Chapter 1-3 (before you start reading, first read CherryLust in the "Already finished..." section)

01/11/2011 23:05

Chapter 1

Marriage wasn’t what I really wanted at this point. I mean yeah I said yes to him because one day I DO want to marry him, but just not yet…..I’m not ready for that yet. Also it sucks knowing that we have to hide our relationship from the public, you know, now that Bruno’s made it, he can’t be seen with someone as normal and pathetic as me.

“Vegas!? We’re going to Vegas!? I’ve never been to Vegas before…..Oh God, Bruno please tell me we’re not going on the tour bus there, and I fucking hate that tour bus!” I say frustrated. That bus is awful, I wouldn’t mind if it was nice. “Nope! We’re flying out tomorrow, first class baby” he says as he sits next to me on the couch whilst I casually flick through the music channels. And what comes up? “I wanna be a billion-“He takes the control outta my hand and changes the channel. “Maaaan, they play my shit a lot!!” he says as he flicks through. “Well you know, you are amazing” He turns and looks at me and sings “Just the way you areeeee” and bursts out laughing. “How cheesy!!!! Yuck, my boyfriend is a crooner….” “FIANCE. Your fiancé is a crooner” he says with a wink. Sometimes I forget that we’re engaged. I look down at my beautiful ring he gave me and just start to smile.

Just as I’m thinking about having a nice relaxing evening at home with Bruno before we have to leave. The door bell rings. Urgh, we never get to spend much time together anymore, if he’s not touring then I’m working and vice versa. I know I see him every day, but I kinda of in a way miss him. I just miss being with him, alone. It’s rare that we get to be with each other now. I get up to open the door and the whole band walks in, it’s like they live here, and they’re ALWAYS here!! Not that I really care that much, I do love these guys too. “Gimmie that remote, I wanna watch the game” Eric says as he snatches the remote out of Bruno’s hand and lounges on the couch. “Lex, you got anything to eat?” Jamareo says from the kitchen. “No…..Order a Pizza?” “I’m on it!” Phred says as he grabs his phone and starts to dial. “Where’s Kenji?” I ask looking around for him. “He’s at home with Silk, spending some time with her before we leave” Awwwwhh, he’s such an amazing father, and Silk is so adorable. Well at least they can spend some time together. I wish I could just have at least one hour of alone time with Bruno. “Where’s Phi-“The doorbell rings, “Ahhhh, which must be Phil” I get up and open the door and Phil and Urbana walk in. There’s only one person missing and sure enough, I see her pull up and run in. “Go home Mid! No one wants’ you here!” I say with a wink, she just flips me off and walks in, God I do love her. The pizza arrives and we all sit outside by the pool eating. The guys have a couple of beers and start to get loose. This should be interesting. “Bruno, did you ever think you’d make it THIS fast? I mean everything’s just taken off so fast” Phred asks. “Nope, I really didn’t. It’s, just wow. I was so scared when Nothin on you came out, then of course when billionaire came out. But I was always confident that JTWYA was gonna be a hit” He looks at me and smiles. I just smile back at him. “WHENS THE FUCKING WEDDING!?” Mid says. She’s drunk. Fuck. “Well I’m ready. But SHE won’t marry me” “I said yes didn’t I?” He just looks at me like I’m an idiot. “We can’t get married now anyway, Bruno’s got his world tour coming up and you know…..the timings not right…..” They all just laugh at me and move on. God I hate it whenever the topic of marriage comes up. “Vegaaaaassssss!! Ahhhhh gonna be so much fun!!” Phil says. “Guys guys guys, look. We’re going there to work ok?” He says in a serious voice. “Fuck that shit!!” I say! “Hahahahaha yeah baby you’re right, Party time in Vegas! What hotel are we in?” “We’re in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” Phred says as he reads it off his phone. “Oooohh a lot of shit goes down there…..” Urbana says concerned. She’s not coming; I don’t actually know why none of the bands girlfriends/wives don’t come on tour. I don’t think I could stand being away from Bruno for that long. I leave everyone and decide to go upstairs and pack. I love all the guys, I seriously do, but they’re just ALWAYS here and sometimes I just need to be with Bruno. I start to pack but stop halfway and light up a cigarette and walk out on to the balcony. Not long after I step out on to it, Bruno joins me. He puts his arms around me and whispers in my ear “Baby, what’s wrong”


