Chapter 1

19/04/2011 18:42

There I was just laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep after a long
and tiring day of work in the studio when I was startled by a phone call.
I jumped unexpectedly at the right but quickly answered it. Turns out it
was a phone call from my manager Marcus LeDelo. He sounded almost excited
which was very out of character for a man like him so I knew his news
was beyond good. 


(Phone Conversation with Marcus)

Me: What do you Marcus? I just about to go to sleep and you woke me up!

Marcus: Sorry but I just thought you had to know. So of cores you know
Bruno Mars?

Me: Yes...

Marcus: Well we got a call from him saying he would like to work with you.
You know, do collaboration.

Me: Really!? No way! 


I had been a fan of Bruno Mars for a while now and I really liked his work.
I've been wanting to work with him but never really got up the nerve to ask.
I guess I figured he'd be to busy with everything going on for him. Like the
release of his album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans”, which I bought, and his up and 
coming tour. Also...I had somewhat of a crush on him. Everyone knew it
somehow but I always denied the accusation. I didn't want to cause him
any trouble with the media or spread rumors. You know how paparazzi can be.


(Continued Conversation)

Marcus: Yep. He asked just for you. He asked for you to call him back as so
as possible. He gave me his cell phone number to pass along to you. 

Me: Okay. Hey, when did he call you anyway?

Marcus: About 10 minutes ago I guess. As so as I got off the phone with him I called you.

Me: Oh! Well what's his number?

After I got his number from Marcus I got off the phone and decided to call him.
The phone about 4 times before I became nervous. I was just about to hang up when
I heard someone say hello.


(Phone Conversation with Bruno Mars)

Me: Hello? Is this Bruno?

Bruno: Yes. Who's this?

Me: It’s Tavia Adams.

Bruno: Oh! Damn, didn’t think I'd be gettin' a call back this fast. -small laugh-Me: -blushing- Well I can call you tomorrow if you like.

Bruno: Nah, its okay. So uh, I talked to your manager, Mr.LeDelo, about collaboration.

Me: Yeah, he called about that and gave me your number. 

Bruno: I kinda got this song in mind but I'd like help on it.

Me: You mean help writing?

Bruno: Mhm. I'd like this to be a duet between us.

Me: -smiles to myself- Sounds good. What type of song is it?

Bruno: Nothin' to big. Just a lil lovey dove song.


Already I was excited. Bruno wanted me to do a love song with him. I could feel
butterflies start to form in my stomach. It was like my whole body went numb.


(Continued Conversation)

Me: Sounds cool. Mind if I ask you a question though?

Bruno: No. What is it?

Me: Why me?

Bruno: What do ya mean?

Me: How come you wanted me to sing the song with you? I mean, out of all
the more talented singers and stuff...

Bruno: Oh, well simple. I really like you. I've been a big fan of yours for some years now
and I've always wanted to work with you even before I came to Cali. Besides, I kinda just
figured you'd be perfect for the song.


I blushed to myself a little bit. I tried hard to hold in my giggle. When I get nervous 
or embarrassed or blush, I let out a stupid little giggle. I just bit my bottom lip
and held it in before it went away.


(Continued Conversation)

Me: Aw well thank you. That means a lot to me. Especially coming from you. I'm a huge fan of yours
by the way. Your album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans"...amazing. 

Bruno: Thanks. -smiles- Appreciate that.

Me: Welcome.

Bruno: Well I'd like for just me and you to meet up tomorrow and kinda brainstorm a little.

Me: Okay. You can come over to my place if you want. I have everything we should need right
here at home. 

Bruno: Alrighty then. Sounds like a plan. Does 9am sound like a good time to meet up?

Me: Sure, that’s fine.

Bruno: Alright. See you tomorrow then. Oh and uh, don’t be afraid to call or
text me anytime alright? I wanna hear from ya every now and then.

Me: -smiling- O-okay then. Can do.

Bruno: Bye.

Me: Bye bye.


I had never felt so much like a small school girl over a guy before. I was never really into
the whole crush thing but I really had a crush on Bruno and a bad one at that. He was just perfect to me.
He big beautiful brown eyes, that smooth tan skin, heavenly voice, and that gorgeous hair. He was hands down
The most handsome man I had ever seen. I layed back down in bed but now I was never going to get
any sleep! All I thought about was Bruno. I didn't mind thinking about him but I needed sleep. Finally around
2am I fell asleep. It wasn't much help since I only got 7 hours which felt like 2. I woke up a mess.
I jumped out of bed and took a shower the fixed my hair back in curls. I wanted to look nice but
casual so I put on my yellow shit with Doo-Wops & Hooligan written on the front in black along with
black skinny jeans and yellow converse. I figured I looked okay. About 10 minutes later there was a 
Knock on my door. It was Bruno right on time.


