Chapter 10 + 11 Graduation! Oh...Your girlfriend

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I cant believe that it’s already time for graduation…Its gonna be weird leaving Melany and Dylan who are happily in love….I mean Mel and I have been best friends since 5th grade and we havent really hung out since Ive been with Bruno maybe that should be telling me something….While I was thinking this Uncle Wren came in my room

“You ready to graduate??”

“Yeah I guess..”

“Its hard isnt it?”

“Yeah I just dont wanna leave everything and everyone behind”

“Yeah Thats how I felt…Well saying godbye is a part of life…If these people are supposed to be in your life you’ll see them again”

“Yeah youre right…..Can I ask you something really quick??”

“Yeah ask away”

“If Im spending too much time with a guy and I barely have time to spend with my other friends…should that tell me something?”

“Ummm…I guess Well lemme put it like this…I can see you really love this guy. But you have other friends too..The way I see it you shouldnt be with a guy so much that you forget about your other friends..”

“Ok that makes sense Thanks Unc”

“Anytime Kido”After he said that he pulled me into a hug.After me and the rest of the family went off to the school.

The first thing I did was run up to Mel.



“Are you nervous about today???”

“Yeah…I dont wanna say goodbye to you! We’ve been besties since grade school…I wish we couldve spent more time with each other..”

“I know I wish we couldve too…But when do you leave for Seattle?”

“August 1st”

“Soo that means we have basicly the whole summer to hang out!”

“Yeah but its probably gonna be interrupted by Bruno so why even bother…”

“Mel ok I see where your comming from…I swear to you today…If Im hanging out with you first I wont ditch you for Bruno…As hard as it maybe..”

“Aww thanks girl” Then we hugged for a couple seconds..Then Bruno and Dylan walked up to us and said

“Hey girls”

“Hey Bruno”

“Hey babe”

“Can I borrow Sadie for a minute?”

“Yeah but stop steeling my bestfriend!”She said playfully

“Oh yeah Sadie stop steeling Mel from me”

“Hey I cant steel her because she was mine first” Then every on was likeOOOOOO

“Ok ok Mel take your boyfriend over there before him and Sadie get in a fight”

“Hahaha ok”

“So Sadie…Do we have everything all settled out? I’ll try and start my career and you will go to UCLA?”

“Well ummm actually I dont think I really wanna go there anymore…”


“Thats actually the colledge you wanted me to go to…and believe me I really wanna be with you all the time but I just dont want to UCLA I actually wanted to go to school in New York.”

“Thats like half way across the country! I know babe…I just dont get why I have to give up my dream to follow yours!”

“Because thats what I thought you wanted to do..Be with me every steap of the way”

“And I do..But dont you want me to live my dream…to move to New York…Become a teacher..You know Ive wanted this..”

“Sadie are we really doing this here?!?”

“Yes…I dont want to be your little puppy following you around everywhere”

“Gosh Mercades yo—-“

“Mercades????NOBODY calls me that how would you like it if I started calling you Peter?”

“Well you got me mad so thats what you get”

“Wow your acting realy childish right now…Goodbye Peter”

“Wait Im sorry”

“Save it…”


I cant believe I could be so stupid and selfish…I deserved this but i just didnt want to let her go. I didnt even notice I was crying until Eric came up to me and said

“Hey you ok bro?”

“…Yeah yeah Im fine” I said that while whiping away my tears

“You sure…wheres Sadie?”

“I…I dont know”

“Did you guys have a fight?”

“…Yeah but its nothing she’ll probably get over it by the end of the day…anyway are mom and dad here?”

“Yeah and Tathi and Presley”

“Cool cool I’d better go in the back with the rest of the class.”

“Yeah go ahead”


Gosh I cant believe he would say something like that!! God! He called me Mercades…Nobody can call me that…i guess its a stupid reason to get mad…I can see why he got mad because I did tell him that I would go to California…But it’s always been my dream to go off to New York…Maybe I’ll come a little bit closer and  go to somewhere else so it wont be that bad. I gotta find him. So I was walking around looking for Eric then I found him talking to his dad.

“Hey Eric! Hey Mr. Hernandez”

“Hey kid”

“My the last time I saw you you were just a little freshman..Now your graduating..Your father would be really proud of you” Its ok that he said that him and my dad were close.

“Yeah…he would…Eric have you seen Bruno because I really have to talk to him”

“Hes in the back…Are you guys like still together…He told me about he fight”

“Yeah…I just need to  clear things up”

“Ok good” After he said that I ran in the back to find him.


“Sadie! Im so sorry…I was acting like a total douche I shouldnt have treated you like that.”

“No Im sorry I over reacted. I was just being a drama queen.”

“Sadie you got mad for the right reason I was trying to control you…But I promis I wont do it again.”

“I love you”

“I love you too” Then he leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips” Then the teachers told us to line up. I really cant believe Im graduating…leaving this place behind…My whole life is ahead of me and its gonna be with Bruno..

**4 Years Later** (Sorry for skipping around so much XD)

In the past four years  I went to the University of Michagian got my first car moved to California and sadily…Broke up with Bruno. We tried the long distance thing but it didnt work out. We would video chat occasionally text each other msg each other on facebook….but it was getting really hard so we both saw it would be right just to end it.

Ive been doing the same thing everyday driving to work everyday to the middle school where I have to do “watch and learn how its done”, Go home grade some papers watch some tv and then go to bed. But this  time I decided to go on a walk around  on the beach. The water was so beautiful the sand was warm it wasnt too hot and everything felt so nice. But hen I hear someone say

“Sadie? Sadie Martin?”

“Ummm yeah who’s asking” Then I looked up and I saw a beautiful tan face with warm brown eyes black curly hair nice muscles I might add and the same hight as he was in high school.

“Oh my God Bruno?”

“Yeah!!!” We gave each other a huge hug. Then I heard someone in the backround clear their throat

“oh…ummm yeah this is umm umm umm”He says while snaping his fingers like hes trying to remember her name

“Chanel” She said sharply

He tried to laugh it off “Yeah Chanel…My girlfriend”

“Ohh your girlfriend…”