Chapter 11-End

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Chapter 11


I stayed at their house for almost a week. Bruno Went home in LA with the nagashaws. "Are you sure you can live alone?" Bruno's mom asked. "Of course mom." I hugged and kissed her. "If you saw her, take her eyes from her eye socket." I laughed. "Sure I will." Presley laughed. "Ladies!" Bruno's mom stopped us from cursing. "Take care baby." Presley held my hand and pressed it, we had a group hug. "I love you." I told them, they smiled. "Don't forget to call when you arrive, kay?" Bruno's mom reminded. "I will mom." I smiled "Okay, rip her hair, back and forth." Bruno's mom whispered and finally waved goodbye. I smiled; I gave them both a flying kiss waved goodbye.

"Wanna stay at my place?" Eric offered while we're on the plane. I smiled. "This is too much kuya." "No honey, we're family remember?" I stared at his eyes, same as Bruno. "Ahhh! We'll find a way for him to bring back his memory. He loves you so much, how can he forget a lady like you? A lovely and sweet little girl." "I opened my arms, he received it.”Thank you kuya." "You’re the sweetest Christina, you took care of my crazy brother for almost 4 years, when he's down, and you helped him through his career." I hugged him tighter.

I rented an apartment, smaller than the old one, but its better than a big house. Aloud knock, "Wait a sec." then another knock, louder than the first one, "fuck" I murmured. Another monster knock, I run to open the door, "WHAT THE----" "CHRISTINA!!!" Five boys screamed at my ears, they all entered my house. Phil stopped and looked at me, "I missed you." I hugged Phil. "Stop the drama!" Phil and me looked at Jamareo, he smiled, and Tequilas are waiting baby,” he added and kissed the bottle of tequila Phil closed the door. "He's coming, I invited him." I stopped. What if, he acts so mean to me? What if this time, he flirts in front of her? Should I follow Presley's advice? Mom's advice? Or should I kill her? I stared at Phil's eyes. "Don't worry she's not with her. He doesn’t bring her in occasions like this." He added. "Why?" I asked, "Cause we don't allow him!" He shakes my shoulders. "Why would he come here?" I asked again, "We told him you're the reason why nagashaw's exist. You're our old friend who came back from Paris, who over act when he did not recognize you." Phil is always the sweetest. "Thank you Phil." he smiled. "You always act like my big brother." "I am your big brother kiddo." He tapped my head. "One time you'll gonna pay for me." I looked at him, he smiled showing off his dimples. "I always wonder how it feels to become a groom's man." I laughed; this man always makes me laugh. "I love you kuya Phil." "Now kiddo, don't talk to me in Filipino language." I laughed again. We sat next to Jamareo and Ari. I told them stories from Paris; they are like puppies who listened. A doorbell rang. "You have door bell?" "Yes, Jamareo, unluckily, they don't have doorbells in mountains." I stood up and opened the door, "Hey!" a chocolate brown eyed with wet curls greeted. I stared at his perfection, "aren't you gonna let me in? I'm freezing." I froze staring at his eyes. He clapped his hands. "Oh yes, come in. I'll go get you a towel and clothes." I run in my room, I searched for Bruno's clothes in the "Nagashaw's Cabinet" I saw his pink trousers and white t-shirt. I hugged it for a while and smelled it. It still smells exactly like him. I went out, gave him the towel and clothes. "Change your clothes, you might get sick." "Thanks, where's your bathroom?" He asked, "Turn left." Phil smiled at me; I looked at Phil.” why he is so kind to me?" "I don't know." He said. "Nagashaw! You look good in pink! Where are ours?" Jamareo looked at me and I laughed.

