Part 3+4

12/06/2011 10:51

Part Three!!!!


Sooo a little bird told me i should give Mr. Bruno a POV hahaha well... here it is... thanksz lil birdie =)


"Let’s see, haircase, haircase, haircase... ah haircase." I picked up the case that i thought to be Naveahs haircase and began to look through it for my hairgel. "All this make up.. i should throw some of this....." Instead i found something else. "Away...." A little white stick with two pink lines on it. My heart froze and i couldnt breath. Trying to collect myself i sat down on the toilet seat and slowly began to breath again. Quickly and in shock i pulled out my cellphone and placed a call i few rings later i heard.

"Phil here." He answered sounding chipper and happy as always.

"Phil, bro i got a question."

"What’s up bro??"

I sighed hard, "On a pregnancy test... two pink lines... what does it mean???"

He chuckled, "What??" He sounded confused.

"Two pink lines on a pregnancy test.. what the hell does it mean???"

"It means pregnant why??" He replied and i went deaf after that

"I- i gotta go." I hung up in disbelief... Naveahs pregnant.. and she hasn’t even told me. How long has she known? Am i that damn busy that i havent noticed what has been going on in my own damn home?? So many thoughts raced to my mind as i sat there. Standing up i shook them off. I had a show tonight and i needed to be focus for it. Naveah and i would have our talk once that was over and done with. Right now i have to try and focus. I gathered my things and left out making my way to the club where we were doing our show. The one night i should be happy and hyped im shocked and confused.


"Soooo you just gonna sit there with ur arms folded across your chest and a blank look on your face?" Kenji asked breaking me out of my trans i had been staring at the wall for who knows how long.

"Oh umm, im just thinking about something."

"And that would be???" Eric asked.

I looked at him, "Oh umm nothing really." I shook my head.

The guys all looked at each other then back at me,

"Soo your thinking... about nothing??" Phil questioned wit a strange look on his face, "Riiiiiiigggght Bruno." He laughed a little. "Come on ya'll lets go get a drink before the show."

Everyone but me got up and began to leave.

"Hey bro you coming?" Eric asked as we left out the door.

I shook my head once more, "Nah im good."

He shrugged. "Okay." Eric left out shutting the door behind him and leaving me with my thoughts. What the hell were we gonna do know?? We were just making enough for the two of us to get by and now a baby... how could we have been so damn careless??!!! Wait.. why hasn’t she told me though.. if she is pregnant why hasn’t she said one mumbling word to me about it. I know if she is the baby is mine.. .She isn’t the type to sleep around.. i know that for sure. Maybe.. maybe she... i shook the sicking thought of naveah having a abortion without telling me. I hoped to God she wouldn’t do something like that to me. My phone vibrating in my pocket stop me from thinking, sitting up i took the phone out of my pocket and answered it.

"Hello." I answered dryly

"Someone is in a grumpy mood." She replied with a cheerful chuckle

i clenched my jaws a little, "Just trying to get my head right you know."

"Ahhhsz i see, well i was just calling to let you know i was gonna be running a little late, Morgan is being a diva."

I made myself laugh, "Oh okay that’s cool babe... just um come backstage when you get here... okay."


"I love you Naveah."

"I love you too Peter." She smiled on the other side of the phone

I could only smile a little once we hung up from each. The smile soon faded when i thought about what she could have done to our unborn child.



We walked in the club and the place was jumping! Bruno and the guys were performing "Killa On The Run." One of my favorite songs. We stood there on the packed dance floor where people were dancing and singing along to the words they knew. Like i said Bruno and the guys were closer to their dreams than i was. In Miami they were stars, trying to make it national. As i watched them i noticed the look on Bruno’s face, he didn’t look like himself. He looked so... serious... like somethin’ was on his mind.   When the song was almost over i pulled Morgan to the back so we could wait for them in the dressing room. Tired i ploped down on the couch.

"Im soooo tired!" i closed my eyes.

"Yea that’s what happens when ur preggers."

Quickly opening my eyes i looked at Morgan, "Shut up, they could be on the other side of the door."

She threw her hands up in defense. "My bad, i was just saying."

"Yeah uh huh just sayin too much."

Morgan laughed a little.

Few minutes later the door swung open and the guys walked in.

"Y’all hear that??!!!" Phil yelled smiling and pointing towards the door where you could still hear people screaming and cheering.

"They felt us tonight," Kenji smiled giving us a hug.

"That’s great guys, who knows might of had some stars out there tonight." Morgan suggested.

