Chapter 1+2

19/04/2011 23:04

Chapter 1

I got off the plane at LAX and there I was.... standing in Los Angeles California.... "Why did we even come here?" Emily said. "Becauuseee... Bruno Mars, the fame, the celebrities, shopping, boys... you know why!" I said. "I can't believe you flew across the COUNTRY just to come see Bruno Mars in LA. Thats crazy" She replied. "Excuse me, but this could be my future husband!" "Mhmm, with a 14 year age difference." Emily said, questioning me. "Hey, it could happen!!"

I was about to pee my pants. I couldn't believe that I had gotten front row seats AND backstage passes for Bruno Mars. Everyone said I was crazy for going across the country just to get a snapshot with Bruno Mars and to hear him perform. I think it's worth it. We were in the car driving to the stadium. 'What are you going to say to him" my mom asked. "Mom, why do you always care what I doo-o-o-o-o-o" I hesitated to talk... Because Peter Gene Hernandez was right at my car door. He opened it for me. :O. That was my mood. :OOOOO "BRUNOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. I jumped out and ran into his arms. "Hi Caitlin how are you??" I couldn't believe Bruno was talking to me. "I-i-its good. And you?" I said stuttering. "Well just fine now, since I'm talking to my biggest fan." He must of recognized my shirt, my braclet, and the Deluxe Doo-Wops and Hooligans CD in my hand waiting for him to sign. "Yup. Sure am. Bruno I just want to tell you that I really really really really love your music. I mean I turn it on full blast whenever something Bruno Mars comes on. I replay all of your videos just to see your beautiful face. I mean hot. Or sexy. It's weird calling a guy beautiful." I was beet red talking to him the whole time. He was smiling and blushing while I said this. And it felt relieveing knowing that he knew I go to bed thinking about him and stuff like that. "Well, thanks. ALOT! I really appriciate knowing that I have a really amazing girl as a fan. And now since I met you, I really would like to get to know you" WHAT? He wants to know me!! AHHH!! Oh and what was Emily doing during this 15 minute long conversation? Texting. Probably her boyfriend or something. "I'd love to know you as well." "Well you already know my real name and my birthday... Right?" he said jokingly. "Peter Gene Hernandez born October 8th 1985" I said with a proud smile. "Damn girl, you really like me! I feel the same feeling about you now." he said. He walked away to go get ready for stage. I was standing in the parking lot frozen. Thinking, "Is this forreal? Like for cereal? He wants to know me? He likes me back? This has got to be a fricken dream." I pinched myself. Nope. It was real life. Just as he walked away something fell out of his back pocket. It looked like he kinda played it though. I went over and picked it up. I walked over to him and handed it to him. "Nah, you keep it" I opened it up and there were 10 digits on that little Post-It note. My heart sunk. It felt like it was in my ankle. I was falling in love.


Chapter 2

"Right this way Caitlin" the security guard said. I followed him only looking at my feet. Whenever I looked up,  the sign said, "BRUNO MARS" I couldn't believe I was about to meet him! I clenched that Post-It note in my hand. Then put it in my pocket. The door opened and it was like, heaven. A bright light flashed with the shadow of what appeared to be a man. It was Bruno!!! He ran up to me and gave me a hug. "Hiii!!" I screamed. I thought of how lucky I was to meet BRUNO MARS. "Whats that look for?" he said. He must've saw my thinking face. Which I guess seems to be rather unappealingly mean. "Oh noo its not you! I was just thinking how lucky I am to get to meet you... I mean seriously, I dreamt about this!!" I said. "Wow, well, I've always dreamed about meeting one of the perfect girls... Got that covered." he said smiling and looking into my eyes. I blushed. "OH really who's that?" I said joking around. He gave me the look that said "c'mon now" I smiled.  "So how bout a picture?" he asked. "Sure!" I said. I WAS NOT going to turn that down. Today was probably the happiest day of my life. We stood infront of his dressing room door, and in the picture he was kissing me on the cheek. 'I'm never washing my face again' I thought. The two other pictures we took, he had his arm aorund me, and did that cute smile. Just then Phillip came in and popped up in between us. "Hi I'm Philip Lawerence, singer/songwriter. Part of The Hooligans. Nice to meet you Caitlin Bruno's told me so much about you" he said. He was shaking my hand. Bruno had that look on his face, "Dude, you're not supposed to let her know that I talk about her" "Awwe well thank you. It's really a dream meeting both of you guys. I'm serious" I could tell that they didn't want me to leave, because whenever the security guard stated out that we had been 5 minutes over time, Phil and Bruno looked VERY dissappointed. Bruno and Philip kissed me on the cheek goodbye. "Hey why don't you call me sometime. We should hang" Bruno said. "Sure will! Have a great tour! I'll call you!" I said back. Then, I left. I was walking in the parking lot to my car. My mom drove me back to my house. I went upstairs and laid on my bed. Stared at my wall. I look to my left, Bruno Poster. I look to me right, Bruno's albums. It was a really great feeling knowing that he really liked me... I felt my eyes close. Just then my phone rang. It was some number I didn't know. "hello?" I said. "Hey cait! It's phillip" how did he get my number?? "Oh hey Phillip! Whats up?" I still wanted to know how he got my number? "Oh nothing... just on my way to the tour bus" he replied. "Oh fun! How's Bruno?"

"In love" Phillip said. "Oh hahah." I said. "Yeah, but I was actually wondering, maybe we could go out sometime?" Seriously? Phillip? Bruno? Two  guys... uhh... "Oh, umm I dont know. I'll think about whenever I'm availible." "Okay. Just call me back later. Bye!" And then he hung up.

Here's how I thought of this whole situation...

Phillip and Bruno are like brothers. And they both are going after me, the same girl. I don't know what to doo...

Phillip asks me out

Bruno asks me out.

What to do...