Chapter 12+13 Awkward...

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“Your girlfriend”

“Yeah his girlfriend” She was a really jealous girlfriend I’m guessing…

“We’ve been dating for about three months now” He said that while giving her the ‘really?’ look

“Oh that’s great! I’m really happy for you guys”

“Thanks How have  you been?”

“Pretty good…I’m a teacher’s aid…now I guess you can call it that”

“Hahaha I’m glad you finally get to teach..In a way” He still had a great sense of humor.

“So how’s the singing career  going for you”

“It’s starting out pretty good Im only a song writer right now but I met this guy Philip Lawrence and we’re gonna be working together and I may be able to be featured on a few songs that we write”

“That’s great I know you’ve wanted this for so long and now its happening to both of us..We’re living our dreams”

“Yeah…I guess we are” He still had the same affect he had on me when I was 17

“Umm excuse me I’m still here” Bruno gave her the same look as he did before and I tried my best to not laugh at them

“So Chanel what do you do for a living?”

“I model” She said very sharply again.

“….Cool. So it was nice seeing you guys But I gotta run”

“Wait are you free tonight…I’m having a Barbeque tonight with some friends. You wanna come?”

“Uh sure!”

“Cool come at 7” He gave me the address of his place and we exchanged numbers. The whole time Chanel was giving me the protective girlfriend look.

“Ok I guess I’ll see you tonight!”

“Alright see you then!”

Wow did that really happen…Do I still love him…I didn’t date anyone else Ive had really good offers but I turned them all down because none of them could beat Bruno.  I cant believe I still have feelings for this guy…


I cant believe I saw Sadie again…I’ve been wanting to see her for so long…But I just cant believe how Chanel acted when I was talking to her…She was acting really protective…more than she usually is. I have to ask her about it. So when we were in the car I finally asked her

“Hey Babe…Babe Chanel”


“Why were you acting so weird around Sadie?”

“Because you obviously like the girl…”

“We’re just don’t have to worry about anything”

“You sure?”

“Ya…I don’t want any other girl in the world” I lied I still wanted Sadie I have dreams of us being together and Chanel is boring she never wants to have fun I always have to act really serious around her…I miss Sadie so much.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Ya sure ask away”

“Did you and this Sadie girl ever date?”


“How  long?”

“…3 months”

“Wow you remember how long!”

“Wait why are you freaking out? I just answered the question!”

“Because you still like her!!”

“God Chanel..You need to calm down..I told you…Ok I don’t have feelings for her can you just trust me?” Silence

“Chanel will you trust me”

“Fine I trust you…just don’t let me down”

“I won’t” Then I leaned in and kissed her and imagined that I was kissing Sadie instead of her…I don’t even like Chanel any more…Why am I with her anyway??


Ok time to get ready for the barbeque. I still kept in touch with Mel and we were video chatting while this was going on

“Ok how about this one?” It was my black skinny jeans with my grey Beatles shirt ”Whadda think?”


“I cant believe Im gonna go along with this…espically with his protective girlfriend”

“She can probably tell that he still likes you because by what you told me it sounds like he does.”

“Yeah maybe…ok well its almost 7 so I’d better get going”

“Ok tell me how it went”

“Ok bye!” I closed my laptop and headed out. When I was driving I noticed I was on the “richer” part of town. It wasn’t a mansion but it still looked really nice. I knew it was his house because I saw his car in the drive way and he was leaning on it while smoking a cigarette.

“Hey when did you start smoking?”
“A while ago”

“Aww Why the long face?”

“Nothing I just had a really bad fight with Chanel”

“Oh I’m sorry”

“It’s fine don’t worry about it…How’s Travie?”

“He’s good actually he just started taking driver’s ED  and he’s becoming more and more like dad everyday…God I miss him.”

“Yeah…I do too” Then he just stared at me for a couple seconds


“Nothing” He was laughing a little bit when he answered and I started laughing too


“You wore that shirt on our first date….”

“Oh yeah I guess I did.”

“C’mon inside and I’ll introduce you to everyone”

“Ok cool” He took me inside and the first person I noticed was Eric.

“You think he still remembers me?”



“Ya” He turned around and said

“Kid? Is that you”

“Yep in the flesh” He grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug ever. He nearly suffocated me but I didn’t care I missed him so much.

“how have you been? I see your hugs haven’t changed.”

“Hahahah of course not. Pretty good I have my own house now since this one doesn’t have to live with me anymore” He nudged Bruno while he was saying that

“Oh be quiet you loved having me as a room mate”

“Yeah cold pizza for breakfast and hot wings for dinner…those were the days..”

“Hahahah you two haven’t changed a bit.”

“Nope we haven’t.”

“Sadie I’ll introduce you to Phil now c’mon”

“Ok it was nice talking to you E”

“ya you kids have fun”

“Oh shut up Lets go” So he took me through his house to his backyard and I saw this kinda tall dark guy who had an amazing laugh.

“Hey man”

“Hey thanks for invinting me”

“Ya no problem…This is Sadie we were….good friends in high school”

“Hi Sadie  I’m Phil”


“So while you two get further aquainted I’m gonna go look for Chanel.”


