Chapter 10

08/02/2012 16:32

All the nasty Hooligans who expected a detailed description of how they fucked in the beginning of this chapter... I'm sorry to disappoint you! But don't stop reading! I promise soon (maybe in chap 12 or 13) you get a little bit nasty stuff and later (around chap 19) a whole chapter of sex ;)... ENJOY!


"Sshhiiiiiiiiiit." Bruno mumbles out before falling down on me exhausted. I'm totally whacked too and all I can do is breath in and out heavily. I still feel the last bit of orgasm I just had and my legs are still shaking. We both calm down slowly and I can feel his heartbeat as well as mine going back to normal. He lifts himself up a bit, looks deep into my eyes and strokes over my hair. Then he caress my cheek with his thumb before he slowly and emotionaly kisses me. Before things get too hot again he backs away and grins at me.

"Guuuurl you were damn loud! I didn't expect that at all." He says, rolls carefully off of me, stands up and removes the condom. 

I roll on my side, put the sheets over my body and hold my head up with my hand. "I'm sorry but you know the last time... it's quite a while ago." I say while watching him doing it and checking out his body. WHOLE body, not only down there! He doesn't have a sixpack, but his stomach is flat and lightly defined. Just like his arms, you can't see the muscles but you can see the strength in it and well a couple of minutes ago I also FELT his power. And I can tell he has a lot! He has a round little ass and his skin tone is just perfect.

"How long?" He asks me back.

"I dunno what year do we have?"

"What?" He looks at me in shock.

I burst out laughing. "No, I'm just kidding... I think like 7 or 8 months?!"

"Oh god I feel sorry for you! But you know what?" He asks me, leans over me and gives me a quick kiss. "Consider yourself as lucky 'cause from this day on I will fuck you at least once a day!"

I giggle. "Oh really?"

"Absolutely! I would do it again right about now if I didn't promise you a surprise!"

Oh god are you serious? Am I really so good that you sent me a man like this?

"Maybe we can postpone the surprise to another day and I catch up on what I missed the last months?" I ask him with a seductive look.

"Good offer, but no!" He answers while putting on his boxers and gives me another quick kiss. "I don't want it to be all about sex!"

Okay! I'm totally dead now. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? He can't be so perfect! Is this even true or am I dreaming?

"Erm... what exactly do you mean with IT

He looks at me smiling and then answers slowly and emphasizing every word of it. "Our relationship that just has started."

All I can do is start to giggling hard kind of hysterically. Then I grab his head, pull it close to mine and kiss him with my whole passion. Oh god I never felt such a huge happiness in my whole body, heart, mind and soul for ages. It just feels.. right! He of course kisses me back also overwhelmed and happy about my reaction and we start to make out again. Then I push him away. "Surprise, baby! I want my surprise now!" He smiles and gets up. I do so too and we both get dressed. I fix my hair real quick, grab my purse, Bruno his backpack and we walk out of my apartement with our arms around each other's body.

On the way down I start thinking. I hardly can arrange in my mind all the things that happened the last hour. I'm just so happy, I can't even describe it. Everything goes so fast! I know him now for 5 days. 5 days! And it feels like months... Is this all real? Is he real? Does he really wanna have a relationship with me? Do I wanna be with him? What exactly means a 'relationship' for him? I don't know anything about him! I don't even now where he lives! What...

"Babe you alright?" I suddenly hear him asking me. I look at him, then I realize that I'm still standing in the elevator. He's already outside and holds the door open for me.

"Erm... yeah, yeah I'm fine." I say back and step out of the elevator. That's not even a lie. I AM fine, totally!

"Sure?" He asks again a little worried. "You don't look like that..." 

"I'm just thinking... I don't even know where you live..." I say back when we were walking out of the building.

"But you do! You know my address." He takes my hand and we go slowly to my car.

"Yeah I know that. But I mean I wasn't there. I didn't SEE it." I stop and he does too. "And I don't know about you but I would like to know things like that when I have a relationship with someone. What generally does 'relationship' even mean to you?" 

He looks in my eyes, puts his hand on my neck and grins at me. Why is he grinning? I mean this is an important question! He shouldn't grin now! I knew for him this is all just fun!

"Babe you worrying too much. I know that this all happens very fast. I'm surprised too! But it feels right! I wanna be with you! I'm happy around you! I think that's the most important thing for now. Let's just enjoy all this for a while and then we care about the rest what a relationship is about. Okay? I DO know what a relationship is though I'm younger than you I'm old enough to know!"

How should I response to that? He's totally right. He makes me happy and I make him happy, at least he just said that. And it's clear that he doesn't only wanna fuck me. Why is it so hard for me to just enjoy it? Am I that old that I forgot to just have fun without worries, to just savor the moment? 

"Babe?" He kisses me lightly on my lips. "I only wanna make you happy. Don't worry okay?!... Just go with it!"

'Just go with it' that sounds so damn easy. I wanna try it. I wanna give this a chance. Everything speaks for it... til now he completely makes me happy and if one day he should stop making me happy then I will think of what to do at this day... until then I will do it!... I will just go with it!

