Chapter 14 Woah!!

24/03/2012 17:59


Why is he here…how does he know where I live??

“Bruno..what are you doing here?”

“I had to see you…I cant stop thinking about yesterday. I love you Sadie I don’t wanna lose you again…” Before a I could answer him Travie and Ne’Karri came downstairs



“I haven’t seen you in ages!!”

“Dude you grew up!!! You have muscles and you got taller and you have the shaggy skater hair now you probably have your own girlfriend now!!”

“Hahahaha not yet…It looks like someone stayed the same size since the last time I saw you!”

(Sarcastically) “Hahahah….I’ll still knock you out!”

“Oh yeah Bruno this is my older sister Ne’Karri”

“So this is the really sexy guy you were telling me about…”

“Ne’Karri!” She leaned over to me this time and said

“Does he have a brother?”

I giggled and said “Ya I’ll tell you about him later” What I didn’t notice was that Bruno was laughing and blushing the whole time.

“Nice to meet you Ne’Karri. Where you from?”


“Cool. Cool. Can I talk to you for a minute Sadie?”

“Ya sure..There’s breakfast in the kitchen if you guys are hungry”

“Well it was nice meeting you Brunz!” He was blushing like crazy now

“You too…Oh yeah Travie don’t eat all the food”

“No promises” I loved how they still treated each other like brothers

I brought Bruno inside and we went up to my room.

“So what do you wanna talk to me about?”

“Us…I don’t wanna be over…I love you Sadie and I don’t want any one else..Your the one for me…”

“I love you too I wanna be with you”

“Lets not waste any time then let’s be together..”

I was smiling like crazy and he leaned in and kissed me and were just standing there making out then I hear a knock on the door but we didn’t stop this time

“Hey Sa—Woah!!! Umm Im gonna go but you kids have fun stay protected and hey Brunz no means no” God I love this girl

“NE’KARRI!!!” She was laughing the whole time. I picked up one of my pillows and whipped it at her but she dodged it. She walked out and closed the door and I heard her yell

“SORRY!!” I looked back at Bruno and he was laughing at us again and all he said was

“She’s gonna be perfect for Eric”


Gosh her new sister is really something else. I was really surprised when Sadie introduced her as her sister…Ah Sadie I’m just glad I’m with her again..The last couple years have been horrible

“Let’s go downstairs”

“Ugh why?”

“Oh just c’mon”We walked downstairs and then Ne’Karri  was sitting next to Travis at the table and said

“Man that was quick” Then her Travie and Sadie started laughing while I blushed for the millionth time today

“Ne’Karri hey you wanna meet bruno’s brother? you would be perfect you wanna meet him?”

“Uh ya!!”

“Hahaaha you two should come over tonight.”

“We’ll be there”

“What am I supposed to do?!?!?!?” Travie interrupted

“It could be like a family dinner kinda like old times with Aaden Macy and “Mr and Mrs Martin”

“I guess I can deal with that”

“It’ll be great!”

“I’ll see you guys then Bye guys”

“Bye!” Travie and Ne’Karri yelled

“Bye babe” He said it just like he always would. Then he leaned and gave me a little peck

“See ya later” And for once I felt happy again..