13/05/2011 22:09

“Camilla, you can’t just stay in your room because of that jerk!” “Whatever, I don’t care!” I said with tears in my eyes. “But we care. Please think about us!” “Alright, alright, I’ll come and eat something.” We ate… Nobody said a thing during it.  Then, all of the sudden, Chrissie asked who’s excited for tomorrow night? 'Was something up tomorrow?'  “What’s up tomorrow night?” I asked. “Don’t you remember, Isabella and I still do…” she said teasingly. 'She just loves to tease me' I thought. “Just tell me alright!” They both had smirks on they’re faces. “We’re going to a Bruno Mars concert, you dummy.” “Oh yeah... Totally forgot ‘bout that... Remind me again tomorrow I’ll probably forget it tonight.” We all laughed. We turned the TV on and watched a lot of different shows. Most of them I didn’t know or were just awful. But at the moment I couldn’t care what I was watching. I went up to bed. “Goodnight!” Isabella and Chrissie said. “Goodnight! See you in the morning!”