Part 1

31/05/2011 00:21

The vibrating of my mobile phone woke me up. Slowly I turned around, my eyes only half open, and turned it off. I was so damn tired – packing my bag took me til 11:30pm yesterday.

Then I remembered and got all excited. I jumped out of my bed and took a shower.

I went downstairs and found my parents sitting in the kitchen, eating my breakfast. I joined them and grabbed a roll. “So, are you excited?“, my mom asked. „I don’t know. A bit I guess.“ „You’ll have fun, I’m sure.“, my dad said. Yeah, right, dad. You know that because you’ve made an exchange already a thousand times. Damn. I tried to convince myself that he was right though. It was wrong to be afraid of going there. I would spend one whole year in Honolulu in Hawaii, staying with a family I’ve never met before. That would be a lot of a difference compared to this little town in Germany I live in.

„We better leave now and get to the airport. Otherwise you’ll miss your plane!”

“I won’t miss it, mom.” I said, annoyed.

Taking three stairs one step I got into my room and took my bag. It was huge. We all got into the car and took off. It was such a weird feeling when I looked back. I will miss this. That’s for sure. And I will miss my little sister, Nina. She is really annoying but I love her to death.

When we arrived at the airport it was awful. I didn’t want to say goodbye because I hate that! So I just gave everyone a hug and left without looking back. That was probably the hardest but also the easiest way to do it.

On the plane I fell asleep as soon as we were up in the air. I first woke up when the girl next to me said “we’re here.” Very shy and smiled at me. I smiled back and felt like my stomach was about to fall out of my body. Moving was quite impossible – I was too nervous. When the plane landed it was okay though. I tried to calm myself down by thinking of all the beautiful pictures I’ve seen of Hawaii.