Part 7

03/07/2011 16:53

In the bag i found a simple white linen dress, it was so cute and it fit my body so nicely. i also found a note that said

Back down Memory Lane, 
Where we had our first date, where we talked up under the stars, shared our first kiss, and ran from the rain as if we could out run it. lol meet me there tonight, only wearing that simple little dress, no make up, NO MAKEUP! Your hair natural, oh and no shoes... kinda hippieish i know but just do it okay.. Well, hurry up and get ready, cuz im waiting on you.


Tapping the note on my chin i thought about what he had planned.

"What are yu thinking Mr. Mars?" i looked at the note as if it could answer back.

Shaking the thoughts i went on and did something to my hair, i took it out of the french braid it was in and just wore it down wavy. I did slide on some sandals, i would take them off once i got to the park. Grabbing my keys and purse i left out the apartment and made my way to my car. Still thinking what the hell Bruno had planned for tonight... maybe another picnic... awe, he's so sweet..


"Dude ur sweating." Morgan patted my forehead with a napkin

I sighed hard trying to relax, "im nervous Mor."

"You shouldnt be, everything is gonna be fine, all this hard work we did it better." She said patting my nose

I chuckled, "You always know what to say to make me laugh Mo."

"Hey what are little sisters for?" She smirked

"Yo she's here, she's here." Phil ran over to us kinda in a panic, i was starting to think he was more than i was. "Get in place, get in place." he clapped his hands together rushing us to our spots. i stood up under the gazebo and watched her walk around the corner up the path, she looked... amazing, she was glowing. I started singing "Rest Of My Life" as she walked up more and more. Her facial expression was priceless, i wish someone had taken a picture of it. By the time she got to me, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and the look of shock were in her eyes. I finished singing as the guys finished the last few notes. Everyone stood around as i stepped away from the mic i stood closer to her taken her hands, more tears fell, she had to know what was going on by now.

"Nevaeh, you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me, i dont know where i would be without you beside me. Seeing your face every morning lets me know that nothing can mess my day up, becuz i'll be coming back home to you at the end of the day. You mean everything to me, and i'll be forever greatful for being blessed with such a woman. You keep showering me with blessing, put up with my moments, being my rock and most of all carring my child, that is why i know i never wanna lose you," I got down on one knee still holding her hands with one hand and going into my pocket with the other, "thats how i know i need you here with me forever." I opened the ring box, Nevaeh Andrews will you marry me?"

Crying harder all she could do at first was nodded her head yes, until she finally spoke, "Yes, yes i'll marry you."

Smiling i slid the ring on her finger, stood up to hug and kiss her. "I love you, i love you." i kissed her over and over

She laughed through her tears, "i love you more."

"Impossible." I looked into her eyes, "You have no idea how much of a happy man you have made me."

"im sure i can figure it out, since i feel the exact same way... your amazing baby." She kissed me once more as i kissed her back, with more passion.

"Ohhhhh kaaaaaaaay." Phredley spoke breaking our kiss, "Ya'll got a life time for all that, right now we gotta boggie!!!"

"Boggie?" Nevaeh questioned looking at him funny

"Yeah we got a party going!!!"


Just then family and friends popped out of nowhere screaming surprise, i was totally taken back by all of it. How did he find time to set all this up? I know Morgan had to help him with this, she's such a great friend.

"LETS PARTY!!!!" bruno yelled holding my hand up

I laughed as we made our way to join everyone else. We danced, we partied, we ate, they had a few drinks, bruno and the guys did a few more songs. It was pretty much a mini concert party in the park. It didnt end until 1 in the morning, but we didnt care we had had so much fun, time didnt matter at the moment.

"Come in with me." Bruno held his hand out from inside the shower

I shook my head, "No."

"Come on, please." He pertended to pout sticking his bottom lip out.

I smirked, "Well... it was MY shower before you bumrushed your way in." i began to remove my robe.

He smiled, "Yeah, so come join your future husband in a nice hot shower."

I smiled and let my robe drop to the ground. His eyes traced over my naked body biting his bottom lip. How could he still find me appealing with this belly? I questioned myself as i stepped into the shower. he quickly pulled me to him kissing me. I couldnt help it, i had to kiss him back, he's lips felt like the inside of a rose and tasted like the sweeted piece of candy ever made.

He pulled away looking into my eyes, "You sure you wanna marry me?"

I nodded, "Yes... why?"

"Becuz, i cant be a little hard to deal with at times... and i dont want you to pull out on me on our way to forever."

"Bru.. ive been with you this long, no it hasnt been perfect... but thats what i love about us... thats what i love about you, you alone give me something new to look forward to everyday... and i wouldnt replace that for the world."

he smiled, "i know god is angry wit me."

I smirked, "why?"

"cuz ive stolen one of his prime angels, and im not planning on giving her back." He smiled pecking my lips.

I pecked his, "im sure he’s okay with it, he knows im in good hands." i winked

He pulled me closer to him so that we were standing right under the shower head, "Oh of course."

We kissed once more before we actually began to shower one another. Once done we put on our night clothes and climbed into bed facing one another like we had to do everynight we went to bed. Bruno hand resting on my stomach. I watched him sleep as i ran my fingers through his hair... i cant believe he asked me to marry him. I mean i knew it was gonna happen one day. i just thought that one day would be after the baby was born. Then again i am with Bruno... there's no tellin when he's gonna do something like this another reason why i loved him so much, he always kept me up on my toes. Smiling i kissed his lips once more, he smirked in his sleep. Moving closer, i fell alseep my self feeling like i was on cloud trillion........