Chapter 12

22/03/2012 20:04

This chapter is explicit.


Bruno couldn’t even look at Robyn as she left, and I made up some bullshit excuse that he was always like this after feeding.  She believed me and said her goodnights, leaving with an ace bandage over her wrist.  Now Bruno and I sat in the bathroom, he on the sink, me standing between his legs and wiping his face.  I gently ran the warm washcloth over the blood trails that had messily gone over his mouth and down his chin.

“Are you sure?” I asked, looking into his troubled eyes.

“She’s got a dark power in her blood.  I don’t just loose control like that.…you know that, right?” His eyes finally met mine.  I ran the washcloth underneath his chin where a few trails made it to his chest.  He was asking me for reassurance, he didn’t want me to be afraid of him.

I nodded, “You’ve never done that with me.  But what is she then?” I ran the washcloth under sink water, watching as the clear liquid turned light red and ran in swirls down the drain.  Glad I wasn’t squeamish.

He shook his head, “I don't know. It’s gonna drive me crazy until I figure it out.” I tossed the washcloth aside and rested my arms on his shoulders, my fingers toying with the curls at the nape of his neck.

“Let it go.”

“I can’t let it go because she’s a ticking timebomb waiting to happen and when I’m not there to protect you–”

I groaned, “Please don’t go all Edward Cullen on me.  I’ll do my part, find out a little more about her background and let you handle the rest, but don’t start worrying about my safety.  Robyn’s been fine for nearly five years I’ve known her, she can go a few weeks more.” He didn’t reply, his expression stern. I ran my hands back and forth on his inner thighs, scratching my fingernails on the thick denim of his jeans.

“Come on, don’t do this, please?  I don’t like it when you’re so serious.” I begged, kissing his neck as I undid his jeans.  I could feel the rumble of a low groan in his throat, and I hooked my index fingers into his belt loops and pulled him off the sink.  As soon as his feet touched the ground, I yanked the denim down to his ankles and tugged at his boxers, which followed.  I took his semi-erected length into my hands and engulfed the head between my lips, following down as far as I could go.  I hummed around his length with satisfaction at the sight of him relaxing against the sink, his hands gripping the sides of it.  His mouth was slightly ajar, laterals sharp, extended, and slightly visible.

Who would’ve thought? He’s the vampire, and I had the control.

I began working back and forth, tracing my tongue underneath the shaft, my hands steadily handling any part my throat couldn’t swallow.  He inhaled sharply, biting his lower lip as he watched me and I never took my eyes off of him.  He loved that.

Shit…” He pushed my bang out of my face and I pulled him out of my mouth with a pop, licking his length every which way I could before engulfing him once more and swallowing several time.  He pushed his hips forward, now gripping the back of my head, and I let him use me…giving him pleasure vibrations with my moans.

“Wait…wait…wait….” He stopped me, his lower abdominals tensing slightly as he pulled out.  “I wanna be inside you.” He said, turning me so my back was against the sink.

“Don’t gotta tell me twice.” I smirked, slipping out of my boyshorts and wrapping my legs around his waist.  He started a nice pace, stroking my walls but still hitting me deep.  I wrapped my right arm around his shoulders and used my left one to keep myself steady on the sink.  He was stroking like he wanted to shove me right through the goddamned mirror my back was pressed up against!

“God, you feel amazing.” He leaned further into my body and I rose my hips to meet his quickening pace.  “So fucking good.” He emphasized every word with a harder thrust, until we were frantically bumping against each other…our minds on the same frequency.  I started whimpering, I couldn’t help it…it was like his thrusts commanded me to collapse into a blubbering mess.

Brunoooo.” I moaned, biting his shoulder.

He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, on the mirror…plunging deeper, faster inside of me, as if that were even possible. I threw my head back, breathing heavily as he came over the edge before me, screaming my name.  Yes, my name.  And I came right after him.  We rested together, our bodies still bonded, if for a few minutes.

“Get off me, I can’t feel my legs.” I finally pushed him off, already feeling the cramp coming in my hips.

“Damn isn’t that every man’s dream?” He picked the clothes up off the floor while I wriggled myself off the sink.


“To be able to chill with his friends and be like, ‘Yo yo yo look riiiiight, look…..I was hittin’ this chick so good last night, shawty couldn’t even feel her leeeeeeeegs homie’”

I dissolved into fits of laughter at his obnoxious impression of a thug.

