Intro & Chapter 1

26/05/2011 07:55


Here I am......laying here alone thinking about all the great times we had together. Just thinking of him makes my eyes water, I try to fight back the tears but its so hard for me to not cry. I missed his laugh, his touch, & ugh.....the way he made love to me......damn how I missed him. I get out of my bed & go to my dresser to look at all the pictures of us, I looked over & I notice a little card that came with my bouquet of tulips he sent to me for the first time. On the card it said "Just because its Wednesday....Love, Bruno" I couldnt hold the tears any longer so I let them fall. I ran into the bathroom to put water on my face, after I dried my face off, I looked in the mirror & there was Bruno.........

Chapter 1

"Ok sir I'll be back with your drink" I say

"Damn I thought breakfast rush was bad....but the lunch rush is HELL!!" I say to Jen, who was my co-worker & best friend

"Hell? really Tori?" Jen says laughing.

I ran back behind the counter to fix the customer's drink & as I was fixing it, I notice a group of guys come walking into the diner. They all were good looking but it was one particular one who stood out the most to me. He had on a black mickey mouse shirt, black jeans, converse, demin jack, shades, & a cute fedora. He looked over in my direction & smiled, I smiled back, then I felt something cold pouring over my hand. It was the Iced-tea spilling all over the floor.

"Oh Shit" I said.

Then I jumped back before any tea got on my favorite pair of vans...the green ones to be exact. When I turned back around I seen him smile & look down, I was so embarssed. This has never happened with any other cute guy that walks into the diner but it happened with him. I hurried up & cleaned the tea up, fix the customer another drink, soon I was about to bring the customer his drink Jen stopped me.

"Dont worry Tori, I go this one" Jen said

"Go over there where those guys are." Jen said

"Oh no I cant serve them!" I said

"Why not!?! Its NOT that hard! I mean if you can serve old perverted married men then you sure as hell can serve a group of"

"Jen....come back.....come back Jen" I said snapping my fingers in front of her face

"Hmmmm....what?? Oh my bad Tori....sorry you know what goes on in my mind when I see fine men like that"

"Yea I know" I said rolling my eyes

Jen shoved me & said "Now get your ass over there!"

I was kind if nervous at first but I shook it off & walked over there. When I finally reached their booth, all of them stopped talking & started smiling.

"Welcome to Moe's, Hi Im Tori & I will be your waitress...what can I get you guys to drink?"

They told me what they wanted, so I went back behind the counter & fixed their drinks. When I came back to their booth to serve them their drinks, I kept noticing that one paticular staring at me.

"Is their a problem sir?"

He takes off his shades & smiles

"DAMN" I said

his smile sexy....& those eyes...oh those beautiful hazel eyes. Oh goodness does he know how sexy he is? DAMN.

"Now I know" He said with a smile

I couldnt believe I said that out loud!! I tried to forget about what I said & took their order. I went behind the counter & waited for the chef to get done with their order. While I was waiting Jen came over & talked to me.


"So what Jen?"

"Did you get any of their names?"

"No I didnt"

"What the hell are you waiting on christmas?"

"Well actually im waiting for their food" I said with a smile

"Dont be such a smart ass Tori" Jen said shoving me

"When you serve them their food ask them their names"


"Because I might want to snatch one of their cute asses up & who knows how far that can go"

"ummmm possibly kidnapping & rape?"

"Again, stop being a smart ass"

"Ok...I will ask for their names ....but the guy with the fedora is MINE"

"Ok...Jeez I wasnt even looking at him anyway"

"Order up!" Chef said

I grabbed their food & went to their booth

"Here you their anything else you need?"


I looked at him with a smile.

"What is it sir?"

"Your name"

"Its you can see on my name tag"

the guys started laughing

"I'm sorry I was so distracted by that beautiful face that I didnt notice your name tag"

"Sure you didnt" I said trying not to blush

As I start to walk away I felt one of them grab my hand & I turned around & he says

"Hi im Bruno.....Bruno Mars"

"Hi Bruno" I said with a smile

"This is Eric, Phil, Jamareo, Phred, & Kenji"

I said "Hi" to all of them, they all were cuter up close, all of them were very nice & sweet to me. Then all of a sudden I hear


I turn around & its Jen, I understood exactly what she ment by that. So I introduced her to the guys. I noticed that Kenji couldnt stop staring at her while she was talking. So I nudge her shoulder while she was talking & She looked at me, I gave her "The Look". Then she looked at Kenji & smiled, he quickly turned his head & looked out the window.

"Dont mind Kenji, he is only shy around pretty girls" Bruno said

We all started to laugh. I looked at the time & I couldnt believe we were standing here talking to then for an hour. But luckily they were the last customers in the diner for the lunch rush.

"Well guys we gotta get going" I said

Bruno grabs my hand & says

"Wait what time do you get off?"

"Why do you want to know"

"Maybe because I want to see you again & get to know you a little more"

"Im not telling you what time im getting off"

"Well thats fine, we have to go anyway it was nice meeting you"

He shakes my hand & I say

" was nice......"

I dont know what came over me. I think it was those beautiful eyes or that sexy smile.

They all left the diner, me & Jen started screaming

"Girl there is some SERIOUS chemistry going on between you & Bruno"


"DUH!! Its obvious"

"Well lets talk about that cutie eyeing you Jen"



"Oh him...girl he is going to be mine!!"

"We'll talk about this later on"


When the clock hit 10pm, it was closing time. I've been wating for that time since 8am.

When I walked outside to get in my car I hear a voice say


I was terrified to turn around, then I heard footsteps coming towards me.......