Chapter I-III

07/12/2011 21:50

Getting Boked by Mars...


(for reasons of bashfulness the writer wants to remain anonymous)


Chapter I

Imagine you’re Bruno Mars’ girlfriend. You haven’t seen each other for 2 months now ’cause he was touring around the world. But today he’s coming back. You wait at the airport for him, when he finally goes through the terminal’s gates. You run to him and flung your arms around him. He lets his bag fall down to the ground, picks you up and spins around. You say sweet words of lovers to each other. He kisses you happily. You smile from ear to ear while your heart’s beating fast, you missed him so much. There are many paparazzis taking pictures so you leave the airport quickly and get in the back seats of a ordered car with a driver. You both smile to each other and kiss again with passion. His hands touch your body. You moan when he gets to your waist and near your hotspot. You want him now, but you know he won’t do it in front of the driver. You press yourself tight to his body and sit down on his lap. You kiss each other more&more passionately. His hands caress your whole body. You lift your shirt and he squeezes and kisses your tits and collar bone. You start to get wet and moan. You press Bruno’s face between your boobs. Then he starts to kiss your neck, your most sensitive spot. He knows it makes you wild when he does that. You moan loud and say his name. The driver looks into the rearview mirror. You don’t care but Bruno stops and moves you back into your seat. He says ’we finish this when we got home.’ You smile knowing it’d be heavenly with him as always. You lean your back against his beefy chest, close your eyes and lick your lips in joyful anticipation. He puts his arms around you and kiss your head. After a while you arrive. You think ’finally’. After getting all the bags into the house and paying the driver. You both are alone... at last. You sit on the back of the couch with your legs a little bit open and smile at Bruno temptingly. He smiles back and walks up to you. You say ’Welcome back home, honey’. Instead of answering he showers you with ardent kisses. You put your legs around him and pull his waist softly close to you. You can already feel his excitement what makes you wet right away. He takes off your shirt&bra and continues with what he began in the car. He first sucks your neck then your nipples, they get hard immediately. You moan and say ’More’. He leans you back so far that you both fall onto the couch. You laugh and he undresses you fully. He licks his lips looking at you. His view wanders down to your punani, like he uses to call your pussy. ’My favorite place’ he says and licks&kisses everywhere near around it. You roll your eyes and move your waist to every side in demand of feeling his tongue on your clit. Finally he does it and you get wet so much that it drops on the couch. He doesn’t care and pleasures you even more with using his fingers additionally to his tongue play. He first just rubs your clit softly then more intense. You move your waist more&more ’yes, yes’ is all you can say. You loose all your inhibitions fully when he starts to slide his fingers, not only one but two, deep inside of your pussy. He circulates his fingers inside of you then takes them out again. Just to shove them in again with more pressure. He keeps on doing that quicker&quicker. You go so wild, you can’t hold it back and come over his fingers. He smiles at his performance. Yeah he has completely power of you, your body&mind and you love it. He puts his fingers with your cum in your mouth and you lick it from them. Then he says ’now it’s on you, do it fast, do it slow, you control the tempo’. You get up, your love juice slowly flows down your thighs. You kiss him, his neck, his chest, his six pack while taking off his clothes. You knee down to rip off his boxers. When his hard dick bounces towards your face you have to smirk. You start to lick&kiss him, just the same way he did it with you, all around his ’choc stick’, like you use to call his penis. He starts to moan and his fingers run through your hair roughing it up. But you don’t care you love it. You caress his balls and start to rub his dick. Then you gather your spit in your mouth and spread it all over his cock. You lick his penis tip with your tongue. You circle it around ’cause you know that it’s what makes him crazy. And it doesn’t fail the desired effect. He breaths heavily and says ’yeah baby, right there’. You smile at the thought to know how to delight him like that. You keep doing your tongue play and finally take his cock into your mouth. You give him a blow job. First slowly then faster and with more pressure. He moans loud and grabs your head. You do it even more faster and rub his balls with both of your hands at the same time. He almost comes when he suddenly pushes you back. You smile sensually knowing that he always does that and now he’ll take over control again. And you can’t even finish that thought when he already lifted you up and lays you down on the soft carpet. He kisses you hard on your lips, then your breasts and at last your neck. He sucks it what makes you again immediately wet. He takes your left leg and pulls it towards your chest. He says ’I wanna be inside ya’ and you answer ’then do it’. And with this order he shoves his hard dick inside of you. You grab his upper arm and feel his biceps when he does it. You moan deeply, feeling him inside of you after a long time just feels so good. He leans down to kiss you. Your leg now is on his shoulder. He pushes one time, two times, six times with every thrust a little bit deeper and harder. Your moans get louder the same way. He grabs your leg and pulls it more towards the floor. He bangs his dick in you with so much power and pressure that you think you could explode at any time. You scream ’yessss Bruno fuck me’ out loud and your body squirms and writhes in sexual ecstasy. He just knows this certain spot inside of you that makes you loose your mind. And he strikes that spot again&again until you come, sooner as expected ’cause you haven’t been worked like that for 2 months now. With a last hard hit of him you shake and wince of lust. He slows down for some seconds enjoying to see you come. Then he continues thrusting to make him come too. You look at him doing his thing and think ’he’s the best I ever had. I love him so much’. Then sooner as you expected he comes too, also ’cause he was abstinent for 2 long months now. He moans deeply ’shiiitt’ and let him fall himself exhausted on your body, his dick&cum still inside of you. You put your arms around him and caress his back with one hand and run through his thick, but soft curls with your other one. You enjoy every second feeling him over&inside your body. ’Can it get any better?’ You think. After a while he gets out of you and asks. ’Ready for round 2?’ You nod smiling at him and think ’Boking with Bruno Mars, it can’t get any better. I’ll never let this man go, no way...’ and you kiss him.


