Intro&Chapter 1+2

10/05/2011 17:25


Calgary, Canada

I never thought I would have to leave my motherland just for a job offer in Manhattan, New York. Lisa told me that I should be excited but she seems a lot happier for me. "Come on, Nicole! Its New York, you will get to see all the famous people like Bruno Mars!".  I will miss you, and I don't care about him I thought. "I like my life here. Living in a farm and no glamour" I said. We continued to walk in the fields where rows and rows of tomatoes grew. I wrapped my wool blanket tighter, hugging it as if it’s the only thing I have left. "I mean I am dying to see Bruno, but I want to come back and stay just the way things are" I mumbled. "New York is a city where life is! Now you quit thinking 'bout us and be happy" Lisa explained. "Yo my name is Nicole, and I live in noo yoke!" she teased. "If you ever dare to visit me, I will kill you before you know it!" I giggled. Oh how will I miss our jokes and laughter. "Uh-oh, looks like Mr. Sun is depressed and the clouds are crying too!" "Run!!" I yelled above the wind. We squeaked and shouted to the heavens and danced in the rain. When my clothes and hair were matted with water and mud, we quested through the field and hid in the rickety shack called home.


Chapter 1

New York, Manhattan  

Beep Beep ,Beep Beep…. As my alarm clock annoyed me some more. Uugghh why 6:30! I love my job, I love my job. The badgering sound still rang in my ears clearly which meant TIME TO WAKE UP! But to me, it was a reminder of how much I wanted quit.  To be honest, I'd rather work in the bar all day instead of banking.  BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP…..  "Shut up!!". Damn, my relationship with my alarm clock is terrible. I lifted my stone heavy arm and slapped it against the button. Aahh.. so much better. I rolled out of my bed and took a hot shower and brushed my teeth. After I finished drying myself I picked out my favourite outfit to wear. I pulled the last drawer and dug for my black high waist skirt. Then I paired it with my white blouse and put on my red flats to head out. 7:09, enough time to grab a muffin. I get off the elevator and make my way to the corner café. "Morning  Mike" I smiled. "Good morning Nicole!" he sings. "How come I don't see you much?"  he looks me. "Because I'm always running late so I gotta skip breakfast" as I gave my excuse. "Ya'know, skipping breakfast ain't  a good thing" he says while he shoves my cranberry vanilla muffin in my paper bag. I get my purse out to look for my change. "This ones on me sunshine" he smirks at me and I thank him. "Always looking out for me huh? I'll catch you later" and I exited out of his café with my treat. Wow, the streets are always so busy! …taxi…taxi. I did my womanly charms and hauled a taxi to me. Such independence! I wonder how Lisa will think of me now I smiled at the thought. "Yeah hi, all the way to Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn?". The driver looked at me wide eyed. "Ok miss that would be $25". "Sure, sure" I hopped in and gave him my pay. 7:20 oh no, not enough time! Did I really talk that long with mike? That's independence allright. After all the traffic, we finally got onto Queens and Brooklyn highway. 7:28 Let's go let's go! I looked out the window  and looked up to the sky. Wow I didn't get a chance to even look up today. I took out my muffin and gnawed it slowly. Till I realized how hungry I was I just horked it down. The sky is so clear and blue today, I think it's gonna be a good day. Buzz. I took out my cell to see who texted me. Ashley: Where r u?? I checked the time on my phone and texted her back.  Nicole: On my way. I sent it. Buzz. Ashley: What should I do if she asks for you? How about I don't show up and get fired! :D. I erased it and wrote Nicole: Tell her that I am in the washroom I will be back in a minute. I sent it. Yes! almost there. 7:37. The taxi driver reels into Flatbush Ave . "Yeup, right there" I say. And he finally stops. I open the door and give my thanks.  Quickly I run into the office and they record the time I came in and find Ashley. "You are so late! Another late night at the bar?". "Yeah, but it's just that I live on the other side of the world" I joked. Ashley takes my jacket and purse to put it away for me. "Quickly get behind the desk!"  Ashley whispers. And I do exactly what she told  me. I sign into my account to do some papers that had to be done for tomorrow.  The terrible lady named Mrs. Edson comes to ruin my life for three hours. "Good morning Mrs. Edson" Ashley and I said in unison. "Good morning ladies" she says without making any eye contact.  I would prefer it that way. I mean it feels like she stares into my soul! An hour passed when Mrs. E comes to give me a huge shitload of work. Seriously?! I just finished something and I was about to take off! Half way done. I look at the clock and it reads 4:30pm. Wow, time really does fly. I finished up the last of what I got and signed out. "DONE!" I breathed. "Same here, still got an hour of relaxation?" Ashley asks. "Yeah, why?" "I invited someone special for you so he is coming to the bar tonight. Look extra pretty!" Ashley's eyes gleamed.  We continued to talk while we walked out to get a cab. "Boooo you always say that! you better be right this time!" I laughed. "Anyways I'll text you when I get home" Ashley says. "Same here" I agree, and I get into a cab and tell him my destination.


