Part 2

31/05/2011 00:22

My host family was really nice. When we were in the car they started asking questions. Of course, they had to.

„Welcome, first of all!“, my host dad, George, said. “Thanks”

“so.. you’re Lucy and you’re 17 years old, right?” “Umm…” I was so distracted by the beautiful view I had out of the car window. Just how I had imagined it. “umm.. YEAH, sorry. Yeah, that’s right!“ I said, a little late.

My host mom, Mary , laughed. “Great, I’m Mary, and this is my husband George and we’re way too old to say it out loud.”, she said smirking. Now it was my turn to laugh because they weren’t that old for sure! They looked like 30 or something.

The house they lived in was beautiful. It was pretty small but it looked really cute and comfortable. I had my room little room where I put my bags and then I went straight back to the kitchen. I was starving.

Luckily Mary was just preparing dinner, so me and George sat down and then we ate together. It tasted different than in Germany but it was still good and I knew I would get used to it.

Later I decided to go out and look around in the city a bit. Mary and George were okay with that, so I walked down to the beach, which was so beautiful that I stood there for a few minutes speechless. My camera was still in one of my bags but I could take pictures later. It was too beautiful to be true.

„Nice, huh?“, a male voice said right next to me. I cringed and turned around. The guy who talked to me was really good looking. He had brown, curly hair, big brown eyes that looked into mine and his smile was stunning. I didn’t even notice I was staring at him the whole time until he started laughing. “Do I have something in my teeth? I just had dinner, soo..“ „noo, no, I’m sorry… I just.. I don’t know.. I’m sorry..“ I said awkwardly. Gosh, why was he so good looking. But, wait. I had to ask him what his name was otherwise I’d mess it up even more, I guess.  “What’s your name?”, we both said at the same time. “Lucy.” – “Bruno.” We said the same time again. Suddenly I bursted out laughing and he did too.

“Me first!”, he said while I was still laughing. I just nodded and so he said. “Hi, Lucy. Nice to meet you, how come I’ve never seen you here before?”

“I’m doing an exchange year over here.” I was still giggling. Damn, why couldn’t I just stop, this was getting embarrassing. He looked to the ocean as if he could see the other side. Then suddenly he looked into my eyes, then looked away and said “I gotta go now. It was nice to see you. Bye!”

“When can I see you again?” I yelled after him. Oops. That were my thoughts,  I didn’t even want to ask him that. Or did I?

I saw him smiling and yelling back. “Come to the Paparazzi club in one hour. It’s just down that street and then you turn right and you’re there!”

He was really polite. He could have rejected me because I was behaving like a thirteen-year-old with my stupid giggling before. “Okay. I’ll be there.”, I said and smiled at him too.

“Bruno”, I said to myself when he left. That reminded me of one of my german friends who had the same name and again I smiled. What was wrong with me?! I saw this Bruno once now, I can’t have a crush on him.

The way to the club was shorter than I expected but I wasn’t there early. I was perfectly in time and went in. They didn’t even ask me how old I was which was pretty good because I don’t think they would’ve let me in if they knew I was only 17.

As soon as I entered I heard someone singing. It was a beautiful soft voice. A voice like I’ve never heard before. There weren’t many people in the club and I went closer to the ‘stage’.

First I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Bruno! He was singing. When he caught my eye he smiled at me with showing all of his perfect teeth. I couldn’t help but grin back at him.

"And I pray girl that this feeling,

Is something that we always feelin',

If you're with it girl, hear me girl,

This is what I'll do,

I will give you the world,

Put it in your hands,

Cause I ain't never felt this way before"

It was as if he was singing what I felt. Crazy dude. I really wanted to get to know him more. He seemed quite interesting. Wait, what am I saying?! – He seemed extremely interesting!