Chapter 98+99

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Chapter 98 

“Phil where the fuck are we going?” I said looking out the window. “Chill man just ride.” I sighed, “Ride to where? I don’t get it.” “Alright alright we’re going to get Kam first.” I quickly looked to him, “Why? He has a car.” He finally looked over to me, “Just ride Brunz… I’m not gonna kidnap you…” “Oh my god.” I whispered. We pulled up to Kam & Carla’s house and he started to blow his horn. He sat back and smiled at me but, I didn’t return it. “Chill out moi goi you going to be alright.”

The doorbell rang and Eric walked in with the cake. I followed him into the dining room as he set it on the table. I put my hand over my mouth, “It’s beautiful!” He smiled, “I said the same thing, they did a great job.” “Thanks Eric.” I said hugging him. He kissed my forehead, “No problem sis.” I walked back into the back room and started bringing out more bags. “Where is he now?” he said as we started putting up streamers. “He’s with Phil, you know he has those stalling skills.” Eric laughed, “Yeah.. I be Bruno is pissed.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right now….” I whispered. “Shh.. he’s just running a little late.” I looked at my watch, “Phil we’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes!” “Alright… I’ll be right back.” he said opening the car door. I threw my hands up but didn’t say anything. “What the fuck…” I whispered to myself. I watched him as he knocked on the door and then went in. I took a deep breath and started humming a song. I reached into my pocket and got my phone, even though it was my birthday I felt bad for making Diamond wait.

“Almost got it.” I said reaching up to put a streamer up. “Got it!” I said as my phone started to ring. “I’ll get it.” Eric said walking into the kitchen. He came back with it in a hurry, “It’s Bruno.” “Shit.” I whispered before I answered. “Hello babe?” “Diamond, I’m so sorry.. Phil is taking forever.. we still haven’t got to the studio yet..” I laughed, “Babe it’s okay take your time..” He took a deep breath, “Thanks babe… I’m just excited.” “And that’s fine..” “Alright here they come now.” he said in a stern voice. “Alright babe.. see you soon.” I said hanging up the phone. I looked down to Eric, “We need to move a bit faster.”

“What the fuck?” I said as they got into the car. ‘Kam grabbed my shoulder, “Happy Birthday!” I shrugged him off, “Yeah yeah alright let’s just get to the studio already.” They both laughed as we backed out of the driveway. After another 10 minutes, we finally pulled up the studio. I got out first and closed the door, “Whatever this is, it better be really fucking important.” I said wiping some sweat from my forehead. They both didn’t say anything as we walked up to the front door and Phil unlocked it.

Everyone started arriving with something more for the party. We we’re almost done. “Can you hand me that tape?” I said to Tori. “Sure.” she said handing it to me with a smile. “You’re so sweet for planning this.” she said as she watched me put the banner up. “He deserves it.” I said smiling and nodding my head. “I agree girl, I agree.” she said doing the same. The doorbell rang again and Phred answered it this time. In walked Carla and Leiyah. “Hello!” I said smiling to them. Carla started to do a little dance. “You need to stop with all that, you’re pregnant.” Tori said to her. We all burst out into laughter.

“What do you mean it isn’t right?” I said looking up to Phil. “You should just record that one part.. one more time.” I put my head in my hands, “I don’t even feel like singing today.” “Come on Brunz damn man..”  he said putting his hands in his pockets. “Yeah it’s only one song.” I let out a groan and got up and grabbed the headphones, “Ya’ll owe me like seriously.” They both smiled like fools as I walked in the booth. They’re lucky I like perfection on a song or else I wouldn’t be doing this.

Jam arrived with the food, and Ryan with the drinks. “Alohaa!” he said greeting everyone. “Yo yo Ryan.” I said getting down from a chair. He hugged me, “Where have you been?” “Oh you know… out and about.” he said smirking. I laughed, “I can see that.” The doorbell rang again and in walked Kenji smiling to everyone. I hugged him as well, I was glad everyone was started to show up. I was just hoping everyone was going to get here in time before Bruno came. I really wanted this to be perfect.

“THANK YOU!” I said into the mic after I sang trying to lighten my own mood. They both clapped and smiled. “Alright man… that sounds good.” I nodded, “Thank you.. now anything else?” “Yeah one more thing..” My smile dropped quickly, “Really?” “Yeah… I need you to do me a guitar solo.” I waved him off, “Phil why couldn’t this shit wait man…” “Listen to me… I need it now.. you’ll thank me later. I promise.” “Yeah Brunz.. go play that sexy ass guitar.” Kam added. I shot them both looks, they we’re really taking me over the edge. I finally gave up and went over to the guitar rack and grabbed my black and white guitar. I threw it on and Phil started some music and I just started playing what I felt went along with it.