I nod without saying a word and he kisses me slowly. I take out the keys to unlock the car, but I don't feel like driving so I ask him if he could drive. He accepts happily. I guess he's proud I let him do something manly even it's not really, it feels like that. I love to drive but I also like to just relax and let the man drive. Somehow I'm old school I think. We go inside the car and he drives off. For some minutes we stay silent only the radio is playing quietly but it's not awkward, not at all. That's a good thing I think to myself. I just hope he thinks the same. I look at him. He looks so cute concentrating on the street. It makes me smile and I feel again this happiness. I put my hand on the backside of his neck and slowly start to fondle it and the beginning of his hair. I love his curls! Why do I always think that? He smiles and puts his hand on my thigh, he doesn't caress it or goes between my legs. It's nothing sexual in it, his hand just lays on my thigh touching me, feeling me. And I love it! A couple more minutes go by then it comes to my mind. We could do a Q&A to learn more about each other. He agrees and I begin to ask.

"What's your favorite meal?"

"Uuuhhhh you start with the most difficult question, gurl! I love to eat everything!"

"But there must be something you absolutetly couldn't imagine that you can't eat it anymore for the rest of your life!" I response.

"Hmmm.... maybe... chicken wings? Yeah I take this! And if have enough money I always buy sushi. I love sushi! And what about you?"

"Well I don't like sushi so much. I eat it but only the ones with vegetables. I can't eat raw meat or fish. That's kinda disgusting!" I say making a disgusted face. "I love italian food pasta, pizza... mexican... chinese... the things my mother always cooked. I try to cook them too, but it's never as good as her's... sometimes I love just to eat a good steak... hmmm... I guess I can't decide!"

"But you have to just like me!"

"Hmmm... then...I take pasta! Pasta bolognese with much parmesan cheese... Now it's your turn!" I say looking at him.

"Ok... favorite color?"

"Hmmm... blue. This shining bright sky blue. In Denmark I saw the brightest blue sky ever! And yours?"


"Red? That's so girly!" I say giggling.

"Ok... Radical blood red. Better?" He says back.

"A little..."

"So your turn again!"

"Erm... biggest fear?"

"Duh... to lose my voice! Or my dick! One of these 2."

I start laughing hard. 

"What? Aren't you afraid of losin' your pussy? Or tits? If you say no you're lyin'!"

I laugh even harder. "Well I never thought about losin' my pussy before. I guess only men can have such thoughts..."

"Oh bullshit! I bet you rather die than livin' without your vagina!"

"Ok ok stop that! You may be right but that's not my biggest fear!"

"What then?" He asks me impatiently.

"I think... to have an accident or disease and can't be able to walk or see anymore. I imagine that's the worst thing that can happen to a human." I say seriously and he just nods in agreement.

"So my turn again?" He asks.

"Yes!" I answer.

"Ok... let me think... erm... craziest thing you ever did? Or craziest place you ever had sex? You can chose! Wait! No! Answer both!"

I chuckle. "Hmm... craziest thing? That's probably going over these old long shaky swing bridge in Mexico. I went there with Lena and a friend of her. She hadn't known him for a long time. He was a Mexican and we did this hike somewhere in Mexico. He was our guide. And then suddenly there was this swing bridge. He said it's 100% safe and we trusted him. We walked over and I was scared to death. One week later Lena told me that it actually wasn't allowed to walk over it. In every map there's a big warning. But you know we didn't have one, so we didn't know and there was no warn sign at the bridge... and then she told me that there were two Mexicans walking over it and it broke and they died. One week after we were there! We were shocked as hell!"

"Wow that's really crazy. Don't you dare to do any shit like this ever again! You hear me?!"

I smirked at his serious, worried face. "Don't worry, I won't. I treasure my life since then even more!... But what about you?"

"Hey you didn't answer the sex question!"

"I will if you answer first!"

"Ok... craziest thing was a drunk bungee-jump in Vegas. I was forced to do it out of group pressure..."

I laugh. I can so imagine him doing that...

"And craziest place I had sex..." He continues. "...was in Hawaii in a rowing boat that lay on the beach."

"Was it good?" I say smirking.

"Not at all. It was so shaky and we got caught... But now you tell me what were yours?"

"Hmm... that probably was on a plane toilet... BUT the crazy thing is, it was a private jet and Kanje, Jay-Z and Beyonce were on it too! But they were asleep, so they didn't recognize it..."

"What? Now that well beats mine!" He says and we both laugh. "You really met all of them? How are they like?"

I answer all of his questions and we get this whole Q&A thing going on until we arrive at the beach. He parks the car and leads me into a building. I can see a couple of shop signs and from a surfing school on the outside, but still I have no idea what he planned. Inside he goes straight to the surfing school. Oh no! Please don't tell me he wanna go surfing! I tried it once but totally failed in it so I'd hate to do it again and blame myself. We reach the welcome desk and he greets the man behind it. It's a good looking mid-20, muscly, tall, blond man. He totally looks like a typical surfer boy.

"Hey bro, how's it?" Bruno says to him and then turns back to me. "That's Caroline." He says proudly and puts his arm around my shoulders. "And babe, that's Alex, a good friend of mine. He runs this surfing school."

"Hey Alex. Nice to meet you." I say smiling and he greets me back.

"So and what are we gonna do now?" I ask Bruno hesitantly still worried that he might go surfing.

He smiles at me and responses excited. "We gonna go..." He pauses and looks at Alex who just nods with a big grin on his face.

I just stare at him with big eyes waiting for him to end the sentence and think to myself. Please not surfing! Please don't say surfing!!!