Date: 05/06/2013 | By: Mayla Johnson


me & mr hernandez

Date: 13/04/2012 | By: ann

are u going to post a new chap ?

me & mr Hernandez

Date: 08/04/2012 | By: Tiffany

thank you for writing another story i missed them so much and the ending i was cryin my eyes out LOL CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE :D whats your twitter by the way ?? :)

New chapter?

Date: 07/04/2012 | By: tania

love your story

New chap

Date: 03/04/2012 | By: tiffany

Please can you write another chapter its soo good :)

me & mr hernandez

Date: 19/03/2012 | By: hfhybgsò

new chap???

me & mr hernandez

Date: 18/03/2012 | By: 1234567

i didn't really like the beggining of this but i totally chaned my mind now... can't wait fot next chap

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