usually did. I was simply awake almost wanting to just get out of the bed and go outside. I sighed and turned my head to Bruno as he started to stir, lazily resting his hand back over me like it was some thirty minutes ago. I flipped back onto my side yet again, moving closer to him again and resting my head a couple of inches away from his arm. He reached out pulling me close to him again, holding me tight. His body heat comforted me and I squeezed my eyes shut telling myself that I had to sleep right now.

“Diamond..” his voice came out raspy and not even a whisper. I opened my eyes to his that were low and a bit tired looking. He pulled the sheet up on us, bring his hand up and moving some of my hair out of my face. “You alright?” I just stared at him, unable to answer that question. He sat up, propping himself up on his elbow. “What’s going on?” he said his voice becoming a lot louder fast. “Nothing..” I said quickly. He frowned and pressed his lips back, his eyes went around the room as if he was searching for the real answer himself. “Then can you please tell me why you’re tossing and turning like that..” I let my breath go, realizing that I had been holding it, “I’m sorry Bruno.. I don’t know maybe I’m anxious..” I said shrugging. He made a twisted smile, pulling me closer to him again before resting his chin on my head. I closed my eyes again, the fact that I may had been worrying him sinking in. “I love you.” he said softly his voice comforting me. “I love you too Bru..” I said back, my eyes still closed. He softly ran his hand up and down my back as I laid there still fighting my sleep. After awhile his rubbing got slower and slower until I felt him fall asleep again. I let out a sigh, I guess tonight would just be one of those nights.

I sat on the couch watching TV while Bruno paced back and forth on the patio smoking a cigarette and on the phone. He was on the phone a lot lately and when he was around me all I heard was business. I hadn’t heard him talk like he did the day in the studio and I had also not asked him about it. I was usually pretty tough about these things but, I was guessing that my heart just couldn’t handle the truth anymore if there was something going on yet again. Before I could get myself all depressed with thoughts Bruno slid open the patio door, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and flicking it somewhere. He blew out the rest of the smoke before coming in and closing the door behind him. He smiled at me as he started to walk past but, I only smiled back halfway. He took a couple of steps back, “You good?” he asked raising his eyebrow. “Mhmm..” I said nodding and turning my attention to the TV knowing I had no idea what was even on. He moved himself around me, dropping down into the spot on the couch next to me. He grabbed both of my arms trying to pull me over to him but, I didn’t move. “Bruno.. come on..” I said rolling my eyes. “Come here big ol’ baby..” he said in a baby voice making me smile a bit. I gave in some only resting my shoulder on his. He looked me up and down, “That’s how you feel huh?” I just shrugged with my one shoulder and raised my eyebrows. To my surprised he used all the strength he had and wrestled me onto his lap, managing to make me laugh. “Now that I’ve gotten you here..” he said biting his lip and holding my wrists together. I looked away smirking, “I’m here Bruno..” He sucked on his teeth and put a smooth voice on, “Hey baby.. don’t act like that.. you all mean to ya’ boy..” He went in and kissed my neck gently, “You all worked up and tense..” He kissed the same spot on the other side of my neck the same way, “And I don’t like seeing you like this.” I closed my eyes tight, “Okay Bruno.” “Okay.” he said sitting back quickly with a kiddy smile upon his face. “Can I ask you a question… WITHOUT you getting upset..?” He frowned and shrugged a bit, “It depends..” I let out a sigh, “See that’s why..” “Okay, okay..” he said threw his teeth putting on a fake smile. “I’m smiling see.” I shook my head letting out a giggle, “Alright.. who were talking to on the phone the other day in the studio?” His smile dropped slowly and he looked beyond me searching for the answer himself. “Huh?” he said stupidly looking at me again. I frowned, “Come on Bruno don’t do that..” He shook his head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about..” Here we go….