Chapter 2

I just inhale his scent. I don’t say anything; I just stand there looking out in to the night. Still breathing deeply. Then he moves even closer to me and I can feel “Him” and feel his breath on my neck. Everything’s so silent that I can hear his heartbeat. It’s faster than usual. I know what he wants. Without even noticing I start to smile until I realize and stop. He places his arms around me and starts to kiss my neck. Fuck, he knows how much I love this. I close my eyes and let him continue. I turn around and take his shirt off, nearly ripping it in the process and he does the same with mine. I need him. NOW. He pulls me over to the bed and gets on top and kisses me. Tongue included. He then grazes his hands down my shoulders, down my forearms and grabs my wrists. Wait. What!? He stops kissing me and sits up on my hips staring down at me still holding my wrists down so I can’t move. “Is this some creepy sexual fantasy you have or something?” he just laughs and says “Oh I’m not the one with the creepy sexual fantasies Lex, miss, I wanna watch out unintentional sex tape we made” Urgh! “Will you ever let that go!?” “Nope, now talk, what’s wrong?” “Will you let me get up then?” He thinks for a second. “No, I’m good in this position” “Brunooooo, let’s just have sex, THEN we’ll talk” “Nope, I like with holding sex from you, now I know why you do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME!” “Yeah well I wanna have sex now” I start to grind my hips against him in the little space I have, his eyes shoot open and he raises himself higher so I can’t touch him there. Damn. I suppose I have to talk now.

He looks into my eyes and says “Baby, what’s wrong? You don’t talk to me anymore” “Well, we don’t have time to speak anymore, you’re just so busy all the time, and we never have the house to ourselves. Actually, where’s everyone else?” “I sent them all home, they didn’t wanna go though, I’m sorry that they’re always here Lex” “No Bruno don’t be! I love the guys! You know that, it’s just difficult not having you to myself all the time, I mean, I’ve never had to share a guy before…..” I say the end part trying to lighten the mood. It doesn’t work, he still looks upset. Fuck. “You’ll be all mine in Vegas. I promise. I’ll tell the guys to go fuck themselves and leave us two alone” “Oh yeah, they’ll really appreciate that! But we can’t be together in Vegas either” He gives me a look as if I just said the dumbest thing in the world. “Why?” I exhale “Because you’re not supposed to be seen with a girl, let alone your fiancé” When I say the word fiancé he automatically smiles and flashes all of his perfect white teeth. “Lex, that’s just dumb, I’m hardly not gonna go out with you because of what my manager said” “But it wasn’t just your manager though was it? The whole entire label said it, hmmmphh…. I suppose I’ll just have to *fangirl* over you like everyone else does…” He bends down and kisses me. FINALLY! “Well, you’ll have a few more benefits than my fans do” He kisses me again. “Hmmmmm and what’s that?” “Well you get to have sex with me. My fans don’t” He kisses me again but I just burst out laughing. “What!? You want me to have sex with them? Because I’ve got some hot fans….” He jokes. Still laughing I try to speak “No no no no no! It’s just that I’ve seen the way you move on stage. Baby you’re practically having sex with them anyway!” “I am not!!” He looks offended. I don’t fall for his bullshit anymore. I just stare at him. “Ok, maybe I do…..but they don’t get to have sex with me like this……” Oh shiiitt.

I force myself to get up at 10am and pack, the flights at 3pm and we’re not even a little bit packed. I quietly get up and have my shower and start to pack. Bruno’s still fast asleep. What a fucking surprise. I do love to just watch him sleep though, he looks so peaceful. Bless him; he’s been working so hard on everything these past few months. He basically lived in the studio. I suppose I should be happy that he just used our studio at home, although I think he used it more because of the fact that he could go in to it in his pyjamas…… He has been edgy recently though, he’s just not been himself, I mean yeah his EP is a success, it’s just so damn amazing, but he can’t see that. He still doubts it, he says he can do better, and yes, I know he can do better, but you can’t just ignore the sheer talent he has for making it. I think when his album finally drops then he’ll be able to relax more. He deserves it. I pack my suitcase and pack Bruno’s, throw my short silk robe on and go downstairs to make breakfast. Shit. I left my phone upstairs so I go back up to get it but I see Bruno coming down the stairs holding it in his hand. Ooohh he’s only wearing his boxers, I fucking love it when he walks around like that. I find it hard to control myself. “Good morning beautiful” he says as he coming in for a kiss. “Oooohhh eggs and bacon, yummmm” and we sit down to eat. “Did my phone wake you up?” “Yeah you got a message” I look at my phone and see no notifications. “Oh yeah, I read it” Just as I open my mouth to complain about what he did *Knock Knock* the door? The fuck, its only 1pm. Should I open it? I’m in my robe…I look at Bruno and he has a confused face on too, but he gets up to open it anyway in just his boxers. Although I think I have an idea as to who it might be. As soon as he opens the door all of the guys rush in. Shit, I stand behind the counter to hopefully try and cover my legs. My robe is way too short. “VEGAS TONIGHT BABY!!” Eric shouts. Yeah, Vegas tonight…..

