Chapter 9

14/05/2011 13:07

Bruno ran up to Phred. I still had the sick feeling in me. But even though I had felt really terrible I had to go help Bruno and Phred. "Phred, what the heck are you doing here?" I said. "Bro you gotta say" Bruno added. Phred stared at the floor. He looked hypnotized or something. I shook his shoulder. He looked at my hand and kissed it. I jerked it back and furrowed my eyebrows at him. I moved my head to Bruno. i rubbed my hand. "Dude!" Bruno hit him. Bruno's eyebrows were furrowed deeply and he picked up the same hand and kissed it. "Don't rub it off this time" he said jokingly. The corners of my mouth twitched up and smiled. But my head hurt more. "That guy stole me." Phred said. "Well? What happened?" I said. He raised his eyebrows to Bruno. "He told me he knew Bruno was going to call the police. He said he wanted to kill you for ratting him out" he said. i looked at Bruno scared. What IF Bruno did die? What would I do? I screamed at the guy that kidnapped Phred. I ran over to him. Bruno held back my arm. I didnt care... He wants to kill Bruno. "Move or I'll shoot you too" the guy said. "SHUT UP. I WANNA SEE YOU SHOOT ME. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE WE'RE IN A F***ING POLICE STATION. THEY'D TAKE YOUR GUN SMART ONE" I screamed. Bruno pulled me back more. I started swinging at the guy. He hit my in my ribs back. Really hard. I felt something crack. I didnt think it would be my ribs because thats hard to break. But it was really hard to Breathe. It got harder. "Bruno. Bruno. Bruno get o-over here" it was hard to talk. He ran over here. "I punched the fuck out of that guy for hitting you. He needs to be char-" "I can't br-breathe" I said quickly. Bruno gave the guy the dirtiest look ever. "Somebody call the ambulance" Bruno said raising his hand. He picked me up. Before I knew it i had been on a stretcher. They had put an oxygen tank on me, and lifted up my left side shirt. It was awkward becasue all the ambulance assistants were men... But Bruno, he just looked and looked at me and my side. Perv, but i loved him.

I woke up in my hospital bed. Bruno was right beside me playing with my hand. He jerked it back onto me acting like he had never touched it. I smiled. I handed my hand back to him. He smiled and started playing with it again. And then he held my hand. I lifted up and side shirt and peeked at my ribs. Bruno peeked too. "Perv" I said smiling. There was a huge bruise. "Ah a bruse" I said. "B is for bruno not bruse" Ahmity walked in. "How'd you know I was he-" Wait. It was Bruno because he started staring at his nails. "Ohkaye..." I said. "Yeah... Hows your ribs?" she asked. "I wanna know too trust me" I said. "Bru can you go get a doctor" I said. "Sure babe" he said. He left and Ahmity sat in his seat. "I love when he calls me that" I said laughing. "I know I love when Phillip does." Oh yeah! Phillip! "Oh yeah! Do you guys have any part in this whole kid napping thing?" I asked. "Phillip actually knew the kid napper. School classmate he said." she said. "So he knows this guy?" I asked. "He said he wants to kill Bruno. And me too." I said. "It kind of explains the bruse on my rib. He hit me cause I yelled at him" I continued. "You mean bruno on your side!" hahaha that was cheesy. "Butgirl, are you serious he hit you? I woulda been had it going with a pop in the face" he said. I loved how she was so deafeating. I laughed. And then held my side. Ouch. "And Bruno hit him for me." I said. I had a tear drop come down. Thena  doctor came in and I wiped it away and sucked it up. "Baby whats wrong" Bruno kneeled beside me. I saw the look on Ahmity's face. She loved us as a couple. "I cant believe you hit him for me. No one has ever done something like that for me" I said getting teary again. "Then one, you've never been in this situatuion. And second of all, everyone obviously didnt care about you as much as I do. I love you to death" To death. The talk of death scared. I mean there wasnt any likely reason for Bruno to die but he smokes and thats bad... I mean almost 90 percent of people do, but Bruno is too precious to loose. "Thank you. And I love you too" I hugged him. The doctor said "Well you got hit in the ribs really bad. It's fractured. So no huggy lovly stuff with your boyfriend." I narrowed my eyes. "So how long am I supposed to like stay here?" I asked. Because if the doctor was going to stay stuff rude to me like this, then I obviously dont like it here. "About a week." "Nooooo" I cried. I dropped my head on Bruno's shoulder and started to cry. I didnt want to stay heree...

A week later, Bruno called and was coming to get me. He got here and he hadnt seen me for a week because I wasnt allowed to have any visitors. Bruno would bang on my hospital room's window begging to see me. He got me and kissed me. I missed you. I said that to myself. Meaning to say to Bruno. But I didnt feel like talking. Bruno didnt talk much, so something had to be wrong. "Whats wrong?' I said while unpacking. He blinked and walked over to me and grabbed my hands. "The band is going out of state. Back to Los Angeles. I hate leaving you. But its only for a month." I started to cry. I put my arms out for a hug but he rejected it. That made me feel like someone had just stabbed my heart. He saw the heart broken look on my face. I sat down on my bed and lay down. I stared at the wall. The moment of him rejecting me made me cry harder. "Youre making a big deal out of this" he said. I sighed and stopped crying. "Well I'm sorry I'm so damn emotional" I said. "Who said you wear?" he asked. "You seem like it" I said. He turned to me. "Why do you have to start something? I mean really. It's only a mon-" "Thats not why I'm crying" I said. "Then why?" "Because you didnt hug me..." I sighed and looked at him. He rolled his eyes. He looked fed up. "Well sorry" he said. "Why didnt you?" Bruno had jerked his eyes around looking for an excuse. It got to a long wait so I went up to him and kissed in on the cheek. "Bruno..." I said. "I'm going to miss you. So should I like leave?" I asked. "yeah I guess" I was scared he was going to find someone else. I started to walk out, but I paused. "I know what you're thinking" he said.


"You think I'm going to find ssomeone else"

"How did you know"

"Because. I know you."

"Well are you"

He stared at me."Caitlin Victoria Hernandez" he said. Hernandez. Hernandez.... "Of course I won't. I love you way too much. I just feel weird leaving you. Thats why I'm acting so off. What re you going to do? Knowing how beautiful you are, how many guys are going to be hanging over you?' he furrowed his eyebrows. He had really gotten mad. "Bruno you know I'm never going to cheat on you. I love you way too much. And I just cant explain how much I love you. I love you so much. Way too muh. I'd do anything for you. And I promise, any boy who flirts with me even, is getting the reply 'I have the most amazing boyfrien in the world'" I said. I was crying so much. I didnt want Bruno to leave. "What are you going to do without me" he asked. "Love you. Always." We kissed for a few minutes. Bruno HAD to go. And I couldnt go along with him.... I loved him though.