**last chapter with Christina's point of view.

***Kuya means big brother.

Chapter 12

***Bruno's Point of View***

They are all drunk, even this lady. She keeps on laughing with the gang, and she has the loudest laugh I could ever hear. The way she drink her patron shot, she can beat me. I looked at her honey brown eyes; same with Candy's but hers is darker. "Shot Bruno!" Said Jamareo while handling me the patron, "No thanks, I don't drink anymore." The doorbell rang; the lady stood up and opened the door, its Kenji. He tapped her head. "Brunz" He greeted and sat down in the middle of Jamareo and the lady. When I look at them I feel pain rushing down my spine and my heart beat pounds like an abnormal human, I feel so annoyed and distracted. I don't want to look at them but I keep staring. Phil told me I met her at San Francisco beach but I can't remember anything. I tried to call Candy but her phone is off. I feel so bored watching at the two lovers cuddling each other. "Are you drunk?" Kenji asked the lady, I looked at her, her cheeks are red and her eye looks so tired and sad. "No" she lied. No one will believe her cause she looks so drunk. I decided to listen in their small talk. "Why did you drink so many?" Kenji asked. "I did not I swear." Then she laughed, she stood up, "Brunz, your clothes are inside the bathroom." I nod, then she sat next to me, she tried to grab my hands but I move away. She laughed so hard. Damn this lady should act like a normal tame finesse lady. Poor Kenji, she's taking care of a childish. She stood up and held Kenji's cheeks. She kissed it and smiled, "Thanks Kenji for being so kind to me." Kenji hugged her "Always will Christina..." I took a patron shot which is not supposed to be mine. The lady looked at me a stuck her tongue out. Then she laughed again, she looked at me. "Bruno, I should be the first person you should remember, or really forget about me? You did? Okay...” Then she hugged Kenji again. She became very hyperactive and keeps on singing with Phil even her voice sucks. "Another patron Christina?" Jamareo asked, "No, stop giving her liquors, I'll take it." I said, everybody stared at me, the lady walked beside Jamareo, she smiled at me and took the patron, "You'll never stop me Bruno, unless you say my name." then she drunk it. She almost fell but Kenji caught her, she throw up. "Ahh! She's drunk! For the first time!" Jamareo busted. Kenji carried her, "Bruno are you drunk?" "No" I answered, "Stand up and help me." I stood up right away "Let me carry her." I offered, "No get a basin with hot water." I went to her bathroom and hurried up with the hot-water-in-basin with alcohol and a face towel. I went back to her room and saw Kenji undoing the lady's dress, "Fuck Kenji what the hell?!" I put the basin down and covered her body with blanket. She's not nude at all, she wears a sleeveless shirt, "I don't want her to get sick." then I realized they are lovers. "Sorry. Here's the basin." I handled him the basin. "I'm going out; call me if you need me." I said, "Stay" he sounded like he's commanding me. "Dude, you're tearing her clothes and you want me to stay here?" he smiled. "Please get her night gowns in her cabinet, please pick the best one." I nod and walked in her cabinet, which is bigger than her room, I saw pink top and cute baby blue pajamas with squirrels in it. I gave it to Kenji, "Thanks bro." "Now may I go?" I said. "Sure." I went out of the room and felt the cold sweats in my forehead; I wiped it and sat beside Jamareo, "Nagashaw... Do you love Candy?" Jamareo asked, "Of course." I said without thinking twice. "Think twice dude." Jamareo said, Phil laughed and drank his patron. "We'll sleep here; Christina rented a room just enough for all of us. No excuses." Eric said. I nod, "can I just have a call?" I asked Eric, "Sure the phone's over there." I dialed to Candy's her mom answered, "Oh sorry Bruno, Candy's sleeping. Want to leave a message?" "Oh no, thank you. I'll just send her a message. Thank you so much." "No problem Bruno." then she hangs up. "Where’s the room?" I asked, Eric pointed. "Is it okay if I'll sleep first?" I asked them. "Oh wait Bruno, drink water first." Eric gave me a glass of water and looking so idiot, I drank it. I lay down and slept.

I woke up alone in the bed, I stood up and run in living room, it's empty. I heard noises in kitchen and saw the lady cooking. "You're up; you slept for almost 10 hours. Are you drunk last night?" She asked while she pointed at the chair asking me to sit down. She gave me a plate with eggs, and pancakes. "I don't eat pancakes." I said, "Then try this one." She filled up my glass with pineapple juice, "Drink." she commanded, "did you put sleeping pills here?" I asked, "I am not like those guys who love to jerk around you." she laughed, her laugh rings like a bell. I drink her juice. "It's good, one of the best I've ever tasted." she smiled showing off her perfect teeth and dimples.” try my pancakes, it’s not bad. You love it back then." she smiled again, I looked at her as if nothing happened, "how's your head?" I asked. "Why? Did I hit it last night?" she asked me. "No, you're so drunk." she laughed. "Forget about it." "Where's your boyfriend?" "He's gone, for some reasons he can't remember Me." she smiled. "That’s rude." I chew her delicious pancake. "VERY!" she stood up, gets her plate, and ate. "How long have you've been dating Kenji?" she has frozen staring at my eyes, "I never dated him. He's the closest friend I've ever known. He's the best." she smiled. "I thought you guys are dating?" "No, Kenji's dating somebody, Thyrisse, she's a nice girl. They've been dating for almost 8 months after Kenji went back from Paris." she bit another pancake. I watch her move; she's different from last night. "Umm, Chrissy I need to go." she smiled. "Thanks for the breakfast, hope to see you soon again." I added, she smiled again, "I'll be at the studio later." then she waved. I put my helmet on and drove back to my house to fix myself. Her house and mine is 15minutes drive I opened the door and saw Candy there seating in my couch... "Candy...” She stood up, "Bruno we need to talk." "About what?" "About us," "Is there something wrong?" "Everything’s wrong." a tear fell from her eyes...