Dre walked in being sweet to all the ladies and mean mugging the guys. I thought that it was so funny. “You think Bruno wanted a cat for his birthday?” he said to me. I shook my head and laughed, “I don’t know so… but… did you get him one?” He looked around, “Maybe.” I just laughed at him, “You’re too much..” He laughed too as I walked away to get more things done. I walked over into the living room and observed the place. The banner was finally up and I looked up to it and smiled. “Looks good.” Jam said coming to stand next to me. I nodded and looked to him, “He’s gonna be happy.” He sideways hugged me, “You’re really good to him.” I waved him off, “Aww stop! Ya’ll are too, I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of your help. He laughed, “Yeah..” “Kam just texted me and said that he’s almost done with the guitar solo guys!” Carla announced to everyone. Everyone started moving around like ants, “Let’s goo!” I yelled.

I threw my head back and focused on the guitar solo really hard. I let out my frustrations on it. Phil nodded slowly as I finished, “Alright man.. that was good.” I quickly pulled it off of me, “Thank you… now let’s go.” “Alright alright.” Phil said throwing his hands up in defense. He picked his keys up off the coffee table and I followed him back out into the sun. I quickly pulled my ray bans off of my shirt and threw them on. We all hopped into the car and I leaned my head back into the seat rest, I was just ready to have a good time tonight.

ABS and a few other guys I didn’t know but assumed knew Bruno walked in. I greeted them with handshakes and a smile. As I closed the door I heard someone yelled wait. I quickly opened the door back up to find Ari, “I’m sorry.. I was running a little bit late.” He hugged him, “It’s fine.” “What’s Bruno’s favorite color again?” Michelle said walking up to me. “Red.” I said closing the door again. “Alright.. I didn’t want to get him a pink bow.” she said laughing. “Yeah I don’t think he would have liked that.” I joked. “THEY’RE ON THEIR WAY!” Carla yelled. I looked around to everyone and smiled, “Here we go. Everybody get ready.” 

I tapped on the door as we hit the corner going down our street. “So we going out for drinks tonight right?” “Hell yeah.” Kam said from the backseat. “Where you trying to go man?” he said as we pulled up in the driveway. “You know I don’t care. Just somewhere where the paparazzi won’t get me.” They both laughed as we got out the car. “I think I’m gonna lay off drinking though man… it fucked up my stomach the other day.” “Yeah you might want to Phil said walking behind me.” I fumbled around until I got my keys out of my back pocket. “I mean ya’ll can stay till’… I leave or whatever.” “Right.” he said nodding. I unlocked the door and pushed it open to everyone standing in front of me. “SURPRISE!!!!!” They all yelled. I put on the biggest smile and looked back to Phil, “GUYSSSS?!”……



Chapter 99 

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have been warned.

He patted me on the back as I walked into the doorway. Diamond came out with her arms stretched wide, “I love you Bru.” I felt myself starting to tear up, “I love you too.” Everyone clapped and cheered and it made me feel all warm in the inside. I went around greeting everyone hugging, getting kisses on the cheek, and shaking hands. I couldn’t believe that they had planned a party like this with me knowing. “Let’s get this shit started!” Phil said turning on music. I smiled from ear to ear, I loved these people.

I went into the kitchen and made Bruno a dancing juice, I already knew he would want one pretty soon. We played cards, told jokes, and everyone gave him their gifts they got him besides me, everyone knew what I got him, but I wanted to wait till’ everyone left to give it to him. We all ended up playing kings again, but I sipped easy on my drink. Bruno on the other hand was getting hammered. But, I didn’t say anything, it’s his birthday. After 3 hours, we we’re all still partying hard and I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t believe that I had known these people for years upon years. 11 P.M. rolled around and we all said our goodbyes. We both stood at the doorway, Bruno’s arm around me. I was halfway holding him up because he was stumbling so hard.

I let him go and closed the door and locked it. I turned to him downing the rest of his drink. He slammed the cup on the counter and turned to me, biting his lip. I smiled. “You alright sailor?” He slowly walked to me and hugged me at my waist, “I’m better then I’ve ever been.” I laughed and hugged him tighter. “So.. is it time for birthday sex now?..” he whispered into my ear. His breath smelled of pure alcohol but, I loved the way it felt on my neck. “I gotta give you something first..” I whispered back. He leaned out and smiled, “You got me something?” I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the back room. “Now I know you don’t like for me to get you expensive things.. but, you’ll love this.” I said pulling the box out of the closet. I pushed it right in front of his feet and I looked up to him. He smiled and bent down and opened it. The look on his face was one that I would never forget. “Babe…. I love it.” he whispered picking it up.

I looked up to her again and then back down to it. I ran my fingers across the strings and played around with the buttons. It was surf green and reminded me of home. “Just for you Bru..” she whispered. I shook my head, “Baby… you’re just…” I stopped right in the middle of my sentence, I didn’t know what to say. “Can you show me how you feel..” she said coming towards me. I bent down and put the guitar back into it’s box quickly. I opened my arms out for her and she fell into them, “You know I can show you better then I can tell you.” I knew that I was fucked up and that I things may get a little rough, but I didn’t care, I knew she would go with it. We started making out pulling our clothes off as we made it to the bedroom. We both we’re in our underwear by the time we got to the bed.

