Chapter 11-15

22/03/2012 19:24

Chapter 11:
Carol attacks his lips like there is no tomorrow. After about 30 seconds, she gets up and walks away. We walk out.

"So how'd it start?" Bruno glares at me but has a smile on his face.
"You're welcome!" I reply to his happy face

"Woah woah! Nothing can happen... and nothing will" 

"Oh please!" The bells rings. "At least be friends with her!"

"Okay ERIC!" He says sarcastically. I laugh.

"Well his words are smart!"

"Thanks!" He says behind us.

"Ugh! I just wanna lay in my bed!"

"I have Che-misery next." Bruno adds 

"ME TOO!" I say

"There's a little chemistry right here eh?" He puts his arms on or shoulders

"Ugh! Eric that's the oldest joke in the book!"

"Yea last time I heard that I was riding a dinosaur." Bruno says.

"Never mind Eric. Yours isn't the 'oldest' in the book." They laugh.

"Gotta go guys!" Eric says and leaves.

"Today I don't feel like doin' anythang" Bruno sings

"I just wanna lay in my bed!" I whine again

"Aw baby Its ok!" He hugs me. I could just sleep in his arms.

"3 timer!" I almost whisper.

"What?!" He chuckles.

"You have 1. Alisha 2. Carol 3. you're trying to get me?! Oh no you didn't!" He laughs. 

"C'mon lets go!" We walk in and go the our places. I turn around to Bruno and say

"I forgot you were the annoying brat behind me." He puts on a pouting face and I stick my tongue out at him. Soon I heard "Abrianna! Warning!" Bruno kept making me laugh... so I got a couple warnings. Actually all I heard the whole time was, 
"Abrianna. I told you!" 
"Abri pay attention!"
"Abri turn around!" 
"Abrianna Smith if I have to tell you one more time.." Then when Bruno was showing me this mixture and made a mess and I laughed, I heard
"Abri, Bruno, principal's. NOW!"


Chapter 12:
My heart started beating really fast. I look at Bruno with terrified eyes, not knowing what to do. I had never been there. Well, not for getting kicked out of class. Bruno just shrugs at me. I feel everyone's eyes on me. I slowly make my way to his desk.

"Please Mr. Collins I-I can't! My mom is gonna kill me!" I whisper, already humiliated. 

"Should've thought of-"

"I know I know! but just give me one mo-" Bruno pulls my arm. I hear the whole class laugh. "What the he-"

"Shh! Pleading only makes it worse." My eyes get watery.

"I-I-I can't..." I grab my head in frustration. Tears start to fall one at a time as I slide down the wall I was leaning on.

"You don't know how my mom is. I already didn't do my homework!" He pulls me up

"Sh Sh Sh! don't cry!" He wipes my tears. "I'll make it better." He kisses my hand. "I know lets ditch!" His lips are so soft what if... Wait what?!

"ARE YOU FU- mm mm mmm!" He covers my mouth and pulled me into a closet

"Are you crazy?! We almost got caught!"

"Thats what I asked YOU! And we would've gotten caught if we ditched!"

"How are you friends with Carol?" He said shaking his head. "But.. fine we'll go to the principal." Well.. mom will find out now if we go to the office but later if we ditch. I start pacing.

"Trouble now.. trouble later." I repeat over and over. I make up my mind.

"FINE! I'll... ditch" I say ditch under my breath.


"Let's go!" He goes to the door and wiggles the knob.

"Uh. Little problem! We're locked in."

"UGH! YOU!" He sits and thinks for a while until I see his face light up.


"Lay it on me."

"We wait here till after school right? Then the janitor has to clean the cafeteria. He needs supplies so he'll come to the supply closet!" I ponder.

"Oh fine!" 

We sit there for what feels like forever. We talked, played games, and I was gonna ask him the rest of the story but I didn't feel like feeling sorry for him.

"I'm soooo bored!" I whine

"I have an idea." Bruno says nervous.

"What?!" I say exited. He hesitates.

"C'mon I'm desperate!" I add



Chapter 13:
"Im desperate! I HATE boredom!" I say shaking his arm. He looks at me.

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"Oh spit it out!" He takes a deep breath and begins slowly..

"I was gonna say.."


"we could..."


"Have a kissing contest" He says fast then scrunches his eyes closed. I think for a while. It might be the boredom but I say..

" Typical guy but.. Yes!"

"Ok I'm sorry it's just that- wait what?" He says in shock. I roll my eyes. We just sit there for a little.

"Ok..." He says


"Ok on the count of three, we both lean in got it?" I shake my head. I'm determined to win this. "1.. 2...3." We both lean in and once our lips touch I.. I don't know how to explain it. But I'm still determined to win even though he is a good kisser. I put my hands behind his head and push my lips harder against his. It soon becomes open mouth. After a while he pulls back out of breath...

"Wow!" He says

"Did I win?"

"This round but..... can we try something different?"

"Whaaat?" I say curious.

