Intro + Chapter 1

29/11/2011 19:06



“Here eat this.”

“Fuck.You.” I say

My head flies to the left as I feel the pressure of a slap on my cheek. Candy gets thrown at me and I hear a door slam. The room once again is pitched dark and I let my head hang down to touch the cold hard floor...I don’t even know how long I’ve been here.... I'm numb with no willingness to live because,I'm just a body, .

“Phred....” I barley say

I feel my body try to shed a tear but nothing comes out...i'm nothing and i'm starting not to care weather I live or die. Because like this Candy, i'm about to crack....



Chapter 1

“Alisia, stop daydreaming & pay attention!” Mrs. B said

“I'm sorry” I said

Fucking bitch, I couldn't stand her, she thought she was so high & mighty just because she's married now. She started to talk about stuff that I didn't really care about when he walked in. I felt a flutter in my heart & my hands get sweaty & I stopped breathing. He sat next to me like always and smiled. Call me a poet but those deep pools of mystery was a book I wanted to read so bad.

“Late again Mr. Brown” Mrs. B said

“I am very sorry Mrs. B” Phred said

“Don't be again” she said

“yes mam”

He put his dreads in a pony tail and I smelled a whiff of vanilla, I loved the soap he washed his hair in. it smelled so nice and sweet just like him.

“hey Alisia” Phred said

“Hey Phred” I said

He said that everyday to me, but I always got butterflies when he said that. See, I’ve liked Phred since he first moved here 3 months ago but I’ve never had the courage to say anything more to him. Oh believe me when I say i'm not shy, I had tons of boyfriends but Phred. I don’t know, he's so mellow and I guess, that throws me off. It was as if he read my mind because he turned his head and smiled at me.

“Hey, if you don’t mind I'm kinda getting the hee bee jee bee's with you staring at me” Phred said

“Oh Sorry” I said

I turn away, all red in the face. I open my notebook and start to write notes on what Mrs. B was saying. I couldn't help myself, from the corner of my eye I kept looking at him. I mean he's right here next to me, how can I not look at him. I felt something hit me in the back of my head, I turn around and it was Alicia pointing to the floor. I look down and see a note on the floor, I pick it up and read it. What would you say if I told Phred that you liked him? I gasped. I guess a little to loudly because Mrs. B was staring at me.

“You know where to go Alisia” she said

“yeah, I know” I said

I grabbed my stuff and turned to look at Alicia, she mouthed sorry to me and I glared at her. She always get's me in trouble. I walk out of class and walk towards the detention center, oh my home away from home. I walk in and Mitzi was sitting at the desk, Mitzi was the lady that watched everyone in here, she's cool beans and lets us do anything so I'm kind of happy i'm out of class.

“hey, i'm going to the bathroom” Mitzi said

“Ok” I said

I looked around and for once I was alone, usually around this time Maria was here but she was probably kissing some guy. I put my stuff on the desk and open the note book. Where was the note? I got up and looked around and I still didn't see it, my heart dropped. When I got to the door it was Phred holding a white piece of paper. The note.

“Looking for this?” he said

“Uh, yeah. Thanks” I said

“you know I read it”

“you did” I said with my face turning red

“yeah and let me tell you that, I already knew”


“you don't just look at someone for no reason”

I swear, I was turning into a tomato. I can't believe i'm talking to him, I’ve always thought I would faint if I did but he makes me feel so, relaxed. Still I didn't want him to think I was so caught up in him..even though I was but, he didn't need to know that.

“Maybe I was wondering about your dreads?” I said

“Well why didn't you ask me then?” Phred said

“I didn't want to offend you”

“Offend me?”



“I don’t know” I said walking back to my seat

Phred followed me and sat next to me, still with the note in his hand. I looked at him and he looked at me back. He always had a smile on his face, it was cute. Huh, This Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome was going to drive me make me melt.

“So is this true?” Phred asked

“What?” I said

“The note Alisia”

“Whats it to ya?”

“I just want to know that’s all”

“Like I said whats it to ya?”

“Just tell me, please?”

“Well...yeah, it's true. What you gonna do about it?”


He was bold, man was he bold. Phred was kissing me right here when Mitzi could walk in any minute. I closed my eyes and put my hands in his dreads. This was a dream this wasn't real, it couldn't be real... but his lips felt real and his hair felt real and I could feel his hands on my cheeks but then I pulled away and slapped him.

“How dare you!” I said

“Why did you do that?!” Phred said

“Because you can't just kiss someone when you found out that they like you”

“Yes I can because I like you too”

He kissed me again.

“Alisia, Mija wake up. It's time for school”

“ugh por que?”

“levanta ahora Alisia!” Mami said

“Dios mios Okay.” I said

I stretched out of bed. That's the third time that I’ve drempt that dream this week, it was always about Phred. I just can't figure out why I keep dreaming of him. I do like him but I don't know about him. I walk over to my bedroom bathroom and take a shower, I get out, dry off, do my hair wavy, do my make up, put on my white and green dress with white buttons and put on my white flats. I grab my school stuff and run down the stairs.

“Mija, desayuno!” Mami said

“No time i'm going to be late” I said

I ran out the door and see Papi pulling up to the house. Just in time, me and Papi didn't get along at all but I know that when I get home, he was going to scold me for not eating. I hop into my 1955 Red Chevy and drive off to school Thinking about Phred.