Chapter 13

"What's wrong Candy? Did I hurt you?" I asked, she shook her head, still tears in her eyes. I moved closer to her, she looked at me straightly in my eye, she held my hand and placed it on her cheeks, "Can you feel me Bruno?” I looked at her, “I can’t understand you Candy..” She sighed, “Bruno, the love that you feel for me is not for me. Redundant right?” she half smiled, “if you can still feel me then let me go..” she said. “Candy will you please tell me what’s going on?” she pressed my palms on her cheeks tighter, “I stole a love story, which is supposed to end happily.” I can feel her tears falling from her eyes, down to her cheeks, down to my palms. I looked at her eyes, I saw a car crash, a crying lady, me and Kenji screaming at each other, pops, mom, and most of all, Christina. I lifted her chin and kissed her lips, I wipe her tears with my thumbs. “Go back to her Bruno. Don’t make it hard for me.” “thank you Candy, for being strong.” she reached for my lips and kissed me again and she ran away. I sat down, I think. I can’t think of anybody, except Kenji.

We’re sitting down in my coffee table. I lighted my cigarette, he smiled. “I looked for her and found in Paris, then I met Thyrisse. She loved me more than I want Christina to love me.” He took his cup and take a sip of his coffee. He looked at me, “She loves you so much.” “I know, thank you Kenji. Thank you for all the things you’ve done. I’m sorry for shitting you.” He laughed, “you’re inlove, you can’t control everything Bruno. Just emotions, but don’t forget, God made our brain on top of our heart to think first before doing anything.” I laughed, he smiled. “Will you help me?” He smiled. “I’ve always wanted to.” I offered him my hands and we hand shake. “How to start?” He asked, “You know where is she?” “Yes, she’s at the studio before you called me.” “I have a plan, I need tickets to Hawaii.”

I’m walking in the bay, I let the sea water to wet my feet. “BRUNO!” I looked and smiled, it’s Christina, panting still holding her trunks, she put her trunks down and run to meet me. “Are you okay?” she asked, I smiled, “More than better. Why the hell you look so worried?” “Kenji told me you’re sick as hell.” I laughed so hard, she stared at me looking so curious, I stared at her eyes and she slapped me on my right cheeks. I pulled and kissed her, it did not take me a minute, she responded, I smiled between our kisses; she pushed me away and slapped me again. “What the hell Christina?” I stared at her eyes, she smiled, between her smiles, there are tears, she jumped and hugged me, “Fuck you Bruno!” I hugged her tighter, “I love the idea.” She punched me in my belly, “AW! Fuck.” She laughed and hugged me again, “Bruno you’re real, I’m not dreaming.” I laughed. “You have to pay for that punch and that slap,” She smiled and jumped I hugged her so tight, she wrapped her tights around my waist, she kissed me, “You’re heavy.” I said, “I don’t care, kiss me.” She commanded. I did, and carried her to the tree shade, I lay on top of her, “You’re heavy.” She said, “I don’t care, kiss me.” I repeated her words, she laughed and pushed me she sit down and hugged her knees. “I love you Bruno,” she whispered “I’ll never let go of you again Christina. Never ever!” she smiled, “Where did you get that drama? Is it because you’re now famous?” she punched me in my shoulders, I looked at her seriously. “From the moment I lost you. They took you away from me. They took my oxygen that helps me how to breathe. I know it’s my fault, and karma let me pay for my debts, but taking you away from me is too much.” She stood up and I followed her, “Can you feel the wind Bruno?” I closed my eyes, and feel the air brushing in my cheeks, “…even if I’m far away from you, even if you don’t see me, my love for you is always here…” he held my hands and put it in her chest, I can feel her heart beat. “…my love for you is like a wind, you can’t see it but just feel it. It’s always there, it never leaves…”  Then it rained. I carried her, and kissed her, “I have a hotel reservation.” I said with my nasty voice.

