Part 5+6

13/06/2011 12:57

Part five

"That's my baby..." I touched the screen.

"Yes sir it is." The doctor smiled as she continued with Naveah's ultrasound.

I was amazed, i mean i had been to just about all of her doctors appointments but everytime i see something new. I falling in love with my unborn child everytime i see her. Little Na'ima (Na EEM Ah) it means happiness and comfort. I picked the name, it sounded alot better than Brunoette.

"Would you like a 3d picture of your baby?" She asked us.

"Yes of course." I smiled.

"Alright," She cleaned off Naveahs stomach, "I'll be right back." She walked out of the room leaving Naveah and I.

She smiled at me, "She's gonna be here soon, you ready?"

"Yeah," i rubbed her belly "Are you ready?"

"Yup." She nodded smiling, "kinda nervous though."

"Why?" I stood next to her.

"Becuz, this will be my first child..."

I pecked her lips, "You're going to be a great mother, i can see that in you now, and you have me hereso you have nothing to worry about."

She smiled at me, "So what about when you leave and go out on the road when ya'll start recording and touring."

Yeah thats right, touring the guy loved us at the audtion and signed us on the spot. We start recording soon, we're all pretty excited about it... i know i am.

"My mom said she would come down and stay with you while im working, since you wont come with me."

She looked at me with her eyebrow rose, "im not taking my baby on the road."

"Correction," i kissed her, "OUR baby."

She smiled, "Right."

A little later the doctor came back in handing us both pictures of little Na'ima in the womb.

"Aww." Naveah covered her mouth as tears quickly formed in her eyes, "Look at those lips... she has my lips babes." She looked at me as a few tears rolled down her face

I smiled and looked at the picture as well i couldnt wait until she got here, couldnt wait to finally hold her in my arms. My two loves in my arms day in and day out... i couldnt wait until that day. After going over a few more things at the doctors office we left and made our way home.

"im hungry." Naveah stated looking through her phone

"tell me something i dont know." I mumbled, "Ouch!" I rubbed my arm, "why'd you hit me."

"I heard you jerk." She glared at me

"Im joking babe, i like it that you're getting a little thick."

"What??!!" She looked at me crazy

"Uhhh i mean..."

"Just forget it." She folded her arms across her chest and looked out the window

Way to go bruno, i thought to myself as i continued to drive to Jo'elle her favorite place to eat. I parked and cut the car off. Sighing i looked over at Naveah, "Babe..." She continued to look forward, "Babe." I turned her head so she could look at me, "I didnt mean it like that..."

Tears were in her eyes, "I know... its just that.. sometimes i feel soo... soo fat soo ugly."

"You shouldnt, " i removed her tears, "You get more and more beautiful everyday, i get jealous when we go out in public because guys are checking you out like im not standing RIGHT next to you... with my hand on your babybump..." it was true, guys were still checking her out even with a babybump, my lady still had it going on. Yet she didnt see that, i guess its a pregnant chick thing.

She laughed a little, "You're just sayin that."

i shook my head, "no im not, babe you're beautiful... your glowing."

She smiled, "Thats becuz i have the most amazing man in the world with me."

"I am pretty awesome arent i." I smiled

She shook her head, "Can we go eat now?"

"Yes ma'am we can, lets go."


We got out the car and made our way into Jo'elle's i loved the food here, it was amazing. We were seated in a booth and the waitress took our drink orders. As we waited we talked about this and that, i was in the middle of laughing at one of Bruno funny remarks when someone caught my eye, they looked in my direction and i looked away. I was praying that he didnt walked over to the table. Just my luck... he did...

"Wow... Naveah... is that you."

Bruno and i both looked up

I put on a smile, "Wow... Hi ... Zach....."



Part six


"Well give me a hug!" He smiled with open arms

Kinda nervous i stood up and hugged him

"Is that a lil belly i feel?" He asked as we pulled away

I smiled, "Yeah, having a little girl."

"Wow." He looked at Bruno, "You must be the proud father." Zach smiled

Bruno put on a smile, "Ah yes."

"Bruno this is Zach, Zach this is my boyfriend Bruno."

"Nice to meet you." Zach extended his hand for Bruno to shake

To my surpise Bruno took it. "Same here."

Zach then turned back to me, "Well I didn’t mean to intrude on you all dinner, but i just had to come say hello." He smiled his blue green eyes looking into mines

Nervously I smiled. "Well hello." I waved a little.

Zach chuckled. "Are you still over at the same dance studio?"

"Umm yeah, not doing too much dancing though." I placed my hands on my belly.

