Intro & Chapter 1+2

14/06/2011 20:34


Today, I woke up in my bed, alone. A post-it is on the pillow again. 


“I had to leave early this morning, Phil found a new melody. Maybe a new hit? I love you. xx Bruno.”


I should have known, it’s always the same thing. A new melody, a new song, new rehearsals hours, a new tour, new concerts. 

It’s a kind of vicious circle. He hasn’t got time for me since he’s suddenly became famous. Well, I didn’t know him before he was famous but I preferred the time when we met each other, the time when I was the only person who ever counted to him. 


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.


#Chapter 1 "you're beautiful" he whispered to me, in the most sincere way of the world.


__ Kaylee, Kaylee! 

__Leave me alone please., 

__What do you think about your boyfriend? Do you think it’s good if he smokes? Did you know he was into drugs?, 

__Listen! I said, stopping me suddenly on the sidewalk. You really have to stop with your questions! Leave me alone, leave Bruno alone! We don’t answer anything to anyone! 

So I kept walking, without stopping this time, I slightly lowering the head to avoid cameras’ flash. I already see there an eventual gossip magazine cover: “Scoop, after a little boys trip to Las Vegas, he gets arrested. BRUNO MARS, his girlfriend is talking…” something like that…, 

I managed to hold back my tears. “It’s nothing, it’s going to be ok” a little voice whispered in my mind. I hope so.., 

After the race “me VS paparazzis”, I saw Phil’s car -Phil, who was charged to pick me up because I haven’t got my drive license yet. I was almost running to reach the car. He opened the first passenger door and I rushed myself in. After one minute of silence, I burst into tears, a hand in front of my eyes. Phil put his hand on my shoulder and he rubbed my back by way of solace. Even if I hated him to do not control himself and to got my boyfriend in their silly drunk party, I had to admit that Phil was a really good friend. Indeed, Phil is a really thoughtful person, protector, who listen to and who comfort people. But it really surprised me that he didn’t do a thing. He got drunk, without thinking about consequences. He’s fifteen years older than Bruno by the way and he should be more mature, which is not really the case…, 

__It’s going to be ok. Phil told me, slowly before to start the engine. 

__Yes it’s going to be ok, I just really need some rest. I said, with a trembling voice. 

Phil brought me back “at my home”, I mean at Bruno’s. 

__ Do you want that I stay with you or that I leave? Phil asked me, cautious. 

__You can stay if you want. I told him, with a little voice. 

Bruno opened the door and pulled me against him while he kiss me on the forehead. I pulled out his hands furtively with a “not now please” which ruined his smile. I climbed upstairs before burst into tears in front of him. I already had to show my weakness to Phil, that was so enough. 

I entered in our room and I spread me on the white’s sheets bed. I caught a feather pillow and I tight it against my chest. “inspire slowly, expire.” repeated the little voice in my mind.  

Meanwhile, Phil was talking to Bruno in the kitchen. 

__Did you realize how was Kaylee? Phil screamed on Bruno, reproachfully. 

__You’re her friend Phil. By the way, remind me who gave me the drug? Bruno said to his friend, toughly. 

__That’s not the question! We were drunk, I gave you the drug and Kaylee knows it now! The whole planet knows it Bruno!

__What are you doing just now? Bruno asked, without seeing where Phil wanted to come. 

__You’re everything to Kaylee! You’re the man she always wanted to have by her side, the one who loves her and there’s nothing worst than seeing the person you love becoming the person you can hate, inch by inch. She loves you so much and I think this story about drugs totally ruined her.

__But it was just one time! He said scandalized.

__How could you know? Who tells you that you won’t want to try it again? I know it’s all my fault! I know I purpose the idea of the trip to Las Vegas, I know I ordered all those bottles, I know I gave you the drug -I don’t even know why I brought some- I know it’s all my fault. That I’m responsible for Kaylee’s trouble but please don’t act like it was nothing! You should have seen all those paparazzi running after her today, she barely could reach my car! A 18-years-old girl under the influence of the medias because of three friends who have done stupid things, one night, in their hotel room in Las Vegas!

