Chapter 96+97

14/01/2012 11:25

Chapter 96 

I went over and plopped onto the couch. I reached out for the remote and turned the TV on. I flipped threw countless channels before coming up on a movie. I grabbed a pillow and held it close to me. I looked at the TV but, my thoughts we’re somewhere else. I had always told Bruno that I would be there for him no matter what. And now I felt like this was one of those ‘no matter what’ situations. I would have to keep myself busy, and I had enough awesome friends to do it. Carla, Leiyah, and I we’re now in the same boat with our guys’ going out on tour or whatever. I pushed all of this to the back of my mind, there was no point in getting myself upset. Only 2 days I said in my head.

I sat back down in my seat after using the bathroom for the 5th time already since we had took off. I buckled my seat belt and threw my head back. “Damn Brunz, why you pissing so much?” I looked over to Kam, “Because I’m drinking a lot of water.” He laughed at me and I frowned, “What you laughing for?” He waved me off, “You’re funny as hell man and you don’t even know it.” I waved him off this time and looked away, “Find you something to do.” “Someone sounds a little mad.” I heard Eric say from behind me. “I’m not mad… I’m..” I paused actually not knowing what my mood was. “Lonely.” All of the guys let out awwws. “Stop it.” I laughed. “You miss er’ already?” Phil said poking his head over my seat. I looked up to him, “Yeah why wouldn’t I? If any of ya’ll knew what love was, you’ll be missing your girls too.” “Um excuse me, I’m married.” Kam said in a funny voice making me giggle. “Yeah, you’re not the only one in love stupid.” Phil said sitting back down. I sighed, “Alright alright whatever.” “Why don’t all of ya’ll shut up.” Dre said out of nowhere. We all burst out into laughter. I stopped laughing really fast and clinched my stomach. I gotta watch it.

I got the chance to read my mom’s letter, and I almost broke down into tears. I missed her so much. She told me that everything would be ready for me and Diamond when we came there in December. Diamond didn’t know yet, but I wanted to to be a surprised. If I told her now, she would be worried all the way up until then.

After watching a movie and a couple more shows on TV, I called it a night. I got up and walked into my room, jumping into bed. Not bothering to change into PJs. I laid across the whole bed, stretching my arms and legs wide. There was no way I would fall asleep like this, but I didn’t want the bed to feel so empty. I laid there lost in my thoughts until my phone rang. I quickly ran into the living room where I had left it earlier. I grabbed it, it was Carla. “Hello?” “Dymez… I miss him already.” “Awwww…” I said putting out my lip. “It’s only been like what 4 hours?” “Yeah.. pretty much.” I listened as she sighed deeply, “We should go out and adventure tomorrow.” I smiled, “I was already planning on asking you that.” “Plus.. I wanna see how big you’ve gotten.” I added. She laughed, “Well not that big yet..” “We’ll see.” “Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow… I’m gonna try to sleep now.” I shook my head and smiled, “Same here. Talk to you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and carried it into the bedroom with me. I laid it on the nightstand and jumped back into the bed. This time I laid on his side of the bed.

We touched down in New York and went straight over to the hotel. I called Diamond and we talked for about 10 minutes before I went out and had some breakfast. I finally felt good enough to eat a meal. Later that day we went to rehearsals and I met Maroon 5. It was one of the best feelings in the world to meet someone that you admired for so long. I shopped around as much as possible buying little things here and there. But, I made sure I didn’t do too much because paparazzi we’re at every corner in New York. Instead of going out, well all stayed in played cards, and joked around.

Me and Carla went out on the town. We made a couple of stops at clothing and department stores. I seen a lot of things that I wanted but, I could do without. Bruno had always told me that I could buy whatever I wanted, but I still never did. I did however get him a birthday present that I was pretty proud of. It wasn’t the cheapest gift and he hated when I bought him expensive things, but this was different and I knew he would love it. We met up with all the other girls for dinner and I realized just how much I had missed all of them. I loved each and every one of them in their own special way and I knew that they we’re the only way I would be able to survive all of touring that was about to happen in the next year.

