Chapter 10-12

01/11/2011 19:19

Chapter 10

I wake up the next morning on the floor in the same position that I was in last night with a killer back ache. I just lie there with my thoughts, it’s weird to think how someone could drastically change my life like this, I smile at the thought of what could have been, I’m not going to be depressed or upset anymore, I don’t think I can cry as much as I did last night. Starting from today, my new life begins. I don’t want to be the broken hearted girl. I shower and get ready to go to the studio, I find my phone and the amount of missed calls and texts are ridiculous. I have something eat, feed Chewie and I’m back off to the studio. Before I even get up to the barrier to enter the car park, Phred runs up to me “Lex, have you seen Bruno? He’s not answering my calls or text’s and he’s supposed to be here” “No I haven’t seen him since yesterday” “How you feeling about yesterday?” I love how Phred cares. “I’m fine thank you, now can I please go and park” “Oh don’t worry about that, we’ve been re located to that other studio for today, you know the one that’s like 4 hours away?” “What!? Who confirmed that?” “Jacques did this morning, so you might as well go home and get ready and meet us back here in at 11” I sigh and see Midey come running towards me “Take me with you bitch” she says as she hops in the car. “See ya later Phred” I wonder where Bruno is….. “Ok Lex, spill the beans about last night, I want it all” so I tell her everything

“That bastard! How could he just leave you like that! You are a billion times better than that Emma, Lex if he doesn’t see how amazing you are, and then he clearly doesn’t deserve you.” She goes on and on like this the whole way home, not that I mind, I like to pretend what she’s saying is true. I pack an overnight bag, because we usually stay over in the hotel when we go and a going out dress, because knowing the guys, they’re gonna want to go out tonight. Naturally Mid steals my clothes. “I swear, it’s like you never want to wear anything of your own, and that top! That’s mine too!” “But you have such pretty stuff!” “Yeah! Pretty stuff that I’ll never see again!” “Oh look we’re gonna be late!” Mid says as she runs out of the room, she’s so sly. I call my mom to let her know that I’m leaving and to take care of Chewie. My back still kills from sleeping on the floor, I hope I can drive for the full 4 hours today. We drive back to the studio where we’re gonna meet and as I pull up I see Bruno leaning against Ray’s car and I feel my heart twinge in pain. He looks irresistible in his black skinny jeans and checked shirt. Man he must love checked shirts. “Just take deep breaths Lex” Mid comforts me. “And why is she here? Does he have to bring her with him everywhere?” “Well Mid, she is his girlfriend” it was a struggle to get that last part out. Bruno looks sad and Emma looks angry, I think they had a fight, I wonder what it was about. It’s weird seeing Bruno all depressed and I can’t help but feel like I made him like that.

We all split up and head out, in my car it’s me, Mid and Phred. Bruno, Emma, Ray, Phil and Ari are all in Ray’s jeep. We offered Emma to come with us, thank fuck she said no. Driving takes my mind off everything, I love how I can just get in to my car, turn the music up loud and just go anywhere. At about the two hour mark we stop for a bathroom and gas break. As soon as I get out of the car I feel this sharp pain in my shoulders and lower back. “Fuuck!” I yell, Bruno runs up to me and says “Lex what’s wrong!?” I feel like saying Because of YOU this happened! “I must have slept on it funny, it just really kills” “Well you can’t drive in this state, give me your keys” “You don’t know the way” “You can tell me the way” Then I do the most stupidest thing ever. I look in to his beautiful brown eyes and I melt “Ok” and I hand him my keys. Instantly Emma comes over “Babe what’s wrong?” like you fucking care. She puts her hand on Bruno’s shoulder to show that he’s hers. This shouldn’t piss me off because he is hers. But it does. “Lex’s back hurts so I’m gonna drive her car the rest of the way. You stay with Ray, this convertible only holds 4 people” “I’m sure one of you wouldn’t mind swapping with me?” Everyone shakes their head and I can’t help but smile. Man I really do love these guys. “Ok Babe” and she grabs Bruno and gives him this big passionless kiss. Disgusted Bruno pushes her away and walks off. “Stay strong Lex” Midey whispers. I nod. My back really hurts now. “Urgh, I gotta put gas in the car” Bruno comes back and says “Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you, you sit and rest your back” Why does he have to be so damn perfect. Although I do feel really smug knowing that Emma is sitting in a car full of people who I’m sure hate her as much as I do. Bruno puts gas in my car, pays for it with his own money, such a gentleman, and drives off. He acts as if last night never happened, so I try to do the same.