Chapter II

He kisses you back and tries to lay you again on your back but you say ’Wait babe, let me get some water first’. You stand up and go into the kitchen. He follows you and when you’re filling a glass with cold water he puts his arms around you from behind. He presses his heated body against yours and his hands wander all over your body, your breasts, your stomach, between your legs. You can feel his breath on your shoulder just before he sucks your neck and a shiver is running down your spine right to your punani. You turn around and put the cold glass against his chest. He shivers too and you start again to kiss each other passionately. He takes the glass, sips a little bit and puts it away. You just look at each other, your eyes check out each other’s naked body and he doesn’t have to say a word to let you  know what he thinks. He wants to fuck you right here in the kitchen. He lifts you up, your legs are tight around his waist and he carries you towards the kitchen table which stands right in front of the big cupboard. When you bought it together he wanted so bad mirrored doors, now you know why. He lets you down and turns you around. Both of you now face the mirror and you look at him through it. His hands run your body up and down right into your pleasure center. He rubs your clit tenderly with one hand while his other hand caress your tits and if this wouldn’t be enough he kisses your shoulder and sucks again your neck what makes you totally crazy. Oh he knows how to get you wild. You moan loud and say ’Fuck me right here in front of the mirror’. Slowly you lean forward to simplify his way inside. You feel his cock on your booty getting hard fast and before you can think he’s inside of you and searches against your G-spot. He bangs you with passion like never before and while doing it he lifts your head up so you both can bandy amorous glances through the mirror. ’I love to see the faces that you make when we make love’ he says to you and bits his lips. He holds your hips firmly while pushing in&out and doesn’t loose his grasp. You can’t escape his immeasurable desire. You feel yourself getting nasty. It turns you on the same way it does him to watch him in the mirror screwing you. Your both feel deeply thrilled and your sweating bodies try to move in the same rhythm. But it’s hard to follow his actions. He yearns for hitting your hot spot. ’I know it’s somewhere in there, somewhere close to be’ he thinks. He digs in you from the right, from the left, up and down. Yeah he works you not only a little. You get an unbelieveable intensive and stimulating feeling when he finally found it. You cringe and he knows now he hits the right place. He keeps pushing harder, deeper, faster with all his might. One scream of pleasure after another leaves your mouth until you climax. You take his hand which grips your hips and you squeeze it strongly to release some of your sexual frenzy. He squeezes your hand too and you know he’s right before orgasm. You say ’yeah babe let it come let it come right inside of me, yes’ and it doesn’t take a second longer when you feel him explode inside of you. He moans loud and you feel satisfied and close to him. He leans forward and kisses gently your back. You enjoy it for a minute. Then you bring your body slowly in a straight position again still feeling his last strokes and his dick inside of you. He wraps his arms around you, your hands intertwine with each other’s and you both remain in this position for a while to savor this intimate and long desiderated moment to the fullest. He kisses your neck and slides slowly out of you, his&your mixed up cum drops out of you but you don’t care. The only thing you think about is that you love him so much and everything of him. He smiles at you and says ’oh my god babe, that was great’. You have to smirk and you kiss him fervently to let him feel your endless love and desire for him. You go hand in hand to the bedroom and lay down close to each other. He puts his arms around your shoulder and you put yours around his waist. After your strenuous love play it doesn’t take long that both of you fall asleep with a pleased smile on your faces.