__Kaylee knows the paps. he replied.

__Yes, she knows them and she can handle them but honestly after your detention, do you really think they gonna put only a few paps on your case? Be them, one of the biggest case of the century! You, who stay lock at your house and her, who’s hanging around after all…it’s inevitable to be chased by all those people.

Bruno didn’t say a thing, he sighed.

__Kaylee loves you and she would prefer to die than to see you destroyed -as physically, morally and mediatically- I sincerely think that you guys need to talk seriously, as two adults in a relationship who came across a dark side. 

__Can you leave us for a few hours? I’m gonna talk to her.

Phil nodded and left.

Bruno blew and climbed upstairs. He knocked at the door’s room whispering a “knock, knock, knock” which was supposed to be funny and entered in the room, closing the door slowly. He went lay down next to me, putting one of his arms around me and stroking my hair. He pushed away some of my locks of hair which, which were on my face and he wiped my tears streaming with the back of his other hand. We were looking at each other in the eyes, deeply.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered to me, in the most sincerely way of the world.

I suddenly looked away from him.

He delicately took my face between his hand, as to force me to look at him.

__Kaylee, look at me! I’m sorry…

I didn’t answer.

He stares at me, right in the eyes, with an expression full of sadness, his face looked like older in only few minutes. He seemed to breaking down as the minutes passed. You could feel the pain in his eyes, catch sight of his heart hurt.

Whereas I was about to talk, my heart sank and tears flowed in torrents down my cheeks. Every single sentences I said were interrupted by tears.

__I…I…I’m so afraid! 

__Afraid about what? He asked me, worried, still keeping my face between his hands.

__Afraid…that you….would start again…to be…on drugs! I’ve articulated in one breath.

__What? Oh no honey, no! He told me with a honeyed-voice. I won’t start again! 

__That’s…what….you had told me…before…to leave! You had…told me…that you would never…be on drug…and…you did!

Bruno without knowing what to say, he tempt to find an excuse, softly grimacing.

__I used to…trust you! You…betrayed…me!

__No baby, no! I didn’t mean to…

__I was scared…but I was trusting you! I was…supporting you! But…you don’t care!


__Don’t you love me?

__Don’t say that darling! I love you more than anything! He said to me, with bright-eyes.

__If you really loved me, you would have known that I was scared about you, that drugs worried me and you wouldn’t have done that! 

There was a long silence. Bruno didn’t even dare to say something else, because of the fear to make things become worse. He got out of bed and walked toward the bedroom’s door.

__I’m gonna leave you alone for a while, to give you the time to think, quietly. he said to me, ill-at-ease.

I turned my back, still lying on the bed with all my length. As soon as he closed the door, tears came to my eyes again. All of a sudden, I thought about our meeting. We were still happy. Today, I have no idea what we are for each other.


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.


#Chapter 2 This isn't possible, this couldn't be possible, it's just a dream, I'm gonna wake up


Flashback :

It’s 5am and I’m still exhausted because of the jet lag! I arrived -at my auntie’s in Los Angeles- fewer than 24 hours and the sun already breaks at my window. 

I made grunting noises, caught the pillow and threw it on my head to hide me from the sun. “I’m going to close my eyes for a couple of minutes.” I thought.  Five hours later, my aunt entered loud in my room. 

__Wake up Kaylee, it’s 10am! She said, surprised that I sleep “so” long. 

__That’s all?! I said, scandalized. Jet-lag totally achieved me!

__Precisely, it’s time to get up! You’ll sleep better tonight and you’ll wake up at the local hour on tomorrow! She said to me, with a smile on her lips. 

She’s used to schedule.

__Well, dress you, eat and I take you in! She said to me, in the emergency.

__Where do you take me in? I asked, rubbing my eyes, still was muddled. 

__Go shopping! She said like it was obvious. I saw your luggage and honestly the content scared me! You almost bring nothing! Should I remind you that you live here until further notice? She asked to me, smirking.

__Oh, not really. I know that I’m in my paradise! 

__LOS ANGELES BABY! She screamed before to burst out laughing. 

She left the room as fast as she came in. She was probably fixing me something to eat. 

I pulled out the blanket with great difficulty -there is the inconvenient of a blanket wonderfully mellow, it was heavy- I put on a bathrobe and jumped in my slippers. I shuffled out of my room and went to the bathroom.