He looks so damn hot driving my car with my Ray Bans on, they actually suit him. That’s sexy. I just can’t stop staring at him. “Lex this car is awesome! Better than that shit I drive” “You’re a good driver, a little slow for me, but good” “Oh you think I can’t do it faster?” Always with these sexual jokes with him! “Baby I know you can’t go faster” He puts his foot down on the gas and we zoom off passing Ray’s car. I give Emma a little wink. I turn the music up and we just go.


Chapter 11

The car ride goes so fast, I think it was because me and Bruno were just talking the whole way there, god knows what Mid and Phred were talking about. Knowing them, they were probably just bitching about me and Bruno. It did suck that every 5 minutes Emma would call Bruno up and ask how he was and if there was any chance that they would swap back anytime. I just wanted to fucking slap her. I don’t like the way that she controls him and I don’t like the way that he lets her control him. God. I want him so much.

We arrive i’m itching to get in to the studio. The studio is the only place where I feel calm and I feel the most relaxed. But naturally everyone else wants to drop their stuff off in the hotel so we do. Then we finally get in to the studio. I sit down at the sound board, Bruno goes in the booth and we all start to work our magic. Bruno’s voice is so orgasmic. If he ever sung like this to me directly, I don’t know what I’d do. “Bruno sing it again” “There’s something mysterious about you” “No, sing it again” “There’s something mysterious about you” “Hmmm, it doesn’t feel right, try it again” “Lex! ENOUGH! You’ve already made him do it 7 times in a row, stop being picky” “What the fuck is wrong with you!? If you’re getting bored then feel free to leave” “Don’t talk to me like that!” “I’ll talk to you whatever way I want in my studio” Mid steps in “Ladies, let’s not fight now, Emma, she’s just trying to get Bruno to sing it to his full potential, you can’t always get it on the first take” “You know what? I think i’ve had enough for the day” I say and I storm outside for a smoke. I hear Bruno talking to Emma “What the hell is wrong with you!? She’s only trying to do her job, you don’t need to blow up at her like that she didn’t nothing wrong” At least Bruno stood up for me. Stupid bitch.

We all make our way back to the hotel to get ready to go out for some food. I hear Bruno and Emma arguing in their room, they do argue allot. I realise that Mid has my hair straighteners so I run out to go and get them. I pass Emma on the way, I completely ignore her. Mid’s not in her room, why is she not in her room!? I walk back to my room, pass Emma again and I hear her mumble something. It sounded like “Pathetic”. “Excuse me?” I say as I turn around. “I said pathetic. Now don’t pretend like you didn’t hear me” “Why am I the pathetic one?” “Because look at you, you’re trying to steal my boyfriend. Unsuccessfully might I add” “I never tried to steal him, I would never do that” My temper is starting to rise. “Oh really? Then why do you wear such short dresses around him? Why is it that every two fucking seconds you’re staring at him. Face it Lexii. You want him but he doesn’t want you back. Why? Because he’s happy coming home to me every night and fucking my brains out” Take deep breaths Lex, Ignore her, you’re stronger than she ever will be. “Do you dress like that because you’re insecure? Because you know for a fact that no one will ever love a dirty little slut like you?” I don’t reply, what can I say to that? Almost everything that she said is true. “SAY SOMETHING!” she yells at me. “LIKE WHAT!? You’re right, I do want him, it kills me to see you two together, but i’m not oblivious to everything you know. I do see that when you kiss him how after when he pulls away how disgusted he looks, or how when you sit too close to him he always gets up and sits next to me. He may be your boyfriend. But he sure as heck doesn’t like you back the same way you like him” “Your words mean nothing to me you dirty slut” I lower my voice. “Remember that party I had, and Bruno told you that he wouldn’t go. He came. We both got drunk. We both went in the pool together. We both stayed up till a ridiculous time talking about each other. And I bet you anything that when he came home to you, he had sex with you out of frustration that he didn’t have sex with me. I’m right aren’t I?” At that moment I see Bruno open his door and at the same time Emma raises her hand and slaps me right across the face, without even thinking I raise mine and do the exact same to her, although mine was allot harder because after I hit her she lost her balance and fell. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Emma yells at me from the floor and Bruno comes running up to us. “Emma what the fuck is wrong with you!? Lex are you alright?” I nod, I can’t speak out of pure anger. I feel like kicking her while she’s on the floor. “Bruno aren’t you going to help me up!” she yells at him. Bruno bends down to help her up. “I’m done with the both of you” Even after all that he still goes back to her!? I run out of there and get in my car. I just sit there for a while in silence. I put the key in and turn the ignition on. Before I know it Bruno’s gotten in to the car with me. “Bruno get out of the car” “No, we need to talk”.


