Chapter 14

18/04/2011 22:30

J starts to shake the handle of the door and pound on the window all crazy.

“Bitch you get out his car now!”J said

“No!” Alisia said

“I own you get out this car now!”

Alisia started crying, she was scared out of her mind. J yanked open the door and pulled Alisia out. I jumped out and ran after her, grabbing her feet and pulling her. He dropped her and ran over to me and put his hand on my throat. I cut him and cut him on his hand to have him let me go but I was losing my breath.

I look over to Alisia she was trying to pull him off of me but with no such luck. Then as of out of the blue, we both fell down like but he was knocked down. Alisia and I both got up off the ground and seen Bru on top of J, punching him in his face. The rest of the band came over and ran over to us and held us back but Alisia got out the grip and pushed Bru off of J.


Alisia wasn't saving him, oh no, little mamas was tearing him to pieces. Punching, Clawing and Slapping him. She was a mad women and I had a smile on my face because j deserved it. Bru grabbed her off of him and j slowly got up. I looked at Alisia and she was red eyed and teary. J's eyes on the other hand was a swollen black mess, his lip was busted and it looked as though someone had painted red lines all over his face. He tried to open his mouth to speak but Alisia pushed him back down, stood over him and spit in his face.

“you piece of shit!, how dare you” Alisia screamed

She pulled him up by his shirt and just stared at him. Shaking her head, Alisia dropped him on the ground and J got up and turned towards her.

“this ain't over” J said

“keep thinking that and i'll make your life over” Alisia said

J green eyes just gleamed at her and then he limped off. Bru came over to me and wrapped his arms around me, Phil and Maria held each other, Eric was holding some girl and Jamero & Phred was no where to be found.

“hey you ok babe?” Bru asked

“yeah” I said

I closed my eyes and put my forehead on his.

We all went into to house while Phil & Maria grabbed the groceries from Alisia car. I looked at her sitting on the couch, with her knees to her face. I'm so proud of her, for standing up to J like that. I mean I hope he's ok but that ass beating was what he was giving her so she had to return the favor.

The Girls and I started to make lunch while the fellas was talking music business in the living room. I while I was stirring the BBQ Pork I seen a glimpse, of the ring, my ring. This little thing almost caused me to lose the love of my life because of what it was once used for. I look over to see Bru smiling and laughing, he's so god forsaken beautiful. He turned his head and smiled at me, then started thrusting at me. He is such a horn dog but then they all started to do it.

We started laughing at them, then I looked over at Eric's girlfriend, she was beautiful but she seemed a little clingy. How every movement he made, she was right there behind him. I didn't like her, even though I didn't know her, it's the fact that she's in my house and not helping to cook. I don't care if she cant cook or not, little girl better know how to use her house manners, GOD I sound just like my mother.

We finished lunch and called the boys and that girl over to the table. They rushed over like a stampede. I made Alisia & Maria sit down while I served everyone but then Bru got up.

“baby let me get that” Bru said

“No baby I got it”

“Nope, sit down miss future wobbles”

He took the pot from me and I sat down with my arms crossed. Everyone laughed and all I could do was smile.

“i'm not wobbles yet but later on tonight you will be” I said

Everyone oo'd

“Get it Bro” Eric said

“yeah, give it to her good” Phil said

“no give it to me good Philippe” Maria said as she kissed him

“i already did that's why you with me” Phil said

They kissed again and we all oo'd & whistled. Bru served all the food and we all started to eat but I looked over and I caught Eric's Girlfriend staring at me but she put her head down. I squinted at her and ate my food. Bru sat down next to me and held my hand while he started to eat. I looked over and That girl was staring at me again.

“So Eric, who's your girlfriend.”

“This is my sister” he said

I dropped my fork. Wow I was such a bitch, well in the head. Here I was talking dirty about my sister in law. I smiled at her but she didn't smile back at all. I didn't blame her but then she smiled back.

“i didn't know you guys had a sister” I said

“sisters” Eric said

“yeah too many if you ask me” Bruno said

“shut up peter” his sister said with a laugh

“it's nice to meet you, i'm...

“i know who you are Alicia”


“So your the one huh”


“hmm, is that grannys ring?”

“yes this is her's, I feel honored to have it”

“oh do you?”



She started eating again. She was hitting me with attitude but I was standing my ground. I know what she's doing, the whole sister test. I'm glad that she loves her brothers but she better know that I love him too. After everyone got done eating, she kept looking at me.

“Can I talk to you alone” I asked

“sure” she said

“hey no fighting” Eric said

We both just smiled at him and she followed me to the living room.

“Look I know what your trying to do” I said

“and what is that?” she said

“questioning me and making me nervous but let me stop you now because it's not working” I said

“ I don't have to question you, I already that no one is good enough for Bruno”

“ is that what you think”

“that's what I think”

“well what you think and what you know are two different things”

“i already know what type of girl you are”

“well you think you know me but your wrong”

“how do I know your not like the others”

“because no matter what, i'm going to stand by him”

She smiled and walked over to me. Bracing myself for a fight she gave me a hug. I was starteld for a moment but I hugged her back.

“ i'll hold you to your word” she said

“i promise”

She walked back into the kitchen, I was going to follow her but I seem Alisia just hang up the phone. Phil & Maria walked over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

“thanks for lunch it was great” Phil said

“Delicioso chica” Maris said

“Hey Bro, i'll see you tomorrow” Phil said

“alright” Bru said

Eric gave Phil & Bru that manly handshake and a hug then left. The sister just winked at me and I winked back. She pulled Bru aside and whispered something, Bru shook his head and She looked at me teary eyed. She gave him a hug then left, Bru looked over at me and smiled. He walked over with his arms wide and ran over to him and gave him a kiss.

“Babe you are truly amazing” he said

“how?” I asked

“you are!”

“i think I should change a little bit”

“no, your amazing just the way you are”


“i mean your could be a little smarter” he said with a laugh

I gave him a little push “& you could be taller”

“yeah and you could be faster”

He ran up the stairs and I ran after him but stopped when I seen Alisia. I sat down next to her and she put her head on my chest. She was shaking but I don't know if it's from the fact that she was scared or that she was shaken because she beat her abuser.

“I've known Jay for years I never would of thought he was like the way he was truly really nice until we got together” she said

“Damn girl i'm sorry”

“don't be, I was dumb to stay with him”

“well at least you and Paul will be happy”

“well see about that...”


“Paul's not the father”

“are you sure”


“is it....his”

“no it's...”

There was a knock on the door.

“hold that thought”

I got up and opened the door, it was Phred.

“sorry i'm late” he said

“it's ok, there is still some lunch left & your shake is in the icebox” I said

“thank you”

“Your welcome, Bruno Phred is here”

Bru came walking downstairs and Alisia came in the kitchen.

“oh yeah, Phred this is”

“Alisia?” he asked

“what are you doing here?” she said

“i told you that I was going over a friends for lunch”

She sat in the chair and put her hand over her face. I looked at Phred and it all came back to me. He was at the hospital when Alisia had Geneo. Yeah I remember him holding him, singing to him. Holding his son. I kept looking back and forth between them and it all came to me. I just shook my head and smiled. Phred and Alisia had messed around again and she was pregnant with his child.

“congratulation Phred, your a father of 2 now” I said

Bruno just stared at Phred wide eyed.