Story Timeline

01/07/2012 20:10

I forgot to re-post this…it was an answer to someone’s ask forever ago on the old blog;


So I went back just now, rewrote the timeline from what I could remember, and what I could read, and here is your official timeline so you (and I) will never be confused again.

** Keep in mind that I took creative liberty in certain events and circumstances in the story in order to focus more on the plot line…So little dates like the exact time of the release of his songs/his whole career, Rihanna’s (Robyn) incident with Chris Brown, etc etc; are all done over in this alternate universe I’ve created.


* Basic Info:

Roxanne is currently 24 (forever)

Bruno is technically 29; but is actually forever 25.

Currently, at Chapter 14…it is the beginning of December 2012.


In depth profile:

A little after turning 18, Roxanne was signed to Atlantic Records.  She immediately released her first single, which was critically acclaimed and largely popular, giving her the opportunity to perform at the Grammys.

A couple months later, she meets Bruno at a soundcheck.  They start to walk the fine line between friendship and romance, the connection between them very intense…until she turns 19 and they become “public” official.

They start publicly dating from that point on, and at the age of 20 and a few months, give or take, she attends the VMAs and wins an award.  It’s one of the first events her and Bruno have ever walked the carpet together on.  

That night, he dies in the accident.

She spirals into anxiety and depression and picks up a bad alcohol habit that she desperately tries to hide for the next couple of years.

Her habit worsens when she turns 21, especially around the anniversary of Bruno’s death.  This continues throughout her next year until she’s 23.

Around the age of 23, Bruno returns and the beginning of Midnight Distractions takes place.  The events of Midnight Distractions are meant to go over a span of one year.

They get married on the 18th of May, and Roxanne turns 24 on May 27th.  

So it’s safe to say Blackout starts out with her at 23 on the wedding, then fast forward five months to where the stabbing begins, she’s 24 and it’s mid-October, 2012.  That’s where she’s stuck at forever; because she’s a vampire.


Bruno’s In Depth profile:

At the age of 17, Bruno met and began dating Leilani in Hawaii.  Their relationship lasted until a little prior to his 21st birthday, when their breakup occurred.

He quickly moved to Los Angeles and met his second girlfriend (the one from the vision Roxanne had that resulted in the ‘Mirror’ lyrics), but after going through the ups and downs of finally attaining a steadily moving music career, they split due to infidelity on his part when he was 22 and approaching the peak of his career at a dangerously fast speed.

When he was 23, he was set to perform at the Grammys; and it was at that soundcheck at he met Roxanne.  

At the age of 24, they begin publicly dating.

At the age of 25, he dies in the accident and that’s where he’s stuck at forever.

Technically speaking, he goes into hiding and isolation with his Creator for the next couple of years, and returns to Roxanne at the mental age of 28 in Midnight Distractions.

So it’s safe to say, that in Blackout, he is mentally at the age of 29; but is forever physically stuck at 25.