"Man i sure hope so that would be the icing on the cake tonight."

"Icing on the cake Eric?" Phil looked at him crazy.

Eric nodded, "Yeah."

Phil shook his head, "You’re gay."

We all busted out laughing, well all of us but Bruno who was sitting beside me looking straight ahead.

I touched the side of his face. "Babes, what’s the matter."

He looked at me, the twinkle in his eyes were missing, something was wrong my heart began to beat faster, he bit down on his bottom lip, "Hey can you guys give veah and i some time to talk?"

"Yeah sure.." They all left out looking more confused than i was.

Bruno got up and shut the door locking it.

"Ok... ur kinda creeping me out... what’s goin on?"

He took something out his pocket and tossed it on the table, "THAT’S what’s going on veah..."

My world froze... how did he... oh no. "Bruno let me explain."

He folded his arms across his chest. "Im listening."

I wasn’t expecting him to do that, i was hoping he would yell cuss and scream just to give me enough time to gather my words. My mind went blank.

"Naveah are you pregnant??!!!"


She slowly nodded, and a few tears rolled down her cheek as she looked at me.

My face soften, i shouldnt have yelled at her. Walking back over to her and sat beside her. "Wh- why didn’t you tell me?"

She sniffed a little. "I didn’t know how to tell you..."

"What do you mean you didn’t know how to tell me??"

"You had already said that it was good that it was just the two of us cuz it would be harder with a kid."

Sighing i rubbed the back of my neck thinking back to when i said that. "Babe.. i say alot of mindless things... you know how i am." i removed her fallen tears.

"Yeah but things would be harder with a baby you know and i know it." She began to cry harder.

"Come here." I hugged her and sat back on the couch her head resting on my chest, "True it'll be a little harder, but we're gonna make it... Our child won’t want for anything becuz ima bust my ass making sure that you two have everything ya'll would need." I Kissed the top of her head as she cried more.

"This won’t mess up ur dreams?"

"Nah." I shook my head rubbing her back, "I got all this, i dont want you to worry about anything but giving birth to a healthy babyboy." i smirked a little know she would cheer up a little.

Naveah sat her head up and looked up at me, "A boy?"

"Yeah, i like the name Bruno Jr. wat you think?" I winked at her smiling a little.

"I think u’re crazy if you think ima give birth to another you."

I laughed a little. "Come here." I hugged her tighter to me. "MMmm Mmm, we're gonna be parents."

She nodded. "Yeah."

"How far long are you??"

"2 months and two weeks."

"Wow..... wait-"

"I took the test two weeks ago and the doctor told me today how far along i was."

"Oh... so that means-" I smiled.

"Yes, my due date is somewhere around the week of ur birthday."

A proudful smile came across my face. "Sweeeeeet!"

She laughed.

Things then got quiet i closed my eyes and just let everything soak in


"Yea babe?" I replied still with my eyes closed.

"We're gonna be okay right?" She asked slowly.

"Yeah... just bare with me..... ima work it out."





Part Four


ShutUpAndTweet: I feel like #Poop!!!!

Sighing i threw my phone at the foot of the bed and laid back on it. 5 months and i was feeling... well i was feeling like poop!!! I was sick all the time, couldnt hold anything down, always throwing up, always hungry though, moodswings which is mostly taken out on Bruno. "You did this to me!" I cried out one night out of nowhere, needless to say he was very confused but he deals with it. He puts up with all of it like a champ, i have no idea where i would be without him. And our friends of course, they have really been putting in work, along with his family. My family... not so much, well my mother and older sister Stacy are there for us, but as far my father and the rest of my "FAMILY" they haven’t called or checked up on us since i told them i was pregnant. I don’t care though, if they want to be that way, they can stay that way.

My phone beeping took my out of my thoughts sitting up i picked it up, it was a tweet.

TheGreatBruno:@ShutUpAndTweet But you're more beautiful than ever and smell like sweet jasmines after a cool summer rain, #iLOVEyou =)

See he’s freaking awesome. where would i be without him?

ShutUpAndTweet:@BrunoTheGreat Thanksz babes, i miss you when are you comin home

PhillyPhil: @BrunoTheGreat & @ShutUpAndTweet #GAG!!!!!!!!