Chapter 2

I opened the door of my apartment and went inside. I locked the door behind me and threw my jacket onto the couch. I lie down on my bed, I stare into the ceiling. Why does Ashley do this to me? Brings some guy and makes me meet him. I'd rather be single. Buzz. Ashley: Come on, get dressed. I'm so tired right now I'm not even kidding. Nicole: I don't think I can come :(. I sent it. Buzz. Ashley: Please I told him you would come! Plus, you work there. Great What else did she tell him, what days I work on? Nicole: Fine. Only for you. I sent it. Buzz. Ashley: Thanks :D. I can really see the smile on her face. I took my water bottle and lifted it up to my lips to drink. I hope he is good. I went to my mirror to touch up my makeup and curled my hair. What do I see in this reflection? A tired young girl. Do I really want love? I don't know. I undressed and wore something else. Paired my amethyst cream dress with my nude high heels. I grabbed my purse and jacket and left. Nicole: Text me when your there. I exited the lobby and went to the corner café. "Hey Mike" I greeted. "Now that’s more like it! He smiles. Mike makes his way over to me. I give him a hug. "You remind me of my dad" I say against his chest. "Really? tell me how". "As a kid, I never had much time to see him. But when I do, He'd tell me stories" I answered. Thank God that no one is here except us. "Like what?" he asks. I look up to him "Go make me a tall white chocolate strawberry latte" I giggled. I come out of his embrace. "Anything for you, my dear". I laugh" You always say that!". "Anything for you, my pet dino who lives in my yard!". I laughed so hard. I haven't laughed genuinely in a long time. "you seem all blue. What's wrong?" He asks. It's amazing how he can read me. I've gotta work on my poker face. "I'm so nervous" I muttered. "Ashley set me up with a blind date" I finished off. "That's not too bad. Nicole, let me promise you something, its gonna be allright" he said. "What makes you so sure?" I said in a small voice. "Did you look up today?" he asks. "Yeah, the sky was so clear that I could almost see the stars in the morning" I answered. "It’s a good day Nicole, good day" he promised me. He handed my drink. The foam was shaped like a perfect heart. I wrapped my hands around the cup. It feels so warm. I thought I felt a pulse. Buzz. Ashley: Gotta start leaving, your gonna be late. Nicole: Allright :/ . I sent it. Mike comes around to my side I lied onto his chest. He brushed my cheek with his hand. "I like working at the bar but sometimes its scary Its like sitting in a room full of ticking time bombs". I picked up my cup and took a few gulps. "Please don't be sad, otherwise I won't sleep" Mike pleaded. "Michael! Don't ever think about doing that!" and I hugged him tighter. "Anyways I have to leave. I'm gonna be late" I said. I came out of his arms and gave him my thanks. "See you later" I said." Good luck he laughs. I walk out of the café shop and stride to the bar. Buzz. Ashley: Nuclear Bomb. Huh? What's that supposed to mean? I walk into Charlie's Pub. Oh. My. God. I have never seen this place so crowded in years. I find Ashley and a man with her. "Hey, I'm glad you came!"Ashley yelled. "Yeah hold on I'm gonna get ready" I yelled as well. I made my way to the back of the bar near the washrooms. I make a left till I smack right into a man "Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" I apologized. I look up to make eye contact with him. I stare into his big brown eyes and his hair… So curly but cute. Wow he looks so much like Bruno Mars. "Nah, don't worry about it" His voice flows into my doubtful ears. He. Sounds. Exactly. Like. Bruno. I smiled and make my way into the room. I quickly check myself in the mirror. Looking for any flaws he might have found. For once, none. Could it have been him? Is it even possible? I pull myself back to reality and put on my apron. "Hey Ashley" I hugged her. "Introduce me" I said. "Okay so he is Sean" She looks at me. "And her name is Nicole" She looks at Sean. "Come and sit here while I make you something" I smile. He has blonde spiked hair and brilliant hazel eyes."Sure baby" He replies. He wraps his arms around my waist and takes me to the little island. My eyes wander off, in search of Bruno. There he is in the back corner with people all around him. Laughing and talking. He looks at me and I glance away. But I look again. He is still looking straight at me, but talking with his friend, both looking at me. I turn away.