Chapter 12

28/04/2011 15:23

"They're staring at us.." Bruno said as he grabbed a basket.

"I know, that's why we should move faster." Alegria said, dragging Bruno.

"Whaddya gonna cook by the way?" Bruno asked.

"Uhm.. I don't know. Maybe I'll cook lasagna. Or paksiw. I'm not sure.. You know, let's just get this done fast.." Alegria said searching for ingredients.

"What's .. What's that? Pak.. Paksiw?" Bruno said, not sure of the pronounciation.

"Paksiw. It's a filipino food. My mom used to cook that when we were still in the Philippines." Alegria said, picking some good fish. "Wait, you're half Filipino, so you should know things about that."

"Well, my mom cooks Filipino food, but I don't really remember the name of the food that she cooks." Bruno said, arranging his mask. "So is that delicious?" Bruno said, helping Alegria on picking fishes.

"Well, it is. It's fish, so it's delicious." Alegria said.

"You love fish?" Bruno asked.

"Well, fish meat is the only kind of meat that I'm not allergic to, so it's delicious."

"Ooohhh.. Okay then. What else are you gonna cook?"

"Hmm.. I don't know.. We should just cook lasagna and paksiw since there's only two of us who's gonna eat, so we shouldn't cook a lot." Alegria answered.

"Ohh.. You know, you're practical. I like that." Bruno said.

"I guess I am.." Alegria smiled.

"Should we get some wine?" Bruno asked in a teasing voice.

"Well.. I don't drink.. But if you really wanna drink wine, then you can get one bottle."

"Wait, you don't drink? What, are you allergic to alcoholic drinks too?"

"Naahh.. I just don't wanna drink. I have seen people get drunk and.. It's not so nice. Plus, I don't like the smell of alcoholic drinks. Makes me throw up... Yuck.."

"You mean, you have never drank? Not a sip?" Bruno asked, surprised.

"Yep. Not a sip."

"That's just no fun. You should try to drink even just this once too, you know."

"Well.. I guess it won't hurt if I just took a sip.. Okay. Get one bottle." Alegria said. Bruno smiled and took one bottle of wine. Alegria put the final ingredient in the basket. "Well, I guess that should be it. Let's go." Suddenly, Alegria noticed that a cute little boy, about two feet tall, was staring at them. She walked towards the boy and talked to him. "Hi little fella! Whattya doin' here? Where's your mom? Is she with you?"

"She is.. She's right there." The boy said, pointing his mother.

"Oh.. I see. You should go back and stay with her, you could get lost here." Alegria said as she lightly patted the head of the boy. Bruno just stared at them and smiled.

"Why are you two wearing those weird-looking masks?" The boy asked, completely ignoring what Alegria had said.

"Well, we are too shy to show our faces in public." Alegria said.

"Show it! Show it!" The boy said, smiling.

Alegria thought the boy was too adorable, so she easily gave in. "Well, since you're a cute little boy, I'm gonna show you my face. But don't run away if you see my ugly face, alright?" Alegria said.

"Of course I won't." The boy chuckled.

"Promise me that if I show you my face, you would go to your mother immediately, okay?" Alegria said.

"I promise." The boy said as he smiled sweetly.

Alegria smiled and she slowly took her mask off. "Well, you should go to your mom now, since you've already seen how I look like. You might get lost and if that happened, your mother will get worried about you." Alegria said.

The boy just stared at her, his eyes open wide. Alegria titled her head, curious.

"What happened to him?" Bruno asked as he walked towards Alegria.

"I don't know, I didn't do anything." Alegria said. She started getting worried.

The boy suddenly kissed Alegria's cheek. Alegria's jaws dropped, surprised. Alegria's face turned red.

"Hey! Don't kiss her! She's my girlfriend!" Bruno held Alegria's waist and pulled her closer to him.

"When I grow old, I'm going to marry you because you're beautiful! Just wait for me till I grow up!" The boy said, completely ignoring Bruno. The boy ran away and went to his mother.

"If that boy comes back here again, I swear I'm gonna punch him to death." Bruno said, irritated by the boy.

"Bruno!" Alegria said as she looked at Bruno and chuckled. "Come on, he's just a boy. You know, let's just pay for these and we'll get outta here."  Alegria said as she walked towards the counter.

"Wait wait, don't pay for those first. I'll just.. Get something." Bruno said.

"Okay.. I'll hold the basket." Alegria walked towards Bruno, took the basket from him and waited for Bruno.

Bruno quickly ran and picked one pint of vanilla ice cream. He was about to go back to Alegria when he saw some condoms. He stopped, looked around, and took one box. He put the ice cream on top of the box so it wouldn't be noticeable. Bruno smiled as went to Alegria and put the ice cream into the basket. Alegria smiled when she saw the ice cream. "Nice.."

"I knew you wanted this." Bruno smiled

"Let's go." They went to the cashier. Alegria took her wallet from her bag.

"No, I'll pay for these." Bruno said as he pulled her wallet from his pocket.

"Look Bruno, you should at least stop spoiling me even just for one day." Alegria said.
"Alex, if you won't let me pay for this one, I would be the one to cook. And you know it would be terrible." Bruno said.

The woman who were the next one to pay got impatient. "Come on, stop arguing and pay for those already."

"Okay, you win." Alegria said. Bruno paid the amount to the cashier. "Cause I'm not quite sure what it would taste if you cooked the food.." Alegria said, whispering.

"What was that?" Bruno asked.

"No, nothing.." Alegria smiled. She suddenly looked at the plastic bag and saw the box of condoms. Her eyes widened and looked at Bruno.

