Chapter 12

18/04/2011 22:28

With the strum of the guitar he opened his mouth and began to sing...

if I told you I was perfect I be lying, if there something i'm not doing girl i'm trying, I know i'm no angel, but I'm not so bad, no no no,if you see me at a party conversation, doesn't mean that telephone number are exchanging, I know I'm no angel, girl, but i'm not so bad, no no no, you should know, there's beautiful girls, all over the world, I could be chasin, but my time would be wasted, coz they got nothing on you baby, nothing on you baby, they might say hi and I might say hey, but you shouldn't worry about what they say, coz they got nothing on you baby, nothing on you baby, beautiful girl, look at you my beautiful girl, they got nothing on you baby, nothing on you baby, Ooooh, they got nothing on you baby.”

The people in the neighborhood clapped and hooted for him. I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. All I could do was stare at him.

“well is that enough proof for you?, wait let me guess no huh?”

He turned toward the crowd of people.

“this women right here bought me this guitar today, because she loves me, and I love her so much that I wanted everyone to know, I even asked her to marry me”

“did she said yes?” some little girl said

“i don't know” Bru said

There was lots of aw's poor you, and that's not right. They didn't know how I felt right now. It's not like I didn't want to be with him it's just I don't know....

“maybe you should do it again” the little girl said

they all started yelling “yeah”, then chanting ask again, over and over again. He just looked at me and smiled. I looked at everyone and I started to blush. He got on his knee and looked straight into me.

“Alicia, I love you and this is not a game anymore, this is for real, this is true, what I did before is not what I'm doing now”

“i dont believe you peter”

“what more can I say”

“say it”


people started to laugh and I looked at him with a smile I couldn't hide. Even in a serious situation, he always had a funny remark.

“Bruno, i'm serious” I said

“why so serious” he said

I looked at him seriously

“ok ok, will...will um...”

He looked around, and now he was the one who was nervous. All I could do was smile at him, because he really was about to say it no matter what. He really loved me, not just from the bottom of his heart but his soul. I put my head in my hands. What was I doing, I was about to throw away a relationship over what a person said. I was no better than my mother. No better.

“Alicia, will you marry me?” he asked

my heart fluttered and I knew this was right.

“simply yes”

Everyone started to clap and I ran downstairs and flew open the door. There he was, my golden guy, the moon light shine on everyone but shone on him so brightly that he looked like an angle. I walked over to him slowly and he walked to me the same way. We met in the middle and I just looked at him.

“i wanted to make sure” I said

“and that's why I love you” he said

we embraced and people started to aw. I looked up into those eyes that I love so much and kissed him. The crowd was clapping and started to walk off talking. We put our foreheads together and held hands. That moment was just perfect and it made me realize never to doubt him again. I felt a little yank and I looked down. It was the little girl that was talking.

“hey Mr, can I have your autograph?” she asked

“sure” he said as he smiled at her

He sign her notepad and she gave him a kiss on the cheek then walked off. I started to aw and he started blushing. He held my hand, we went inside to the bedroom, got undressed and laid on the bed just holding each other.

I didn't even remember falling asleep but I awoke thinking of Eric, I ran into the bathroom and vomited.

“babe you ok?”

I couldn't say anything. But I just nodded my head yes but that made me vomit again. He rubbed my back while it all came out. After a while I waited before I went back into the bedroom. When I felt as though all was safe, I got back on the bed but then I had a funny feeling. What was today? I got up and walked around and started to think. With Bruno, time was so fast, he's been here for what 16 days now now, I ran to my dresser and pulled out my red calender...oh dear god no. I was late, real late. Try exactly 2 weeks late. Damn it, we never wore a condom. Not even the first time we made love, damn how could I be so fucking stupid. I ran to the bathroom again pushing him out the way and dry heaved.

“baby is it eric?, why you thinking about him?”

“oh baby alright”


I opened my mouth to talk but all that came out was more vomit and tears. I didn't want to be pregnant. God not right now, not right now. I prayed to be sick and the symptoms was no period and vomiting. God I prayed so hard, I had to be sick I was 14 days late, but I thought back to when we first made love, we didn't use a condom and he didn't pull out. Fuck, I was Fucked and all It fucking took was one stupid time, and one stupid sperm and one stupid egg to drop. Fuck...Bru had put his hand on my back.

