Prelude (before reading this story, read A Rocket To Mars and Earth To Mars in the "Already finished..." section)

15/01/2012 23:20

The Prelude 

November 15th, 2010

The last two days have been some of the most exciting days ever. Bruno and the guys are so fun to hang with and I find myself laughing every 2 seconds. They’re all so lame, always arm wrestling. We’re in San Francisco right now and I’m waiting for him to get out of sound check. I’ve took up writing since I love to keep memories. This is my first journal, and I can’t wait to travel across the US, meeting people, and watching the guys preform. I have to say that last month was one of the hardest, but we both managed. Bruno would call me every night trying to get me to have phone sex with him, and I finally gave in after a week. It was a bit awkward, but we learned. I loved the fact that Bruno brung his surf green guitar on tour with him. It made me feel really special. Doo-Wops & Hooligans is doing excellent and we found out from ABS yesterday that it sold over 75,000 copies just the first month. 75,000? That’s a lot. Bruno’s fans that he now calls the ‘Hooligans’ are growing by the minute. Everything is really starting to be right for him. The interviews are really pilling on, but that means that he’s getting more popular.

Oh and PHIL IS A LOSER. Phil always cheats when we play scrabble. <—— Had to say that.

I’m glad that day by day people are forgiving him for the mistake he made. It’s still hard for him to forgive himself. We celebrated our 8 year anniversary a week ago after he came home, and he took me to the zoo.Why the fucking zoo Bruno? For so long he wanted to take me, almost ever since we we’re teenagers. We both really had a good time. And I’ll never forget his face when he was feeding the baby goats. (He would kill me if he read that.) He’s such a cutie. I love his soft side, and I wished that he would show it more often, but he still has that part of him where he has to show his ‘pride’ as he calls it. Other than all of this, I can’t really complain. I’m ready to experience this tour bus life, it’s actually a really big bus considering how many guys there are. I think writing will really help me get threw the bad and good times.

I hear all of they’re loud asses coming right now. Until later.

I love me some Peter Hernandez <—- I forgot he doesn’t like that name. Bruno Mars.