“So you and Bruno were friends in High School?”

“Ya best friends we would do everything together.”

“you guys probably dated didn’t you”

“Yeah we did…we tried to do the whole long distance thing but it wasn’t working out”

“Ohhh…I wish he would just break up with Chanel already”

“Why?” I answered that a little to happily

“She’s a bitch and treats him like crap”

“Aww why wont he break up with her then?”

“I guess he loves her”


I wonder where Chanel is I haven’t seen her all night. I went upstairs to our room and she was there….with another guy.




“Im sorry man”

“No  just get out of my house…both of you” Nobody moved “GET OUTTA MY FUCKING HOUSE NOW!!!!” Then they both ran out

Jesus Christ I should’ve known….now I don’t know what to do…



I wonder what’s taking Bruno so long…I wonder if everything is ok.

“I wonder what’s taking Bruno so long”

“Ya me too” Then  out of no where we hear someone scream


“Oh crap what happened now” We both walked back into the house and saw Chanel run out with only some boi shorts and a tank top on with this other  guy who only had basket ball shorts on…So I know what went down..

Me Phil and Eric were just standing there just wondering what we’re supposed to do about this…Then Bruno walked up to Eric with tear filled eyes and said

“Hey can you get everybody to leave….I only want you three to stay…If you guys want.”

“Ya sure thing” After that Bruno ran down into his basement

“You wanna talk to him first Phil?”

“Nahh you should talk to him you know him better I’ll help Eric out and clean up for him”

“Ok wish me luck…I’ll need it”

“Go on now don’t keep him waiting.” That made me laugh.

So I walked down to the basement and I swear it looked like his man cave. There was a pool table, huge couches, he had instruments everywhere and a flat  screen in there too. When I saw him he was curled up on   the big couch crying…That was the first time I’ve ever seen him cry.

“Bruno?” Silence. I went over and sat next to him

“Bruno? You wanna talk about it?”

“Why? Why did she have to cheat on me? I’ve been true to her this whole time!!!”

“She was stupid…You are the greatest guy I’ve ever met. And  she had the chance  to actually date you and if she didn’t realize how much of a awesome sweet loving  caring  honest true amazing  outgoing … guy you really are that you really are than that’s her loss.” He was glaring at me in a cute way at me the whole time when I started complementing him.

“…..You think Im sexy?”

“Well…umm yeah..” He smiled with his dimples and blushed.

“You know you’re not to bad yourself”

“Aw well thanks…” That made e blush a lot..

“You still have it?!”


“Our promise ring..”

“Oh yeah I do…” Then he sat up and we were sitting really close to each other

“You know what ?”


“You were the first person I really fell in love with..After we broke up I was really messed up. I couldn’t sleep eat or even look at myself in the mirror…I think I only dated Chanel to get over you…and even when I was dating  her I still thought of you..I guess I never wanted to let you go.”

“…I haven’t dated anyone since we broke up..”

“Really why?”

“I couldn’t find anybody better than you”

“Sadie. I miss you”

“I miss you too you’re the reason why I eventually moved out here..” After I said that he leaned in and kissed me then he pulled back

“Oh I’m sorry”

“No no your fine” Then he started kissing me again and it was more aggressive this time and it felt like the first time. Out of no where we hear

“Uhh are we intrupting something” It was Phil and Eric. I haven’t separated from someone so quickly.

“” Bruno started.  I felt so embarrassed about this I didn’t know what to do.

“…I’m sorry I gotta go…” Wow I don’t know why but I just felt so weird about this…I mean he just broke up with his girlfriend not even an hour ago. I drove as fast as I could to my house.

When I went inside I saw Travie and this other girl I didn’t recognize.

“Travie what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you”

“Ok…umm who’s this??”

“Ne’Karri our older sister.”

“Sister? When did this happen???”
“Well actually she’s our half sister because she’s dad’s daughter, That’s another part of the reason he was so protective of you when  you were dating..”

“Ohh well it’s nice to meet you” I put out my hand and she  shook it

“Nice to meet you too.”

“So is Uncle Wren or Aunt Camile or any of the others here?”

“Yeah Uncle Wren and Aaden are staying in a hotel.”

“Ok cool you guys wanna stay here?”

“Ya sure its ok with me”

“Ya I do wanna get to know my little sister” That’s gonna take some time to get used to…Im not the oldest anymore..

We ended up staying up all night talking to each other catching up and getting to know each other then I noticed it was 3:45 AM

“Woah its really late Im gonna go off to bed…Umm Ne’Karri you can have the guest room and Travie you can take the couch.”

“Why doesn’t she get the couch!!!”

“Because she’s my big sister!” Then I looked at her and we were both smiling

“Ugh fine good night” The next morning I woke up to 26 messages and 15 missed calls from Bruno…great. They were all saying  Sadie please talk to me or it would say Hey call me text me do something!

Travie and Ne’Karri were still sleeping so I decided to start breakfast  I heard the doorbell ring and when I opened the door and it was Bruno.