Chapter 106

24/03/2012 13:57

”Bruno…has your back been hurting too?” she turned around holding his hands looking up at him.

”I mean….maybe a little…but….” he paused leading her to the couch watching her eyes well up with tears.

”Bruno…this…can’t…happen….” she got out in between her short breathes grabbing her phone. ”You…have…to…go…..” she paused starting to cry in between her short breathes. ”to the doctor….”

Bruno sat down looking at her reaction not sure what to say knowing that she was probably right.Cancer. He thought to himself. Cancer. Cancer….”I know….” he said to her still holding her hands. She let go of his hands wrapping her arms around his neck sobbing.

”I need you Bruno. I can’t do it without you…..”

”Mar…..we don’t know yet. You can’t just go online and diagnosis things…you know that.” he said pulling away from her wiping the tears off of her cheek.

”I know…but still…” she said trying not to cry.

”How did you even think of this?” he asked her perplexed about the whole situation.

”One of the girls had a client with it and we googled it….” she admitted. ”It was earlier this week…so it was fresh…”

”Oh.” he answered not sure how to respond just sitting for a few seconds. ”But I’ll Tom Green this shit. I’ll even cover the Bum Bum song…” he tried to make her laugh starting to sing the silly song.

She pushed him a little laughing and sniffing at the same time. ”That is ridiculous…how do you even remember that?”

”My bum is on my wife my bum is on my wifeeee….” he sang sitting on top of her.

”Owww, owww owwww…get off meeee!” she whined pushing him on the floor. He looked up at her with a sad face.  She smiled at him falling on top of him kissing him. ”I love you.”

He looked into her eyes running his fingers through her hair moving his hand back down to her cheek. ”Your lips are really pink tonight.”

”I got extra dressy because I thought I was going to get some.” she told him.

He looked back at her with a confused look. ”Who said you weren’t? We don’t have the kids until noon tomorrow.”

”Not tonight.” she said getting up from where they were laying.

”Marrrlaaaa….” he whined. wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her neck as she walked toward the bathroom.

”Come take a shower with me….” she said taking off her clothes one piece at a time making him laugh.


The next morning Bruno woke up with an empty space next to him. ”Dammmnnn…” he whined sitting up hearing the TV in the living room. He scratched his head putting on his glasses leaning against the door frame watching her wash dishes and baby things without her knowing. He walked quietly behind her kissing her head.

”Oh Shit!” she exclaimed dropping a plate breaking it.

”Don’t move!” he yelled grabbing something to clean it up. ”I don’t want you to hurt your feet.” She turned her heals  looking at him clean it up. As he met her feet he stood up kissing her lightly. ”Oh…and good morning, Marley. ”

She finished drying off the plates that didn’t break putting them away while he got them coffee sitting down watching him. ”Bruno…you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.”