Chapter III

Suddenly you start from your sleep. You grope in panic the other side of the bed and slowly relax when you feel his body... it was just  another nightmare again of losing him that haunts you always when you were separated for a long time. Sometimes you feel like your relationship is a dream and you’re afraid to wake up. But there he is, lying next to you. The dream of thousands, no millions of women all over the world... but he’s yours. You fondle his naked muscular body and caress his angelic face. You sigh relieved and quietly get out of the bed to drink some water. You fill a glass for him too. When you come back to the bedroom he smiles at you with his half open eyes and rumpled hair but you think that he can’t look any hotter than this. With an irresistible glance and his seductive smile he says in the most sexy way you can imagine ’while we’re both awake...’. All you can do is smiling back and giggle ’cause of his steady readiness and never slaked horniness. He stands up takes your hand and leads you outside. You pass the terrace and go straight to the pool. The moonlight glints in the water and you both remember many unbridled moments. Your naked bodies slide into the pool and both of you enjoy the pleasant cooling. It was one of the hottest nights in L.A.... and that surely wasn’t only because of the weather...! You look at each other and know you aren’t fully satisfied. The abstinence was too long and your both eagerness isn’t stilled yet. Bruno starts to kiss you vehement but still gentle and pushes you softly against one edge of the pool. His half errected stick rubs on your thigh first then he places it right between your legs. You moan feeling your pussy being teased like that again. Turned on you grab his ass and pull yourself firmly towards him. You just love getting fucked in the water. He knows that and that turns him on as well. His fingers run all over your body while your tongues are circling around between your open mouths. He lifts you up and you sit down on the pool edge. It’s just the right position for him to bless you with his skills. You open your legs and he licks the inner part of your thighs. You lean back and spread your legs more to give him everything of you. His tongue touches your clit but only for a second. He wants to tease you and that makes you crazy. ’You like that?’ he asks innocent knowing the answer for sure. But he loves to play these games and you too. Your excitement rises to boundlessness and then without any warning he rams his 2 fingers in you. You give a loud moan and that induces him to use his tongue more active. He takes care of your most sensitive spots. He knows all of them. You loose your mind while he twists his fingers in you and his tongue circles around your clit. You come so soon although you tried to prolong this inimitable feeling only Bruno can give to you... You get back into the water and kiss him extensive and satisfied. You push him softly to the stony stairs that lead into the pool. He sits down on one step, both of your bodies are still surrounded by water. Then you climb on top of him and sit down just a little bit below his lap. You see his hard cock standing upright ready for action. You take it in your hand and place it in the right position. After teasing him a little with rubbing his penis tip on your wet clit you let yourself fall on him and his cock goes fast straight in you. He didn’t expect that what lets him moan aswell as yourself. You smile at the thought that you’re able to return the pleasure that he gave to you and starts to ride him. You go up and down quickly contracting your PC-muscles to make your channel of lust extra narrow for Bruno. He feels your contracts and it makes him crazy. He could come right away but he holds back to enjoy this vertiginious feeling fully. He sits up and wraps his arms around you to slow you down a little. He kisses and sucks your nipples, then your neck. His fingers run through your hair and he whispers in your ear ’oh babe u got that fire’. You smile, kiss him and push him back again. You intertwine your fingers with his and starts to ride him again faster and stronger. His dick fully fills your pussy and you fuck him to the extreme. Shortly after you climaxed he comes too. Your body takes the whole one shot of his sperm. Both of you shiver and shake of ecstasy. You lean forward and lay down on his chest. He holds you tight and kisses you passionately. His hips still move with relish and he shoves his dick a couple of more times in you to top your long awaited unification off. You can’t think of anything you only feel satisfaction and happiness. Then you hear him saying your name and ’I promise to love you for the rest of my life’. You smile, kiss him, look deep into his eyes and response ’How could I be so lucky? I really must have done something right.’


And they all lived and boked happily ever after. ;)


- END -