“Did you say baby”

It finally stopped and turned around and looked at him. I was mad, so mad, so mad. But as I though about it, it all made sense. I was so emotional and always tired and scarfing down food like it was going away, everything smelled strong, especially Bruno and his cinnamon smell.

“yes, I said baby”

“but how?”

“i'm late”


“my fucking period”

“oh, oh oh..”

He pulled me off the floor and spun me around laughing but all I did was get nauseous.

“Bruno i'm gonna vomit”
He put me down and I was facing the mirror. He put his arms around my waist and I seen the look in his face. He was glowing and I was the green monster and blotchy red. Then I closed my eyes and sighed. Not only am I pregnant, Bruno had to meet my mother who was going to be his mother in law soon. What a day this was going to be. I put my head on him and closed my eyes, well I guess we were going to have a baby.

We hopped in the shower and he kept rubbing my stomach and i'll admit, it did feel good. Washed up,Got out, got dressed in my house clothes and Bru kept looking at me.

“what?” I asked

“i'm excited”

“well sometimes I can be later so we have to go to the hospital just to be sure”

he walked over and kissed me then carried me downstairs. We got to the kitchen and he put me down.

“what do you want for breakfast?” he asked

“oh no you don't you sit down and let me handle it” I said

“but I want to feed you”

“but you can't cook”

“i can make a mean bowel of cereal”

I laughed and went to the icebox pulling out the stuff I needed. Bru sat down while I made breakfast, just scrambled eggs, strawberry pancakes and sausage. I served the food and sat down and ate.

“ we have to go to the hospital just to make sure so don't get all excited ok” I said

“Ok babe”

Wow, I’ve never seen him so happy before. He was smiling as he ate and that made me hope that there was a little Bruno inside me. A little hope at that. We finished, got dressed in real clothes and was on our way to mercy.

When we walked inside Mercy Hospital, I felt nauseous. It was either the chance that I was pregnant that made me sick or the fact the last time I was here I seen my father. Bru grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs to the clinic.

“can I help you?” the nurse said

“....i uh need....” I said

“Pregnancy test are down the hall to the left” she said

I didn't like how that bitch assumed I was here for a pregnancy test, even though I am, still it's rude to assume such things. Assuming bitch, we take the directions the nurse gave us and get to another room full of people, all girls in particular. I sit down and see a girl crying in the corner with her knees up to cover her face. She had beautiful long wavy brown hair and elegant fingers that were shaking. A nurse came over to her with some napkins.

“it's going to be alright mam, please don't worry” the nurse said

That didn't help at all, it just made her cry harder. I felt sorry for the poor girl and when she looked up, I felt ever sorrier.

“Alisia?” I said


She ran over and I hugged her. Oh my goodness, she was pregnant by that green eyes beauty.

“Alisia when?” I asked

“yesterday, I found out I was late but it's not J's, it's Pauls and oh my god j is going to kill me!”

“just break up with him and go back to Paul” I said

“i can't lish, Paul will kill me. He said....some stuff ok and I can't leave him”

“yes the fuck you can, he don't own you”

Alisia just started crying harder. I rubbed her back and sat down with her. She was so distraught, i've never seen her so sad. Alisia was the type of girl who always smiled, broke boys hearts and moved on to the next cat. She was shaking so bad and that made me mad, she was pregnant and all she was worrying about was Paul. Alisia was a strong, independent, smart, gorgeous women and seeing her so weak made me so furious. What the hell could paul do? What did he do to her to make her this way? The nurse came over to me and handed me some papers and I filled them out. I was holding Alisias' hand and man was she shaking.

“if it's that bad,you can stay with me. You know I have 3 extra bedrooms.” I said

“i don't think I....”

“we'll protect you” Bru said

Alisia looked at him and nodded. I gave the nurse my papers and then she called me back. We walked to the back into a room. I sat down and she made me pee in a cup then she took my blood and left. Bru was sitting in the chair next to mind holding my hand just grinning all crazy. 10 minutes later the nurse came back with the same look on her face.