Chapter 3

VEGAS BABY!! Ok, now that we’re on the plane I’m pretty fucking hyped. I mean come on, it’s Vegas! And I’ve been pretty damn moody lately; I don’t know what’s up with me. Being in Vegas and being with Bruno will definitely cheer me up. I look over at Bruno and see he’s fast asleep with his snuggie on, bless his sexy ass. I wanted to get a private plane, but the label didn’t let us, so we’re in business class, I suppose it’s not that bad, but the label does tell him what he can and can’t do all the time. It sucks. I hate planes. I mean, I really, really hate planes. I get up and go over to Bruno and lay down with him trying not to wake him. It’s weird, even though he’s kinda muscular, he still feels all squidgy, I do love him. So much. I accidently wake him up a little and he moves over and makes room for me on the seat, kisses my cheek and falls back asleep. Everyone is looking at us. Jealous people. He’s been working so damn hard lately, well, they all have. They’re all talented people. I look round and everyone else is so tired, they all work so hard. I look over at Phred and just smile. I love Phred, I love how he’s here too with everyone, he deserves it.

We finally land. FUCK YES! We get off the plane and get to the hotel. “Excuse me!? Can you repeat that again??” I say to the receptionist, who by the way is eyeing Bruno up. I don’t like this bitch. “I’m sorry ma’am. But you only have two rooms booked out” “But there’s 6 of us?” Ryan interrupts. “Can’t we buy an extra room?” Phred says. “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you all. You’re just going to have to share” Fuck. I pull Bruno to the side and say “Baby, flirt with her.” “WHAT!?” I lean in close, so close that he can feel my breath against his face, so close that our lips are just about touching, so close that he has nowhere else to look except my eyes. “You heard me. Now, go do whatever and make her find us a separate room” He clears his throat, smiles and says “You are strange Lex….” and walks up to the receptionist who instantly perks up and smiles at him. Bitch. Phred comes up behind me and starts to rub my shoulders. “Excuse me, are you sure that there is no other room we can have? Would you mind checking your database again?” “Well sir, let me look again, I’m sure we can find something to keep you happy” and she checks her computer. “Nope, nothing” She’s lying. I can tell. Bruno knows it too. He looks at me for a split second, and then moves in closer to her, not THAT close, but closer. He says as he looks in to her eyes “Are you sure?” and flashes his perfect smile, even I melt, and I’m all the way back here. She leans in closer and as she does, so do me and Phred. She whispers “The only room available tonight is my room” OH HELL NO! Phred holds me back until I hear Bruno say “You can shove your room. Come on Lex…” “Our room keys please?” Ryan says smugly. She gives him the keys and we go up to our rooms. Bruno and me get the biggest room so we all go in there to decide. “Well it looks like theirs only two beds in each room, but they’re doubles” Kenji says as he explores the rooms. “Ok so, Bruno, Lex, Phred and me in one room” Ryan says “and Jam, Kenji, Dre and Eric in the other, cool?” They all agree and go off in to their room, which is connected by a connecting door, so they don’t go far. I like them being close; it wouldn’t feel right if they went far.

“I’m starving!!” I say after we’ve unpacked, well, after I unpack for Bruno, he sucks at packing and unpacking, sometimes I let my OCD get to the better of me. We all shower and get ready to go out to eat. I hate this whole sharing rooms thingy. All the guys just get changed in the room and I have to be confined in the bathroom. Having said that, Bruno just walks in and out of the bathroom whilst I’m getting changed saying he’s forgotten something. Yeah right Bruno. I don’t really care about Bruno walking in on me; it’s just each time he walks in I think it’s someone else. “Would you stop walking in!?!!” I yell. “Ooooooohhhhhh Bruno got told!!!” I hear all the guys cheering from outside. Even I can’t help but laugh. “Stop moaningggg Lex, you’d rather it’d be me walking in then one of the guy’s right?” “Well that’s debateable” I say as I try to finish my hair, this humidity really isn’t helping anything. “Besides, I forgot, my, uh, hairbrush?” LIAR! “That’s my hairbrush” I say as I snatch it out of his hands “Yeah well, what’s yours is mine” I just laugh and push him out the door. About 5 minutes later he yells “Come on Lex! You’ve been taking ages! Don’t make me write another number one hit song about how long you take!” “Uhhh, in that song you’re saying about how you don’t care about how long I take!” “Yeah, well, theirs hidden meanings to the song. Now come one, before I get Dre to knock this door down” At that, we ALL start laughing. I’m finished anyway, I walk out, put my heels on and we leave to eat.

We go out to this diner, expensive, but nice. God I’m so fucking hungry. I look down at the menu and two things appeal to me. The lobster. And the steak. I look at Bruno. “Baby, I know exactly what you wanna eat” he says. “Oh really? I’d be surprised if you guessed right” “50 bucks says you get it wrong!” Eric says. “Deal m brother!” and they pound on it. “Lex. You wanna eat the Lobster……………..and the steak” FUCK! “Am I right or am I right?” “Daamn, yeah, you’re right. Eric, pay the sexy man” “Oh wait, Eric, another 50 bucks says I can guess what Dre wants to eat too, Dre. You want the same” “Eric, pay the man” “SHIT!!” To be honest I’m surprised that he actually guessed that right, I suppose he does know everything about me. Our food comes, and me and Bruno eat off of each other’s plates like we usually do and we leave for the casinos. LETS DO THIS! We’re in Vegas, what could go wrong!?