She laid back on the bed and I quickly crawled on top of her. She ran her fingers threw my hair as I leaned down to kiss her again. She unexpendantly bit my lip and it turned me on even more. I quickly moved my hands down her body to her thighs, removing her panties. I was so anxious, it had been awhile. I didn’t want to tease her today, I just wanted to get on with it. I moved straight down to her thighs and licked and sucked on them. She moaned a bit as I quickly spread her legs and put my tongue inside her. I moved my tongue quickly inside her making her clench the covers. Without thinking I took a finger and put it inside her. She let out a deep moan and I pushed my finger a little deeper inside her. I started sucking her sensitive spot and I felt her tease up, I knew she was getting close. I added another finger and it got her there. I smiled as I looked up her. She bit her lip, “Damn.. I love it..”

“Oh I know..” I said starting to crawl on top of her but she pushed me back. “Oh no Bru… you already know I gotta do this.. it’s your birthday.” I smiled and scooted back, “I’m not stopping you.” I sat on the edge of the bed as she came around and got between my legs. She quickly grabbed the end of my boxers and pulled them off. I was glad she was moving fast right now, that’s what I needed. She started stroking me as she looked up to me and bit her lip. I nodded telling her to start. I watched her as she took me in her mouth going father then I thought she could. I threw my head back and moaned softly. I looked back down to her and she was going at it. I put my hands on her head and slowly guided her a little better. I moaned her name as she licked all around it making me want to explode. “Babe… I’m ready..” I whispered.

She stopped and looked up at me. “Stand up.” I said nodding. She did as I told her and I stood up as well. I leaned in and kissed her again, pushing her up against the wall by her waist. “Bruno.. don’t hurt me..” she laughed. “No promises…” I whispered as I grabbed her legs and pulled them up. She bit her lip as I watched her and reached my hand down and guided myself inside her.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he looked down watching himself go in and out of me. Sweat drops started to form on his forehead and his curls began to fall. He looked back up to me and smiled, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him making him speed up a little faster. “Deeper Bru.” I whispered into his ear as we stopped kissing. He moved his hands down from my hips to my ass and pushed himself deeper inside me. I let out a loud moan, it felt incredible. I wrapped my legs tighter around his as he thrusted inside me quickly. I moaned his name countless times as he continued to speed up. After a couple of minutes it started to hurt, but at the same time I loved it.

“Cum for me… one more time please…” he whispered. I closed my eyes and focused making my grip on his neck a little tighter. He started breathing deeply and I knew he was going to explode soon. “Hurry please… I’m almost there…” he whispered. “I’m trying..” I whispered back. He quickly moved his hands back onto my back and pulled me off of the wall. He let me go and I put my legs down to the ground. He grabbed me by my wasit and turned me around. I bit my lip and bent over I knew what he wanted. He grabbed my hips and put his self inside me. I closed my eyes as he started hitting me, adding more noises to the ones we we’re already making. He moved his hands up my back up to my shoulders and I bent over a bit more. I felt myself getting closer to my destination. He took one of his hands and grabbed the end of my hair. I could just picture his face while he was doing this.

He took a couple of more strokes and I came hard. “My turnnn.” he said in a high voice. He moved his hand around in my hair a little bit, grabbing it tighter. It surprisingly didn’t hurt at all, I actually loved it. “Here we go…” he moaned. I bent over a little bit more making him go deeper as he exploded. He let out the most sexiest moan and slowly let my hair go. “That… was the best birthday sex of my life…” he said as I stood up. I laughed, “Just wait till’ next year.” I walked over to the bed, feeling great. I jumped into it and pulled the blankets up on me. I watched Bruno as he started to fumble around in the nightstand drawer.

“What are you looking for babe?” I said flipping onto my side. “My cigarettes..” I frowned a bit, I honestly had thought he quitted. But, I didn’t give it any more thought, it was his birthday and he did just give me great sex. He finally found them and sat on the edge of the bed and lit one. I knew smoking was bad for him, but at the same time he looked irresistible when he did it. I just assumed he was doing it because he was still kind of drunk. After he was done he cuddled up in the bed with me. Every part of our body was touching each other’s and I loved it. “Babe…” he said stroking my hair. “Yes?” I knew he was going to ask me something that would make me emotional because he always did when he was drunk.

“I’m going to miss you… a lot.. you know.. when I finally go on tour..” he said breaking up his words. I took a deep breath, “I’m going to miss you too Bru… a whole lot. I actually don’t know what I’m going to do.” He kissed my forehead softly, “We’ll make it baby..” I went into the whole thought process of Bruno leaving me to go on tour for months. I would feel empty without him, not only that but most likely be madly horny. “Don’t beat yourself up about it..” he whispered as if he knew what was on my mind. “I’m going to try….” I said honestly. It was the only thing I could do, just try. I kissed him deeply, “Can you get up again?” He raised his eyebrow, “You wanna go again?” I nodded quickly, “Yes please..” He smiled and crawled on top of me. I was going to have to get as much of him as I could while he was here…….