“Oooooooooh bro bro she couldn’t feel her legs?’ Naaaaaaaahhhh man, I’ma hit that again tonight and have shawty feelin’ like a mothafuckinnn handicap riiiiiight, riiiiiight.” He kept goofing and I laughed so hard, I slipped on a wet spot on the floor and nearly went crashing had he not snapped quick into his vampire sense and caught me.  “Damn baby, be careful.  You good?”

“Christ, imagine the concussion I would’ve sustained had you been human just now!” I said as he stood me up. I observed the two marks in my shoulder from the night before in the mirror.  I ran my fingers across them and then turned around, glancing over my shoulder at how they looked against the caramel of my bare back.  It wasn’t as glamorous as the media made it look, but it wasn’t gross either.  It looked like a snake bite, minus the swollen puss factor.

“Mm…I didn’t get that one for you?” He noticed my observation and came over to me, running his fingers across the bite, his brow furrowed.  I noticed that when he touched the bitemarks, I felt a surge of energy in that spot.  Like the blood swarmed to the bites and begged for his touch.  It felt warm, and sensitive.

“Guess not.” I took the black shirt he had for me and slipped it over my head.  “I’ll be fine.”

“You sure? I can clean up my mess so you don’t have to.” He frowned, obviously unhappy with my decision.  I know he was looking out for me just in case I was questioned by someone on the marks, but I wanted him to know that I didn’t have anything to hide.  Once he reveals himself, I’ll be all groomed for press and be ready to answer all the questions I know I’ll get bombarded with.  I was ready for the prejudice.

“I’m fine. I promise.” I assured him, leaving the bathroom.  He trailed behind me.  “So when’s your official media debut?” I asked, pulling on a pair of panties and slipping underneath the comforter.  I patted the mattress so he’d sit down next to me.  He obliged, and I snuggled my way into his arms.

“Soon.” He replied, sounding unsure before quickly moving onto the next subject. “Word on the circuit is that the scientists of my world are close to finding a way for us who are genetically un-inclined, to get out in daylight.” I could tell he dodged that speeding bullet like only a vampire could…but I didn’t press the matter.  Bruno was usually open to speaking about anything, and if he held something in, there was always a deeper issue with it that he needed to solve on his own.

I ran my hand back and forth across his waist as I listened, my head on his chest.  “What would that do to your body system?”

He shrugged.  “I’m not the guinea pig.  But man, if they do…” He trailed off, and I looked up to see him staring off into the distance, almost as though he were picturing the burning ball of fire on the horizon.

“You haven’t felt the sun in a while.” I concluded.

He looked down at me and the side of his mouth came up in a sad smile.  “I never got to say goodbye.”

I wrapped my arms around his waist, tucking my head into the crook of his neck. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, remember what I told you? When I hold you, I’m at the center of the sun.  You are my sunlight.”



I was jolted out of bed and I tumbled to the floor in a mass of blankets, my heart racing.  Robyn stood on my bed, a pillow in hand, her fire engine red hair frazzled about as she wore a huge grin.  “We’ve got a flight to catch in two hours!”

I groaned, “Who cares, we’re thirty minutes from the airport.” I wiped my eyes and yawned.

“You’ve got a vampire to introduce your family to.” She said, her island accent thick and bouncy with her excitement.

Wha?” I blinked, confused.

“Did you forget already!? We have a month-long break back in America!” She cheesed ear to ear, but her expression got a little bit more serious as she added, “I’m meeting up with….Chris.”

“WHAT!?” I flung the blankets aside, for a second freezing in terror at the thought of my nude body being on display, but I felt my body and the pajamas that covered me and thanked the heavens above for such a thoughtful boyfriend.  I charged across the bed but Robyn made a leap backwards, shying away.

“I know, I know–”

“NO. Obviously you DON’T know if you’re meeting up with–I can’t even–ugh!” I grabbed my hair, unable to make coherent sentences at that point.  “Do you know how illegal that is!?”

“Not in a different country.” She squeaked, wincing at my enraged expression.  “Barbados.”

I threw my hands up in the air.  “Great. Paps are gonna go nuts. Tabloids are gonna lose their minds. Give me a plunger to unclog the TOILET THAT YOUR CAREER IS ABOUT TO GET FLUSHED DOWN!”