“Bruno take a bath, you might get sick.” She said while we’re inside the hotel room, I pulled her hand. And pulled the ribbon from her night gown and it fell off her body, and let her join me on the bed. “Nasty Bruno! I’m tired. It’s so cold, take my night gown back!” I smiled and rolled on top of her, she rolled her eyes, I removed my night gown and started kissing her in her neck, “Stubborn Bruno from Mars!” she screamed, I kissed her earlobes. “Is it still cold?” I teased, “Yes…” she smiled, I tried to tease her more, “It’s not working Bruno, quit it.” She said and she laughed, I kissed her lips and she smiled, “I won’t respond if you won’t tell me why the hell you didn’t recognize me after your accident?” I gave up and lay beside her, I sighed. “I don’t know, but when I first saw you, I started to hate you, maybe because, I did not recognize the most important person in my life.” She rolled on top of me. “Reasonable.” She smiled and kissed me, I smiled between our kiss. “Ha ha! I won’t respond if you won’t tell me why you left me after we had sex.” She stayed on top of me, smiling. “Mr. Mars, you don’t remember when I told you I’ll come back if you grow up?” She said while kissing me on my neck. “Another question.” I stopped her, she sat on my stomach, “Why do I love you so much?” I rolled on top of her “Do you still feel cold?” I asked her with a nasty voice. She pushed me, and stood up, “I need to take a bath,” She laughed. “Don’t walk naked, lady.” I teased her, she pulled the blanket and I fell off the ground. She covered her body and ran inside the bathroom. “I also need a bath, can I come with you?” She laughed so hard, “No Bruno, today’s the last, then marry me first…”


After 4 months we had a great life, I heard Candy is playing as guitarist with Nicki Minaj. Christina is working as my personal fashion designer. My album is now released and called, Doo-Wops and Hooligans. I have my single Just The Way You Are inspired my Christina. Phil is working on the keyboard when I interrupted him. “Phil.” “Mmm…” He muttered, “Will Christina like this?” I opened a little red box, and showed him a ring. His eyes are stocked on the diamond, “Oh my God! You’re getting married?” I smiled, Ari looked at us, “I still haven’t asked her.” “She’ll love it.” Ari whispered, “When and where are you going to ask her?” I looked at Phil, “This Saturday, after the show.” Phil and Ari shook their heads, “You’ll break million hearts.” They said. “Hooligans loves her, they’ll understand.” They smiled, “Ready your suits my best man.” “Cool!” they burst.

“I have something for you.” She told me, while we’re listening to Phil’s demo of Survive. I kissed her hand, she gave me a red box, bigger than mine. “What’s this?” I asked, “Open it.” She smiled again. I opened it and she’s staring at my eyes, and looking for my reaction. I opened the box and saw a white rectangle. I stared at it for a while and realized that it’s a pregnancy kit with two red lines. “Uhmm… Phil, if you have two red lines in pregnancy test, what does it mean?” “I don’t know I don’t use one.” He said and laughed, she held my hand again and put two little shoes in my palms. “I think we need a lot of these pair of shoes and mittens.” I stared at her eyes and she smiled again, I stroked the little shoes and jumped out of joy. “I’m gonna be a father?! Are you kidding me?!” All of them stopped playing instruments, “May I see?” asked Jamareo, “NO! Make your own,” I looked back at Christina and saw Phil, Ari and Kenji is sitting beside her, Phil is about to hold her belly but I pushed him, “Let her listen to her father first!” I pushed them “Her?” They all asked, “Well, I wanted it to be her, I want a daughter as sweet as her mom.” She looked at me. “It’s a him.” She said, “How’d you know?” Phil asked, “Well, I can feel him.” I laughed, “Whatever that baby is, he’ll grow up with love.” Kenji said, we all stared at him. “Ha ha! Silk needs a big brother.” “Whatever nagashaw!” I am slowly putting my ears to her belly and she pushed me, I fell in the ground. “Marry me first.”  She said and I jumped again cause of happiness. “Yes!” I yelled, “Calm down nagashaw, you are supposed to ask her.” Said Ari, “Where’s my ring?” I pulled the box out of my pocket and opened it, the rays of diamonds sparkled in her teary eyes, “Will you marry me?” “No,” she said, I froze, “…I can’t say no to you.” She added. I lifted her and carried her. “I love you Christina, more than anything else.” “I love you Bruno, to infinity and beyond.” Then Phil started to play the wedding march song, and we lived happily ever after…

Who told you that “Happily-Ever-After only exist in movies and Disney cartoons?! In BOKINGHAM Palace it also exist. :)