Intro&Chapter 1

18/04/2011 20:46


I'm Looking down at my daughter. Damn dose she have her fathers eyes. Big & brown, kinda like a puppy. They just draw you in. everything about her is him, the way she laughs, how she thinks, she even sounds like him when she sings. I hold her as she goes back to sleep & i start to cry. Damn I miss him so much. His touch, his cinnamon smell, his humor, his morning love making, everything. Even though I miss him, he did me wrong & I couldn't stand the life style that he was living. As tears roll off my cheeks, I start to sing out My Broken Down Blues.


Chapter One

The year was 1952, i was walking home by myself in this yellow high waist dress when i heard a car coming & i heard men singing some song. they sounded drunk but i didn't pay it no mind so, i kept walking. all of a sudden the car was slowing down. i reached in my purse & Grabbed onto my switch blade just in case. A guy was like" hey you yellow" but i kept walking so he said it again "hey excuse me miss yellow dress". I turned around to see a 1950 Mercury Beautiful Baby Blue car with Phil, Ce lo Green, Ne Yo & Bruno. Bruno was looking at me so i said " my names not yellow" & Bruno was like "what is it" & i said "none of your business" . the guys started laughing & i started walking again but they started driving next to me. he was like "why the attitude i just want to know your name" & i said "why i don't know yours" & he said "peter but you can call me Bruno mars" & i said & who are they?" they all introduced themselves then Bruno said "together we're Bruno Mars & the Hooligans" & i started laughing & said " not another group, it's a wasted dream" he said "but we got real talent" & i said "yeah right" Phil said "why don't you come to this party & hear us sing". I said "OK & if you guys are bad I'm booing ya'll". they all just smiled but Bruno smiled the hardest. I said "so when is this shindig?" he said "in about an hour" i said " well then i can't go" he said "why not" i said " i have no way there" he said "hop in" i looked at him while he was smiling so beautifully. He was so cute but i wasn't sure about going but my gut said go for it so i did. Phil moved to the back & i sat up front with Bruno. they started telling me about themselves & i just listen. we got there & Bruno talked to the Bouncer at the door telling him to let me in. So musics playing from the radio when they announce that Bruno Mars & the Hooligans we're coming on to preform so i went to the front of the stage and they started singing but when Bruno took the lead, i was in total shock & mesmerized by his voice & those eyes. Girls were screaming, getting to excited but He stared at me the whole time he was singing & i was smiling. Really hard. They performed about 3 more of their songs and was done after they performed I went around to the back door & they came busting out, girls screaming, running for them, i almost got lost in the crowd but Bruno grabbed my hand & pulled me into the car & Phil drove off. So Ce lo asked "what did you think" & I said " you guys are really good". they all smiled. all of a sudden we end up at a carnival. the other guys meet up with other girls & it was just me & Bruno. we were asking questions about each other & stuff, found out we had a lot in common. He won me a teddy bear & bought some cotton candy the we shared. we ended up getting on a Ferris wheel. he put his arm around me. & i just looked at him. those eyes. god those beautiful big brown eye's. we kissed. got off the Ferris wheel. he walked me home. i invited him in. we talked some more over some hot apple cider. then we were just staring at each other for like 10min & then we went at it. the kissing the touching & we didn't even make it to the bed & when we got done we cuddled. Everything just felt so right.

He moved my hair from my face & just smiled at me. “What?” I said “Nothing baby, i'm just looking at you, tryna figure you out.” I looked at his hair. It was kind of like Elvis's but bigger & had a unique look to it. I said “whatcha wanna know?” “How come you let me make love to you & you never told me your name?” I just started to laugh “what you don't like the Idea of having sex with a stranger?” “ not at all, i'm tryna get to know you baby” I looked into his eyes & realized he was dead serious. No game playing, this cat was really trying to get to know me. “my name is Alicia” “now was that so hard?” I just smiled up at him & he smiled back. He took my hand & entwined it with his. He kissed it then he kissed me. “tell me more about you Alicia” “what else do you want to know?” “i wanna know everything” “ where do I start?” “what ever pops into your head “ “ favorite colors are purple,blue,green,& black. What about you?” “i really don't have a favorite color I just like what ever mood i'm in at the time. Tell me what else do you like?” “I like orchids, singing, reading, drawing & sleeping. Sweet kisses, breakfast &..” “me?” I had to think. I ran my eyes over his body, from those big brown beautiful eyes, his bronze skin tone, his chest all the way down to his man hood. From the corner of my eye, I seen him flash a smile at me. “ what are you looking at?” he said “yes.” “yes what?” “yes I you” He pulled me towards him & planted his lips right on mine. “i like you too” “ even though you don't know me?” I said. “yeah. That's why i'm trying to get to know you.” he said. “well what about you peter?” he sat up & turn on the edge of the bed. “ there's nothing special about me.” I grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him back down on the bed & kissed him. “don't say that.” “you don't even know me” he sat up & started to put on his clothes. “look I got to go, I'll call you or i'll stop by ok” I watched him get dressed & fury just bloated up in me. Crossing my arms I said” dont even bother. I'll just play stupid girl the next time I see you & not say anything to you.” He just looked at me “what?” I said “i know your not coming back, I've done this before so I already know. Whats going to happen to us.” “and whats going to happen to us Alicia?” “nothing, I was just another girl on your list.” I turned away from him, fighting back the tears. I wasn't crying because he was leaving, it's just because I fell for a cute singer boy again & now I'm on my own again. He didn't say anything but I heard the front door close and like the emotional girl I am I let the tears come because I know deep down I wanted him to stay.