The show went smoothly and I didn’t have any more problems with my stomach. That was my first performance in front of a huge crowd like that but, I loved the energy that they gave me. With all the guys by my side, I knew that when touring really started up I was going to have so much fun. Day by day I was going to back to feeling like myself again. Wednesday came before I knew it and I was already back on the flight back to L.A. I couldn’t wait to put my arms around Diamond.

I sat at the bar flipping threw a magazine drinking a lemonade. Bruno was going to walk threw the door at any moment and I was just trying to not die of excitement. All the planning for Bruno’s party was going great, I was pretty sure he would love it. To kill time I went into the living room and watched myself some TV. I found a good program on the criminal channel that kept me glued to the TV for a little over 45 minutes. I listened as I heard a truck pull up in the driveway. I started smiling ear to ear. I quickly looked around and then laid down on the couch faking a nap. I listened as I heard Bruno’s laughter as he got to the front door. I could recognize it anywhere. The door slowly crept open, “Helloooooo?” he said in a funny voice, I could just picture his face.

I dropped my bags by the front door and walked into the living room to find Diamond laid out on the couch. I bit my lip and slowly crept around the couch. I saw her smiling and I knew she wasn’t sleep. I jumped on her, “I’m home!” We struggled around a bit until I was in between her legs. She laughed the entire time, “Hi Bru!” “Hi baby! I missed you.” I said smiling ear to ear. She pulled me down by the collar of my shirt, “No I missed you!” I kissed her with all the passion I had held in for the last couple of days. “And I mostly missed that…” I whispered looking her deep in the eyes…


Chapter 97 

She pulled me into her, hugging me tight. “I love you..” she whispered into my ear as we unlocked. “I love you too.” I whispered back. We started making out and I ran my hands all over her body. “Bruno.. can we?..” she said as we stopped kissing. “Let’s wait.” I said biting my lip. She frowned, “What do you mean? I’ve waited three days.” I shook my head and smiled, “Tomorrow’s my birthday, let’s make it birthday sex.” She started smiling, “Alright sounds like a plan.” I started pushing myself off of her, “It’ll be better then.” She smiled as she sat up on the couch, “I’m sure it will be.” If I made it these last three days, I can make it one more night. Even though it was hard not to just take her out of her clothes now, waiting would make it all more fun.

The rest of the night me and Diamond spent out time talking about my birthday, me going on tour, and what our plans we’re after all of that was said and done. I told her that we would def try for a kid after I was done touring. I knew that was always on her mind no matter what. We both fell asleep watching a movie on the couch.

I opened my eyes to the sun coming threw the blinds. I smiled to myself as I looked over to Bruno, still sleeping like a baby. I started tickling him and he woke up laughing. “Hey.. good morning.” “Happy Birthday!” I said smiling from ear to ear. He hugged me, “Thanks babe.” “What do you want for breakfast?” He looked up, “Can I get something special?” I nodded, “Of course.” “Well… I kind of want a omelette.” I smiled. “Loaded.. bacon, onions, cheese. I want it all.” he added. I laughed, “Alright Bru. I think I can handle that.” I was actually really glad his appetite was back after what he was going threw a couple of days ago. I spent the 20 minutes making Bruno his ‘birthday omelette’ while he sat at the bar watching me, his hands under his chin. I decided to switch it up on him, “So…” He smiled, “No I don’t have anything else better to do.” “Whoa wait, I wasn’t going to say that.” “Huh?” he said confused. “Are you 5 or 25? Because I didn’t know.” He started to giggle, “25.”