Me: -opens front door- Why hello there Mr. Mars. -smiles-

Bruno: -smiles- Hey there. -holds arms out- Mind if I have a hug?

Me: Not at all. -hugs and smiles him-

Bruno: So where can we go?

Me: Here, follow me. 


I guided him up the stairs and to my private studio then locked the door behind us for no interruption. 


Me: So what's the name of the song?

Bruno: I uh...haven't really come up with that part yet. After the song I wanted us to come up with one. That okay?

Me: Yeah, that’s fine. 

Bruno: Here's where I need you. Since this is a duet between a boy and a girl talking about how they feel about each
other...I only got the guy part. 

Me: No problem. I can come up with a girl's part in no time. So I know how you want it to sound, mind singing your part?

Bruno: Sure. 


Bruno sat up straight and cleared his throat. I giggled a little as he smiled. He had such a nice smile. His teeth were perfect. 


Bruno: -singing-

See, you’re my other half

We can make a perfect circle

You can be my Laura Winslow

And I can be your Urkel 

I thought I’d never settle

But you changed my way of thinkin’

Now you got me hooked

Baby you’re my perfect catch

You keep my fire burnin’ baby

You’re my perfect match

They say nobody’s perfect

But I say that sayings dumb

Even with your imperfection

You’re as perfect as they come


I know that I’ll never doubt ya

And you know that I think about ya

And you know I can’t live without ya


I love the way you smile

And maybe in just a while

Me and you can walk down the aisle

-stopes singing-

That's what I got for myself. Heres the chorus.

-sings again- 

You're the one for me,for me

I'm the one for you,for you

Thank the both of us,of us

And we're the perfect two

The perfect two

Baby me and you

We're the perfect two

-stops again-

What do you think?

Me: Bruno,that's amazing! How do you come up with these things?

Bruno: Well,when I wrote it I had a lot of inspiration...

Me: What was it?

Bruno: More like who was it?

Me: Yeah.

Bruno: -looks at me and grins- You'll see...

Me: -smiles- Okay,fair enough. So I better get working on my part.


After 10 minutes I came up with something simple but to the point like Bruno said.


Me: I got it. Just hope it can fit.

Bruno: Okay,let's hear it. 

Me: -sings-

You can be the peanut butter to my jelly

You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly

You can be the captain and I can be your first mate

You can be the chills that I feel on our first date

You can be the hero and I can be your sidekick

You can be the tear that I cry if we ever split

Or you can be the rain from a cloud when it stormin’

Or you can be the sun when it shines in the mornin’


You’re the apple to my pie

You’re the straw to my berry

You’re the smoke to my high

You’re the one I wanna marry


Bruno: Perfect! This song is goin' to be a hit. I can feel it. -smiles at me-

Me: Same here. -blushes a little- 

Bruno: I guess we can stop for now. Don't wanna over work ourselves. Besides, we got
lots of time.

Me: Are you gonna go now?

Bruno: Not if you don't want me to. I'd kinda like to see your house. It’s huge!

Me: -smiles- Okay then. Come one. I guess I can take you to my theater.

Bruno: What!? You have a theater! No way. That's pretty awesome.

Me: Ah, it’s not all that great. 


Just then Bruno's pocket started to ring. He was getting a phone call from Philip Lawrence.
Bruno said he had to go cause he some more work to go over. He asked if he could come back tomorrow
if I had nothing to do and I said sure. I got a bit sad cause I wanted him to stay. I was really enjoying
his company. I walked back down stairs and to the front door.


Bruno: Before I go I just wanted to tell you I really had a good time. 

Me: I'm glad you did. -smiles-

Bruno: -hugs me- I'll see ya tomorrow then. -kisses my cheek-

Me: - smiles & blushes- Uh...yeah okay. Bye Bruno.

Bruno: Bye Tavia. 


When Bruno left I stood there and felt my cheek. His lips were very soft. I wondered how
they'd feel if they ever touched mine. I guess I could only dream for now. I could tell this was
going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.