“congrats” she said

I ran over to the trash and vomited. It wasn't, it was the thought of being a mom. Bru shook the nurses hand and was talking. I couldn't here what they were saying because all I could hear was my heart beating in my ears. The nurse left and Bru helped me up then kissed my forehead. He was beaming while I was gloomy.

We walked out of the room and Alisia was standing there looking at me. I just shook my head yes and she smiled at me. Alisia grabbed my hand and all together we walked out the hospital, Bruno smiling like a new daddy while Alisia and I were looking like miserable soon to be fat people for 9 long months. We walked her to her car then to Brunos motorcycle. She followed us home and when we got there no one said a word, I just showed her to her room, gave her something to sleep in and went back downstairs. Bruno grabbed my hand and pulled me on the couch.

“babe you ok?”

“i'm....just shocked”

“i'm shocked too but aren't you excited?”

“truthfully....i don't even know the first thing about being a mom”

“neither do I”

I looked at him and smiled “I know you don't your not a girl”

“i can be a girl”

He stood up and started swaying his hips and puckering his lips while walking on his toes. He started dancing and I was laughing so hard I had to hold my stomach. Bru walked over to me and he leaned in to kiss me and I closed my eyes but then felt something tingle on my tongue. It was a mint. I opened my eyes and we started laughing.

“you are so crazy babe”

“nah just a little”

He climes on top me then lifted my shirt and kissed my belly.

“i love you and I love you too” he said as he kissed my cheek “but I don't like your breath”

He pulled me off the couch, and hugged me. He put his fingers in through my hair and whispered in my ear.

“it's time to visit the mother in law” he said with a smile

I went upstairs and knocked on on Alisia door.

“hey you ok?” I asked

“a little better” she said

“were going to mama's for dinner, wanna come?”

“nah i'm good”

“well eat all you want and i'll be back ok”

“Alicia i'm a grown women not 12”

“my wittle Alisia is all grown up” I said as I squeezed her cheeks

She laughed and that made me feel a little better. I closed the door, went downstairs locked the door, hopped on Bru's bike with him and were on our way to the witches house.

15 minutes later we got there. Looking at the all green and white house brung back so many memories. I knock on the door but it was unlocked.


“i'm upstairs baby, grab a plate and eat, I'll be a while”

We walked to the dining room and flash backs of Maria, Alisia and & I sitting at this table, talking about who we liked at the time. We sat at the table and mama made a feast. There was Honey ham, baked mac n cheese, mash potato’s, greens, green beans, yams with marshmallows, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. She had went all out for this dinner just like she said. Bru and I grabbed a plate and started to eat.

“Man your mom can throw down.” he said with a stuffed mouth full of stuffing

“oh how ironic, your mouth is stuffed with stuffing”

he smiled and we started laughing. Mama came downstairs and stopped at the stairs.

“Child, no laughing at the table..”

“Mama this is..”


“Mama you do....”

She came down the stairs chasing after Bruno. She chased him out the door but I grabbed her by her arm. Mama was crying, her mascara running down her face. She sat down at the table and gripped the table, Shaking, she was so shook but I didn't know what was wrong.

“mama I...?”




She got up and walked towards me. What the fuck was her problem?!. She pushed me out the door still crying and slammed the door in my face. I heard table come a crashing, glass breaking and her screaming no. I looked over at Bruno and he was so red in the face. Mama had embarrassed him, and that pissed me the fuck off. I tried the knob but it was locked so I banged on the door.


She swung open the door with a shot gun in my face. Her blue dress was torn, she had cuts all over her arms and legs. I backed up with my hands up, she had this crazy look on her face.

“get off my property Alicia” mama said

“ mama what...”

“don't act like you don't know “

“mama I don't I swear”

She shook her head and pointed the gun to Bruno, with the cock of the gun, I knew she was dead serious but I didn't know what she was talking about. I backed away slowly until I got to the bike and mama still had the gun pointed towards us. I hopped on and took one last look at mama and started to cry. I didn't know what she was talking about, I looked at Bruno who was just as hurt as I was. Meeting my mama, I knew it was going to be a hassle but never did I imagine that it would turn out like this. When we drove off I heard my mom close the door. I closed my eyes keeping the tears in, I prayed that my mama wasn't going crazy and there was an explanation for mama's imagination.