Chapter 12+13

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Chapter 12

“Alyssa?” her mother asked.

“Are you and this young man in a relationship?” her mother looked at me. I looked at Alyssa who’s not yet answering her parents.

“Yes, ma’am, we are in a relationship.” I said. I looked at Alyssa who’s in shock on what I said.

“If that’s so, eat lunch with us, what’s your name?” Alyssa’s father asked me.

“Bruno, sir.” I said and reached out my hand. He shook my hand and smiled.

“Martin, Alyssa’s father and this is Arlene, my wife.” He said. I nodded and smiled. Arlene reached out her hand and I shook it.

“You seem familiar, are you a celebrity?” Arlene said.

“Yes, mom. He’s that singer that Jamareo is playing for.” Alyssa answered.

“Honey, I was asking him not you. It’s rude to answer if you are not the one questioned.” Arlene said as she walks across Alyssa.

“What the…mom!” Alyssa said and followed her mother.

“Come inside.” Martin said and patted my back. I followed him inside. Damn, I feel so nervous. I looked around in their fully decorated luxurious house.

“Dad, he needs to go.” Alyssa said to her father. I looked at him and see a lot of Alyssa’s features in him. Martin raised his eyebrow and crossed his arm.

“He’s a superstar, dad. I’m sure he has to go somewhere.” Alyssa said. Her father ignored her and he led me to the couch.

“Be at home Bruno, shyness is not allowed here in our household.” He said as I sat down and he walked away. Alyssa sat down beside me and lays her hand on my lap.

“Sorry about my parents. They just get so ecstatic if they know that I have a boyfriend.” She said.

“Why?” I said and put my arm around her.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m the only one who’s not yet married and I’m the only one who does have my own business.” She said.

“But you do a lot of things. You are a photographer, a designer and you produce songs.” I told her. She giggled and looked at me.

“Yeah, but I forgot about the producing thing, it was not working for me now. I work as a photographer for my twin sister and I’m a designer for my mother’s fucking clothing line.” She said. She rests her head on my shoulder and sighed.

“Oh My God! Marcus I’m so proud of you!” I heard Arlene. Alyssa rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Did you know my mother is from Italy?” she said.

“Your mom is Italian?” I asked Alyssa.

“Yeah.”She nodded slowly.

“She’s half Italian actually; Granddad is Italian while my Grandmother is Puerto Rican…” She added.

“Your grandmother is Puerto Rican?” I asked.

“Yeah, but she grew up with her aunt. Her parents abandoned her. So she never felt how to live in Puerto Rico.” She said.

“Oh, that’s so sad.” I said and held her hand.

“I know.” She said. She looked back while she watches her mother praising her older brother.

“Oh dear. You make me so proud.” Arlene said.

“What life changing thing did Mister Marcus the-perfect-son-ever do today?” she said.

“He just opened a new branch of his restaurant in L.A” her mother said.

“Fuck. L.A’s now infected.” She whispered. I squeezed her hand she looked at me and gave me a “what?” look.

“See that Alyssa, your brother is successful at a very young age and it warms my heart. Why won’t you try to build your own business and make me proud?” her mother said while hugging her son. Alyssa just ignored her and got the remote from the coffee table.

“We’re sorry about her attitude, she has issues.” Arlene told me and I looked at Alyssa who’s keeping her cool. She turned on their huge flat screen TV and flipped through the channels.

“Mom, just so you know, I work hard to have my own income and start my own freaking business.” She said and increased the volume as she landed on MTV.

“Oh sweet, Taylor Swift is on.” Victoria said sarcastically and sat on the elegant chair that’s across the couch we’re sitting on.

“No worries. It’s gonna end by the way.” She said and Victoria laughed. I saw Alyssa’s cousin walked towards Victoria and gave her a bag of chips.

“Oh, that’s Elizabeth, my cousin. Her dad is my dad’s youngest brother.” She said referring to a young petite girl with short brown hair and a pale white skin. Alyssa got up and got a handful of chips and went back to me.

“Hey! Bruno! Grenade is on!” Elizabeth said and pointed to the TV.

“Guys! Alyssa’s boyfriend is on TV!!” Victoria shouted. Suddenly Alyssa’s family gathered on the living room to watch my music video. I hear Alyssa quietly singing along.

“I see you like Grenade.” I said. Alyssa stopped singing along and smiled. As the video ended Drake got the remote from Alyssa and changed the channel.

“Hey! I’m watching!” Alyssa said. Drake stuck out his tongue out and Alyssa rolled her eyes.

“You have a handsome boyfriend.” A middle aged woman holding a dirty yellow cloth said to Alyssa. Alyssa smiled and looked at me.


