Chapter 9

02/07/2011 22:07

I kissed him back and went to open the door as I heard my doorbell ring.

“who is he??” the kids shouted as they came in

“im your new substitute teacher…cool huh?” he said raising his eyebrows

They all laughed and he took my guitar and started hitting hard.

He just started dancing around, clapping and singing. He looked so happy doing the thing he

loves the most. Having fun with music.


We are young, we run free 

Stay up late, we don't sleep 

Got our friends, got the night 

We'll be alright 

Throw our hands in the air 

Pretty girls everywhere 

Got our friends, got the night 

We'll be alright 

“come on Ashley, clap with us” he yelled

“did you write this song too Bruno?” I asked knowing that he had talent and it was clearly visible

“why? Don’t you like it…damn!”

“No NO!!! its awesome…and peppy…I love it!!!” I screamed as I started clapping to the beats

By this time we were all clapping and dancing around the living room like idiots or more like

retarded seals but it was a lot of fun. After what seemed like a long time, we all ran out of breath,

collapsed on the floor and started laughing till our bellies were hurting.

I turned to my left and saw Bruno laying with his arms and legs all spread out like an angel, then

to my right, I saw the two small boys, Jeremy and Ethan rolling on the floor with them holding

their tummies. They couldn’t stop laughing even when they were out of breath. I looked up at the

ceiling at the fan turning and felt like I was having the best days of my life. Oh how I would like

to stay like this forever.

I smiled, stood up and patted the heads of the Jeremy and Ethan and turned to get them some

juice when,

“don’t I get a pat on my head, im a good boy too” Bruno squealed putting on his baby voice

“too many immature kids in this house” I said sarcastically as I went near Bruno and stroked his

soft curly hair.

“you were a good boy today” I laughed as I pulled his hair and ran towards the kitchen.

I got them 3 glasses of juice out of the fridge and walked to the living room to see Bruno

teaching them some chords on the guitar. I leaned on the wall and stared at them for a moment.

He was so good with kids and they seemed to love him too.

I handed them their glasses and they gulped their juice eagerly, of course, they were thirsty with

all the running and dancing around.

“are you gonna marry him” I heard little Jeremy speak

“woah!!! Settle down sailor! Hmmm…. MAYBE….if only you’ll be my best man” Bruno said as he


“pshhhh….no Jeremy…I’ve only known him for a few days” I said

Then suddenly, Bruno’s phone started vibrating. He picked it up and started talking with a serious

face. he put the phone back in his pocket and said,

“I gotta go Ashley”

“is something wrong? You didn’t look too good on the phone”

“no, everything’s cool, I’ll call you later” and he came over and kissed me on my cheek and went

out the door in a hurry.            

I went to my window and waved at him as he got into his car and drove away. Well there he goes

again I thought to myself and I shut the curtains.


I fell on the couch and took my legs up to my chest and sat there wondering about my life. Was

Bruno for real or is he another player who’s just good at acting perfect?