Part 5

03/07/2011 12:36

The next few weeks were pretty much the same as my first school day here. I spent the lessons with Am and after school Bruno and I drove home together. We became kind of real close friends and it was always fun being with him. 

Today, Am, Bruno and me were going to see a movie after school. Though we haven’t decided which one yet.  

Am wanted to see a comedy, so we decided to go see that one.  After we’ve bought popcorn and everything we sat down, I was next to Bruno.

Okay, I think I have to admit that I liked him more than I should.. but anyways I tried not to tell anybody because the feeling might get away with time. At least I was hoping for that because I didn’t want to lose a friend because of that.

When the two characters in the movie had sex I felt kinda awkward and I don’t know why but I immediately looked over to Bruno. Of course he noticed and also looked at me – but his face turned into such a worried expression that it made me sad. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

He sighed and pointed to the door out. Then he got up, took my hand and we went out – some people who were sitting behind us were complaining but we didn’t care.

He pulled me out to the street and pushed me to a corner. Then he let go of my hand and looked at me serious. It was a little bit scary because I’ve never seen him like this. “Hey, please tell me what’s wrong.”

Again he sighed and when he started to talk he didn’t look at me. “I’m so sorry, Lucy, but I just-..” he stopped talking for a few seconds to look at me. What was he talking about? “I know.. No, I don’t know but I think…. I just.. you know..” I saw that he felt really awkward. “I just think that you like me.. you know what I mean? And… I really do NOT want to hurt you or anything but… I just don’t feel about you the same way… “ Oh. My. God. How did he know?!

“Wha-… I mean.. I’m not like ‘in love’ with you. You’re my best friend over here!” I lied and I hated myself for that. Why couldn’t I just admit it? Oh, well.

His face turned to its normal expression and I could see that he felt relieved. “Oh. Oh my god. Than this is even more awkward.” He started laughing. I know that he did that to make it less awkward but it actually just made it worse. “I’m sorry. I just.. I don’t know but.. sorry.” He said. I gave him a fake smile and then we stood there in silence for a few minutes.  

“Yo, why did ya two leave so early?! I mean, that movie was like SO GOOD! Don’t you think?!” Am just came out and told us every little detail we had missed of the movie, when we got in Bruno’s car. He dropped her at her house and then drove me home.  Before I could open the car door myself he had gotten out and opened it for me. “Ummm… thank you..?” I said confused and he looked confused too. He even walked me to the door and waited till I got in before he said goodbye and left.

When I laid in my bed later at night I just had the feeling that things were going to get complicated with us now. And I didn’t want that to happen. Only 13 weeks were left until I had to go back home to Germany. I really didn’t want to go back but I had to. I turned over to get my phone and called Bruno…