BrunoTheGreat: LMAO @PhillyPhil #Hater!!! @ShutUpAndTweet soon my love soon, we gotta wrap up a few things for the show. Cant wait to hold my loves

ShutUpAndTweet: @PhillyPhil lol loser!! @BrunoTheGreat we cant wait for you to hold us =)

PhillyPhil: -Pokes eyes out- Lol Love yu guys @Brunothegreat @ShutUpAndTweet

Brunothegreat: @Phillyphil we love ya too bro lol @Shutupandtweet get some rest my Queen

ShutUpAndTweet: @PhillyPhil I dont love you... hahaha #iKidd @BrunoTheGreat Will do my King. <3

I put my phone down and laid down on the bed once more. I was more than tired but couldn’t sleep to well becuz as soon as i closed my eyes i was up again throwing up something massive. Sighing i closed my eyes placing my hand on my stomach.

"Hey lil momma, mommie needs some sleep and so do you, sooooo let’s not act up in there okaaaaay." i felt this little butterfly feeling in my belly i smiled. "I will take that as a yes." Slowly but surely i... i mean We fell asleep.


"I don’t know what it is about today but we just don’t sound as good as we did yesterday." I took my hat off and ran my fingers through my hair. Yawnin i sat down at the piano. I had been doing that alot lately, yawning. I havent been getting much sleep, becuz every 20 minutes Naveah was tossing and turning, crying from back pain or running to the bathroom. It was starting to take a toll on me but i had to hold it down, i couldn’t let her or my band down.

"It didn’t sound too bad." Eric shrugged sitting behind the drums,

"But it didn’t sound too good either." I countered looking at him.

Rolling his eyes he flipped a drumstick in the air. "Well what do you suggest we do boss??" He questioned knowing how much i hated it when he called me that.

Ignoring him i began to play on the piano, this time letting feeling in me flow through me as i began to sing.


Everyday i wake up next to an angel

more beautiful than words can say

they said it wouldn’t work but what did they know

Cause years have passed and we're still here today

Never in my dreams did i think this would happen

to me


The guys began to join in


as i stand here before my woman

i cant fight back the tears in my eyes

oh how could i be so lucky

i must have did something right

and i promise to love her

for the rest of my life...


We went through "Rest Of My Life" a few more times until it sounded good to all of us.

"Sooo you really gonna ask Veah to marry you?" Kenji asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, i’ve been planning on doing... since the day i met her... but now it just seems right, not just becuz she pregnant but becuz i want to.. i need to."

"Yeah before she snaps back to reality." Phred joked.

I laughed a little, "Funny, funny... and your woman is where??" I looked at him with a serious face.

He didn’t say anything, everyone else busted out laughing though

"Hahahaha, very funny she's on her way here just wait and see MY angel will be here!" He replied as he pretened to cry which caused us all to laugh more.

Eric's phone going off cutting out laughter and jokes short. "Hey shut up." He glared at us before answering it. "Hello." He answered, "Yes this is he." He got up and walked out the room.

"What’s all that about?" Phil asked looking confused.

I shrugged. "Don’t know don’t care." I stood up from the couch grabbing my guitar case. "I’m going home to my wifey to be and baby to be."

The rest of the guys decided to do the same. As i walked out Eric walked in.

"Who’s ya favorite big bro?" Eric smiled at me as we walked to the elevator.

"Uhhh ur my ONLY big bro E." I looked at him crazy as i pushed the down button on the elevator.

He laughed, "Anyways, forget I said that." He fanned his hand in the air. "Guess who that was on the phone."


"I said guess...."

"E, who was it on the phone?" I asked getting a little annoyed.

He sighed. "You’re no fun, anyways that was Marc David from BluPrint Records." (I know that isn’t a real label nor is it the way things REALLY happened buuuuut its MY story sooooo.... hahah yea lol)

"What?????!!!" I yelled with a huge smile on my face.

"You heard me lil bro!! He wants us to come to his office for an audtion next week!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" We both yelled and hugged each other.

"Aw man this is awesome, I knew mom had you for a reason." I hit him in the arm playfully.

He laughed. "Yea and she didn’t give you up for adoption for a reason!"

We both laughed as we got on the elevator.

I rested my head against the wall as the doors closed. "This could be it bro."

"This IS it bro, i can feel it."

I was on cloud nine. I knew things were going to workout for the best i had a feeling it was. E and i walked out of the elevator and exchanged a few words before heading our ways. The whole drive home i had a smile on my face. I got to the apartment and was greeted by the smell of chicken faujitas. Naveah was cooking, could this day get any better????

"Babe!" I sat my guitar down next to the rest of my instruments.

"Kitchen!" She yelled back.