"French kissing?" I smirk. What am I doing?... I shouldn't do this

"You're on!" What.Did.I.Just.Do? 

"Ok 1..2..3" This time there was now holding back. We attack each other's lips like scavengers. I feel his tongue in my mouth. My hands go back around his neck, his hands on my waist. I would've stopped but I didn't want to. Instead, I scoot closer to him. A few seconds later there's a sound at the door which makes us jump but somehow we keep kissing for about two more seconds or until the door starts the open. That breaks our kiss and we both look at the door...

The janitor walks in and stops when he sees us. He frowns.

"What are yerr terr derrin up in herr?" He asks. Bruno replied grabbing my hand. his hands are so soft. I rub my thumb over his hand.

"Uh a um guy trapped us i-in here but we'll just g-go n-now." and he bolts out the door, pulling me right behind him. We run out the basically empty school. I couldn't help thinking 'Did that kiss mean anything. It had to. That kiss.. It was just... magical.' Doesn't matter. Honestly, I had fun....


Chapter 14:
We run out of the school laughing. Why? I kinda don't know!

"Did you see his face when he saw us?!" Bruno asks. I guess thats why.

"HAHA! Yea he was like "What the fuuu-" And you were like "were g-g-gonna 
g-g-go" HAHA!" I say acting it out. He laughs then his face turns serious.

"Remember that didn't mean anything! Our little secret" I decide to play with him.

"What didn't mean anything?" I cross my arms, get close to him and smirk.

"Oh c 'mon don't play these games!"

"What games?"


"Fine!" I say defeated by his puppy eyes.

"Thanks!" He sweeps me into a hug. I slowly pat his back. " We should get going now." He says pulling away.

"Oh ok..." I say not moving.

He laughs and shakes his head. He then, me not expecting him to, picks me up by the legs and swung me over his shoulder.

"Ahh!" I scream, trying to kick and not to laugh. He chuckles and takes me home.

The whole week we would get in trouble, get sent out of class, and ditch. Well instead of going to the principal's. We would walk around, get some ice cream or go to the movies. 

My mom didn't find out... at least not yet. But I really didn't care too much anymore. I was having fun letting my hair down. Oh and Bruno and Carol are 'friends' now! :D

I met up with Bruno today. "Hey!"

"Hey." he said fake smiling at me.

"What's up?"

"Well.. the sky, God,..." 

"Ok Okay! What's wrong?" I said rephrasing



Chapter 15:
He scratches his head. "Um.. My mom grounded me. She found out." I opened my mouth to say "Oh that sucks." when he said "About EVERYTHING."

'Everything' What does he mean by "everything?"

He must've seen my confusion when he said

"About the whole equation. Your part too." I mouth "Oh" then say aloud 

"So she knows about the..." I trail off, hoping he would get the concept. Unfortunately, he doesn't.

"The.. what?"

"Ok Bruno," I say rubbing my forehead "Let me explain. Chemistry class, Monday, Um.. kicked out, closet, locked in, boredom.." 

"Ok! Okay! I get it."

"So?" He looks at me for a little.

"Oh! No she didn't say anything about that." He smiles and stares in my direction for a while.

"What?" I say looking over my shoulders.

"Oh... nothing" He says slowly.

"You're freaking me out Bruno!"

"Sorry" He says looking at the ground. What. The. Hell?!

"Oh my mom's gonna tell your mom" He looks up at me, after a while, with apologetic eyes, putting his hands in his pockets. I shrug my shoulders.

"Guess I'm not going home tonight." He scrunches his eyebrows at me.

"Why not?"

"Cause if I go home I won't be coming back out!" I say with a laugh he laughs with me.

"Yea I guess."

We chill at the beach talking about stuff we like and how much we have in common. We both love music! Him a little more than me. I tell him how many completely different things I want to be when I grow up and he replies with, 

"Wow! Good luck finishing college!" I ask him what his plans were when he grew up and he said,

"I HATE school and LOVE music. Music is everything to me. With my talent, you don't NEED training, so, skip college and do music and I'm gonna be big around the world, touring, and waking up in a different city every night."

"Ya know you won't make it THAT big in Hawaii?" 

"YEA! That's why I'm moving to Narnia!" We laugh.

"Your too much Bruno!" I say pushing him with my shoulder.

"You love me!" He says pushing back.

"You wish!" I say and lightly punch his arm.

"Almost." He responds grabbing the arm I hit him on.

"Your time's gonna be over before you even know it! It's been A WEEK and you didn't even make me even like you even a little bit!" I say excited because I honestly thought I would fall for him easily. Wow I said 'even' a lot.

"A little excited even steven?" Bruno asks

"Yes! There's a way I can easily fall for even a snotty Jock and even YOU haven't even figured it out! Even though it's even really easy!"

"Woah! 5 EVENS!" I laugh and blush. Good thing it's too dark for him to see.

"I can see you blushing. You're like, glowing. It's beautiful." He says pulling up my chin. 

"Damnit!" I whisper. He laughs. It gets quiet for a minute and he starts to slowly lean in.