She rushed over and put her hands on my shoulders, looking into my eyes.  “Calm down, please? I need your support right now.  We’re gonna do it in secret, I’m not stupid.  I just–we’ve been talking and he’s changed, really.  It’s been planned for a while now but I finally told you because I thought you’d understand.”

“How exactly does my situation relate to yours!?” I was in utter disbelief.

She gave me a kanye-shrug, “He’s a monster, Rox.  He may be B-Mars, but he’s a monster.  Yet he’s trying to go against the norm and be kind and caring.”

I squinted my eyes at her in confusion.  “No. Completely different situation.  Chris is a monster.  Chris attacked you, Bruno never attacked me.  He’s not a monster.”

She shook her head as though she pitied me, and it annoyed me more than anything.  “Think about it.  What if you were turned into a vampire? Your first instinct is to kill first, ask questions later.  It must have taken a lot of killing for him to realize how sick it was and develop a tolerance against it.”


Her point was so valid, it made my mouth run dry.

“And who’s to say he doesn’t still kill? Didn’t you say he kept his feeding locale a secret?” She raised her brow at me and I looked away, unable to face the endless possibilities.  “This isn’t about him though.  This isn’t even about Chris.  This is about you and me getting our asses on a plane back home to the ones we love so we can sort our shit together, alright?” She leaned over and hugged me, and reluctantly, I gave in and wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s too early to be dropping this shit on me.” I joked to lighten the mood.  But her comments burrowed themselves deep into the back of my mind, I knew they weren’t going anywhere until I satisfied my accusations.  Robyn helped to pick up the blankets I tumbled into, while I checked my blinking cellphone.  I had a text message from a brand new set of numbers that I knew had to be Bruno and his mystery elusiveness.


‘I just landed n U.S. I got some shit 2 handle.
I’ll come n get u afterwards.
love you.’

What did he have to handle and why didn’t he give me details about it? He obviously left early, while I was sleeping, in order to make it there in time…as the time sent on the text message was 4:03am.  I was thinking too much.

“What’s wrong?” Robyn noticed my distress.  I set my phone on the dresser, running my hand through my hair as I shook my head.

“Nothing. Dave’s got some things planned for me.” I lied.  Robyn bought it and together we packed up my things.  She was so excited, she had already gotten her things together the night before, and now she wanted to rush my slow ass as if that was going to make the plane come any quicker.


“Jase, had you told me this ahead of time, I would have told Roxanne.” Bruno Mars paced back and forth in the dressing room assigned to him.  He was dressed in a black vneck and a black leather jacket and dark colored jeans.  His hair was hidden underneath a black and red fitted cap.

“As much as I admire your love, these are matters that don’t pertain to your human companion.” Jason calmly replied.

“This is my media debut, this has everything to do with her!” He was getting nervous now, if he had a pulse, it would be racing.

Jason simply shook his head.  “She is only permitted to find out through the media. You need to understand the methods of the Elitists–”

Fuck the Elitists.”

Jason vamped in front of his creation, fangs bared.  “You do not insult the Elitists you foolish child.  They are everywhere tonight and I refuse to watch my creation tortured by silver for slander against them.  You would do well to cooperate.” His fangs retracted.

“Why are they doing this? Why is everything being calculated so heavy?” Bruno asked.  Vampire politics were still a mystery to him, one he figured he would never understand; But something just wasn’t settling right with him and these elusive Elitists.  All he knew was that there were ten of them, they were thousands of years old, and they were very rarely seen in public.  It was their decision to reveal the existence of vampires, make nice with humans, and they kept the rules tight and in order.  Whenever a newborn vampire was created, they were immediately registered in the system and brought before the Elitists.

“That’s what I am trying to figure out…” Jason looked away, as though he were figuring out something to himself.

“What’s up man? What’s really goin’ on?” Bruno’s voice got quieter as he sat in front of his Creator.  If something was a danger to Jason, it was a big deal.  He had been offered a position amongst the Elitists centuries ago, but he declined.

“Bruno, I don’t believe our revelation is just for the purpose of mainstreaming.”

“What could it be for then?”

Jason pressed his hands together in front of his lips, finally looking up at his creation, who awaited an explanation readily.  “I have many theories. You will discover them soon enough.”

A knock at the door interrupted their conversation.  “Mr. Mars? The panel is ready for you.”