Chapter 10

18/04/2011 21:37

Sex is like a marriage proposal, every time you think about it, you get real excited. I wasn't sure if he proposed or if he was giving me a promise ring. I didn't want to seem rude so I just excepted the fact that he wanted to be with me forever. Last night was the best night of my life, and I hope they keep coming. I looked around to see the sun way up high in the sky. How long have we been sleeping for?

I roll over to see his sleeping face, I laugh a little because he had his mouth wide open and was drooling like that baby he was. I ran my fingers through his hair and it was surprisingly soft and thick. He grabs my hand and kisses it.

“Hello beautiful.”

“how did you know it was me and not a stranger?” I said as I laughed

“because you smell like fresh spring, your hands are soft & I feel my grandmas pearl ring on your finger”

He rolled me over on my back and kissed me. I looked around and the field of purple orchids are even more beautiful than ever. I looked into his eyes and smiled because for once, I seen true happiness. No anger or remorse or anything that would cause him to frown. He smiled at me and he was practically glowing with happiness. That just made me smile even harder. I run my fingers through his hair.

“you are absolutely beautiful” I said

“I've heard of handsome, cute even sexy but beautiful?”


“all I see when I see myself is, brown eyes, brown hair, tan skin. Nice voice”

“No no no no, i'm the plain Jane here, your eyes are chocolate brown with drops of golden honey & your hair is curly brown with black streaks. Your voice is Sweet and Emotional with a mix of Spice and Energy that crescendos into a loving sound that brings me goosebumps ”

“wow aren't you the Shakespeare” he said as he stood me up

“well I do write my own material”

“really maybe you should write me a song and I never pay you for it and run away and become famous” he said with a serious face

“are you serious?”


I stared at him but then he began to smile

“ Naw i'm kidding but let me hear something.”

“right now?”

“yeah, talk about anything that comes to mind”



I started to think. I look around to find inspiration but all I could think of was Bruno.

“all I can think about is you” I said

“oh really what about me?”


“just say it”

I open my mouth but nothing comes out. I’ve never said any poetry in front of anyone before. My hands start to shake. Nervous and jittery.

“How do you deal with nervousness on stage?”

“are you nervous in front of me?” he said with a smile

“...i've....i've never spoken poetry to another person”

“look, all you have to do is, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine someplace open your eyes but keep that peaceful place in your head and open your mouth...”

“sweet words flowed from his lips,causing me to smile,for hours my heart is doing back flips,because his words has been on my mind for a while,he expressed how he felt in a way that's never been done to me,its just makes me so happy,to glow with glee,us in the future is something i do see,everything about him attracts him to me,he's beautiful & peaceful,laid back & soulful,funny with a personality so powerful,it makes me catch my breath,losing air in my chest,i really do love this son of a gun,i really do feel he's the one,& i know forever he is until the years are done.”

Bruno doesn't say anything, he just grabs an orchid, puts it in my hair, pulls me to the bike and drives off. Man, what did I do?

An hour later, the scenery starts to look familiar and then I realize he was taking me home. Taking us to our home. We get there an hour later and I get off the bike and look at him and smile. He was filling my houses emptiness and I liked that. I felt as thought I didn't have to come home to and empty one because he would always be there. Bru scoops me up and bits his lips and I knew exactly where this was headed. I give him my keys out of my purse, he opens the door to our home now and closes and locks the door. We go at it like to horny rabbits. Making out he heads to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. Everything was a blur, he was ripping off my clothes as I did his.

He made love to me so passionately, so emotionally, so tenderly that I climaxed over and over and over again. He was grinding his hips into me and I wrapped my legs around him tight. Putting his lips onto mine never taking them off and Together we danced with our bodies. That's when I realized that we were no longer going to have sex. I realized that this day right here, was the day forever we was going to make love. He climaxed and rolled on his side. Put pulled me closer to him. I put my hand on his face and he kissed every single one of my fingers but doubled kissed my ring finger.

“you know with all this love making, there's going to be a little Bruno or two running around here” he said

“maybe we should stop”

“No, I like kids. I’ve always wanted a son but if you could give me a daughter that is just like you, I would be the happiest daddy in the world”

I looked at him and swallowed. Hard. I like babies but just the thought of giving up my body for a baby was disappointing. I know it sounds selfish but I was a fat kid. Being called the fat kids for 12 years is no fun either. So being lean is a priority to me and I worked hard for the body I have now. To think of having a baby is scary. I seen Alisia give birth and it was not pretty at all. And to think of having a girl. How could I be a great role model with all ONS's I’ve had with...GOD...a lot of guys. How could she look up to a mom who was kind of a...Heifer. Just the thought terrified me.