I walked in to see her at the stove cooking, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, showing off her babybump. She looked so beautiful. So beautiful that i forgot what i was about to tell her, i just walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her neck softly.

She giggled. "See that’s how we got this one." She pointed to her belly.

"Well she's in there now, sooo." I kissed behind her ear. "We can do whatever we want."

Naveah giggled once more. "Bruno what has gotten into you?"

"Better question is-"


"Ahh!" I cut him off knowing where the conversation was going, "Calm down mister." I got out of his hold. "Thought we agreed we wouldn’t do anything until AFTER the baby was born." I walked over the frige grabbing a tomato and onion, i turned around to see Bruno checking me out. Since I’ve been pregnant he can’t keep his hands off me, i mean he couldn’t keep his hands off me when i wasn’t but now... it’s crazy. "PETER!!!"

He snapped out of his dazed. "Oh uh, huh?"

I shook my head laughing a little. "No sex until AFTER the baby... remember." I began to cut up the onion.

"Nooo, noooo, nooo YOU said that I didn’t. I mean once the doctor said we could have sex up until ur due date. I was ALL for it YOU cut ME off." He stood behind me once more wrapping his arms around me, damn his arms around me.... they always made me weak. "You know i can’t be without ur love for too long... it’s been 2 months, the longest I’ve gone without has been a few hours." He spoke so softly in my ear sending chills down my spine. "I NEED you Naveah." He kissed my neck and my knees buckled a little.

"Bru..bru.. no." I broke out of his grip once again.

"Why noooooooooot??" He pouted.

"I love it when you pout." I kissed him.

"Don’t go kissing on me when you're not giving me any." He folded his arms across his chest acting as if he were mad.

I laughed. "I have to cook."

Bruno sighed. "Fiiiiiine."

"Ummmm hmmmm, how was practice?"

"Great!!" He smiled, "Got some good news from E."

"Which was?" I glanced over at him.

"We have an audtion next week."

I looked at him shocked. "Oh my gosh, really babes????"

He nods smiling. "Yup."

"AHHHHH!" I hugged him tight as he hugged me back laughing at my reaction. I kissed him all over his face. "I’m sooooo proud of you guys."

"Thanks babe." He laughed once more. "Told you i had this, all you gotta do is hang in there with me." He placed his hands on my stomach. "You and momma have nothing to worry about, daddy's gonna take very good care of you two."

I smiled at him, there was a bond between father and daughter already. It was like she knew when he was in the room, she would move around alot.. i mean ALOT like she is now.

"She loves me already." He smiled.

I laughed. "Only becuz she hasn’t seen that ugly mug of urs."

He gasped playfully. "You callin my ugly??"

"Juuuust a little." I joked.

"Okay okay." He pretending to hold back tears. "Ok..." He walked out of  the kitchen.

"Babes!" I laughed.

"Nah nah."

I laughed once more and continued to cook. "Ur daddy is sooo crazy."

And wouldn’t you know it, she moved.


2:34am and I was still awake. I couldn’t sleep had a lot on my mind. Sitting up in the bed I rested up against the headboard. I looked over at Naveah, she was sleeping, looking so angelic. Her little belly poking out. I smiled and moved down lower in the bed to be face to belly. I softly kissed her belly rubbing it a little.

"I still can’t believe your gonna be here in four more months." I spoke a little bit above a whisper. "I can’t wait to see you, can’t wait to see who you’re gonna look like... more than likely like me." I laughed a little. "Don’t listen to your mother, daddy isn’t ugly... im quite the looker, that’s how I got your mommie." I laid on my back. "Actually I  wasn’t that lucky, she put up a fight.. you know how many songs i had to sing outside her dance studio window just to get her to say yes to go out on a date with me... 3 weeks worth... she's a tough cookie. I hope you're like that... i mean i’m not a softy but mommie she’s a bit more of a fighter than daddy.... daddy’s a lover...." I touched her belly.. i could fell the little one moving i smiled. "Can i tell you something... you can’t tell mommy though... I’m gonna ask mommy something very important really soon... i think she'll say yes... what you think?"

"Bruno you're makin her move." Naveah said halfway asleep.

"Oh sorry." I waited for Naveah to go back to sleep before I looked back at her stomach. "Guess that’s a yes." I kissed her belly. "Oh and by the way your name will be Brunoette."


I laughed. "Okay, okay maybe not Brunoette." I moved back up in the bed and laid next to Naveah, facing her, watching her sleep as I slowly fell asleep myself...