He smiled and nodded. "Wow, well hopefully I'll see you around." Oh no.. that means he's moved back to Miami... Great

"Yeah, maybe."

He smiled once more, "Good seeing you again." He turned to Bruno. "Lucky man you are." He smiled.

Bruno smiled and looked at me, "I say that to myself every morning I see her face."

I blushed. Zach said his finally goodbye and walked away. I sat back down sighing hard.

"Well, shall we eat??" I began to eat not once looking up at Bruno, I could feel his eyes on me though.

"Sooooooooooooooooooo....... who’s Zach?" He asked placing his elbows on the table and his chin on his hands.

"Does it matter?" I sighed looking at him.

"Yeah it does." He nodded smiling.

Sighing once more I put my fork down. "He's my ex.... the one I told you about."

"The one you we're engaged to....."

"Yeah," I simply nodded.

Bruno nodded and went back to eating his food, for once Bruno had nothing to say... so I thought. "All I’m going to say is, he better not try anything cuz I'll delete him where he stands."

I chuckled. "Delete him babes?"

"I dont wanna talk ill infront of the child." He motioned towards my stomach

I laughed once more. "got cha got cha."

We continued our dinner laughing and talking as always. Let me give you a little back history on Zach and I. He was my ex, we were going to get married, but he cheated. I called the whole thing off. He called everyday, everynight to get back with me to make everything up to me. I was almost falling for it but then I met Bruno... told Zach there was no way we were getting back together. When he asked why I simply told him my heart has been opened up to a new view of life. He vowed he would get me back, no matter how long it took, he would get me back I would have his last name. That will never happen though, I’m with Bruno and im more than happy.

"What do you mean you'll be back later?" I questioned standing on my knees in the middle of the bed.

Bruno chuckled. "Exactly what I said, I'll be back later... one hour tops."

"I thought we were gonna take a bubble bath together." I pouted.

He pecked my lips. "I love it when you pout." Bruno mocked me. "But we will... tomorrow, you go ahead and take a nice relaxing bubble back. I will see you soon." He kissed my lips then my belly. "Love you both."

"Yeah yeah." I ploped down on the bed folding my arms across my chest.

Bruno turned back to me sighing a little. "Naveah, please don’t do this to me PLEASE don’t pout."


"I’m not pouting." She was pouting BIG time.

"Yes you are." I smiled a little she was so cute when she pouted. "I’m not going to be gone long, you won’t even miss me."

She poked out her bottom lip. "Fine."

I kissed her once more. "I love you."

Still pouting she replied. "I love you too."

Shaking my head I grabbed my keys and left the apartment. I had to get things set up, tonight was the night I was going to ask Naveah the Big question. I was nervous, every bone in my body was shaking.

"I don’t know what your soo nervous about." Morgan said as she helped set everything up in the park. The park where we had our first date. It rained on us the moment we started to eat. I still laugh until this day when I think about how fast Naveah ran to get out of it. "You know she's gonna say yes."

"I know... but still-"

"But still what Bro?" Phil asked.

I sighed. "We ran into her ex today."

Morgan almost choked on her gum. "What?" She asked as Eric patted her in the back a little.

"Zach... yeah we seen him today, and I just don’t want his mistakes mess up what I have planned for tonight."

"Bruno, what Zach did has nothing to do with you. Veah isn’t dumb, she knows you love her more than anything in this world. Don’t let that stop you for asking the woman of your dreams to marry you. Cause if you do, I’ma kick ya butt. See cuz I called off a hot date with Reggie for this."

"Dudes gay anyways." Phred walked by.

"There you go again with that sly stuff." Morgan followed behind him. They dated for awhile, but called it off after they saw they were too different for one another. Yet we all know they still have feelings for one another we're all just waiting for them to admit it.

Shaking my head I walked away and called Naveah, after a few rings she answered.


"Babe, are you eating?"



"Okay okay I was eating ice cream and pickles."


"Hey hey don’t judge me." She laughed a little. "What do you want?"

"I need you to do me a huge huge huge huge favor....."


"Okay, first I want you to go in the closet, when you get off the phone with me."

"Oh... okay." I could tell she was sitting back down.

I laughed a little. "I want you to go in the closet, look at the top of the closet and grab a black bag, and everything else you need to do will be found in that bag."

"What you got going Mr. Mars?"

I chuckled. "Nothing my love, just do it okay."

"Oh kaaaaaaaaaay."

"Alright, I love you."

"Love you toooooooo."

I laughed and we hung up from each other... tonight is the night.