Chapter 12

“Bruno. Get. Out. Of. The. Car” I try to pace myself because I know I’ll just end up taking all my frustration out on him and I don’t want to do that. He doesn’t leave. “Bruno if you don’t get out of the car I’ll just drive home with you still in it”. He still doesn’t say anything. “I just need to get out of here” I say and start to drive off fast. The further away I am from her the better. We just sit there in silence and its starting to piss me off, I wish he would just speak to me already. His phone starts to ring but he ignores it. It rings a couple of times but he still ignores it before he puts it on silent. “Answer it already, your girlfriend deserves to know where you are” he takes a deep breath, smiles and says “She’s not my girlfriend anymore” “What!?” “I broke up with her Lex; she’s not the one I want” Stupid question but I still decide to ask “And who do you want?” “You Lex, like I said, it’s always been you” Bruno takes my hand which is resting on my knee and just holds it. Which is pretty pointless seen as I have to let go to change gear. I can’t drive anymore and have all these thoughts in my head. “I’m hungry, are you?” I say. “I can eat” Bruno replies. So I turn in to the next Mc Donald’s I can find.

We go inside, order our food, Bruno naturally pays for it and we sit. “Why didn’t you break up with her earlier? Why did you play me along like that?” He looks down and plays with his food. Why won’t he answer me? I take his hand this time. He smiles and kisses my hand. I feel like I could melt. Or I feel like I could have him right here on this table. “Baby can we not talk about that now? Please?” Why won’t he tell me? We finish eating and walk out, I take my cigarette out, Bruno does the same and lights both of ours. He puts his arm around my waist and holds me close, I lean my head against him. Are we dating or what!? If he asked me, obviously I’d know what I’d say. I wish he’d stop being so smooth all the time. “What are you thinking about?” He asks. Damn. Bruno takes my cigarette, stubs it out and pushes me up against a wall. I’m so fucking turned on right now. I can feel his breath on me. Please come in for a kiss I repeat over and over in my head. He pushes himself against me; I feel something hard pushing against my abdomen. Oh my God. My breathing increases. He whispers “Lexii, I want you, you’re irresistible to me, and you’re like my drug. Everything about you, everything you do turns me on, it’s driving me insane. I love your eyes, your smile, your voice, your laugh, the way you look secretly at me, the way how I can tell you’re turned on right now. You’re perfect” He pushes a piece of hair from my face and gently touches my cheek where Emma hit me. “I don’t know why I should be so infatuated with you, but I am, baby I’m falling for you. Hard” without thinking I say “That’s not the only hard thing around” FUCK DID I JUST SAY THAT!? He pushes himself more on me and I can feel every inch of him. Not that I’m complaining. Bruno exhales but it sounds more like a moan. He leans his head in closer and as he does, I lean mine in too. Our noses touch before I feel Bruno’s lips pressing against mine. I kiss back with all the passion that I’ve been keeping inside and Bruno does the same. I run my fingers through his hair and gently pull the back of it; Bruno moans and holds both sides of my face. I reluctantly pull back for air but Bruno continues kissing me and makes a trail of kisses down my neck and back up to my face in the area that Emma hit me. He pulls back and gives me a slow peck on my lips and pulls away. Again, I speak without thinking. I need to stop doing that. “I have to drive after THAT!?” Bruno just laughs and pulls me to the car. Before I’m about to get in, he pushes me against the car and says “One more thing. Lexii, date me?” and he gives me the biggest smile ever. My heart is racing so fast, I can’t believe this is actually happening to me. “Yes” I say with a huge smile “Good” Bruno says as he leans in for another kiss, I happily oblige. Bruno takes his hand and starts to rub my butt. What the fuck? Then he reaches in to my back pocket and pulls my keys out. I get in to the passenger’s seat and me and Bruno talk the whole way home. Perfect.

“You want me to take you home?” “Can you take me to yours instead?”