Bruno bit his lips. "I'll take this.." Bruno said as he took the plastic bag. "Let's..go to the car.." Bruno said as the walked outside the grocery store and went inside the car. They took off their masks and Bruno started the car and drove it.


"Why did you.. Why did you kiss me?" Danielle asked.

"I.. I don't know.. Really.. Hehe.." Calyx said, scratching his head as he smiled.

"Uhm.. I guess I should go now." Danielle said, walking towards the door.

"Wait.." Calyx said as he grabbed Danielle's wrist.

"Wh-what?" Danielle asked, nervous. Calyx didn't say a word.

Danielle looked into Calyx's lips. She couldn't stop looking at them. She started kiss them lightly, feeling the softness of Calyx's lips.

Calyx kissed back. Her lips were really soft and sweet, he couldn't stop kissing them. Danielle put her hand under Calyx's shirt and she started to undress him. The laid down on the couch and kissed each other on the neck, the ears and on the lips. The undressed each other. They couldn't control themselves. They didn't know why they were doing it, but they loved how they felt.


"Wow, your place is really nice.." Alegria said, looking around the place.

"It's not really messy here since I haven't been here for months." Bruno said as he went to the kitchen and put the groceries there.

"Well, I guess I should start cooking now." Alegria said as she put her bag down and tied her hair into a bun and started cooking.

Bruno sat down on a chair and stared at Alegria's face while she cooked. Her oval-shaped face became even more obvious with her hair tied neatly. Bruno looked at Alegria's deep-set eyes as the sparkled. He looked at her red, plump lips as she tasted the food. Her red cheeks.. Everything about her was just so perfect. She's beautiful. Bruno smiled.

Alegria felt that Bruno was staring at her, so she looked at Bruno. "What?" Alegria asked curious.

"Nothing." Bruno said.

"Well.. Okay.." Alegria answered, and continued cooking.

Bruno remembered the kid from the grocery store. "You know, if that kid really came back to see you one day and said he wanted to marry you, what would you do?"

Alegria stopped and thought. She looked at Bruno. "I don't know.. I'll... Well.. I don't know." Alegria smiled. "Stop thinking about that already." She said and tasted the food. "Food's ready. Now, let's eat."

They ate the lasagna and the paksiw that Alegria cooked and after that they decided to watch a movie in Bruno's bedroom.

"What do you wanna watch?" Bruno asked.

"Anything funny, just pick one." Alegria said as she sat down on Bruno's bed and leaned against the headboard. Bruno put the DVD inside the DVD player and sat beside Alegria. They took the pint of ice cream and ate it while they were watching the comedy film.

Bruno looked at Alegria and took an ice cream using his finger and put it into her chin. "Hahaha! Look, you have a beard!" Bruno said, laughing.

"Ohh, so this is why you bought this ice cream, eh?" Alegria said as tried to put ice cream on Bruno's face. They played with the ice cream and got ice cream all over their face. Bruno used his tickling method to defeat Alegria.

"You win! Stop! Stop! Hahahahaha!" Alegria said, laughing so hard from Bruno's tickling. Bruno stopped as he laughed with Alegria. "Oh.. Thank God you stopped.. Hahaha.. Wait, imma just wash my face." Alegria said as she stood up.

"Me too." Bruno said as he followed. They were washing their face in the sink when Alegria thought of getting revenge through splashing water into Bruno's face. She looked at him and splashed water into his face. Bruno was surprised by Alegria's attack.

"Heyyy, you cheater!" Bruno said as she splashed water into Alegria's face. Alegria grabbed a glass of water and threw the water into Bruno. Alegria laughed and ran immediately into Bruno's bedroom while Bruno took the pitcher which was full of water from the fridge and ran after Alegria.

"Now, you will feel the wrath of Bruno Mars through this ice cold water!" Bruno said as he did the evil laugh, slowly getting closer to Alegria.

"Bruno.. Don't, please! That's cold!" Alegria said, begging.

"Alright, I'll stop.." Bruno said, as he put the pitcher on the table. "But I won't stop tickling you!" Bruno said as he laughed and ran towards Alegria to tickle her and dragged her to bed. Both of them were soaking wet.

"Stop it, stop! Hahahaha!" Alegria said, laughing as she laid down on the bed.

Bruno spotted a bit of ice cream on the tip of Alegria's ears. He suddenly felt the urge to lick it. "Wait, you still have ice cream on your ears." Bruno said as moved closer to Alegria.

"Oh, wait. I'll go wash it out." Alegria said as she tried to get out of bed.

Bruno stopped her. "No, I'll clean it for you." Bruno said as he leaned closer to Alegria's ears and licked it, bit it gently and kissed it. He then kissed Alegria's neck, then her lips. Alegria pulled Bruno closer to her and kissed him back.

Bruno suddenly stopped. "Wait here.." He said as he went to check on the plastic bag and took the box of condoms and took one out from the box. He ran towards the bedroom and crawled on the bed. Alegria was smiling at Bruno, as if seducing him to come closer.

"What did you do?" Alegria asked.

"I took this." Bruno showed Alegria the condom and opened it.

Alegria chuckled. "Come here you.." She said as he pulled Bruno and kissed him. Bruno licked Alegria's lips and sucked her toungue gently, moaning. Bruno took Alegria's hand and put it under his shirt. Alegria undressed Bruno and Bruno took Alegria's uniform. Bruno touched Alegria all over and went inside her. Everything just felt so good and so right as they made love.