“baby you ok?” he asked

“yeah i'm ok”

“you looked sick when I said babies”

“i'm great...”

“you look green to me and not in a good way”

“what are you trying to say?”

“babe you look like the jolly green giant but with boobs”

I started to laugh “ oh yeah well, you smell like a pig barn”

“well you like this little piggy don't you”

He started squealing at me and I hopped off the bed. He was chasing me around the room making pig noises while we were both naked. I ran into the bathroom and held the door shut. He started pounding on the door squealing even louder. I was laughing so hard I let go of the door and he came busted in with my pink bra on his head. He bent down and started squealing into my neck making me laugh harder. I farted. Yeah sexy right. He landed his ass and fell over laughing. We were both laughing for a while.

“come on piggy, lets wash you up.” I said

“ok Mrs. Piggy”

I smiled, knowing that he purposed to me last night. We both hopped in the shower and got all clean with kissing in between. I grabbed my towel and dried off then wrapped my towel around my head and he pulled me close and kissed me again. I ran out the bathroom and he tackled me to the bed. Bruno started kissing my body starting from my legs when the phone rang.

“baby don't answer it” he said

“what if it's important” I said between breaths

Bru was getting me aroused again but I reached over and answered the phone.


“is this Alicia Bennett?”

“yes, this is her”

“do you have a father by the name of Johnny Bennett?”

I stopped Bruno and sat up “yes, yes I do, why?”

“Miss Bennett this is nurse Joanne and I was calling to let you know that your father is in the hospital.”

“what?, how did he get there?”

“it looks as thou he was hit in the head with something but he keeps saying your name will you come see him, this is Mercy Hospital”

“i'll be on my way”

I hung up the phone. I haven't seen my father in over 5 years. Flash backs of that day he left crept back into my brain and my head began to pound. I looked at Bru and didn't have to say anything. We got dressed and ran downstairs. Locking the door and hoping on his bike. I began to cry.

“just show me the way” he said

I directed him to Mercy, when we got there, I asked the desk nurse for my father, she gave me the room number and we got on the elevator. When we got to his door I was shaking so bad, I couldn't open the door. Bru open the door and that's when I seen him. Bandage wrapped around his head with a blood spot on it but he was awake.

“hey baby, they found you?”he said


“here sit next to your dad, I haven't seen you in a while”

“5 years is more than a while but i would rather stand thank you.”

“so polite, just like that mother of yours”

“Josephine is her name”

“ is she these days”

“the same”

“ are you Alicia?”

“i'm well and yourself”

“you don't have to be proper with me, you know I hate that”

There was an awkward silence. I sat down on the chair because I felt as though I was going to faint.

“i'm john by the way and who are you son?” dad asked

Bru went over to shake his hand.

“Peter, sir”



Dad looked at me and smiled a little. He looked at my hands and seen the ring.

“oh,beautiful ring”

“thank you sir. I'm sorry I didn't ask for your permission but...”

“you don't have to ask me, Alicia's a grown women now”

Bru just shook his head yes and I kept looking at my feet.

“so where did you get the chain sunny boy?” dad asked

“i gave it to him” I said

Dad looked at me and smiled. With approval.

“ I see still have the locket I see”

“Daddy why am I here?”

“.....because your mother wouldn't come”

“and you knew I did?”

“i....just hoped...look i'm sorry Mija but...”

“Mija? Since when look daddy, you left me for 5 years with out a phone call or a letter or anything and expect me to act like everything is ok?, well it's not. I don't even know why I came...i guess I just wanted to see if it was really you”

He just shook his head “look i'm not asking for forgiveness yet, I just wanted to see your face before it was to late.”

“what do you mean too late?”

A nurse head popped in behind the curtain.

“Mr. Bennett you have another visitor but you can only have 2 at a time with your condition. She's and your son are waiting for you”

Hearing the word son for him made my blood boil. I needed to get out of here fast.

“son?!, what ever, look you know how to reach me. I'm leaving”

I stormed out of his room with Bru following me. We wait for the elevators and see a lady run off the elevator with a little boy. I didn't get a chance to see her face as she ran into daddy's room. All I seen was her hair. But I didn't care. The elevator came and we left the hospital.

“ you ok?”

I just shook my head no, we hopped on his bike and drove off. When we got home, I ran upstairs and flopped on the bed, crying. Bru held me and I inhaled his cinnamon smell to help with the tears but it didn't. He had moved on. Daddy had cheated. What mama said was all true, he even had a little family now. I didn't want to believe mama but I seen the proof for myself. Daddy had replaced mama with a new women but what hurt me the most was that he replaced me, with a new child.