I took my clothes off and entered into the shower. I left hastily five minutes later because my aunt just knocked into the door- which it made me jump with fright- to tell me that I only got twenty more minutes before she change her mind. 

I choose to wear my new white dress with lace straps and spartan. I added some bracelets, earrings and a iron ring with a square of ruby set with diamonds. I made up a line of black eyeliner which it surrounded my brown eyes -a little bit banal- and combed my dark hair and put a white flower pin in it. I came back in the room to take my purse and I took advantage of it to check me in the mirror. I made a quick appearance in the kitchen to drink a tea and eat one of this delicious pancakes placed in evidence on the table. My aunt screamed from the next room to ask me if I was ready, I answered her that I was ready and we walked to her car. 

__Where do you precisely want to go shopping? My auntie asked while we were already en route. 

__Hmm…Beverly Hills I guess and why not Rodeo Drive in the next?

__Ok for Rodeo Drive! She said, happily. 

__Can I put some music? I asked to her, there will be a little more ambiance.

__I agree. -she turned the radio on KISS FM, perfect!- So you’re happy to be there?

__You can’t even imagine! I couldn’t stay one more minute in the greenness  and the cold of France…besides that my friendship had seriously started to be degraded. I think it was the good time for a fresh start, here, in L.A. 

She nodded. 

__Yes, there’s nothing better than Los Angeles to start to enjoy life again. she said to me, winking.

Suddenly, while I was leaving, a song of my favorite singer Bruno Mars went on air.

__Oh my god! BRUNO MARS! I yelled, grin from ear to ear, with bright eyes and hands crossing like I was praying.

__Ah yes! Bruno…Do you like him? My auntie questioned me.


__Oh? I heard he will be performing at the Grove tonight, I can ask infos to my contacts if you want me to?

__Is that true?! Oh it would be great!! I boomed, totally excited. It’s really a dream to see him perform! I adds.

__Who’s talking about see him perform? Of course you’ll see him but I was thinking to make known him personally to you. I had the opportunity to see him a couple of times and we sympathized. I’m going to contact him on today! She ended up to decide. 

This is not possible, this couldn’t be possible, it’s just a dream, I’m going to wake up! I bet if I pinch me I wouldn’t be hurt…- so I did- OUTCH! No…it’s not a dream.

We arrived to Beverly Hills. My aunt quickly found a parking place and when she went out of the car, she yelled “Let’s go! Shopping’s calling us!” 

I suddenly burst out laughing. 

__Why do you laugh? My auntie questioned me -she definitely didn’t understand. 

__You know…it’s just…you really make me laugh you got so much energy!

__To go shopping? Always honey! And don’t laugh, what I said it’s true! By the way, don’t forget we have to find you the sexiest dress for tonight!

__Auntie, I’m 18! I said, scandalized and surprised by her words.

__No, almost…19…and he’s 22*. And who’s talking about age? Honestly, it’s the cutest guy I’ve ever seen! …well maybe after Zac Efron…! Whatever, if he likes you in any way you can be sure that I would never make concessions!

I sketched a smile while I was thinking something like “If only she could be right!”, making my way to the biggest names of the Haute Couture. 

I was shopping in every stores for two hours now, trying a lot of clothes and selecting the good ones. Yet, I didn’t find the dress of my dreams. My aunt gave me tips on the style, the color and the height of my ideal dress while she was making some calls. She succeeded to call Bruno Mars and inform him of our venue at the show of tonight.  

__It’s the last store that I go in! I’m tired of all these fittings.

While my aunt was still stuck to her phone, I was looking for clothes. I fell on this wonderful dress that my aunt bought me two minutes after, without even hesitate. When I was back at auntie’s, I jumped on YouTube to find good tutorials for a perfect makeup. After one hour of watching and practise, I couldn’t even recognize me. I was absolutely wonderful. My aunt, didn’t look that bad too. Decidedly everyone want to make Bruno fall for them! 

__Kaylee, the driver is in front of the house! My aunt shouted from the living-room.

I caught my purse, ready at least for two hours and I rushed downstairs. 

The driver got out from the car to open the door to me, a truly princess...


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.