Part 3

31/05/2011 00:22

When he finished the song he got off the stage-thing and I saw a beautiful woman walking towards him , giving him a hug and kissing him on his cheek. So he had a girlfriend. I hated myself for being so disappointed because of that. I always chose the wrong guys – whether they don’t love me the same or they have a girlfriend. Damn. I went to the bar to get a drink and tried not to look back to Bruno and the woman.

“So, how did you like it?” No, I said to myself. Please don’t talk to me, I might fall for you even more. But I was polite so I said “Great, you’re voice is unique but I like it!” and smiled at him.

“Thank you! That really means a lot to me.” He seemed really happy. “How old are you, Bruno?”, I asked. At first he seemed kinda confused that I asked him but he still replied. “I’m 17…how ‘bout you?” I smiled “Me too.”

I took a sip from my drink and noticed that it was already empty. There was an awkward silence when I put it back on the table.  “You know, I have to leave now. Bye.” As fast as I could I stood up and left the club. It was really dark outside and I was scared. Yes, I was scared of the dark and of the people that you meet in the dark.

I walked around the corner into a street and froze. There were six tall guys walking towards me. My heart beat really fast and I turned around into another street but I was lost. I didn’t know where I was anymore. Tears started to come into my eyes but I tried to fight them back. The men were getting closer and I heard them talking – They were clearly drunk. Shit!

Before I could start running I felt a hand on my shoulder and froze. I was scared to only breathe.

“hello handsome, what you doin’ out here all alone?” one of the guys said into my ear. You could smell the alcohol in his breath and I was disgusted. “Get off of me.” I said, trying to sound confident.

“Aw, come on, just tell us your name, beautiful”, another guy said. Now all of them were around me, there was no way I could escape.

“Get out of the way or I’ll call the police.” I said, but my voice broke. They laughed. “Your name, girl!”, one of the guys suddenly shouted, he was clearly upset. He’s drunk, I said to myself. Tomorrow he probably won’t even remember what he did tonight! “Maria”,  I lied. “Now get out of my way PLEASE!” I started to panic. I grabbed my purse tight and turned around but they were standing in a circle around me. When one of them touched me I smacked him with my purse and he tumbled back.

“Hey, don’t hurt my friend, or I’ll hurt you, okay?” one of them threatened while putting his arms around my waist. But when I tried to get him off of me he just tightened his grip.

“STOP IT AND GET OFF OF ME!” I screamed desperate.

Suddenly a car appeared in the street and stopped right where we were standing. When I saw who was coming out I was relieved and shocked at the same time.

Bruno ran towards us and punched the guy, holding me in his face. He then took my hand and we ran to the car together to get in before the other guys could punch him back. We took off immediately.

“That was close”, he said clenching his teeth. What a great first day on Hawaii., I thought.

My heart was still beating like crazy. I looked at Bruno thankfully.

“Thank you.” He looked at me and smiled but he still seemed upset. “Why are you so upset?” I asked quietly. For some reason it was easy for me to calm down when he was so angry. He didn’t answer and I was afraid, that question was wrong because we only barely knew each other so I just stayed quiet.

He dropped me off in front of my hostfamily’s house. But before I could get out I felt his hand on mine, pulling me back in. “What the..”, I started but then I saw his face so close to mine that I could feel his breath. Unlike the guys’ breath from before I liked it. He didn’t move, neither did I – we just sat there, our faces so close, and stared at each other. He was so beautiful, it was crazy. Did he know that he was so sexy?!

Then he finally moved and gave me a quick kiss on my forehead, then let go of my hand and kind of pushed me out of the car. I slammed the door and walked towards the house when I heard the buzzing of the car window as he closed it down. His face looked tired but still beautiful as he leaned over to say something. “I’m sorry”, he said and then he took off.

What? Why was he sorry? Was he sorry for kissing me? Did he regret it? I got kind of angry when I thought about it and opened the door. My hostparents were already asleep, so I went to my room quietly, got into my pyjama and went to bed.