Chapter 13

After a few minutes of watching TV with Alyssa’s siblings, Alyssa got up and talked to her mother. I looked at her walk towards her mother who’s holding some papers.

“Mom, so do you like the designs I did?” she smiled and ran her hands through her yellow flowy short dress. Her mother smiled a little and nodded. Alyssa walked towards me and bent down.

“I’ll be back, talk to those fuckers so they’ll like you.” She whispered and kissed my cheek then walked away. I looked up and see Marcus in his light blue polo shirt and black pants holding to glasses of champagne.

“Here.” He said and handed me one.

“No thanks.” I giggled and put the glass on the coffee table. He chuckled and took a sip from his glass.

“So how’d you and my sister meet?” he asked and looked at me.

“We met at this party that we had. She’s friends with my bassist.”  I said. Marcus nodded and fixed his glasses and ran his hand through his straight hair that covers his glasses.

“Oh Jamareo. That small weird guy.” He giggled. I looked away and looked at Marcus.

“You better keep an eye on my sister.” He said.

“Huh? Why?” I looked at him confused.

“You don’t know what that crazy bitch will do. She might ruin you, your career and some other shit that’s important to a singer like you.” He said and put his empty glass down.

“She’s weird you know. She’s always the odd one out.” He said.

“How come?” I asked,

“Dude, don’t act like its not obvious. She’s the only one not independent here.” He said and rolled his eyes.

“She got no business of her own, she doesn’t have a family of her own and she still lives with her twin.” Marcus said throwing his hands up. I just nodded and looked away.

“But Drake lives with mom for some reasons.” He added.

“So, I better go and leave you here and I have to check up on the maids if they’re working.” He patted my back and stood up.

“By the way, nice talking to you.” He said and stretched his hand. I shook it and smiled a little. I was about to sit down then I heard someone calling me.

“Bruno?”  I looked back and saw Drake and Victoria.


“You wanna know where Alyssa is?” Drake asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded slowly.

“Come, we’ll take you there.” Victoria said. I followed them as they go upstairs and walked to a white wooden door on the end of the hallway. Drake opened the door and let me in. I slowly walked inside and saw Alyssa with her mother talking while sitting at a maroon sofa.

“Oh, Bruno.” Alyssa stood up and walked towards me. Alyssa led me to the couch and let me sit. I sat on the end as her mother was on the other end. Alyssa gently sat beside me and laid her hand on my lap.

“Alyssa, I think your designs are good. You are doing very well.” Arlene smiled.

“Well, I put a lot of hard work on it, mom.” Alyssa smiled. She looked at me and held my hand.

“If you do better I might give the clothing company to you.” Her mother said and smiled.

“Really?” Alyssa said unsure on how to react. Her mother simply nodded. Alyssa looked at me showing me her million dollar smile. Her mother stood up and went over the table across the room.

“You better get down now, or show your little boyfriend around the house.” Her mother said Alyssa smiled. Alyssa walked to the door and opened it.

“Let’s go, Bruno. I’ll show you around.” She said and I followed her out. She held my hand and walked through a hallway and got inside a room.

“So, this is my room. I only use this if I’m here. Of course.” She said as I looked at a room that almost looked like a hotel room then I saw the same lady who told Alyssa that I was handsome. She was wiping the windows of Alyssa’s room.

“Oh, hi May, get out please. We need some privacy.” Alyssa said trying to be polite as possible and May got up and walked away. Alyssa smiled and faced me.

“So, I have a small balcony over there.” Alyssa pointed to a glass door leading to a tiny balcony.

“And that’s my bed. The most unused bed here at our house.” She said.

“Why?”  I said trying to control my laughter.

“I always sleep at the couch or at the guest room. I don’t know, I just hated it here. I would just sleep there if I was sick.” She said and giggled.

“But I would totally love the person who would break that shit.” She said and giggled. It sounds dirty for me. I looked at her while she looks at her bed. She looks at my eyes and gave me a smirk.

“What? You would like to break the bed?” She asked. I giggled and looked down.

“Oh, I mean would you like us to break the bed?” she added and laughed. I shoot my head up and smirked. She kissed my neck and I closed my eyes.

“Your parents are here.” I whispered. She stopped and kissed my lips.

“I’m just kidding.” She said. She sat on her bed and took a deep breath.

“What’s wrong, babe?” I asked her as I sit down beside her.

“It’s just you met my parents too early.” She said and looked away.

“I didn’t even let you prepare and shit.” Alyssa looked at me and giggled a little.

“It’s alright.” I said and hugged her. She moved on to my lap and kissed me.

“I’m sorry for their fucking behavior. Especially Marcus.” She said. I laughed and kissed her head.