Chapter 9

19/06/2011 22:44

I feel us both grabbing at each others clothes, if you could measure lust in this room it would not be able to because there was so much. It had been awhile since we had sex and now that I could feel that we were about to it, it felt.. right? Still in the back of my mind I knew he was dating my mom... It was unfair that he could have sex with me but he could date my mom. I put that aside and felt his kisses all over my white breasts and his hands pulling down my shorts. He comes back up to my face and cups it while he showers my lips in kisses. They went from those soft sensual kisses to powerful, longing ones… it kinda really turned me on. I unbuckle his belt and take his pants off... what a shocker he’s commando. This made me smile while I kissed him more. 

         You know those instincts you just have? Yeah well my hand had it’s own instinct and it just took hold of his erected penis and well gave him a hand job. One thing lead to another and next thing I knew I was leaning against him on the wall, smiling. He made me so happy. I feel his arms wrap around me and he whispers in my ear. “I’ll find a way to break up with your mom so that the whole us having sex won’t be so awkward.” I smile... barely and pull out of his arms.
         “We should get back because who knows how many people have been wondering why the elevator isn’t working.” We put our clothes on and when the elevator starts working again I press my floor number and wait for it to get there. For the next couple days I avoid Bruno when my mom comes running in crying. She sits on her bed and I see the tears running down her cheek. ‘ Mom… what’s wrong? You’re crying like a teenager.”
         “Bruno... h-he broke up... with ME?! What did I do?!” I hug her and rub her arm and try to think of something comforting. I feel bad for her... but secretly I have a smile on my heart. She finally cries herself to sleep and I sneak over to Bruno’s room.

“Hey… it’s me.” I walk in and see Bruno lying on his bed with no shirt on as if he hadn’t broken up with anyone. Is this how all guys work? They don’t care after they break someone’s heart?

‘Hey! How’s your mom?” He asks me. Bruno sits up and pats the side of the bed next to him. I walk over and stay standing. “Or stand…” He nods his head.

“She’s been crying... but now she’s sleeping. You really hurt her, but I don’t think she hates you.” We stay there for a couple of seconds just staring at each other. I finally break the silence and step back and accidentally trip on his shoe. I fall back and squeal a little. “I’m okay... I’m gonna go though...” I walk away and head for the door.

“Wait... you’re upset. Why?” He asks in his silky voice.

“Nothing. I just have to be upset for my mom so she doesn’t, you know, suspect anything.” I open the door and close it before he has a chance to say anything.

School the next day I wake up and see my mom still out and choose not to wake her. I take a shower and blow dry my hair. I put it in a low curly ponytail and put on a dress. It’s kinda old-ish. I put on a pair of flip flops and go to school. I see Bruno across the street while I wait for the light to change and the next time I look up he’s looking at me. Great. I walk over and he smiles at me.

“You feel awkward! Why? Was it the sex? Did I not... Was I not good?” I laugh and playfully punch him.

“No! You were great! I swear! I didn’t fake anything!” He sighs in relief and looks up at the sky.

“I wrote you a song.’ I look at him and smile.

“Is it any good?”

“Well I wrote it so of course!” I laugh at him and we finally reach the school. “Come to my classroom after school.” He walks up the steps and I raise my eyebrow. John comes running down the steps and is giggling. I have never seen or heard him giggle. Ever.

“I just got asked out! By a senior!” I hug him and laugh.

“Congrats? Who is it?” I ask.

“Erik Dayson! The sexiest guy alive!” I chuckle with him and we walk up to our lockers, grab our stuff and head for our classes. I watch the clock the whole day, I don’t say anything, I don’t do anything. I just stare at the clock. It’s almost the end of the day and I’m still so curious about what Bruno wants. Finally the last bell! I run out of the room and down the hall, knocking over some people and rush into his room.

“I’m here! I’m ready! What is it?” Bruno laughs and looks up from his work and steps over. He walks to the door and locks it, puts the blind down on it and takes me in his arms. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He kisses me and spins me around.

“I missed your lips.” I roll my eyes at his cheesy comment and keep kissing him. He lays me down on his desk and gets up over top me and begins to kiss my chest. I’m rubbing him down there when I hear a knock on the window! I look over and see some girl staring in through the fucking window!

“You forgot the God Fucking windows! Shit! GET OFF!” I push him off and run out of his classroom. I’m blushing all over and try to run as quickly as possible outside to find her. Shit, Shit, Shit, FUCK! What have we done?! I’m screwed, he’s screwed. Oh Lord! I’m not that religious but if praying will give me a miracle then I’ll believe! I find her outside talking to some of her other friends. What if she told them?! I run up to her and pull her away.

“Woah! What the fuck are you doing?” She yells at me.

“What the hell did you see?” I ask her desperately.

She crosses her arms and smirks at me, “Everything I needed to see that you and Mr. Mars have something going on. Am I wrong?” She asks me.  
I squint my eyes at her and look down at my feet. “Yes... you’re right. Listen... please don’t say anything to anyone. This could cost him his job, he could be sent to prison. I would be grounded… for probably ‘til I die... and even there... wherever it is people go when they die.” I look into her eyes and plead. She rolls her eyes at me and crosses her arms.

“Just watch yourself. Because I can tell anyone at anytime. Preferably the principal?” She smiles at me and I know that she owns me now. I’m like her little pawn in her stupid little game! I look away and nod my head at her and walk away. I don’t even go back inside and get my stuff, I just walk back home and lay on my bed. What have I done? How could I have been so stupid to let him do anything to me in a school! It’s so dangerous to do that... I should have been the smart one and stopped it. I look around the room and realize my mom isn’t here! Maybe she went to work? Good for her.

I hear a knock on my door and get up to check it. I open it up and there’s a man in a uniform... a police man.

“Can I help you?” I ask.

“We have a problem... an issue that was given to us by a friend of yours.” He says to me. Did that bitch tell on us?! “It’s something personal. Can I come in?” I nod my head.