Chapter 12

07/04/2012 14:27

Lacey’s P.O.V.:

Broken glass was laying everywhere on the floor, Ari and Phil held Bruno back. He was breathing heavily and trying to get away from their grip. The look on Bruno’s face. I will never forget that look Bruno gave me. He looked so mad, so angry, I’ve never seen him like this before. His eyes were red and full of anger and sadness all at the same time. Was he drunk? What happened? And most of all, why was he angry at me? I haven’t done anything wrong, well not that I can remember. 
“Bruno, stop it now! You’re acting like a child!” “And you are acting like I’m going insane, now let me go!”

After a couple of minutes, Phil and Ari loosened their grip on Bruno. I cleared my throat and asked “What happened here guys? Should I leave you alone and come back later or…?” Phil cut me off. “No Lace, it’s all fine, he’s good. We just got into a little fight, that’s ..” “Shut up Phil.” Bruno suddenly said, without letting any of his emotions show through. I looked at Bruno with a questioning face. “How was your photoshoot, Lace?” He smiled at me sarcastically. “Uhm, fine, but..” “No. Wait, I’m gonna tell you why the ‘photographer’ couldn’t make it 8 months ago. She had a car accident and died that day, that’s why she couldn’t come to your fucking photo shoot. You are the reason why Amy is dead right now. You are so selfish Lacey, I bet you knew that she died that day and you didn’t give a fucking care in the world about it at all, because you’re just the famous chick who doesn’t give a fuck about other people.”

Wow.His words hit me deep.

I was so startled, I couldn’t find the right words to say. I bit my lip and looked down. “Oh, now you shut up? I guess ‘little miss perfect’ has nothing to say for once.” Phil reacted immediately to what Bruno said to me. “Bruno, you are making no sense at all. You just don’t know what you’re saying right now, you are fucking drunk!” “I’m fine, I’m not drunk Phil!” he shot back. I finally looked up to Bruno and answered in a stern voice “What the hell Bruno? I didn’t have the slightest idea, I didn’t know it was Amy doing my shoot let alone that the photographer died, nobody did! And why was it my fault? It wasn’t my responsibility to choose a good photographer, maybe you should talk to the head of esquire about that? I didn’t do anything wrong Bruno, you know that. Don’t tell me I’m selfish because I know I’m not. I put so much work and effort into what I do, and if I was the cause of something like that I would never be able to forgive myself! So don’t you tell me that I’m the one held responsible for this!” I let out a deep breath, waiting for his reply. His eyes showed nothing but rage and he whispered a “Whatever” I got angry at the way he was behaving and yelled “I thought we were friends Bruno, but it doesn’t seem like that anymore. You just needed someone to let your anger out on, unfortunately it had to be me. You just blamed ME for Amy’s death and that fucking hurts!” My eyes were burning and I swallowed hard.

I hate how I get so emotional when it comes to things like that. Bruno took a breath making it seem as if he were to say something. I cut him off, I wanted to finish off what I was saying. I was so mad and disappointed at the same time, the words were just coming out all of my mouth, I had no self control. “Oh and dont fucking forget that it was ME who hired YOU to help me on MY album, not the other way around! You better not treat me like a ton of shit.”

I hate to bring that up, but I needed to say it. Becoming friends with him has done me no good, he thinks he can just act like the boss when he really isn’t. Bruno let out a forced laugh. “Yeah, see? You are only using your fucking fame, Lacey.” Ari grabbed Bruno’s arm, whispering something to him while Phil let out a sigh. “Lacey, please don’t take anything of what he just said seriously, he’s just drunk and upset, don’t believe a singl-” Phil was suddenly cut off, Bruno grabbed a whisky bottle and slammed it against the floor. “Fuck this shit!” he shouted. I shook my head “Okay, enough, I’m gonna go home now. I can’t do this anymore.” I whispered.

My eyes were burning, I felt like I was going to cry at any moment, but I didn’t want to look weak in front of him. Just when I turned around to head towards the door, I heard Bruno saying “I thought Aiden was the bad guy, but turns out that you’re the whore. Poor dude, no wonder he’s so aggressive, having a girlfriend like you must be a pain in the ass.” between his teeth. I turned around to him and stared at him in disbelief. Phil’s and Ari’s eyes widened, they were shocked, too.

He didn’t just say that, did he?

I would have never believed that something like that would come out from Bruno’s mouth. From someone who was so caring and kind, or at least I thought, to be like this. From someone who seemed so weak and sad just one day ago, when he was sitting in my bedroom with sad eyes and told me about his past and his darkest moments. From someone who was the reason I had a fight with Aiden yesterday. And of course I was the dumb one and defended Bruno.

What happened to the guy that I met almost 2 months ago? The one who was so secretive at the beginning when we first met, but then became more open as the weeks passed? I guess I just didn’t know him well enough. This must be his real face, his real character. I felt my anger building up inside of me as I repeated his last comment over and over again in my head.

“I thought Aiden was the bad guy, but turns out that you’re the whore. Poor dude, no wonder he’s so aggressive, having a girlfriend like you must be a pain in the ass”.

Phil and Ari were whispering things to Bruno, they seemed very upset, but I didn’t pay attention to them. I was too occupied in my thoughts. He called me a whore and a bad girlfriend. Does he even know the definition of whore? I’m not a person that goes around sleeping with every man she sees. How dare he? His facial expression softened by the time he looked at me again. He seemed to look sorry for the words he said, I could tell by his face, but it was too late. My anger got to the best of me and the words just came out of my mouth before I could even think.

“I don’t need your help for my songs anymore. Have you ever learnt how to treat a girl? I don’t think you’re capable of showing any respect for a woman let alone writing a song for one. I don’t know how Amy fell for someone like you, too bad she had to spend her last moments of life with you.”

I immediately regretted what I said once I spoke the words out. I didn’t want to be too harsh on him, but he kinda asked for it. I bited my lip as I watched his facial expression change from a soft to a loathing one. I was standing there, looking at him, looking all strong on the outside but the looks are only fooling you, I was shaking in the inside. He suddenly ran towards me and before I even had time to think about what he was doing he was standing inches away from me, clutching onto my arm. “What the fuck did you just say?” he asked in a devilish tone, making my knees go weak. The anger in his voice started to get really terrifying. I watched as he swung his arm out at me with great force and power, but he put his hands down once he was only centimetres away from me, possibly less. He let me go. He placed his hands on his face and rubbed his eyes. “Lacey, I’m..”

“You were about to hit me.” I cut him off.

He looked at me with a sad facial expression. “No, listen to me, it..” I just shook my head and left the studio.

That’s it, he’ll never see me again..