I nodded, “Oh.. just making sure.” “You wanna play games huh?” he said looking me up and down. I shook my head, “Nope.” “Wait till’ tonight.” he said getting down from the bar. “Oh I can’t wait.” I said trying to act like I wasn’t worried about it. I listened as he went into the living room and turned the TV on. I smiled to myself, he had no idea what was going on today. We had planned that we we’re going to go out for a date tonight, and then come home. But, that wasn’t going to happen, I was just waiting for Phil to call him up and start it off. After we ate we laid around watching some movies killing time till’ tonight. Bruno’s phone rang endlessly with his family, friends, and business people calling him to wish him a happy birthday. “Babe.. do you mind if I.. go out with the guys’ tonight after our date?” he said as we walked into the bedroom. I shrugged, “I don’t care Bru, it’s your day.” He stopped and turned to hug me, “Thank you so much.” I laughed at the fact that he wouldn’t be going out with guys because they would all be here. As we unlocked he kissed me softly. “Now go get a shower.” I said groping him. He bit his lip, “Alright.” He went over and grabbed his towel and headed for the bathroom, “You joining me?” “Nope. I still have to figure out what I’m wearing.” I  said watching him walk out of the room. “You’re no fun.” he said closing the bathroom door.

I stood there listening as he turned on the shower water and sang Just The Way You Are. I smiled as I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand. (He’s in the shower.) I texted to Phil. I looked threw my closet as I waited for a text back. (Alright, I’ll call him in about 20 minutes.) (K.) I tossed my phone onto the bed and pulled out my dress for tonight. After 15 minutes, Bruno walked into the room singing. He raised his eyebrows to me and I rolled my eyes. I grabbed my towel and went in for a shower. “You’re so wrong for that!” he said as I closed the bathroom door. I smiled to myself.

I pulled my Harley Davidson t-shirt over my head and started to pull on my jeans. My phone rang and I almost fell over trying to get to it on the nightstand and put them on at the same time. It had never stopped ringing today honestly. I finally got it to and it was Phil. “Yo Yo.” “Where you at?” I frowned, “Where do you mean? I’m at home stupid.” “Damn man.. I need you to come to the studio.” “For what?!” “We got some things to discuss.” I sighed, “Are you kidding me? Me and Diamond are about to go out.” “I’m sure you’ll let you come for just like 30 minutes, come on Brunz.” I looked around, “Is it really that important?” “Yes!” “Damnit, alright man.” “I’ll be to get you in 15 minutes.” “Yeah yeah alright.” I said hanging up the phone. I tossed it onto the bed, I really didn’t want to do anything but have a good time today. But, if he said that it was important then it must have been.

Diamond walked in the room with her towel on, “What’s wrong?” “Phil’s trying to get me in the studio…” I said finally buttoning my pants. “Why?” she said frowning. “I don’t know… he says it’s important.. so I gotta go.” She shook her head. “Babe.. I’m sorry I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible okay?” I said walking to her. “Alright Bru… if you say so. But, it’s your day you do whatever you want.” I smiled, “Thanks babe.” I sat on the bed and replied to some happy birthday text messages while I waited for Phil to arrive. “Babe.. help me with my hair?” I said looking up to her. She smiled, “Sure.” She came over with my comb and I bent my head down in front of her. I closed my eyes as she softly combed my hair up into what I called my whomp. “All done.” I leaned my head up and smiled at her, “Thanks babe.” “Anytime.” she said touching my nose.

I got up and walked over to my closet and grabbed my blue jean jacket from out of it. I put it on as I reached on top of the dresser and pulled my ray bans down. I threw them on and turned to Diamond, “How do I look?” She smiled from ear to ear and bit her lip, “You look like… I shouldn’t let you out of this house.” I laughed, “Stop it.” My phone started to ring again and I knew it was Phil. I sighed, “Drama queen is here.” She shook her head and laughed. I grabbed my phone and went over and pecked her on the lips, “Love you babe, I’ll be right back.” “Love you too.” she said rubbing lotion on her arms. I pulled my jacket up on me as I walked out the door. I jumped into the passenger side with Phil and he smiled. “Look at the damn birthday boy!” I waved him off, “Come on man..” He put his hands up, “What’s wrong now?” “Phil, it’s my birthday man… and you trying to make me work.” I said strongly. He started to back out of the driveway, “You’ll be fine.”

I quickly pulled on my dress and ran to my phone. I started making phone calls telling everyone that he was gone. I went into the back room and went in the closet. I started grabbing the bags for the party out and carrying them into the living room. I wanted to make this night one that Bruno would never forget…..